The week in iPhone and iPad: iPhone 5, iPad 3, and Apple Television rumors, untethered jailbreak, most-used apps

The week in iPhone and iPad

Missed a compelling piece of iPhone news, a great review, or a killer how-to? We're not collecting absolutely everything in iPhone here -- you can hit up and for that! -- but we're carefully picking what we think is the best of the last 7 days and presenting it here for your review.

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Apple Television


DIY and Jailbreak



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flyingember says:

why would the 6th iphone be called iphone 5?

Rene Ritchie says:

Why was the 5th iPhone called 4S? Why was the 2nd called 3G? Why is the internal Apple designation iPhone 5,1? Why is Apple TV 2 running iOS 5 called Software version 4?
Because Apple can call it whatever they want, and because if mainstream consumers see an iPhone 4/iPhone 4S, the next logical number is 5...