Wednesday Fun Videos: ZOMG! What Have They Done to Win a Palm Pre?! Palm Pre WWYD tattoo winner

Our all-grown up sibling site, has just hit the mid-point in their debut device, mega-give away contest, What Would You Do for a Palm Pre? And the answers, at least thus far, have been as compelling as they've been -- well, quite frankly disturbing.

From Pre-verts to Pre-jects to all around Pre-fects, (tip o' the meme to CrackBerry Kevin), their awesome community showed up in full force -- if not full faculty -- video cameras in hand, and have delivered the goods!

And more to come! Keep an eye on for the rest of the week, for the rest of the videos, and if you're already lined up outside a Sprint store for this Saturday's big Pre launch, do say hi to Dieter for us!

Rene Ritchie

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Al says:

He is very much going to regret this. What if Pre goes the way of the Storm and fizzled out with a bunch of angry customers? Even if it is a huge success it will be nothing in 5 years. Imagine if you'd gotten a Sega Saturn tattoo the week before it came out!! Your friends would still be mocking you and you'd still be single, LOL!

JustinHorn says:

Looks like they are giving Apple fan boys a run for their money!

Ana says:

Whatever blows your skirt up i guess...

Big Willie says:

I think people are crazy enough for camping out just to purchase electronic devices let alone doing completely ridiculous things like these.