Watch iPad live or iPhone Live -- and chat! -- with Duet Browser for iPad!

Watch iPad live or iPhone Live -- and chat! -- with Duet Browser for iPad!

Could Duet Browser for iPad be a better way to watch iPad Live and iPhone Live -- and chat! than the Ustream app we told you about last week? Reader Zach thinks so: works on the iPad natively now. You can use "Duet Browser" to pull up the live stream in one pane, and pull up the chatroll in another. Here's a screenshot from tonight for reference. There's a free version, but I don't know the limitations.

Check out the picture up top and if you try it out, let us know if it works for you!

[$1.99 - iTunes link. Thanks @zwei!]

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Reader comments

Watch iPad live or iPhone Live -- and chat! -- with Duet Browser for iPad!


" works on the iPad natively now" isn't completely accurate. It doesn't work for all streams yet. When I test it on my personal channel for example I get the message "Currently this video is only viewable in Flash :( We're working hard to make all content viewable on both the iPad and iPhone, please check back later!"
Though it is true for the more popular channels.
It also works on the free version of the "Duet Browser", it just shows a small banner with an Add at the bottom.

I find chatroll to be one of the most blankety-blank annoying features I haver even encountered on your site.
I especially was more-than-annoyed when I discovered it right there in my face with no easy way of stopping or removing it.
Thank goodness for Adblock! Back to yesterday's version.
Seriously, don't give the user a new "feature" without allowing them a way out of having to use it. And before someone writes "Well Apple forces users to do it their way all the time!" the answer would be "Yeah, well this site ain't Apple."

PS, clarifying: this was on the first page of "", not deep into the iPad live or iPhone Live discussions. There was no way to shut off "chatroll"