Still waiting for a white iPhone 4?

The iPhone 4 pre-order madness has come and gone. The big news, other than AT&T and Apple selling out of pre-orders and AT&T having yet another huge security flaw, was that not only were the rumors that AT&T will not have the white iPhone 4 available for pre-order true, but it's true in Apple's case as well.

I, for one, was angry completely shocked when I learned Apple did not have the white version available. My heart was set on buying a white iPhone 4. Apple's website said:

White iPhone currently unavailable for pre-order or in-store pick-up.

TiPb has received reports on Twitter and our forums that Best Buy is allowing customers to pre-order white iPhones. However, we're skeptical and don't exactly believe that Best Buy will be able to honor these reservations. Apple wouldn't ship white iPhones to Best Buy over their own stores, would they?

I very briefly considered waiting for the white iPhone 4 to be available, but quickly realized that I don't have the patience required to wait. I reserved a black iPhone 4 for pick-up and have a small glimmer of hope that Apple Stores will, in reality, have a tiny stock of white ones available on June 24.

What about you? Were you planning to pre-order a white iPhone 4? Are you going to wait until they become available? Did you decide to reserve a black one instead hoping for news of white becoming available? Or did you say "oh well" and pre-order a black one to be delivered to your home?

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Still waiting for a white iPhone 4?


I wanted the white version originally when we had the concept art to look at. As soon as I saw the actual pictures of the white iPhone 4 during the keynote and saw that weird sensor thing above the speaker, I changed my mind...
I'm glad I did!

I want the white too, but I'll have to settle for black if there's no white available on launch day, as there's no way I'm waiting weeks/months for the new phone.

In every case i need to wait because i'm italian.. I don't know when the pre-order will start here, however i will certainly pre-order the white one.. It's fantastic! I really wanted to have a totally white iPhone and now i will wait untill it will be mine!!

I am waiting on the white. Apple is not going to make up my mind for me as to which phone I will get. This is BS and completely unacceptable on Apple's part. At least give an explanation or announcement of some sort on this matter. We received NOTHING! Thanks for ignoring all the LOYAL customers that keep buying your products and keep your stocks rising while everyone else's are tanking. As you can tell I'm pretty bitter bout this one...

I desperately want a white one, but I'm also too impatient to wait. I want mine before I go on vacation. (I'm actually making time to go to the Apple store ON the first day of my vacation) because I am planning on using the iMovie app. And I know the black will be beautiful, but I'm sad.

Holding out for the white. However, if Apple decides to address the situation and say they won't be out till "late summer" like they said about MMS (we all know how long that took to go through even though it was an AT&T thing) I'm going to have to swallow my pride and get a black one. I've had all white iPhones since the 2nd Gen and I don't wanna give up now! haha

I'm waiting and am super upset about it. Apple is becoming like AT&T more and more every day.
How could you advertise something and then not deliver? Ugh.

My Irish upgrade doesn't kick in until the end of July, so I have to wait anyway. I'd be inclined towards white, but I'm kinda stunned that the front face is white too - surely that'll be distracting and seem weird when looking at the screen? Hopefully I can get to check them out in person before I buy, but at the moment that front white plate has me leaning towards black.
Plus I had the white one this year so people will notice my new phone more if it's black!

I wonder if the reason there's no white one is because there's a problem with the white ones. Maybe they received so many complaints about the weird sensor thing above the speaker, they pulled the white ones and are going to try to fix that before selling them.

White is INDEED girly and after 10 years of rocking white iPods, I kinda prefer my iPhone black baby!! Anticipation truly is killing me.

@HungWell: I would like to buy a pink one, if there was one - and I'm a man. What's girly and what's not is a matter of definition.

I have a white now and like it better than the black. Since I have the last version, I'm fine waiting until the white is available.

imma. wait...
@ first when i first heard about iphone 4 i was just planning to get the black one... but when i saw the white one was covered in white in the front and the back... it won me over... so ive been wanting the white one since key note speech.... n imma wait... i rather wait then get the black one now and then regret not waiting..

Here in Albany, NY, I've heard that apple stores are getting white iPhones in on launch day, yet don't kno how many exactly. It's going to Be a first come first serve basis. When greeted, you will be asked if you want black or white. That's what I heard, it's uncanny to believe apple won't have a single white iPhone available on the 24th.

@pinki- if you want a pink one you can not use the phrase "and I'm a man" in the same sentence. Hey, I've got nothing against any group of people but it's obvious you're gay and you haven't figured that out yet. I think there are a lot of manufacturers who will be turning out pink iPhone cases. Go for it.

Only way they'll "fix" the sensor gap in the white is by removing the white faceplate and making it black like the old 3G white/black.
The problem is the ambient light sensor doesn't work because white is reflective so when it's behind the white faceplate it doesn't get a reading, unlike black which absorbs light.

disastrous preoreder day for endusers. apple/att laughing all the way to the bank. apple is like the rude gf that u keep putting up with b/c she's so hot. eventually it wears thin tho. all the problems and confusion for customers spending big money and not one rep from att or apple addressed its customer base. sad.

The workers who make the iPhone are choosing death over continuing to live/work anymore, and all you guys can do is beotch and moan about not getting the color you want. Sheesh!

I pre-ordered a white one from Radio Shack. I went in and spoke with the store manager. The way it worked was that Radio Shack knew exactly how many of each unit they would get for launch and have sku's for the white iphone as well as the black iphone. While they don't do a 'preorder' they do reservations that attach a sku to your information in their systems and the call you when it arrives (on launch).
I think they're even opening up early he said. It was weird because they didn't have a single sign or promotion indicating that they have the iphone4.

I think it is improper corporate conduct and deceptive marketing that Apple has not quickly addressed what happened with the white iPhones. They are already facing several federal investigations about their practices - this one may come back to haunt them in a very bad way.

I reserved a black 32gb on the Apple Store app. I'm hoping to go in and get a white one though but I'm too impatient to wait for it to come out.

I think I reserved a black 32gig for pick up... but it was weird, they didnt give me a confirmation # or anything, it just went straight from checking my at&t eligibility straight to "please have your government ID when you pick it up". Did anyone else reserve instead of pre-order?

@HungWell: Pink is just a color like blue or red. I think you cannot say anything about people by just knowing their favourite color.

oh, the only reason i went to radio shack was because they said they had the white one and i REALLY want it and didn't want to wait...
otherwise I would never...

I was waiting for the white one from the beginning, however I'm not sure if I like the white front once I saw the first pictures. Maybe it has to grow on me. I have to go and physically check it out. I'd rather have the white back and black front, just like my 3GS.

Apple has been a huge disappointment. Was so disgusted with the whole process, I turned to Christian television for some relief and perspective. I suppose that's the good that came from all of this. Ultimately, it's just a phone.

Apple has pulled a bait and switch. The likelihood is that many customers that wanted a White iPhone have opted for a black one due to deception. State Attorneys need to begin looking into this.

I wasn't 100% sure whether I wanted black or white this time around. I probably would have chosen black anyway, but the lack of white phones for pre-order made the decision for me. Black it is (32 GB).

@31 and @38- I think that's stretching it quite a bit. Give me a break. Talk about feeling entitled.

I really wanted a white one, but I caved and ordered the black one. My 3GS is on the fritz due to water damage, and I'm just holding out & dealing with its problems until I get my iPhone 4 - I have no time to wait just for a color!

@divym - of course you ordered a black one as did a lot of other people. It is called bait and switch, it is illegal - look it up.

Wanted a white one, bought a black. If they show up for launch I'll be willing to pay a re-stocking fee of $20 for a white one. White is for men secure about their manhood!! Haha

-Gets dirty
-Scratches easily seen
-Stands out too much
-Distracts screen, distracts even more when watching video in the dark

Just wondering why everyone want a white one. My 3GS is black since I don't like how white gets dirty. My car is silver for same reason. White looks great till it gets older no matter how well you clean it and after a while you don't feel like cleaning it so much.

You do realize that all the white parts are under glass, just like the black one right? So.. its no different then having to clean your black phone.

I was undecided this whole time on which color i was gonna get white but didnt want to wait but i dont mind the black one either i just cant wait longer to get the phone,

@42- How did Apple pull a bait and switch? They clearly stated on their site yesterday that the white model would not be available for pre-order or in-store pickup. So Apple took no pre-orders or reservations for white models.
Now, Best Buy taking reservations for white models that they might not (probably not) be able to fulfill- that could be considered bait and switch. But that's Best Buy not Apple, and you might have to prove that they knowingly misled customers of the availability of white models in order to make the case. Simple employee ignorance (which is what I suspect) might not count.

I was gonna pre order but im waiting for the white one. Ive had a black 3g fpr 2 years and im ready for a new look. White iphone with those black bumpers will look awesome. I was jealous of the white one after a yead and now ill feel like ime in a club since pretty much everyone will have a black one.

You do realize that all the white parts are under glass, just like the black one right? So.. its no different then having to clean your black phone.
EXACTLY! And the black under glass will show fingerprints way bad. Not the white.

I was and am way pissed about no white iphone!! At least note what the scam is To the public (whats going on) all my friends got their orders in and will have the new phone in hand next week! I'll be like "I dont know when I'll get mine"

@Dyvim Apple only made it known that no white pre-order were available once it went on sale yesterday at about 4am ET - previous to that since the WWDC on June 7th it was announced and since advertised on that both would be sold and there was no indication or announcement from Apple that it would not be available at the same time for pre-order as the black model. Further, no news or announcement of what happened has been given by Apple since the pre-order started.

I was unaware of the fact white was nor an option on pre-order day. Ordered mine 16GB white and my boss's 32GB black over the phone with AT&T premier and they did not even mention availability on color preference...I feel a headache coming on...

I preordered at Best Buy, and they told me that they were not allowing preorders in white. If you preordered in white, I'd call and make them change it.

@54, sounds like at worst Apple broke a promise. There will in fact be white iPhones for sale. Just not today. At worst, Apple lured you to their website yesterday. Not quite the same thing as luring someone to a physical store by advertising an implausibly low price and then claiming that such a deal is no longer available but here's a higher-priced substitute.
Anyway, I too was frustrated by the lack of white iPhones for sale as I was seriously considering ordering one. Apple has some 'splaining to do, that's for sure. I just don't feel that it amounts to illegal activity. But I'm sure if enough people do, there will be some sort of class-action lawsuit (which may or may not get thrown out).

Bait and switch refers to a company advertising a low priced item and then offering something more expensive and claiming they don't have the advertised item. I hardly think offering a black model instead for the same price is bait and switch.
Also, bait and switch is very hard to prove, as Apple could cite unforeseen manufacturing/technical delays to justify it.
Moral of the story: stop with the ridiculous sense of entitlement. I thought the white once looked cool too, but I'm not going to ask the State Department to launch an investigation over it. Are you actually prepared to stand in court with tears in your eyes crying about how you had to settle for a black iPhone instead of a white one? Just be happy your life is so problem free that your biggest problem is the color of your iPhone. And, if you want a white one, they sell spray paint at the hardware store for $2.99...

I don't believe this is a bait and switch, like others have mentioned.. but I do think we need to stop defending apple over it.. especially since its been a full day, and nothing else has been said about the white iphone.. if they would have come out and said something by now, I think I'd be less irritated.. its irresponsible on their part.. and I understand they reason for being upset.

Went for black, wanted black.
Biggest problem with white isn't about it getting dirty, it's more the fact that it washes the colours of the screen out as it's too bright.
I own both a black & white DSLite and the colours on the screen are far more vibrant on the black one than they are on the white.
Why do you think they don't make white TV surrounds? ;-)

I can't get one until July 9th anyway so I'm not sure which color to get. I'll make my decision after playing with both at the apple store.

You guys are crazy. You want Apple prosecuted for not having an iPhone in white? This was a pre order and for all we know they will have white on launch day. False advertisement? Bait and switch? Come on people. I know you wanted to pre order the white iPhone 4 but you are being a bit ridiculous.

When i went to my local best buy, it was only the black phone to pre order. The lady said that she was going to have to call everyone back who she let pre order the white iphone.

I wanted the White iPhone. But the guys at Best Buy said that it wouldn't be available till Sept. (Late Summer). Man, I couldn't wait that long. I really want my iPhone on the 24th or 25 at the latest.

You know I did a TON of debating on this one and my final decision is the black. Here's why. I'm one of the few who actually protects my phone with a huge case, i.e. The otter box.. So therefor it doesn't really matter what color it is because I won't be able to see it anyways!

I'm still a little disapointed they didn't have a 64gb and a bigger screen. After seeing the 4.4 inch droid x coming July 19th and the speed of it I'm having second thoughts. I love my 32gb 3gs and the first gen 8gb before it. But man the huge screen has me hooked now as much as I dislike verizon. And yes I would wait for the white 32gb.

I ordered a black one. I use a protective case so the color isn't that important anyway.
I was considering also getting a white one to match my cheap plastic Storm Trooper costume but I just don't wear that out in public much anymore. ;)

Wanted it white; it looked good in all the WWDC demos and decided it was for me. Felt gypped when I woke early to find white a iNo-show.
Perhaps Apple wanted to lower the volume of pre-orders. Judging from the madness at the GS launch last year maybe they figured there would be sufficient orders and manageable volume if only those that wanted black could buy initially. Based on the TiPb survey, maybe Apple could have sold 900,000 and the servers would have been even more horribly congested if people could have also bought white!

i haven't ordered one yet. i wanted black, my wife wants white. i didn't want to order the phone and her not have one. she told me to go ahead and do it but i'd just feel bad. so i think i'm going to be waiting until the white is available so we can get one of each. i don't like how apple has handled this. not everything needs to be so mysteriouso. like just tell people we don't have em, here's when we will. not apple though. everything's gotta be secret.

Not getting one now. I want white like my 3GS. This F**KING blows! I dont care if its the same phone. White looks better, dissipates heat better (especially where it sits in my car), and less visible smudges.

BLACK is better.
-Black iPhone 4 is the original design study as evidenced by Jobs' reference to "an old Leica camera" during his keynote. The camera he refers to is a black and silver design. Beautiful.
-If the black and white colored parts are covered by glass, most soil, dirt, smears will show up in the glass more visibly over white than over black. This will be even worse if the glass itself is actually colored white or black.
-White looks more like a toy.
-White could be perceived as the preferred choice of girls and women. Maybe not a plus or a minus. Just a possibility.
-Screen contrast and performance and readability is unquestionably better with a black or dark frame.
Sorry white-whiners. You blew it. You should have just ordered a black one yesterday. Now you won't have your phone until mid-July!
Contact me on 6/23 and I'll send you a photo of my black one. I live near the delivery source and will probably have mine a day or two early. ;-)

After yesterday's debacle and a botched black pre-order that got lost in #attfail, I'm waiting. Hopefully the white comes out on Verizon... or Sprint... or T-Mobile. Anything but AT&T at this point. I'll only settle for AT&T if that's the only choice.

White looks way cooler and cleaner! The black looks like most other phones...which are black! White will not show smudges or fingerprints as much. It's going to be a rarer phone to see! In the end it's about personal preference and taste. I'll wait for the white one. A couple of months is worth it to get the phone I REALLY want.

personally ... AT&T stinks. MetroPCS would have handled this alot better. Imagine what a PERFECT world this would be if it were on the METROPCS system!! UNlimited EVERYTHING for $40 so go ahead and splurge on the apps/phone ... no need to worry about data limits anymore! Anyways im a customer of at& and have been for about 8 years now but they still suck!! Black or White iphone ... they still have CRAPPY reception but great looking phones. Way to stay afloat! If it werent for iphone at&t woulda went bust!!!

I'm still waiting, but I heard that it wouldn't be out for another year. I don't think I can wait that long and probably will cave in later.

I don't know why but I seem to be able zoom in and out using the ctrl and two finger trackpad gesture or scroll wheel without turning Zoom on, although it needs to be on for the Zoom with Keyboard options to work.(2009 MacBook, OSX 10.7.2)