This Week in Tech 410: Now With More Neck Stabbing

While I was out in San Francisco for WWDC 2013, I had the pleasure of joining Leo Laporte, Russ Pitts, Trey Ratcliff, and Dieter Bohn to talk Google Loons, E3, and Apple.

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stefnag says:

More anti apple gibberish from Leo. Thanks for fighting for a factual discussion. Unfortunately it's hopeless; he's nuts.

GOPphil81 says:

Leo is the reason I don't listen to TWIT.

Larry Faulkner says:

WOW. Loe, was this a google promo session or something. You talked as if the android has no flaws. You didnt mention that to get full use out of google now you must be locked into all of googles services like google calender, google +, and many more. I hate the fact that Google Now cant integrate face book. You know.... where the whole world is. Instead i have to use this Google + crap.

Larry Faulkner says:

Leo is starting to become blinded by his Android love. He never once mentioned once that android copied the exact same Web OS app switcher feature, in 4.2.
In fact Apple first created this in ios safari tap/page switcher.