VPN Unlimited is an easy to use and hassle free way to secure your WiFi connection

VPN Unlimited is an easy to use and hassle free way to secure your WiFi connection

There aren't a lot of really good VPN apps out there for iOS. The ones that are sometimes aren't the easiest to use. VPN Unlimited aims to change that by letting you create a virtual private network in only a few steps. With that VPN you then can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and connection speed along with added security.

If you are concerned about the privacy of your WiFi connection, a VPN network is one kind of solution you can use. With VPN Unlimited, you can have your own virtual private network up and running in less than 30 seconds.

Aside from security, VPNs can also offer faster connection speeds, better bandwidth, and in comes cases, it can even bypass content on the internet that may be blocked by your ISP. These are all things VPN Unlimited says they can handle for you.

VPN Unlimited comes with a 10 day risk free trial which means you can try the service out before actually paying anything for it. If you feel you want to try out the service for a little longer, you can extend the trial to one month for $3.99 by means of an in-app purchase. Actual pricing for VPN Unlimited is reasonable and maxes out at $27.99 for an entire year.

For those who want a simple, easy to use solution for creating virtual private networks, give VPN Unlimited a try and be sure to let us know what you think.

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VPN Unlimited is an easy to use and hassle free way to secure your WiFi connection


Does this company keep logs and is it based outside the US?

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I always use VPN & recommend friends use it on open WiFi networks but for my minimal use I've had no problems with Security Kiss (http://www.securitykiss.com/). It has a daily data cap but for my casual use it works perfectly. If I depended on VPN for heavy use I'd probably try a paid version but for the "average joe/jane" I think a free VPN solution (even a lousy one) is probably better than being naked on open Wifi for hacks.

If you have the bandwidth (and that usually is the problem) buy a Raspberry Pi and install a VPN server on it and you can then use a PPTP connection and it doesn't mean leaving a high-power system running all the time if you want to go through your home connection. Of course this doesn't deal with geo-location fences.

Tried this on my iPhone 5. I went to Safari and then to MSN.com and it would only link to the Dutch MSN web site. No matter what I did to go to the US site, it wouldn't work. A no go for me... had to uninstall it.

It doesn't let you watch BBC I player you need to use expat shield.... there is a fee but it's worth it..

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I use Tunnelbear. It's $30/year and you can choose between Canada, US, UK, German and Japanese servers. Works great for Netflix, huluplus, pandora etc.

You should try supervpn.net free vpn account. It is very easy to get it, you just need to share their page on some socila networks. Also, you can apply for 7 days free trial.