Weird Al's newest song 'Tacky' skewers Pharell's 'Happy'

Weird Al Yankovic is kicking off a full week of new songs from his album Mandatory Fun, and the first one is called "Tacky". The song lampoons the hugely popular song "Happy" by Pharell Williams, and there's a decidedly colorful music video that goes with it. Big names like Jack Black, Margaret Cho, Aisha Tyler, Kristen Schaal, and others dance shamelessly towards the camera just like in the Williams original. As always, the lyrics have been twisted in an entirely new (and hilarious) direction.

If you haven't had a chance to check out Pharell's original music video, be sure to take a look first, and not just to get the joke; it's extremely well-done.

"Tacky" and the rest of Mandatory Fun is available on iTunes right now. Those that are diehard Al fans will no doubt take the dive, but everybody else, it's probably worth riding out the week until the other videos hit the web. How many of you guys are picking up Mandatory Fun?

Source: Nerdist

Update: Hey, his next song, Word Crimes, just went live.

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Reader comments

Weird Al's newest song 'Tacky' skewers Pharell's 'Happy'


Not sure what this has to do with anything iOS related, or iOS devices. Just because you can buy it on iTunes? Did Weird Al pay for this advertisement?

fair point. I'd say the same for most tech sites these days that have become political crusades against the NSA, patent law, Beats by Dre, cable companies. I liked the gadget blogs when they were 100% about gadgets. but that's just me.

This is not skewering Pharrell's "Happy."

This is a satire. It uses the underlying music, with permission, from Pharrell but isn't about the underlying song subject: happiness. It's about being tacky. Just like "I'm Fat" is not a comment on "Bad" nor is it a diss to Michael Jackson but uses the music from "Bad" with Michael's permission, to talk about something totally different: being "Fat."

I think you're reading a diss into where there is none. Pretty much none of Weird Al's songs are skewer's of the underlying work.

That being said i'm sick of that song Happy.

The ability to write headlines is exactly what separates a good blogger from a desperate one.

Using the term "skewer" to describe a Weird Al video completely misses the point of what Weird Al has been doing for the last 3 decades. He's not attacking anyone or being malicious. He's simply being Weird Al.

So to try to make a "Weird Al makes Music Video" non-story into a sensationalistic headline is very "Gizmodo" of you. (And I fully intend to "skewer" iMore for the Gizmodo comparison. This is a VERY brand specific tech blog so until you learn how to report general entertainment news then keep it on the tech side.)