The Weather Channel swept in and blew Yahoo out of iOS 8's Weather app

iOS Weather App

When iOS 8 rolls around, one of the more subtle changes will come in the Apple-coded Weather app: Yahoo will be out as the source for weather data, replace instead by The Weather Channel. Yahoo's been the data and visuals provider for the Weather app for some time, so what brought the change? That'd be The Weather Channel amping up their game in the past year to offer better information for companies like Apple.

In an ironic twist, the weather data that Yahoo provided to Apple was in fact sourced from The Weather Channel, but in a raw form. Yahoo then took that data, dressed it up, and fed it into the app. That won't last for much longer, according to Re/Code:

To convince Apple to make the shift and cut Yahoo out of the middle, the Weather Channel added a lot more technology and information to the offering that it does not provide to Yahoo. That includes more weather specificity related to the location of a user, a nine-day forecast (up from five), a weather-conditions summary and more.

Yahoo is smarting from the loss, having failed to realize that The Weather Channel was building up their own offerings that would compete directly with Yahoo's. "It's a high-profile loss," one Yahoo executive is quoted as saying. The deals, both Yahoo's and The Weather Channel's, don't gain them any direct revenue, instead offering a path to their advertising-supported web services. With that direct line to Yahoo search being removed, Yahoo's essentially losing hundreds of millions of permanent links.

What do you think of the switch in weather providers for the iOS Weather app? Or do you use one of the many excellent iPhone weather apps?

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Reader comments

The Weather Channel swept in and blew Yahoo out of iOS 8's Weather app


I don't like the Weather Channel iPad app. It takes forever to load. I hope the native weather app doesn't deteriorate because of the switch.

I actually use the yahoo weather app specifically because it provides a summary of the days weather which the iPhone app doesn't (for now) so it's fair to say when iOS 8 is out there will be a least one app I don't need anymore (but then again I only have the camera + app for the timer option when I need it so that'll be another app to bite the dust as well).

Supposedly The Weather Channel also owns Weather Underground, or provides (some) data to Weather Underground.
Online weather sources are dime a dozen these days, smartphone weather apps are even worse. There are actually only so many "true providers" of weather data/information. The vast majority is derived from a smaller number of sources.

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First of all, this article is strangely similar to 9to5Mac's article.

Secondly, you say in the article that The Weather Channel was always the weather data provider, yet in your final paragraph you solicit opinions about the "switch in weather providers for the iOS Weather app".

Not overly impressed with this piece of "journalism".

Maybe the weather channel can start pumping all the dirty laundry and crap news videos from their web site through their app!

...not too mention they can remind us of how WE are responsible for CLIMATE change, a.k.a., GLOBAL WARMING.

I don't like the Weather Channel.

Global Warming........LMFAOOOOO!!!! End of June & NYC is still back in mid spring in terms of wind/temp. GIVE ME HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah, and the life span of modern mankind and the industrial revolution are a clock tick in the life of the earth.

Tell me, what do plants breath?

Take a basic biology class and free your mind from the bullshit drivel that you learn in public school.

What a lemming.

I'm a fan of The Weather Channel compared to other weather services. Like many others, I've tried tons of weather apps, and I prefer TWC Max app the best. I tried Yahoo's weather app, and like their email service, I don't care for it. I don't use the built in iOS weather app because it doesn't give me all the info I want. Hopefully with TWC exclusiveness in iOS 8, I can minimize the weather apps on my phone.

If there is no radar picture and no weather alerts in the stock app in iOS 8, then it is still useless even after ditching Yahoo.

The Yahoo! Weather app used data from The Weather Channel.
The iOS Weather app will give us the same results as before. BFD.
So Yahoo! will miss out on a lot of web traffic. Boo hoo.

Yahoo! exec - "It's a high-profile loss."
Apple - <crickets...>
End users - <crickets...>

The actual weather channel app and accuweather app are far more accurate than the built in app with more info available. I prefer accuweather bc it loads faster and in my area seems more accurate. I haven't used the built in app much since iOS 3.

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The weather is just the basic. I never use it. I need radar, and weather alerts. Basic apps supply this. As old as the iPhone is, you would think there would be a decent weather app built in.

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I prefer TWC app myself, and they've made a lot of improvements recently. Count me in as a radar fan - I use it to see if I need to put the top up on the car before going somewhere.

good. yahoo looks great but it's simply not accurate. Often it's tells you it's 80 when it's about 67 and windy. It's just inaccurate. It doesn't notice it's raining.

as for the internal app specifically, you drag the menu down and it simply doesn't update. In the morning its still showing the moon.

Weather Underground is my weather source of choice. Because I only care about the weather under the ground.

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