We need you! Come work for Mobile Nations!

Kevin has made himself Employee of the Month for six years straight and we’ve finally had enough. We need new blood to spice things up a bit. Before we start a bigger process of recruitment we want to reach out to you, our community, first.

We have two positions open right now that we need help filling and since we love our community SO MUCH we’re giving you the head start before reaching outside. Do you have what it takes to oust Kevin from the Employee of the Month plaque?

Are you the right person for the job or do you know someone that would be? Right now we are looking for a mid-level to senior PHP developer, ideally with Drupal experience, and a junior to mid-level web designer with CSS skills. 

Ideally you are based in the US or Canada. Miami, NYC, LA or Winnipeg are a plus but not necessary as we are a virtual team.

Email hireme@mobilenations.com with a short introduction, why you would be suited for the job, why you want to work for Mobile Nations and your Resume.

We will not be able to respond to everyone individually but rest assured we’ll be looking at every single email.

Good luck!

David Lundblad
Design Director, Mobile Nations

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Reader comments

We need you! Come work for Mobile Nations!


How about another writer, I can do that ha ha, my programming learning stopped when I changed high schools and was forced from Visual Basic to Q Basic.

Aw man. Well if you guys ever need someone to write articles/blog about phones, updates, specs, etc...I'd jump on that in a heartbeat! With the way I go through phones, I know what I'm talking about when it comes to them haha.

Boy I'd love to write for iMore but quite honestly even if they had a position like that open it would hard IMO to live up the high standard that Rene has set here. He has really set the bar for how a writer (or editor) should be. But that's my opinion. Not brown-nosing, just as someone who used to write for a small US Cellular site, I really enjoy his posts.

I've been looking to get out of my day job doing tech support, while enjoying software development and blogging (and commenting on blogs like here). How much does a gig like this usually pay? It's it a full or part-time job? With benefits, or considered consulting work, or pay per project?

I don't have some of those high-level skills, so I'll probably pass on applying, but I do have friends that may be interested, so I'll share this post with them. Thanks!