Want Your iPhone on Verizon?

UPDATE: Verizon has just announced their 4G/LTE plans for end-of-year 2010, which may make their network compatible with future iPhone models. More details here.

ORIGINAL: We've all heard that AT&T in the US has an exclusive on the iPhone, and that maybe that exclusive was bumped up to 2010 when they agreed to the new iPhone 3G model, but no one outside the lawyer-strewn vaults at Apple and AT&T likely knows how much or for how long. With that in mind, BGR is rumoring that Verizon might be getting ready to unleash a little CDMA/EVDO iPhone fury all their own.

Apple is said to have approached Verizon to be the original iPhone carrier, after all, with AT&T only getting the deal when Verizon turned it down. Likewise, it's been suggested that Apple may not exactly be thrilled at the problems 3G users (and Crackberry Kevin's, it seems!) are having on the AT&T network.

Still, this one is hard for us to believe. Irrespective of Verizon's huge footprint in the US, and regardless of the appeal a CDMA/EVDO iPhone may have for some, it's a small global market for Apple to spend their already straining resources on.

Besides, Jeremy points out that with the Blackberry Storm set to strike over at Verizon, would they really want to let the iPhone 3G steal RIM's "thunder" (ouch!)

What do you think? Any iPhone owners out there dying to switch (back?) to Verizon? Any Verizon stalwarts still holding out for an EVDO iPhone?

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Want Your iPhone on Verizon?



Maybe the deal is not for an EVDO phone and not now. Verizon's next gen network is LTE which is what AT&T will be using for their next gen network. But Verizon will be there first maybe a year ahead of AT&T. So maybe the folks at Apple are looking ahead and will be offering an LTE version on Verizon and when they come around AT&T.

I do miss the service of VZW and wish this news was out a month ago when I bought my iPhone - :\

I hate verizon.
and no they'd probably make some crappy V Cast program to go on your iPhone. Who wants that? V Cast sucks.

I would love to see an iPhone on Verizon. I have an iPod Touch and love the technology. I'd jump in a second from my Treo 700p especially as more enterprise apps are being created.

I'd seitch back in a heartbeat, termination fee or no termination fee.
I don't see a Verison iPhone happening in the near future; unless Apple builds a "world phone" with CDMA and GSM technology.

I am so frustrated with AT&T s lack of service near my home I called to cancel my service. They of course wanted to charge me $375 for my son and I to leave the mess. They went on and on about the contract and had no answer to the fact that the contract calls for them to ACTUALLY PROVIDE SERVICE. They check their computer and tell me that we have good service in my neighborhood. I explained that if I want to use my cell phone I have to get in my car and leave the area. THIS DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF A CELL PHONE! I have been thrust backwards past the 80s 70s 60s and 50s Back to the 1920s when one had to leave their home to use a community phone miles away. MEanwhile my wife takes and makes call after call on her Verizon phone.Would I switch to VERIZON? IN A HEARTBEAT!

I would love to be able to use an iPhone, but since my company pays for my Verizon Crackberry service....
I had AT&T for many years and find that Verizon has much better coverage, but their technology and exculsive services (VCast) stink.
Oh Steve Jobs, I am deeply sorry for having offended thee by buying an HP Laptop instead of Mac, please forgive me and grant me a Verizon iPhone.
BTW, my wife has an iTouch and loves it. I think the tech behind that is years ahead of Samsung, LG and even RIM.

i switched...
the iphone 3g is just a piece of work.. working thru is effortless.. its really different.
i had a verizon smartphone.. the smartphone sucks if one has laid hands on iphone..
i waited and waited.. i have been with verizon since i came to u.s. but in the end.. i said.. i need some real smart phone.. not just which is called smartphone..
thank you apple..
i am wondering.. does their notebooks work the same way..
will buy one later this year.. in need of upgrade..

If Apple and Verizon could get an iPhone deal done, I would wait in line to buy one. I'm on VZW and am not switching service. I plan to buy the Blackberry Storm when it is available, but would go with the iPhone if it is an option in 2008. I'm not holding my breath.

On Macbreak Weekly yesterday, reporting on the AT&T lawsuit, they said Apple had to agree not to make a CDMA iPhone. So much for this rumor...

I'd switch back when my att contract runs up. I miss Verizons great customer service, ATT is not that great but they have the iphone so what can you do. But if it takes till 2010, Thats fine. That will be when most peoples 2 year contracts with ATT run out, ad we will all probably want a newer updated iphone by then anyway. I just wonder if Vernon will be able to handle the large demand (It will be bigger then ATT releasing of iphone 3G)

I've stuck with Verizon through all the iPhone hipe. I love the coverage. I do agree that vCast & the Verizon Wireless version of the internet...suck! I have the Voyager (Verizon's 1st attempt at an iPhone "match") I like it, but I also have an iPod Touch & dream of putting the two together, so to speak. What Verizon & Apple need to do is come up with an iPhone that runs on the CDMA & GMS networks. I read somewhere it being called a "world phone." Verizon is free to put whatever software it wants on it, as long as it runs just like any other iPhone. That's what needs to happen, end of story.

I would give ANYTHING to switch back to Verizon but keep my iphone! I HATE AT&T, I have no service anywhere! I have to literally walk out into the parking lot at my work in order to make a phone call. With Verizon I didnt even know what a dropped call was, I had service everywhere. I would pay whatever fee they wanted me to to get the iphone with Verizon!

I have the Verizon Voyager and the Ipod Touch. I would love to have the iPhone, but with my family members across the country using Verizon, and the bad things I've heard about AT&T service, I refuse to move to AT&T. Too bad the iPod Touch is wifi only and has no camera- those are the only two things I don't like about it. I don't mind it not being a phone.

I'm also with verizon holding steady for an iphone. Sadly it will probably not be subsidized, at the same time it will be the native apple ui so that'll be nice. We'll see when its all announced in january!

I really wish the iPhone would be released on Verizon. I think it would be a smart move on Apples part as there are many of us verizon customers who are happy with their service. Also, in all the tests I have done EVDO has always been faster than atts 3G netowrk. EVDO also has GREAT coverage in my experience. I am really holding my breath for MWSF 09!! I dont think Apple will release one that soon esp. since I have heard their contract being renewed with att until 2010 but im sure there are pleanty of workarounds to that contract...could it possibly be that they cannont released another GSM phone..no CDMA :)

am about to switch from Verizon to AT&T just to get an iPhone. live in Seattle and most of my friends love their iPhones with good call quality and service. i might wait to check out the Storm before taking the plunge, but i can't imagine the Storm being able to surpass the functionality of the iPhone, particularly the apps store. corporate users might be drooling over the Storm, but i'm not in that line of work

I am dying to try the iphone. I like Verizon's network- I have had great signal all over the US. Apple plz go to Verizon!

As a former ATT and Sprint user now on Verizon, I would never switch back to AT&T, which is a shame because the iPhone is light years ahead of everything else I've seen. I need ssh access from my phone and I am using a Treo and it sucks to the nth degree. I can't say how painful it is, but I have to use it because there's no AT&T coverage where I am sometimes. I wish the iPhone would support Verizon.

I want an iPhone but I refuse to use AT&T. They are horrible. Everyone I know who has AT&T hates them to no end. These companies get to keep being crappy companies because of the lack of frequency waves in the spectrum which weeds out a true free market from getting rid of the bad companies.

Don't hate on Verizon. They've smartly built up their network from the ground up. The only reason they don't have the iPhone is because they wanted to make a profit and not be Apple whores like AT&T.
Suck a giant D haters.

Checked out the Storm this week and was told that there would be an additional $30 monthly fee per line for broadband, whether you want it or not. Unfortunately, the Storm doesn't allow for wifi and AT&T has poor service in our area.
Pretty much, Verizon is our only real choice, so I'd be forced into downgrading to the Storm. However,it's not worth the extra fees for the minimal I'd use browsing and email. I'll continue to do that at home and the office.

I'm holding out...I will keep Verizon...and when the day comes (soon I hope) I will invest in an IPhone

No iPhone for me 'til no AT&T.
I'm in production biz and work in a different place almost every week. I'm surrounded by people with iPhone's and by and honest estimate I would say that at least 30% of the locations we visit have AT&T dead spots. This begs the question: what is the difference between an iPhone and a iPod Touch if the wireless network can't connect with the former? It would be nice to have the functionality of my calendar and contact synch in a small portable format, and it would be great to have that enabled on a device I already carry - a cell phone. But when the main phone functionality doesn't work on an iPhone it is just another small (but very nice) PDA - not a phone!
It's sad because the Apple iPhone is a great product but the AT&T service undermines that greatness. I think of it this way: how many people would buy any cell phone (or any electronic gadget for that matter) if by design, the device would refuse to power up 30% of the time. That is not value.
Mandatory AT&T is too high a price to pay for convenience. Sorry Apple you almost had a fantastic idea with the iPhone but coupling with AT&T killed it for me (and lot's of other Verizon customers who are still able to make calls on our cell phones when our iPhone co-workers are relegated to sharing photos.
Open up the iPhone to Verizon and you will really have something special. Do so and watch your iPhone sale go from remarkable to astronomical.
My 2cents.

The only way I would want an iPhone with Verizon is if they got rid of that V-Cast bull.

Im currently using verizon. I personally hate their phones. they lack the fun that the iphone has. Verizons commercials make me want to leave them for good and never come back. unlike at&t's. the iphones commercials are amazing and so is the iphone. the blackberries are hideous and too professional. the curve is just flat out gay, v-cast is a horrible piece of shit and overall verizon sucks including their fagolicious "storm." verizon...Fuck you:]

My company has used AT&T and T-Mobile. They both bite big time. I have used Verizon personally for 8 years and never had a problem. I travel the SE and Verizon is the only network that I can rely on. AT&T/TMobile drop calls constantly, IF you have a signal. That being said, it is sad that Apple doesn't see the huge opportunity with Verizon. I would jumpship and get an IPhone in a second if it were available at Verizon. I have an IPod Touch and it is awesome.

I've been obsessing over these iPhone-Verizon rumors for the past couple of weeks as the BlackBerry Storm comes out, superseding my first choice cell phone of the LG Dare. Neither come close to the ease, beauty, and functionality of the iPhone.
But based on all these rumors I've read throughout the Internet (yes, you should always capitalize that word, but iPhone isn't capitalized until the second letter), the odds are pretty slim that we'll see such a pairing in the coming months.
So I've decided that unless Steve Jobs announces some sort of miraculous CDMA/EVDO development in the future revisions of the iPhone (or some sort of partnership with Verizon Wireless) at the MacWorld 2009 Expo in early January... then I'm giving up on this rumor and getting an LG Dare.
Sad, but practical. I can't wait forever for Apple to come around to their senses... my phone is old and injured.
Anyone else think this is the wisest approach? I won't go near AT&T after the dismal service I had with them in the same metropolitan areas that my wife's $20 Verizon phone had full signal strength within. :)

I agree with Brad, I've been borderline obsessive about this so called MacWorld '09 "anouncment". Regardless, unless Verizon makes the move (we know that Apple was originally on board) by May, I'll suck it up and go with something was less useful, cool, and flexible.
I'm not a fan of burning, ripping, and naming all of the music that I've purchased on iTunes to get it play on my current phone so I don't have to carry more sh*t in my pockets but if that what it takes to use a reliable cell service in Verizon....FUG IT
What a Choke

  1. would LOVE to have an iPhone.
  2. current VZW customer, love service coverage
  3. would LOVE to have an iPhone.
  4. have company provided BlackJack 2 on AT&T which can't get a 3G signal most places I try to use it, which makes it impossible to do anything
  5. VZW contract is up in June '09, thinking of waiting until then to see if iPhone comes out on VZW
  6. would LOVE to have an iPhone ------on VZW!!!!!

My Dad has been a loyal Verizon customer for about 13 years and i REALLY WANT AN IPHONE... but so to speak, both my dad and i love the verizon service and customer service, but the vcast and games SUCK, like really suck...bad. I wish steve jobbs could just read all of our comments and come to his senses, cmon Apple, resolve with verizon, at&t i have heard from every one that it sucks, and almost every one that i know has at&t.

I'm hoping Verizon gets some kind of iPhone EVDO/GSM model sooner rather than later. I have the Voyager as well, and I really wish I had access to the real HTML internet, mail, etc. that the iPhone has and not the VCAST bullcrap. My guess is that the iPhone on Verizon would be similar to Verizon's Windows Mobile and Blackberry phones -- they'd be the exception to the VCAST rule. Make it dual-capable like the Blackberry 8830 World Edition so you can take it overseas, and problem solved. Verizon's service is great -- I'm even able to text in the deep subways in Manhattan and sometimes even make and receive calls while other people are sitting there waiting until they get to the surface streets to use their AT&T iPhones :)

I switched from At&t and was happy to pay an extra $20 more a month for a phone that was able to receive and call out from my own home. I mean really, no signal in my home!! Those commercials for AT&T are just the opposite of what really happens. So sad. I'm dying for an Iphone and dread the Vcast system but I think blogs like these will influence the powers that be... You know they have blog researchers reading this so they can find out what consumers needs are being met. That + making the Iphone happen on Verizon = $$$$ for Verizon. They're are great business minds there.. They will know what's up. I will be the first one in line for a Verizon Iphone when the switch is made minus the vcast software.
That's my story and I'm stickin to it!

I think that Verizon should really consider being the other or next carrier for the iPhone. Also, what would be really nice is if you can get the iPhone from Verizon AND have a choice of no data plan. There are a lot of kids that can't get the blackberry because you have to pay for a data plan. I love music, so I would have everything in one device. To sum it up, it would be pretty awesome!!!

i would have bought an i phone but the service is horrible. blackberry storm just aint doin it like apple either, its buggy as hell and slow.
unfortunately for apple, i need a phone with service.shrugs

Guys i have a predicament....like most of you
I, like many of you have verizon and would love an iphone but am not willing to switch because of the service at verizon. Christmas is right around the corner and im stuck between getting an itouch for xmas or waiting for this so called announcement at MacWorld 09 to see if we can get this verizon iphone so i can have my music and phone in one!?

I have been a loyal Verizon customer for 8 years, I even got friends to switch. I know several people with the iPhone and it really is a great phone with awsome apps. I really wish Verizon took the deal in the first place. I would never switch to At&t their service sucks and so does the phones they offer. I'm due for my upgrade in March and I'm praying I can get the iPhone.

verzizon has a CDMA network unlike every other wireless network who have GSN. if they had a GSN then people could unlock the iphone and make it work with the sim card. VERIZON SUCKS

verizon has the best service and at&t sucks.. the bb storm blows...everyone thinks that steve jobs can fix this.. he doesnt know how to. hes just the CEO. he manages apples money and stuff.. he cant do anything.. i want the iphone sooo bad. but i have to stay with verizon

I cant tell you how many times when I dont have a signal on my iPhone, when my friend who has Verizon does. I would so switch back If Verizon got the iPhone. ATT SUCKS!

How much does it cost to downgrade an iPhone to verizon? Is it even possible? I really want to give my daughter the iPhone for Christmas, and she currently has a Verizon Razor. She loves the coverage, but doesn't like verizon's set up. VCAST is a terrible program. I also have an AT&T blackberry curve, and i drop calls all the time. The iPhone is an amazing step in technology & they really need to switch to verizon.

I thought this issue was moot with the iPhones that are unlocked and available to use right now on Verizon. Has anyone got one?

I would get an iPhone in a heart beat if they went to verizon. I have an account with at&t with work and i hate it and i have Verizon for myself.
In he same place i can make calls with my cell but i never have any bars with my at&t phone. I could get an iphone for work but why when i have no bars. I have an ipod touch so i use a phone and an ipod touch for now.Please switch to Verizon then i can carry one phone not 2 phones and an ipod touch.

I too have a Voyager with Verizon and think it's a cool phone but the vcast app is the worst and getting navigating the web is so frustrating so I pretty much can't use the phone for what I expected. I would LOVE an iphone and would purchase in a second if at Verizon and not willing to go back to AT&T (service is for the birds). Apple is missing out on a HUGE market with verizon customers and need to figure out a way to make it work soon.
Fingers crossed!

I started with Bell Atlantic Mobile in 1995. In 2000, I switched to AT&T. After a year and many dropped calls, I switched back to Verizon and never looked back. I would like an Iphone but I want to stay with Verizon. I needed a phone so I bought an LG dare. Once Verizon gets the Iphone, I will use my "new every two" credit to buy the Iphone.

I cant believe all the stuff im reading about verizon . i originally started with verizon nothing but fees and crappy service, went to sprint they suck, then went to at&t i love them. i have service in the mountains where we go camping where verizon and the rest have no bars. i have the iphone , one bad ass phone on one bad ass carrier . there both great i hope iphone dosnt go to verizon

I just won an Iphone. However, I have been with verizon for 5 years now. My contract isn't up till August. It is the best service I have ever had. I'm not sure about AT&T as many people have told me of their dropped calls. I live in Chicago, how well does AT&T service chicago? Any suggestions?

I have had both AT&T and Verizon. Verizon is far superior in coverage and service. I will never look back at AT&T and will never switch from Verizon. Apple should take a look into their not too distant past and remember how people react to proprietary equipment. They almost killed the MAC, are they so stupid as to repeat this error with the iPhone? What kind of an idiot is running the company these days?

I am with verizon and have been very happy with the service. I was with sprint before and got ticked off on a trip across the country where I rarely had service. I switched to verizon and was amazed at the service. I also have wireless internet that has worked great with verison. I really want the iphone and have been considering switching to AT&T but would prefer not to. Have been considering the storm but what I have heard and read doesn't sound like I would be happy. I think I'll wait until January to figure out what to do. I guess my Christmas present will be a little late.

For the uninitiated, it is Mac not MAC (short for Macintosh and not an abbreviation), just as it is PC, not Pee Cee.
In July 2008, we purchased two iPhones and switched from Sprint to AT&T. To my surprise, the iPhone easily has become the very best cell phone I have ever used, bar none. This is not just a phone or an iPod, but it also is a real computer platform -- a miniature netbook if you will. The iPhone is going to be very difficult for old world phone manufacturers to compete against. There is no device on the planet quite like the ultra cool, versatile iPhone. None.
You really have to use the Multi Touch interface and several of the features to fully comprehend why so many people are drawn to it. Once you do use it, you may never want to return to an old world cell phone interface again. Never. I just can't help but smile every time I awaken it from sleep to make a call, check my e-mail, text a friend, surf the Web, listen to music or Internet radio news or play a game. It is so simple to use, sync with your computer, backup and maintain that you quickly forgive its shortcomings and learn to work around the few missing features. Besides, many of the so-called missing features are being addressed with third party software apps. As of December 2008, some 10,000 applications have been added to the well-conceived new App Store (since July). 10,000!
While not perfect, the iPhone is a very compelling product.
And do not under estimate the usefulness of 802.11g Wi-Fi on a phone. In fact, I will never again own another cell phone without Wi-Fi. Never. And Broadcom just announced a new, low-power, 802.11n Wi-Fi chip that should be available for the next iPhone!
As for AT&T, it is true that their 3G network simply is not as a mature as the Verizon or Sprint 3G networks and I also wish the iPhone had first gone to Verizon. However, AT&T has been very responsive to iPhone customers and with Apple, has worked hard to fix problems in dropped call and no service areas and been very generous in handing out monetary credits and extra minutes during problem periods. Initially, we did have signal strength problems in and around our home for instance. But most of these have receded with two firmware updates from Apple and local tower maintenance from AT&T. In fact, AT&T engineers even made two follow-up phone calls and sent several text messages as they labored to run down the cause of the signal strength problems. During eight years with Sprint, that company never once followed up on a dropped call complaint. Not once! And I certainly never had access to Sprint, Samsung or Sanyo engineers, even though I encountered many, many problems.
So, while AT&T does have a very long way to go to match Verizon's U.S. 3G network, in my opinion, AT&T has been customer service-oriented and has not exhibited Verizon's arrogance. After all, Verizon could have carried the iPhone, but chose not to make changes to their business model and instead, tried to maintain their stranglehold on past practices. Now, Verizon is stuck with the Blackberry Storm and other "wanna' be" iPhones that do not quite measure up.

I definitely think it should go to verizon wireless. I've been waiting to purchase an iphone... but im a using the verizon service, and i believe it is better than the AT&T service.. so i think that apple would get a better profit if they doubled over and were on at&t and verizon. not tmobile or virgin mobile because they r crappy

There seems to be many who wish to use the iphone with verizon service. Sadly the combo only seems to be a tasty rumor for now. In lieu of the switch, and to break all the legal minutia that the companies are swimming in ... how bout a Verizon/AT&T merger!

To all the comments and people complaing about Vcast and Verizon's interface. Do you see these things on the samsung omnia? HTC phones? Blackberry? no. so far the Blackberry storm is the first phone out of the group to have Vcast. It is safe to assume that the iPhone on Verizon will be the same iPhone we know and love. do a little searching and thinking next time. =) personally I can't wait for this. We know it will happen, we just don't know when.

ughhhhh im with verizon now and i really want the iphone i wanna go to Tmoblie to get the iphone but i dont want to get off verizon... please verizon get the iphone soon so i dont go to Tmoblie.

Get me the iphone on verizon asap. Jobs needs to build another model that overcomes the exclusivity and fits verizon to the T....

I am a current Verizon customer who is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the iphone. I was an AT&T customer while living in Chicago, but I had to walk 4 blocks to get a signal. Customer service was less than helpful, so I went to Verizon. I will be a Verizon customer for life. Their plans are typically more expensive, but as my father always said, "You get what you pay for." I will gladly pay more money for the great network and above-average customer service that I have experienced from Verizon. I love the iphone, but no amount of technological prowess could sway me back to that half-assed network with terrible, over-seas customer service.


I am a current Verizon Wireless customer anxiously awaiting an EVDO iPhone for Verizon. But if Verizon screws it up by add-ons and trying to lock the user into Vcast, I'll be upset. But as long as the iPhone remains on AT&T, there will be competition so they most likely won't put their two sense into it. I hope.
I refuse to go to AT&T, as great as the iPhone is. I love my network and I like my customer service. The iPhone will not thwart that. I'm sure that Verizon will jump at the opportunity for the iPhone in light of AT&Ts success with it.

Had Verizon for 8 years, switched to ATT for the iPhone- after 29 days of dropped calls and no signals,the iphone went back and I cancelled the service... I was lucky enough to be in my 30 day test period! Back on the verizon network with a blackberry storm. The iPhone is the best phone I have ever used but it is locked to a network that is very unreliable. What good is a phone if you cant make calls? I really hope verizon will have the iphone soon- I would pay full retail. That would truly be the perfect phone, THE IPHONE ON VERIZON....

I had Verizon for 4 years and was so happy with it. Then as soon as the iPhone was introduced, I switched to ATT so I could have the i Phone. But after 2 1/2 years with ATT, I decided to go without the i Phone and I bought a Storm by Blackberry.
Well, let me tell you, the Storm is THE WORSE PHONE I have ever used. After 4 days of suffering from missed calls, due to the unreliability of the screen, and so many mistakes on the touch screen, I am ready to smash it!!!!!
I am so sad that I do not use my i Phone because I have switched back to Verizon on the family plan.
Please if there is any way for me to stay with Verizon and use my Gorgeous i Phone, then let me know.

If they let out a iPhone on the VZW network I would buy it tomorrow, and would be willing to pay double :)

I would never switch from VZW, not even for an iPhone--the network is just too big and too good. I would buy a Verizon iPhone tomorrow, however.
There is no way that Apple would let VZW put VCast on the iPhone though (and good thing), and I hope VZW is smart enough not to push the issue.

I hope verizon crumbles. They take your money and give you shite! If you are considering giving verizon "a shot"....forget it. It is not worth it.
Believe me...it is not worth it. Do not waste your money or time...
Ahhh...I remember the good days when I could use the phone, internet, or watch T.V. and not worry if it would work every time. Now, I dread if there is a problem. Spending 2+ hours on the phone with these shysters - any time there is a problem that a 4 year old could have avoided - is not worth $200.00+/ month. If you like being gang raped in a dark alley while being laughed at by all of those "verizon network" people...then feel free to sign up.
Down with verizon!

I love the iPhone but I was not willing to switch to at&t, even at the end of my Verizon contract, just to get one. Over the years I've used all the cellular providers and, I must say, I think Verizon is the most reliable. The thought of having an iPhone with Verizon service makes me very happy. But until then I'll get by with my LG Dare.

I currently still have verizon and bought the iphone 4 days ago... love the phone.... but at&t service is so bad... I was at the mall today in phx a.z. and there was no signal in most stores!! Not good I'm going tmrw 2 return it back and quit my at&t contract.... I'm never going 2 consider leaving Verizon again..... But I do wish the iphone will available 4 verizon some day :/

I am a Verizon customer who wants an iPhone. I just went to the Verizon website and sent them an email saying that I love them but they are forcing me to leave. If you have Verizon but want an iPhone, be sure to contact them to let them know.

I have verizon and LOVE it. VCast needs to be changed, but I love the fact that they don't use SIM cards. Those can be so touchy, and Verizon has always had great customer service for those who always pay their bill on time. I get discounted phones, services, AND accessories, because of their VIP program. I would never leave verizon, but because of this lack of iPhone talk, I just might. Verizon exponentially superior to AT&T and it needs to be recognized. iPhone to Verizon...now!

I have been with VZW for many years. I travel to many obscure places in the US and ALWAYS have a signal both with my Samsung i760 and my laptop card. I travel with two others who have AT&T and their coverage and service is nowhere near what mine is. As much as my wife and I would like an iPhone each, there is no way I will sacrifice service to get one. That's the real purpose of a cell phone, no?

I've just read 78 responses to the question of VZW vs AT&T. I have an itouch and love it. I am also a Verizon customer and love the coverage! I am looking forward to buying an iphone, but based on what I have read, I'll wait for Verizon to service the iphone. Please hurry!

I was experiencing major "tech" envy when my sister got the iPhone this past summer, but I held off until my Verizon contract expired. I switched to the iPhone and ATT in early December. I live in the DFW area, but I call the west coast all the time. So far, things seem to be going fine. That said, I would have stayed with Verizon if there were any hope they would adapt an iPhone in the near future.

I also am a verizon customer and have read the previous 80 posts here. I would DIE for a verizon iPhone and would buy one in an instant. My brother has an iPod touch that i often play around with, jailbreaking and such and absolutely love it. As for AT&T, no way in hell. Every friend i have that has AT&T hates it and I hate it too. We could try and have a text conversation, but oh wait it doesnt go through on AT&T's crud netwok. Not to mention calls are always dropped.

My son and I are new to the AT&T network....what a huge mistake. AT&T may have more bars in more places but they only exist on TV, in the real world we had to sacrifice being able to make phone calls from our home, having the "no service" displayed as opposed to any bars or 3G showing. I have logged over 12 hours with AT&T and Apple support trying to resolve the numerous issues I am experiencing with AT&T's poor service and coverage. I am also waiting for my 4th iPhone to be shipped. They can ship a hundred but something tells me it is a waste of my time and theirs. I simply want out of the contract and my money refunded for the iPhones. While the iPhone is a wonderful device the constant dropped calls and other bugs that accompany the iphone ruins the experience. I miss the consistently working network and phones that Verizon and Motorola provided.

At the north end of the Florida coastal island where I live, ONLY Verizon has a strong signal - ditto the remote areas of Maine and Michigan where I often travel including the roads along the way. Therefore, Verizon is a must for me. Still using old Motorola phone waiting for Iphone having rejected all other feeble attempts at duplicating it. Have new Mac Power Book now. Just waiting it out for a Verizon Iphone. HURRY UP!!!! Not making the deal was the dumbest thing ever in the first place so fix it. In fact, why not let every phone service have access to an Iphone. Isn't the idea to sell the things or what?!?!?! Patience is a virtue but not one of mine.....the whole thing is annoying.

The only issue I have with VZW is the castration of devices. BB has a perfect GPS app. Something you can use on any network accept VZW. You have to pay 9.99 a month for VZ Nav. If the iPhone did come out I am sure VZW would kill what makes it so wonderful. I am sure apps for the phone would be non-functional. VZW has a wonderful network but they are like Oracle for billing. I don't want AT&T. However, I also don't want an iPhone gutted in order for VZW to make money while we buy back the features.

people!!!... a phone is only as good as the network that its on!
AT&T network sucks therefore the iphone sucks.
that said verizon made the biggest mistake when they didn't jump on apple when the first iphone was offered to them and apple made the biggest mistake agreeing to let AT&T own them for the past few years plus some.
...they are all idiots and now there will never be a decent settlement.

I too am a Verizon faithful. With me, it's because no one can beat the coverage, but mainly because 90% of my friends and family are on Verizon. Free in-network calling saves me a BUNDLE. I just looked at the analysis on my account and almost 80% of my calls are "In Network Included." If I switched back to AT&T(I jumped ship from them when they were still Cingular, and they sucked then too), in addition to having to deal with their crappy service my phone bill would go through the roof with the minutes I would now have to pay for. I COVET my coworker's iphone, and my parents iPod Touch(es) I would get a touch, but I don't want to have to carry around two devises. I took a look at the storm, and it just seems like a cheep imitation of the iphone. For the first time ever, I think I might have a reason to look forward to MacWorld! Hoping for an announcement then!

I have been a Verizon/Bell Atlantic customer for over 20 years (yes, my first cell phone was so big it came in a bag with all the wiring and hardware to go with it). I love the coverage. When we go to our summer place, my brother's iPhone has no service but I get full bars with Verizon. I have a Treo for my phone and data service with Verizon but I have an iPod Touch for "fun." As long as I'm in a wi-fi area I can get internet, email, etc. I have to keep Verizon because I can't go on vacation for the whole summer without being able to call and email my friends! I love the iTouch (I call it my iPhone Wannabe) and would switch to an iPhone in a second but I'm not leaving Verizon. I have tried many of their phones and nothing can compare to the functionality of the iPhone. I don't think they will be available for Verizon anytime soon, but one can only hope! They certainly can't leave ATT because of the millions of existing customers there. I wish there was a way but I doubt it will happen.

Oh, and yes, carrying around two devices (a Treo phone and an iPod Touch is a pain! They are both quite big and it's crazy to have to switch back and forth. An iPhone sure would solve that problem!

Paulipocket said it best. I can only add that the bad iPhone/Verizon decision is not much different than the iTunes vs. Rhapsody/Napster/DRM problems which are ONLY bad for the poor consumer. In both, we all lose, they make money. In the end, I'm disgusted by it all. I'd love a world where I can have great phone service and buy tunes legally and have them all work wonderfully together. Unfortunately, that world won't exist anytime soon.

I would LOVE an iPhone on Verizon as I am currently waiting on my contract to run out (only 2 months left) so that I can switch to AT&T just so that I can get an iPhone!

I have Verizon and wish that they had an iPhone for it! I have the iPod touch to make up for the loss like most people but we all really want the iPhone. But not even the iPhone will get me to switch to AT&T. I have their landline service and am trying to switch away. If AT&T can't fix your problem "i'm very sorry... would you like to buy AT&T mobile service only $99.99 a month?"

I had Cingular which became AT&T. I Got an iPhone, and i saw my service go down ever month.
Always had Droped calls where ever i went!
Then we get a letter in from AT&T thats says: Due to excessive Partner Roaming usage, we must cancel your service or switch you to a plan in which you man not use any Roaming/Partner services.
Come to find out we have been using a Alltel tower, Alltel has a GSM Roaming service.
As i looked at the Coverage on the at&t site, ALL THE stripe area is ROAMING! its everywhere.
go look at it. Cingular never cared if you were Roaming, AT&T says you MUST use 50-75% of your calls, text, and internet usage on AT&Ts network. If not they, at there right, have the right to end your service contract or switch you over to one that does not allow Roaming or will charge you for it.
So, we switch over to Verizon and we LOVE it. We even have 3G EVDO coverage here! I loved my iPhone, but will never switch from Verizon. We really need this phone.
If Verizon did get it, there wont be V Cast on it... Do you see any other PDAs with V Cast? No. You can go to m.vcast.com to watch it tho, no www.
As much as i travel, Verizon really does have a great network! I see more people with Verizon then AT&T anyway.
Now i live in a diffrent area, Alabama now. AT&T doesnt even work in my house. i live in Killen, All for those AT&T lovers who think AT&T works everywhere.
So for those who think AT&T is worth the iPhone, trust me, it wont be if you get in a car accdent and your AT&T phone says NO SERVICE.
And trust me when i say Verizon will be getting an iPhone. I know alot more then you think. =]



I had att, sprint and now verizon. Verizon's network does not drop calls! The others are all less reliable, at least in Pittsburgh. Mr. Jobs needs to just look at what Bill Gates accomplished by having his windows software run on anyones hardware. Enough said. Why should anyone have to settle for inferior service to gain a superior product. The time has come for Apple to take the iphone to the next level, and let its customers decide which carrier provides the best service in their area. PS. I love the new apps store on the iphone and can not wait for the phone to be released on verizon. Mr. Jobs is too smart to continue with the current strategy.

Please, Verizon get the iPhone so I can stop carrying my EnV and iTouch with me!! The Blackberry Storm sucks, all of verizon's programs/apps suck, and the iPhone platform is incredible. Verizon would be completely insane to turn down an opportunity at the iPhone a second time!!

I'd love to have the iPhone...but I refuse to switch to AT&T for it. I hope that if Verizon gets it they don't put the crappy Verizon programming on it and just leave it as the iPhone software

I love apple's iPhone, but At&t is just not reliable enough....We need the iPhone on Verizon, without verizon butchering it with vcast and mobileweb. Wouldn't it be awesome if they announced a verizon iPhone at macworld next week? Its a slim chance, but hey, a guy can dream cant he?

I've been with ATT/Cingular for about 7 years. In the Philadelphia market it was a great choice. Good coverage in many areas -- especially where I was living. At that time Verizon, Sprint and others wanted a $500-$900 deposit to start with their plans. So I went Cingular, who did not want a deposit.
Well, I moved to Virginia about 3 years ago and re-upped my ATT plan. If you live VERY close to Richmond, the service area is great. But about 2 months after signing a new 2-year deal and getting an iPhone, I moved about 10 miles outside of Richmond. Now I get no signal inside my house or in my car. So I asked my ATT store when a new signal tower might be coming and they referred me to customer service. Guess what they said... ask your local store. I just love incompetence.
So, Verizon, when are you gonna help all of us out and put the best 3G network (that you have and covers where I live) with the best phone (iPhone)???
I'll gladly pay the $350 to switch networks!!!!!

The way I see it, Apple should hurry out with a CDMA/EVDO iPhone so that they quickly can sell it. The people who buy it will most likely be signing a two year contract so they will probably keep their iPhone for at least two years. Around two years from now LTE coverage will be large enough for Apple to release a 4G LTE iPhone, just in time for all the people who got a CDMA/EVDO 3G iPhone with a two year contract to buy the 4G LTE iPhone.
CDMA/EVDO iPhone + LTE iPhone 2 years later = BIG!!!!! money for Apple

I am holding out for the Verizon iPhone...or will perform hack surgery to modify once I have the extra $ to buy the phone. has anyone hacked theirs successfully?

ATT coverage is awful.
A satisfied, long-time Verizon customer and Mac devotee, I purchased an iPhone when my Verizon contract expired last year. I recently purchased a Verizon phone and transferred my phone number because ATT's coverage in NY/CT/NJ is miserable. Dropped calls/no coverage [including from the Empire State Building- not exactly the backwoods...] I seldom completed a call without being dropped- business contacts who have iPhones have had the same problem. I will buy another iPhone when they come to Verizon...I can't recall the last time I lost a call with Verizon.

Me and basically every one else that I know and meet are holding out for a Verizon iPhone. We all substitute it with an iPod Touch but an iPhone would be the best on Verizon wireless. Plus AT&T has 3G coverage in 40-50% of the US but Verizon has 3G coverage in 80% of the US!!!!!

I heard that part of the agreement with AT&T and Apple was that AT&T had to sell a certain number of iPhones and they did not meet this metric. Can anyone shed light on that?
VZW was the best network and customer service. It would take a lot for me to cancel service and the iPhone is not big enough.

I've been a loyal customer with Verizon 9 years!!!! and would love to have the iPhone. I almost left Verizon for AT&T just to have the iPhone but I choose GREAT coverage/cutomer service rather than a cool phone. I currently have the voyager and like most of you all that has Verizon coverage the vcast sucks!!!! I'm able to upgrade a year early (YES, Verizon mailed me a Platinum VIP card)so I'm hoping this falls through....

I had verizon for 3 years and although service was always great I was really unhappy with the phone selection they have. I waited for the blackberry storm to come out and once it did I was completely unsatifyed. I now have an iPhone. I agree the service isn't great but text and web surfing is great. I alsolove the built in iPod and variety of apps. It truly is a great phone.

If everybody bitching here would dial *611 on their VZW phone and threaten to leave if they don't get the iPhone sooner or later they'd wise up!

I switched from VZW to AT&T for the iPhone 2G... The phone was amazing, the service was almost unusable! Now it's come out that AT&T's network is so screwed up that they are degrading 2G signals in favor of 3G... except AT&T's version of 3G is such a power hog, even many 3G iPhone owners turn 3G off to save battery life... Apple also uses an Infineon 3G chip which is nowhere near as power efficient as a Qualcomm chip... Gee, if Apple used a Qualcomm chip, they could get all flavors of 3G as well as 2G on one chip... In other words a phone that could work on any network around the world! Gee, RIM was able to figure this out w/ the Storm... Apple? Are you listening?? Duh!
I recently switched back to VZW when AT&T's network became so bad that they couldn't even keep a call up in the New York metro area! Truly pathetic!
I now have the world's most expensive iPod Touch!
AT&T Wireless Bites the Big One!

AT&T service was terrible in Knoxville, TN. Got no service indicator in many areas even 3-5 miles from downtown. Two of those areas were my home and office... where service was not even available half the time... and visual voice mail almost none of the time. I wanted to try the 3G but they wouldn't sell it to me for the $299 deal... had to spend $499. So I cancelled the contract and paid the $175. The phone was not usable. I told AT&T they were giving up over $2,000 additional revenue for the rest of the contract for a lousy $200.00 I thought that was pretty stupid. They didn't blink. Anyway, as it turned out, my partner got a 3G phone and can't get decent service at the office... has to walk outside. I just thought I would share the AT&T arrogance and insensitivity.
Verizon, on the other hand, offered me deal where I didn't have to wait for the normal two years to get a new blackberry storm or voyager or other PDA phone.
I am hoping for the PRE or the iphone on Verizon. I have a treo that works great as a phone and email device. I loved the iphone but the carrier service was horrid.
I wouldn't recommend AT&T to Bernie Madoff. Wait a minute.
They do share something with him. Their commercials are all lies. Their coverage is terrible and they rip you off just like Bernie.

I've been with Verizon for 5 years now. I love their service. I want an iphone but I refuse to have at&t service. I currently have the Dare which isn't a bad little phone but it's just NOT the iphone. Verizon would gain a lot more customers if they could find a way to get some type of iphone in their line of phones. Everyone I know hates their iphone's service and from all these posts I see that as well.

I have an IPod Touch and Verizon Cell Phone. Would love to see an IPhone on Verizon. The Storm is a far cry from even the current IPhone. Had a Storm for one weekend and returned it. Heard I wasn't the only one doing that either. Iphone+Verizon=Winner.

I've been on Verizon since 2000 when they started, and have had better service in Arizona than my friends who have cycled though other carriers. We've done tests and Verizon is always the clear winner. Even with my remote travel I can find service (I called my wife standing on the North rim of the Grand Canyon...along with my friends that had to use my phone as well). I would never switch carriers...BUT GOD I WANT AN iPHONE!!!!!!! I've also been an Apple user since my first IIe and I think the iPhone is the apex of brilliant design and functionality (to this point). Look at what it has done for the cell phone/smartphone market. But none are as good.
I have my iPod Touch for now, but I'll be the first in line, cash in hand, when Verizon sells iPhones. My only wish is that is comes soon.
Verizon and Apple need to see this comment page and realize they could own the cell phone/smartphone market.

I will get an iphone very soon. I waited last year because someone said google phone will come to verizon; then I waited again for bb storm, I stopped after read many user reviews on that 'iphone killer'. should I wait for iphone coming to verizon year after year? no, I already look so bad, just like the man who is waiting for another rabbit hit the tree besides him.

I want an I phone but just like everyone else, I dont want to change to AT&T. Any insiders have any info about the possibilites of Verizon getting the IPhone? My upgrade comes up on 3/09 and I hope Apple makes the iphone avail to us... I know the Apple trade show happened 2 weeks ago... Any news?

I am dying to go back to Verizon with the iphone. I had Verizon, but couldn't keep holding out for the iphone so I switched. I love the iphone it is amazing. ATT on the other hand makes me want to kill myself. I never get calls, my phone often has no service, I drop calls, ect. Basically it doesn't work as a phone bc of ATT's terrible network. I never had those issues with Verizon. I would pay to cancel ATT and go back to Verizon if I could bring my iphone.

Me and my wife switched over to AT&T to get the iPhones and sooner than we knew it we were switching back to VZW. The reason we had to switch back was because of the same reason of everyone else, bad service. One night i had to take my dad the the ER and was trying to get in touch with my wife and had 74 failed calls, yes that is right 74 is not a typo. So we had to go back to VZW and my wife was almost in tears when she had to give up her iPhone. We are waiting so patiently, but it is wearing out. There has to be a way to send this to VZW & Apple so they could see these results. As soon as VZW comes out with the iPhone I will be there to get two of them. Come on VZW & Apple make it happen!!!!!! Here is hoping for the iPhone on VZW very soon PLEASE!!!!!!

sometimes I feel the world needs balance. if verizon got iphone 3 years ago, verizon should be able to kill AT&T right now. so the balance exists there even we can not see it.

Apple (and Verizon for that matter) would do quite well if a CDMA version were released. I personally know three iPhone users that said they'd leave AT&T and pay a termination fee if Verizon became a carrier. Main reasons, bad service and quality. I live in NY and practically my whole family (including extended) is with Verizon, many of which would love an iPhone as well, but will not switch carriers.
So if there were an exodus of AT&T customers, coupled with all the Verizon users wanting an iPhone, I think both companies would benefit greatly. I think though the 2010 contract extension rumor with AT&T may be true. But I have read that Verizon is supposed to be the first of the U.S. carriers to start testing LTE, later this year. Perhaps a new iPhone model could be developed for that. Here's to hoping with the rest of you.
@ sjaymadsen: I agree. This blog should be shown to both companies. I'm sure it's just one of many such sites.

We used to just use iphones with no land line at old residence. We bought a new house in Pacifica, and ATT doesn't cover where my house is...10 miles south of San Francisco in Pacifica, no signal in a Vallemar's back valley in Pacifica. So I got a land line for new house with ATT, and I forward my calls from iphone to ATT land line to get calls there. ATT double bills me for minutes and land line. Have had discussions with ATT and no solutions or agreement to fix the bills or coverage. They are also rude on the phone. They were broken up by the government once because they were a monopoly, and now they have re-joined. They know they have us hooked and don't care. They have me very frustrated and I NEED another carrier. Sprint coverage works near my house and is cheaper. I love my Iphone, and my husband has one too. If it wasn't for him, and his absolute addiction to the iphone, I would switch to another cell phone and carrier, but am stuck on the plan. His iphone doesn't work here either, but that's not enough to make him quit the iphone.
On top of that ATT has made me upset about my land line, too and I am fed up with them. I am at the end of my rope. Is there any way I can switch carriers and keep my iphone? Apple, when will you wise up and see that your contract with ATT is dragging us down? Maybe the new Google Android will get it together and be an alternative. Apple, don't make us wait two-four years, we'll be gone by then!

I agree with Boobietrap I have Verizon and i couldn't be happier. I had quite a horrible experience with AT&T. First Customer service is a wreak. Signal sucks(In NYC). The only good part was the iPhone. Even having the iPhone could keep me from staying on the crappiest network ever. We need a Verizon iPhone ASAP!!

I would love to have an iPhone on Verizon. AT&T drops calls constantly where I live (within the city limits of Seattle!) usually just after the person on the other end picks up the phone, resulting in me prank calling everyone I know. Since I have no landline this winds up being a bit of a problem. Needless to say at the moment at least the iPhone is simply not an option until it's on Verizon.

i am on Verizon and bought into the BB Storm hype..have had it for a month and I really am trying to like it but its nothing like my Ipod Touch. Turns out my company wont support BB so i am going back to the Q. It worked, enough said! Iphone on Verizon would be a beautiful thing...until then its 2 devices to carry around!

"I am dying to go back to Verizon with the iphone. I had Verizon, but couldn’t keep holding out for the iphone so I switched. I love the iphone it is amazing. ATT on the other hand makes me want to kill myself. I never get calls, my phone often has no service, I drop calls, ect. Basically it doesn’t work as a phone bc of ATT’s terrible network. I never had those issues with Verizon. I would pay to cancel ATT and go back to Verizon if I could bring my iphone."
I feel 100% the same way.

How do I go about making a new law that prohibits cell companies from making these drug deals with cell phone carriers?
They should make these phones unlocked so that you could buy them retalpriebut use them with
The carrier of your choice. When cell phones were new and
All using the same technology this was possible.
This locking business is horrible and were pretty much forced into contracts.
What do you think?

I currently have the combination that Kuhnaydeein has (RazR and iTouch) but I would much rather have them together like in the dream world Terry is predicting.
One of the main reasons Apple did not go with Verizon in the first place is because Apple did not want Verizon's crappy UI on the iPhone (Who could blame them?!?!). Every time I get a new phone I have to edit seems and such to get the features that the phone were built to have but Verizon shuts off the software linking the two... Sucks.
I know Apple will not budge on this. So if Verizon does end up getting the iTouch I would be extremely happy. I will be happy because it will be the phone that everyone on Verizon's network has been waiting for.
But... If the 32GB model shows up on AT&T I might just have to jump ship on the 13 years of Verizon service.
Only time will tell...
Tom's (TEEllis22) Dream world
32GB iPhone
Verizon Network (3G or 4G dependent on timespan)
Adobe Flash Player
5MP Camera
Zoom(Preferably optical) Remember "Dream world"
Mobile Video conference
Data plan that INCLUDES texting
And screw it... Lets throw in Megan Fox too! (Nooo not in the phone... Kind of like a complimentary thing, on the side.

im dying to have an iphone but im not too excited tmove to att when i already have such good service and customer support. ATT please MOVE to VERIZON

On Verizon. My dreams for the iPhone 2 go like this.
Apple and Verizon strike a deal, part of the deal is Verizon can't alter (DESTROY) the iPhone with VCast and the like. I get Verizon's network without the Verizon proprietary garbage AND and iPhone (and version 3 will have those basics that were oddly left out of 2)

I love the "i", I have the "phone". ATT sucks. Nobody in Phoenix can get a call or keep one going.

The iPhone is really cool. The ATT service is really BAD. I live in Chicago and can't recieve phone calls if I am in the city. Straight to voice mail. ATT is by far the worst service I have ever had. I am going to give up the iPhone and go back to Verizon. At least with Verizon I can make a phone call.

I switched from Verizon to ATT so I could have the iPhone. The phone is brilliant, but the ATT service is horrible. I am switching back to Verizon - they have agreed to take me back and refund the fee they charged me for canceling my contract. Go Verizon!

I have the iPhone. The AT&T service leaves a lot to be desired, but even worse is the battery life of the iPhone. My firend also has an iPhone and told me to extend battery life, turn of the 3G stuff. Seriously! I guess even the batter life sucks because of AT&T

Oh, I really wish that the iPhone was for Verizon. I have the en-V and it's okay for now, but I only have a year left with it! I want to upgrade to the iPhone badly, but I really don't want to switch to AT&T. Some of my friends have AT&T and they say it's not worth it to switch just for the "hot" phone. Maybe I'll just take their advise and stick to getting the LG Dare when my contract is up.

I decided to boycott cingular years ago and it just carried over to at&t when they bought cingular. Horrible service! I am a mac person and I would love to have the iphone mostly because I can use it as a storage device and a mobile office with all of my artwork on it. I refuse to call off the boycott though, so please somebody get the iphone to verizon!

I would LOVE Verizon to get the IPHONE. I have an ITOUCH and love it. I am a Verizon customer till I die. I was with AT&T and their service and coverage was very horrible, TMOBILE was OK but coverage was sporadic. Verizon rocks it hardcore and I love the quick and fast customer service. I love my Storm...but would gladly put it in the drawer for the IPHONE..

Still holding out for a Verizon iPhone. It is not so much about the iPhone but the apps that are available on it. If Verizon was smart they would throw a lot of money at developing the apps for the Storm.

Ok lets start with the Obvious. Anyone who says to you the iphone isnt a HOT device with cool features and a super slick operaing system is a LIAR. That being said you need to look at the big picture when buying a phone. 1. ITS A PHONE. If you cant make a call because the network sucks then its no good to you as a phone. 2. If you cant make a call then you cant access data either so that slick OS / Internet browser is now useless too. 3. some people mentioned the Blackberry devices and said they are "too professional". ???? Blackberry built themselves on the corporate professional for E-mail. In fact The original Blackberry device could not be used as a phone it was strictly an e-mail device. Thats thier market and they have only recently tried to transition to the regular consumer market with the curve and STORM. 4. People complaining that V-cast sucks. Vcast would not be used on the iphone when it goes to Verizon (and believe me it will) If you pay attention to the way the cell phone technology works and the way devices are marketed, you will see that all PDA devices regardless of carrier use the regular web for Data access Limited only by the browsers capabilities on the device and the devices limitations with regard to memory and processor speeds. Vcast is a Cell phone solution not a Data solution. that allows people to access the Mobile Web. Thats a version of the web designed to have less graphics and sites designed to allow regular phones to access them and navigate them quicker due to the design and interface with the web site and the phone. The problem in all cases being that if you want a Laptop experience then you need to use a laptop. Cell phones dont currently have the space in them internally to give you Duo Core Pentioum Processors (these chips in your PC are about the size of your battery) or huge hard drives to house all these applications you want to use (although they have come a long way in a short time on this one) Currently the phones are the limitng factor on these devices. and by the time LTE rolls out we can only hope that there are more options available. As for Vcast "sucking" I guess thats a matter of what you want to use it for. If you want to surf the web all day from your phone you should use a PDA device so you have a full HTML browser. Not a phone that uses Mobile Web. Mobile web is for light users checking an occasional e-mail, weather, and sprots scores (taht kind of stuff) As far as games go, does anyone think that gaming on a phone is going to be Madden 2009 on your big screen. Not a chance. The size alone prohbits any kind of complex game because you cant controll the multi functions well enough to be accurate or have any fun with it. iphone games for the most part are only cool or fun to play if they use the accelerometer ass the controller whic is somewhat limiting in the game selection, and since there are everything from Blackberry, and windows based devices to straight phone devices with accellerometers in them, those simple games are soon to come. The bottom Line is the network is the most important thing to consider when buying a phone because if it doesnt work when you need it to what the hell is the point of having it. Blackberry device are a device that by design forces email to the phone thus incuring data charges which is why a data plan is required thru verizon, so customers dont get crushed with pay as you go data charges and if your complaining about that you must not be interested in an iphone either because they require a data feature also, and on the 3g version that is $30 just like the Blackberry. Im sure I misse dsome stuff that was quoted in here but the bottom line is features and services are offered by cell phone companies as long as they are being used, requested, and profitable. When they cease to be used by the customer, requested by the customer or non-profitable to offer and maintain then they will stop offering them.So choose your poison and live with your decision. Happy cell phone shopping.

We do have a friend who works for Verizon, and said don't hold your breath, because Verizon turned Apple down, because they wanted to control the apps. What would an iPhone be without the apps??? Dumb move, Verizon.
I neeeed an iPhone, but my service is stuck at Verizon due to the coverage being paid by my employer. So now I have all these contracts with Verizon for family to be on the same network.
:( Tear
Love my iTouch, but if anyone is listening: I want a Verizon iPhone!!!

I would love to be able to use my iPhone with verizon b/c i paid so much for my iPhone but have the places i go i never got "bars" as att says they always have. I love verizons service but i miss my iPhone.

Ugh. I want an Iphone so bad. But I can't switch to AT&T. I've been waitimg for something to happen. It would be fantastic

ive had verizon for the past 5 years. i bought a iphone and kept my verizon phone. after two week i couldnt stand it anymore and returned the i phone. the good part about it is it only cost me 34 dollars to have the phone for two weeks to see how the service was. but i heard there is a new app. that you can get so you dont drop so many calls. it doesnt really matter what they do the servoce will never be as good as verizon. im like all of you i wish that apple and verizon would get together but i dont think it will ever happen. i really wish att didnt suck so bad

I LOVE the iPhone and really want one, but I love Verizon's coverage and customer service more. I've checked out the Blackberry Storm. It's okay, but it's 1st generation and had some issues in the rush to market (as is often the case). Chances are it will likely improve in the next generation and I'd rather hold out for that if I do get one. Right now it's just not as easy to use as the iPhone, or as sexy, but it is a good second runner up. I'm going to hold out for iPhone to be available on Verizon eventually or settle for a 2nd generation Storm... or maybe get a Treo in the meantime. C'mon Apple and Verizon!!! Get smart and get together soon!!!! And don't go past 2010!!!!

If only the two would join... I would love an iPhone on Verizon, I would buy one... or an iPhone world phone that could be used on the Verizon network... what ever just do it!

i'm dying to get the iphone but refuse to leave verizon, i have the lg dare which i like, but would instantly buy the iphone at any price if ever available with verizon.

Does anyone think that verizon is doing this Buy one get one free with Blackberries to get rid of stock so that they are ready to start selling the Iphone? Just a thought

Great thought Paul, but with all the hype of the Storm, and lackluster performance, who knows.
I will never leave Verizon (strong words, I know)... but I'm so sick and tired of the lack of phones.

What is the deal with the unlocked phones? Does that mean you can purchase an iPhone but use it with a Verizon network contract?

I switched to Verizon when AT&T tookover cingular and perfectly happy with Verizon. I liked Cingular but can't tolerate AT&T. I would wait with patience and try out LG and other till VZW comes out with Iphone.

Would love iphone on vzw ,tried iphone w/att and returned after 3 days due to holes in service are.
would buy iphone if available on verizon in heart beat.

I would LOVE an Iphone, but I am not going to switch to AT&T. I had Cingular, but when AT&T took over the service became horrible. I live in GA and there is hardly any coverage in the state with AT&T. I switched to Verizon in August of 2007 and I have been SO much happier. I would absolutely love it if Apple would come to an agreement with Verizon!

I have verizon right now.
I use my iTouch and my cell phone
But I really want the iPhone!
I would definatly buy it if Verizon and Apple offered it to me!

I also have verizon and an itouch...
I hate having to carry them both around together!
It sucks!

Rumor: Apple iPhone for $99?
By Gary Krakow
What's next for Apple and its nearly ubiquitous iPhones? How about a new model at the industry's magic selling price?
There's word that Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) is secretly planning to launch an entry-level iPhone, one that will retail for just $99. Apple has usually announced and released its iPhones at the beginning of the summer season.
According to a research note by RBC Capital Markets, analyst Mike Abramsky said that Apple will launch the entry-level device alongside an iPhone 3G performance upgrade in June or July. He forecasts that a $99 iPhone could increase unit sales by as much as 69%. If you do the math, that could lift Apple's share of the smartphone market to as much as 19%.
According to the analysis, the $99 price point includes a $200 subsidy and would be based on a new AT&T "light" data plan (Stock Quote: T) costing around $15 per month.
But aside from the possible jump in market share, Abramsky adds that Apple would risk cannibalizing its own profits. He believes that Apple would have to sell three new $99 iPhones to replace the gross profits of one 3G iPhone. In addition to their smartphones, the new device could also affect sales of certain models of the iPod, which retail at similar price points.
To compensate for shrinking margins, Abramsky said that Apple might look to expand its distribution network, which would mean allowing more mobile operators to offer the device. Here in the U.S., Apple would have to create new versions of the iPhone that would work on T-Mobile (Stock Quote: DT), Verizon Wireless (Stock Quote: VZ) and Sprint's (Stock Quote: S) separate 3G networks.
I expect we'll also be hearing about a truckload of other new 3G smartphone designs at next week's Mobile World Congress exposition in Barcelona, Spain. Big announcements are expected from Microsoft (Stock Quote: MSFT), Garmin (Stock Quote: GRMN), Dell (Stock Quote: DELL) and a number of companies introducing new Google Android-based handsets (Stock Quote: GOOG). We'll be in Barcelona to bring you the latest news, beginning on Sunday.

I left T-Mobile for AT&T to get the iPhone 3G and after 6 months I left and got a cheapy Virgin Mobile phone instead. AT&T has bad customer service, rude employees and their rate plans and texting plans are way overpriced. The iPhone is a nice phone but it's nothing I can't live without. I'll keep the extra $60.00 month in my pocket. Now if T-Mobile gets the iPhone then maybe we can talk. I always liked T-Mobile service and pricing.

i would love the iphone for verizon i bought a touch screen form verizon but it can ever beet the iphone
please hurry up i am eligible for an upgrade in a few weeks

i want the iphone but i cant because i have verizon so i bought a touch screen phone from verizon it stinks and i have an itouch its gr8
hope verizon gets the iphone in the next couple of weeks

I really would love to have the iphone but I will not switch my cell service from Verizon to AT&T. It will come down to what I want more. iphone or Verizon? How much longer are we going to have to hold out?

I think the only people on AT&T are iphone users, people who don't know any better, and people who only get service in their areas with AT&T. I've been a verizon, at&t, and sprint customer and verizon is by far the best... no question. You get service everywhere and anywhere...

Verizon has the best coverage where I live, an iPhone for verizon would be awesome, like I said I love their service but if verizon doesn't come out with cool phone by this year I might have to go to AT&T when the new iPhone comes out in August.

I would love for the iPhone to come to Verizon because if you are like me and you hate all the touch screens that Verizon has because of there crappy layout and not so easy to use programs such as the browser and just about everything else, but you still love the service you get from Verizon. I mean here in Southern California Verizon gives you great service pretty much everywhere I go, and my current blackberry pearl I love it works fine and everything but how ever I carry my iPod touch with my pretty much everywhere I go and I love the look and feel of the iPod touch which essentially is the iPhone without the phone. So I really hope they bump the crappy storm out and put the iPhone in, it is easy to use and it already has an easy working media player that I love to death. And I don't have to install another program just for the stupid v-cast music on my computer.

I live in west TN and AT&T service is mediocre at best were I live. I would also like to add there is 3G only in 4 area's of TN. I would love to have an iPhone but its hard to talk myself into one having to pay a $30 service for the life of the phone when the 3G service is not even available in my area. I am happy with Verizon service but they have released more than one sub par phone. So I don't really think they are the best thing ever. I am stuck with 2 replacement Samsung Glydes that do not function like they should. And I am scared of the new Storm. It is kinda like an iPhone but not really.

Surely the people at Apple know that their market share for iPhone would double, at least, if they made iPhone for VZW. I want an iPhone so bad, but will not switch from VZW. I'm holding-out, for my whole family of 4, on upgrading our cellphones because I'm hoping iPhone will come out for VZW. If not, we'll stay with VZW.

i want an iphone so bad,
but i dont want to switch to AT&T, VZW has the best service, even on my crappy LG phone i get better service than my friends with their AT&T phones, so pleaes verizon, provide the iphone, your amount of customers would increase and Mac&VZW would gain a huge profit if they did so...its so stupid that you dont offer one now..really.

I WANT AN iPHONE!! I am suck with Verizon till 2011. I really do like Verizon, but lets face it, Verizon's phones suck. I would buy an iPhone in a hearbeat!

I want an iPhone SO bad ... but there is NO way we can go back to AT&T again. They have horrible coverage. I could not talk on my phone in my house and we live in the middle of our town! I get coverage all over town with Verizon (except the back corner of Walmart ... so I just don't go there anymore :) Please, oh Please Verizon, I want/need/gotta have an iPhone.

I really hope so, I am a Verizon costumer very happy with the coverage, but not so much by the phone selection. If the iPhone came to Verizon I would buy a couple in a heartbeat. I will be taking my business somewhere else if Big Red does not come out with some cool phones come out this year. Storm Sucks!

I have been Verizon-loyal for an eternity, all the while getting a good case of iPhone envy... Lots of my coworkers have them, and almost all of them say the same thing: it's a fun toy but pretty much useless as a phone. Apparently AT&T service really DOES stink. I enjoy phenomenal coverage and outstanding customer service with Verizon, and even though I am on my 4th Palm replacement (Treo 755), at least I can make and receive calls anywhere. Oh, and I can send a real pix message to anyone anywhere too. And I can highlight, copy and paste too... Did I mention that I also have a real, tactile keyboard? Yeah that's right folks... I can leave my finger on a button and easily delete voicemail messages without even looking at the screen while DRIVING. Try that with an iPhone. I hate to say it, but as nice and slick as the Apple OS is, the device is wanting in many ways. Hey... did I mention I can replace my own battery any time I want to with a freshly charged extra one?? Or how about the fact that I can pop a 16GB MiniSD card in it and move my data around easily? Oh yeah... one more thing... my Palm cost less and so does my service, which includes unlimited web access, unlimited SMS and pix/video messaging to the US AND CANADA, and $0.10 long distance calls to Canada. Yeah--it costs a LOT less.
I would love it if Apple brought the iPhone to Verizon. But they will have to fix it first.... Until then, I will continue to let my Palm piece of crap crash once or twice a day at random times. At least I can call you on it from ANYWHERE and send you a picture message too. Ha. LOL
(Grain of salt)

I currently have Verizon Wireless. I would love to have an iPhone especially on Verizon Wireless, but frankly their bullshit "red bar" OS-wanna-be is fucking garbage. If they could get an iPhone it'd end up torched with that bullshit menu. AND the only people buying it would be the peons with no knowledge or understanding of wtf an iPhone is, its technology, etc or for that matter wtf is going on. Plus, I'm sure Verizon would figure out a way to not only empty customers wallets but make them hack off a couple limbs and still be unsatisfied. Great wireless service (even if 90% of their customer service reps are morons) but just too much bullshit. :P

I have been dreaming of an iPhone for awhile now, but I will never switch over to AT&T. I know a ton of people in my family alone who would also get an iPhone if it were Verizon. So there is a ton of business that Apple is losing, just in my family.
Please, Apple, let us Verizon users have iPhones.

Please Oh please, I want an iphone on Verizon, 3g or 4g I don't care...just as soon as possible. I'll buy both versions a few months apart! Get me one within the next month and I'll pay $1000 just for the phone. ;)

My T-Mobile contract is almost up & I will be making the switch to Verizon! Everyone I know has already made the switch and they love it! I would love to get an iphone with Verizon!!! I can't go to at&t- their service sucks & they have terrible customer service. Please bring iphone to Verizon!!!!

I am in the same boat. Here in south Florida, the only phones that worked in the last hurricane were from Verizon. That was enough for me! I had an AT&T Crackberry free from work and I actually gave it back and got my own phone through Verizon. Apple - WAKE UP! What were you thinking - just get with the program and release the iPhone through Verizon!!!!!! AT&T is absolutely worthless!

I am a loyal VZW customer because AT&T service sucks. I would love to have the iphone with Verizon service. AT&T is the only reason I have not purchased an iphone.

A. Apple isn't a phone maker, so how come noone else can touch the iphone, even one's that have been making phones for years?
B. VZW unfortunately is probably too confident in their coverage size and quality not to want to spend much money/effort in securing an iphone for VZW, and even if they did, you can bet they would cripple the hell out of it so much that it would be an iphone in appearance only.
C. Whoever is responsible for the US being in such an anti-consumer hellhole in regards to cable companies and phone service needs to be arrested and deported. There should only be one type of network protocol and everyone should be free to get whatever ungimped phone they want, and go to whichever provider they prefer based on service/cost, not on what phone they let you have.

Most people I know made a switch as soon their contract was up just to get an iphone.
And now everyone always complains about the crappy service. If Verizon goes iphone, IM GETTING IT!. Despite the crappy V Cast( That I completely ignore anyway) Verizon is # 1 service in America PERIOD Verizon+iphone=Happily ever after

I am one of the one's still holding out for Verizon to carry the iPhone. It is really mentally exhausting when I think about wanting the iPhone so badly, but also wanting to stay with Verizon. My contract has been over since last July and I am excited to get a new phone in May of this year.
I had no idea that Verizon was originally approached to represent the iPhone, that would have been great. But I do agree with as much as I love Verizon, their Vcast is rather annoying to me ad having to pay a lot for most new applications.
So, here is to hoping that Verizon will get the iPhone representation and that they will not incorporate Vcast too heavily into the phone. Hey, I can wish can't I?

I switched to At&t just for the i phone the phone is great and cool the service is a peace of shit i hate u AT$T i hate paying for the stupid service i cant wait for the day verizon to get that phone and then hopefully AT&T goes under and when u dont pay thoes assholes they turn off your phone serevice and the have to call from another phone and say WTF then they charge u a restoral fee to turn it back on hope u DIE AT&T. Verizon all the way

There would be a hurricane force blast across the US from everyone gasping at the same time in shock, amazement and excitement if:

  1. Verizon got an iPhone;
  2. The VZW iPhone didn't use V-Cast or Verizon's browser, just the iPhone interface as we know and love it;
  3. VZW's iPhone had a replaceble battery, and
  4. The VZW iPhone had a memory card slot.

This would be shortly followed by a thunderous crash caused by AT&T's stock and marketshare, sending refugees into the streets for days as they wait in line to cancel their AT&T contracts, and dwarfing the lines of people waitng to get their iPhone on release day from AT&T in the first place.
Also, it was mentioned in an earlier post that Verizon's Buy One-Get One Blackberry might be a measure to make space for an iPhone. Sadly, this isn't the case. My take is that Verizon hyped and touted the hell out of the Blackberry Storm, calling it (yet again) an "iPhone killer". They made sure to have ample supplies of these phones for the percieved iPhone-like reception. But one problem.... there was a boy who cried wolf. Consumers have heard the term 'iPhone killer' before, and been led into stores to demo a phone that has a nice interface, and some neat features, but pales in comparison to the iPhone's user interface, capability and function. By the time the Storm was touted to be the next big thing, most consumers were skeptical (and rightfully so) to any phone being marketed as an 'iPhone killer' and wanted to see the proof in the pudding. Verizon/RIM produced something resembling pudding, but it was rushed to market with user interface lag, desperate for software polishing, and lacking any killer-apps that we have attributed to the iPhone. Epic fail. Soon enough it was a case of Verizon purging their overstock with the Buy one-Get two offer.

I think Verizon will get much more money with they have the iPhone as one of their options. In my experiance, I've had no problems with Verizon's service. I think it's an excellent idea.
Plus, I hope they also agree to have the new Moto Q Global in their line. I've been waiting to get my hands on that phone but it's only for AT&T, but I don't like their service due to prior experiance.

my husband got the iphone and jumped off of our verizon family plan to AT&T - the rest of us are waiting in limbo for our contracts to expire, but we really don't want to leave verizon - long time customers - love the service - an iphone on their network would pretty much seal the deal

I have verizon and hmm it works fantastic everywhere else except my house. maybe it's just me? -_- anyways i've been dying for an iphone since forever!!!but my mom doesn't want to switch. I had the lg voyager but someone stole it and now i'm back to my crappy old phone >:o

I got an iphone 3g when it first came out last year. I live in NJ and commute to NYC on the train. Along the route I lost the ATT signal in 3 places, and there is no service in the tunnel into Penn Station. I never lost the signal once with Verizon. The battery life was horrible in the iphone. I would leave home with it fully charged, and I had to recharge it by 4pm each day. Verizon's 3g coverage is so much larger than ATT it's a joke. But my biggest pet peeve was the smartphone applications were just not that smart. Coming from a Treo, I was very disappointed at the weak email, calendar and contact apps in the iphone (I doubt they've been updated in ver.3) Maybe copy and paste will help, but if the battery is still as weak I think the phone is overrated. Another thing I hated was you had to step through menu after menu to turn the bluetooth on and off, which is important to save battery life when you don't need it, but in NJ you HAVE to have a headset when driving. Very akward. I canceled my contract and ended up paying almost $200 for the crappy service I had for 2 weeks. ATT can fall in a hole for all I care. Even my experience in the store was horrible - long lines, no place to sit, etc. Verizon stores by, comparison, are much nicer and even have bathrooms (don't think it matters? Wait an hour on line at ATT and then be told you have to walk outside in the rain to Jamba Juice to use the bathroom. F*CK that!) If Verizon gets an iphone that is much improved from the one I had - including video recording and better camera, and longer battery life in addition to all the other improvements in version 3 I'd consider it because of all the apps you can get. It's a great phone that wasn't there yet on a network that shouldn't even be in business.

I have what is a fairly basic question I guess. I really have never seen it answered. There are those who say there's "bad blood" between Apple and Verizon, or producing a CDMA EVDO version would be costly.
But has either company actually DENIED this is happening? I don't really see why one of them wouldn't, if they're truly not interested in working with the other.
I mean, business is business. It isn't personal. I can't see how Apple (being the technical and financially stable powerhouse it is) wouldn't be capable of producing a dual mode or CDMA iPhone (all other phone manufacturers do). Or that either company would pass on the opportunity to add what would likely be millions of users, just because they couldn't come to an agreement the first time around. I know someone is going to mention the whole exclusivity deal, but no one has the true details of it, other than what they've read in an article. If it doesn't happen this year, it will likely happen 2010.

I absolutely hate the AT&T service. I came from Nextel (Sprint) and have regretted it ever since. In our area of the Ohio/Kentucky/West Virginia area Verizon seems to have the most stable coverage, and AT&T the absolute worst. Local techs report to me that AT&T switched frequencies to cover more AREA, but at the sacrifice of building penetration. I can be sitting on porch and go from 4 bars on AT&T to no bars and a dropped call in a second. I can't believe Apple is sticking with them. They have to much invested in their Ferrari to make it drive on a pothole infested road!
I'll probably switch to Verizon at first opportunity and hope to grab an IPhone at some point... just not from AT&T.

I want the IPHONE real bad but I refuse to go to AT& T as they always drop calls they dont have towers where i need them.. but i wont get the storm either as that is a poor comparisont o Iphoen

Verizon sales person told me that when the iphone battery dies you have to get a new phone is that true if so that stinks no??

If Verizon got the iphone soon, I would consider waiting for it and staying with my Verizon service. The end of 2010 is too long. I will never go back to AT&T as their service is terrible. I will grab a Palm Pre when it is released and switch to sprint.

I love the iPhone concept, but love Verizon service, so I bought a Verizon Samsung Omnia. Great little piece of hardware, but the worst software set I've ever seen. Clumsy, hard to use, non-intuitive crap. Can't wait for iPhone/Verizon combo. Can't see Verizon catching Apple in the apps department. Wasn't it Steve Jobs that wrote on his board "it's the software, dummy"?


I have no choice. My cell is my only phone, and Verizon is the only carrier that gives me coverage where I live. I love Apple. I want an iPhone. I will not buy an iPhone wanna-be. I will wait.

I use Verizon and have a really old phone and if they came out with the iPhone for Verizon then i would definatly buy it! I really hope that they get an iPhone for Verizon that would be sweet.

I'm a Verizon customer and will be due for an upgrade come April. I tried the Blackberry Storm and found it had a lot of features I really love, but no WiFi kind of sucks. And all the test models I've tried seem clumsy when it comes to text. I love how you can copy and paste pics from the web though on the Storm. Upon trying an iPhone I fell in love with it's ease of use when it comes to using it as a phone or as a browser or as a music player. I'm really tempted to switch over to AT&T just for the iPhone but all I've heard about AT&T's horrible service makes me beg the question if an iPhone is really worth the trade off. By the time I buy a new phone nothing will change in the political cilmate between Verizon and Apple so I may just have to settle somewhat for a lesser product, or crappy phone service. Right now both are unappealing options but not much I can do to change that. Oh and Vcast does suck.

I would love to switch back to VZW! In my house I have no service in our basement and my sister does on her VZW phone not just like 3 bars but full. It really sucks. So hopefully soon an iPhone will be released on Verizon Wireless, truly the best cell phone provider here!

I gained a little hope last week when a Verizon rep called to review our service plan and ask why I haven't used my new-every-two credits to update my phone. I told him that I was holding out for the iphone. After talking up the Blackberry Storm, he said that Verizon could conceivably carry the iphone in 2010 after the Apple/ATT exclusive contract is up. Perhaps Verizon has realized their initial lapse in judgement and may be planting the seeds for growing their market share in the future.

I have i pod touch, and I have Verizon Storm.
It is only because Verizon doesn;t have iphone.
If I can have iphone with Verizon service, I will definately change my storm to iphone, even if I have ipod touch and I have to pay the penalty for the early termination.

Hey all of you... FACT: AT&T NETWORK WORKS MORE PLACES ON THE GLOBE THAN VERIZONS. AT&T's network is GSM and is used by more carriers than Verizons and AT&T's network is getting better. Its better technology and it's easier. SIM cards are the way to go, there are so many more things you can do with a GSM carrier than Verizons crap network. You guys are all whining about how AT&T sucks when there actually have been test that show AT&T's network to be better. Plus I know many people who would never go to Verizon because there phones are a step behind AT&T's phones. So sure the iPhone cost more with AT&T, but its totally worth it. I will never go to Verizon for what they call cell phone service. AT&T will continue to advance and get more customers even with Verizons aqusition of Altell.

Oh and to all of you above... Apple has a contract with AT&T that pretty much sets them as long as they want to go(cousin works at AT&T). Apple gets more money for having AT&T as the exclusive carrier. So as long as apples makin more money just having AT&T be the carrier they'll keep doing. Sorry Verizon customers, it will be a longer time than all you are saying, cuz corporations are all about money. So you can switch or keep on whinning about having an iphone on your crummy network.

Over the years, I've tried Sprint, AT&T and Verizon -- and IMO there's no comparison. Verizon has superior phone service and superior customer service, and by a mile. The only thing I don't like about Verizon is that it doesn't carry the iPhone. My friend has the Storm: It's buggy and unsatisfying, I'm not interested. I'd love an iPhone for myself but there's no way -- not even for the phone of my dreams -- will I leave Verizon.

A.J you are out of your mind. I don't care what tests they have run. AT&T sucks period. I have stood side by side, many, many times with a AT&T phone and they could not make a call and I could. It is very common knowledge that AT&T is limited on good coverge. Go back and bury your head in the sand where it must have been for the past year or two.
I too would love to have the I-Phone but not on a limited coverage plan like AT&T.

I have Verizon FiOS and Verizon wireless. Verizon has a nice deal going to put both FiOS and cell phone bills onto one monthly statement and offering a discount to do so.
Would be great to see Verizon get the iPhone.

I'm very happy with At&t and will not switch back to Verizon unless I don't have a choice because I wasn't happy with their selection of phones or the way they lock down their dumbphones.

people here are saying that they would hate to see the verzion OS on the iphone... people seem to forget that the blackberry has its own OS.. and i have seen windows mobile phones at the verzion store... so i think verzion knows they have a shitty OS and they would be more than glad to add something a little better than the VZWOS shit

I'm a Verizon fan and I'm desperately waiting for a Verizon iPhone. I had nothing but trouble with AT&T; dropped calls, dead zones, etc.

WELL RIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S (A$$) MOUTH. We on Verizon will likely have to wait for LTE.
From DowJones Newswire: "Seidenberg also addressed the notion of the iPhone ever coming to the Verizon Wireless network, saying it's more likely that Apple Inc. (AAPL) would be willing to work with the carrier under the fourth-generation, or 4G, network, which follows the same technology standard as AT&T Inc.'s (T) 4G plans. He said Apple never seriously considered making a CDMA version of the iPhone because it didn't have as wide a distribution opportunity."
I guess late 2010, early 2011 at best.

A friend of mine works for Verizon and has confirmed that Apple did approach them first. However, their desire to control everything was one of the reasons the exclusivity deal with turned down. She also mentioned that there is a 3 year agreement between AT&T and Apple, so hopefully the iPhone will be on a better network this time next year!

I hope this happens because then I can flush my Blackberry Storm down the toilet where it belongs!!!!

I'd buy an iPhone the instant it was available on Verizon. I looked at switching to ATT earlier this year, but my work blackberry is ATT and i'm not a fan of their coverage.

I have been a long time verizon customer. I am also a committed Mac user. When my son got an iphone, I was amazed at the technology. It is not just a phone it is a mini computer. So I bought one on Ebay and activated AT&T. I did however keep my verizon service. I lasted for 2 months and the lack of coverage was more than I could stand. If I want to make a call from home with my iphone I have to get in my car and drive 1.2 miles to get a signal. I don't know where the "More Bars" are but they are never where I am. When you have signal the iPhone is amazingly awesome however it is just not reliable in Gaffney SC. I actually got a go phone first and didn't get a signal on it either but I convinced myself that the iphone was a much more sensitive device and would work better. HA! It is not about the iphone it is the AT&T netdon'twork. So now I am back with verizon, great service but no cool phone.
Would I buy a verizon Iphone? Oh Yeah in a second.

Verizon has a huge crowd in their network-At&t has one midget holding a pole and he is crippled.

I would think about it, but last summer really clinched my hatred for Verizon.
There are already enough hidden fees... a few dollars for this, a few for that. But to top it off, they're also known for crippling devices. They lost a class action lawsuit on the original RAZR because they disabled a number of features that it was designed to have... including software interface with a regular computer, which would allow photos to be removed without paying the extra $5 for their unlimited text/500 picture messages.
Last summer I learned, to my horror, that my poor reception at my house meant that even with "unlimited text," I would be using minutes to send text via analog, which then gets chalked up on minutes, and for the first time in 3 years, I had overage charges... because of all the "text to minutes" (buried in their fine print) charges that were accruing, even though I was paying for unlimited text.
I shudder to think of what VZ would do to an iPhone. Apps through Vcast, upcharges on all the small things we don't really think about, but would use. I have a hard time these days with the $100 a month bill from ATT, but the truth is, I've run into fewer snags, and fewer hidden fees than I had with VZW. And here in Boston, I can even get a signal in the subway tunnels sometimes... which is new for me. AND, excellent reception at home, which I didn't have with VZW... with them, I had reception that was so poor they had to upcharge me just to give me what I thought I was already paying for.

What good is a super high speed network if the average person can't afford it?
Verizon has a plan that gives you five gigabytes of data. Additional gigabytes are $256! ($.25 per megabyte).
Downloading a single DVD at this rate would cost over $1,000!

There's no doubt about the iPhone being the best out there but the carrier does not compliment it. I left VZW just for the phone and I miss Verizon's network and customer service. It would be the best of the best if theses two companies merge. Please VZW make it happen!!!

I would LOVE THE iPHONE TO BE AVAILIBLE TO VERIZON! Apple hear me out as a voice of consumers, everyone loves the iPhone but prefers verizon service more than AT&T. I have NEVER came across a person that has said AT&T is better than verizon except for the fact that AT&T has the iPhone.

I am a Verizon Wireless user and had the iphone on AT&T. Switched because of the network and have a STORM.... Praying that Verizon and Apple can bring the iPhone over to the VZW side.

I would def consider the iPhone if it were available on Verizon. I had AT&T up until about a year ago and could predict the locations when my calls would be dropped. I knew this so well I would warn the other side of the conv that I would have to call them back. Also, many of the people on here seem to have never checked out a verizon smart phone. They almost always have their own unique OS. The RIM phones for example may have some Verizon stuff like VCast music or whatever, but it's not embedded and can be deleted.
For all of the users who are unhappy with the storm, there seem to be a lot of you..... Try upgrading the firmware to the newest version, I recently got 4.075.113 or something like that and it is soooo much smoother to operate, camera functions better, doesn't really freeze up, and the list goes on. The updates haven't been released by VZW but you can do it yourself.... recommended for sure!

I am currently a VZW customer. I bought the black berry storm and started to hate it because it is so slow. The concept is great but I think they just rush the OS on this phone. One thing I do love about Verizon is, they have a great network. I would defiantly love to have an iphone on the VZW network.

Apple better not go Verizon I like being part of the exclusive AT&T only Iphone users :D

The Iphone is not a bad device, the AT&T data network availabilty forget about it go to both websites and view what each claims there data naetwork coverage is and forget it its like having a hot new race car and then putting it on a potholed dirt road. And if you want to talk about customer service AT&T is done at that point as Verizon customer service while not always perfect actually cares about its customers guess that is why they are over 86 million strong and 1 in every 4 cell phone users are with Verizon. You put the Iphone on Verizon and you will see a mass exodus.

William R Cousert The high speed data that you are refering too is the mobile broadband? that seems to be designed for business professionals to use their laptops on the go and is not designed for downloading or streaming video. If you are trying to replace a cable connection limited only to your home and replace it for around the same cost as something that will work while travelling internationally or most places in the U.S. I am afraid you are not wanting the Mobile broadband card. 5G of use is quite alot until you start to stream U-tube or the like...sorry! As for speed wait until this Lte goes into effect from what I am reading the data connection will be faster on the verizon phones than Comcast is offering for their fastest usage allowance.

My first cell phone plan was with AT&T. It was one of the worst consumer experiences of my life. I switched to Sprint and that wasn't too bad. Now, I'm with Verizon and the coverage is incredible. I travel all over the country for work and the phone always works - from Bismarck, ND to San Diego, CA it's great. I want an iPhone really bad, but don't want to go back to AT&T if at all possible. Please, please, please, Verizon - GET THE IPHONE!!!

I hope that if and when Verizon reaches a deal with iPhone that they leave the current software on it. I'd hate to have an iPhone that has the typical Verizon software on it.

I tried AT&T three times because of the iPhone. I bought the very first one and was fustrated and switched back to Verizon. Then the 3G came out so I tried it again, same problem. Switched back to Verizon. I tried it one last time recently because the Iphone is a awesome phone..... Could not stand the fuzzy and dropped calls... So i'm glad to say I am spoiled with Verizon's service. They are the best, hands down. Plus, they kept opening there arms to me and inviting me back with gifts cards everytime. AT&T charged me for rediculous fee's and were very rude!!!!

Iphone's software are probobly like Blackberry's... They are there own and not Verizon's....

If a Verizon Corporate Officer reads this.... Amagine how many people would be standing outside apple stores the day Verizon and Apple make a deal and go on sale. Wow!

I think that the IPhone would be good for Verizon. I have verizon and so does all my other family members. But my farther has AT&T and the service SUCKS!!! There is no service anywhere. Although he has the IPhone. Apple and Verizon would make a great team together.

Really doubt Verizon is getting the iphone, not anytime soon anyway. Verizon is satans network and they would ruin the iphone. I work for AT&T and 5 out of ten customers that call in have the iphone right now people want it cause it is only avalible on AT&T so if you have one, you have the best phone out there. Veizon blows and i will never use them!

Well I was with cingular(AT&T). They blow! I would have to make three phone calls just to finish a conversation. If that didn't happen I had a phone ringing in my ear point blank while driving by a fewest dropped calls sign. LOL! I'm not kidding. I have been with Verizon for three years and I can count the dropped calls on one hand. I want an iphone but the service is just too shabby. I would be in line for an iphone. Have an LG Dare for now. Storm blew thru not impressed. Please bring iphone to verizon. I would be in line tomorrow. I was told tonight by outstanding customer service that it would be at least a year. :(

I would love to have a iPhone because i love to use iTunes,simply because it is simple and cheap! But Vcast is extremely difficult and expensive. i really hope that Verizon doesnt pass this one up,because my contract with verizon ends in January 2110,and im getting tired of the Vcast and over-priced internet plans!

I have been on Verizon for years now, my parents and siblings have been on AT&T. My service is awesome, theirs is NOT. I love the iphone and want it badly, damn near switched to at&t just to get it but held off. New iphone might come out this June...very tempting...but if Verizon is getting one next year...I'll surely wait another year. Verizon is great

I am on Verizon and I have no intention of switching - AT&T has terrible service where I live. I have been holding out for an iPhone, but if Verizon's not going to have them by this summer, then I'll probably just get a BlackBerry. David, I hope you're right that Verizon might be coming out with iPhones in June!!

AT&T has no incentive to improve their service because they have a monopoly with the iPhone right now. Competition is a good thing and it would force cell phone rates down and each would improve their service. I have the 32GB iPod Touch and it is fantastic. It is the best purchase I have ever made. I am a Verizon Customer but would love to have an iPhone if Verizon and Apple can make a deal. PLEASE APPLE READ THE BLOGS IF YOU WANT THE MILLIONS OF FAITHFUL VERIZON CUSTOMERS TO BUY iPhones!!! We want an iPhone, too, but still keep our reliable Verizon service!! Hurry up!!!

i agree that V cast does suck. but so do out casts. and AT&T is full of out casts. you know, the people that want to be "different" bc they arent accepted by most people. so...they get an iphone.. "oh, is that the iphone you have there?" "yes! it is! now pay attention to me bc my service provider doesn't!" and as the story goes, the iphone gives 5 whole minutes of social fame, to yet another friendless tech worker at the bbq that he wasn't really invited to. now dont get me wrong, i love apple. im typing this on a MBpro that i havent had one problem with in the 1.5 years ive had it. but take it from somebody who knows AT&T and Verizon from a personal stand point...AT&T has terrible coverage, no matter what the commercials say. i like sex, steak dinners, and until there is an APP for that, im sticking with a crappy phone, on a terrific network, with an ipod in my pocket, and a macbook in my studio!

why is it so hard for apple to have a iPhone for any carrier. I hate having to pick just one carrier.

what about the "unlocked" iphones you find on ebay? do they actually work on any carrier? i'm not tech savvy AT ALL, please dont't laugh, but can someone explain it to me?

@Laura No iphone will only work on ATTW and T-Mobile. Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS and MetroPCS are CDMA technology and the iphone is GSM.

Just bought a macbook, I have an Ipod Touch. Stuck with a LG phone with Verizon. I sit and watch everyone play with their iphones and I am jealous!!! My LG does not have half the things the iphone has. I am trying to patiently wait for the iphone to come to verizon next year but if it doesn't I will go to AT&T.

If and when the iPhone comes out on Verizon,Verizon shouldn't use that stupid thing they call V-CAST and have cheaper plans. I LOVE VERIZON!!! I was on AT&T and it was horrible. Bad reception and had to forward my calls to the house line. And, since my parents were divorced and were on the same network to get free calling, AT&T put both my dad's and my mom's bill together, and gave it to my MOM!!! People gravitated to the iPhone because good styling, the APP store etc. It would be OK to have a shortcut that goes to the V-CAst store to promote it, but people don;t have to use it. Also, ringtones should only be purchased on iTunes for software reasons. AND DON'T CHANGE THE STYLING!!! KEEP IT THE SAME!! VZ HAS A REP FOR CHANGING THE STYLING OF PHONES AND LOOK U-G-L-Y UGLY!!! (and perfect the bugs, but thats almost impossible).

Maybe China Mobile will come to the US and fix all of our cell phone problems..what the heck, they own 60% of the US anyway..hahahahahahah