Watch Microsoft's live event right here, will we see Office for iPad?

Today out in San Francisco, Microsoft is throwing a little event that we're expecting will see the introduction of Office for iPad. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, will be taking the stage to talk about the "intersection of cloud and mobile" and so Office might not be the only thing we hear about today.

So, times, then. Everything is set to kick off at 10 a.m. PDT, which is 1 p.m EDT and 5 p.m GMT. The event is being livestreamed on the web, and you'll find that up at the top of this post.

So come, join us. As you're watching if you see anything you like, shout out in the comments below!

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Watch Microsoft's live event right here, will we see Office for iPad?


Their rumored "Enterprise Mobility Suite" - from what I've read - sounds more like a threat to Blackberry than to any one else. Microsoft could be going all in on services, platform be damned.

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The product competing with BB's BES is actually MS's InTune, which is really not bad at all (unless you have to support BBs), especially if you have a MS centric environment. It does not offer everything some other MDM solutions offer, but neither does BES. InTune has been around for some time, it is not new at all.

The big (rumored) news is that EMS will allow for the integration and deployment of Macs as well (if true). And that is an urgently needed solution, as Apple has really dropped the ball on this, ARD has not seen any relevant updates in ages and using it in a mainly MS network, Active Directory and all, is quite a pain. Big Mac users like Google even had to develop their own tools to manage their Macs, but this does nothing for us other companies out here. If MS really comes out with a decent solution, this will allow more companies to allow Macs in the workplace and I am all for it.

Strangely excited for this . I would love for them to just go all in on services and make them platform agnostic.

Microsoft has close to 32 apps for iOS devices and Apple has zero apps for other devices

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iTunes has a Windows app. There's also the iCloud Control Panel for Windows... iWork apps on the iCloud web site are platform agnostic...

They have an iPad and iPhone charging on their table at their Microsoft press conference

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Have to admit, Nadella is quite a sea change. The guy makes sense and he obviously does not fall for the Ballmer fighting windmills stunt. He understands that the landscape has changed.

Office for iPad beats the living crap out of their RT version and looks quite sophisticated. This will make a lot of business users happy.

P.S. When they use Apple hardware for presentations, there are obviously none of the usual crashes and BSODs... :-)

Right. This guy is good for Microsoft, which means he is good for us as tech lovers.

Hmm, the apps looked pretty good. But I wonder what I can do WITHOUT a subscription. I don't know if I'm going to subscribe to 365.

She said that without subscription they will only work as viewers for Office files. Even that is not bad, as some Office documents do really get messed up in Preview and iWork apps.

Agreed. I'll download right away. I wonder if office for iPhone gets updated to have the same read only functionality for free, too.

Oddly, the all in one iPhone app did get an update today. Can edit on the iPhone free for home use. No 365 subscription required.

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Wow. A seemingly perfect presentation by Satya and Julia. A welcome change from the goobers of yesteryear. If it only works as well in practice as it apparently did in the demos.