Want: Transparent case for the new Mac Pro

Want: Transparent case for the new Mac Pro

I know. The new Mac Pro isn't out yet, won't even be out for month still. But here's the thing. I keep remembering what it looked like at WWDC 2013 outside the keynote, shown off behind glass both in its case and with its guts exposed. I keep looking at the pictures, and I find myself liking the exposed look better. And I want it like that all the time.

Just like when the iPhone 5 shipped, I kind of wanted it to be blacker - Vader black - so I had it Anostyled and slapped on a black wallpaper.

Now I'm looking for an aftermarket Mac Pro replacement case that's transparent.

Sure, the new Mac Pro looks like Vader now, but inside, it looks like Vader with his helmet off in Empire. And I dig that look a lot. Now, the new Mac Pro won't be out until the end of the year, and it'll likely take people a while to measure, design, and manufacture specific accessories for it, like Thunderbolt 2 docking stations, on-site video production backpacks, and who knowns what else. But among the third party ecosystem needs to be a crystal clear case replacement. Because, hot damn.

So, Internet, Kickstarter, vendors, whomever, can we make this happen?

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Reader comments

Want: Transparent case for the new Mac Pro


Dead on! That is really something my desk really needs is a Pro in that glass case with the insides exposed like one of those bisected cadavers. Is it a hi-tech curio cabinet? A thermo-nuclear weapon? Or is it just the world's most advanced popcorn machine? I am prepared to take on those questions as people gaze it with trepidation, confusion and lust.

This is what really bothers me about the Pro: It looks absolutely stellar, yet will my upgrades eventually have it look like a shrine to the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Well a cool idea if you plan to display it as a work of art. Once you start plugging things in, takes away the neat look, unless you can somehow do the cords right. It also needs to have an air flow that is not obstructed.

Its too small to be a trash can unless you use really tiny notepaper. The Pro is awesome just as it is. I intend to get one and I don't want it covered up by anything including a transparent case.