Welcome to iMore ... Peter Cohen!

Welcome to iMore... Peter Cohen!

Peter Cohen has spent most of his life writing about technology, especially as it pertains to Apple and gaming. He ran MacGaming, which was acquired by MacCentral, which in turn was acquired by Macworld, where Peter worked for many years as a Senior Editor. Since then, Peter has written for Mac|Life, MacUser (UK), Tap! and a variety of other online and print publications. Most recently, Peter began the Angry Mac Bastards podcast, and co-founded The Loop with Jim Dalrymple, where he serves as the executive editor.

Over the course of his career, Peter has accumulated a tremendous amount of experience, insight, and understanding, as well as a unique voice, attitude, and editorial sensibility.

And starting April 22, he's bringing it all to iMore.

Not surprisingly, Peter intends to immediately ramp up Mac and gaming content, and make iMore not only the place you go to for the very best iOS coverage, but for the very best Apple coverage. Period.

What's more, Peter will also be working with everyone here to take our entire community to the next level, helping out with our iMore 3.0 projects (both web and app), some amazing Mobile Nations stuff we'll be announcing soon, and some future stuff we're all really excited about.

I've been a huge fan of Peter's work for years and I'm thrilled we'll all get to enjoy even more of it now, and right here at iMore.

Please give him a warm welcome, and if you aren't already, you should follow him on Twitter @flargh.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Welcome to iMore ... Peter Cohen!


I can't stand angry Mac bastards. I don't know if I could listen to your podcast anymore if he will be on it. He is just as pretentious as Jim Dalrymple.

Sorry to hear that, PilotPhil, but I'm the first to admit that AMB isn't everyone's cup of tea - our podcast has always been for a very select audience. For whatever it's worth, I'm bringing a very different sensibility and attitude to my work at iMore, so I hope I can turn around your opinion of me, if you'll give me a chance.

Welcome Peter! Glad to have you on board. The iMore staff is already top notch and with you added, I definitely see iMore getting even better than it already is with what you have to bring.

Hey Peter, welcome to Mobile Nations and iMore.

98% of my time is over on Android Central, but occasionally I come on over here to find info for my wife's iPhone 4s. Glad to have you aboard. It sounds like you'll be a great addition to the whole team.

Damn there's some harsh comments over here at imore lol.
From a blackberry user welcome to mobile nations. I'm hoping for some awesome cross platform stuff in the near future from this family of sites. Except windows phone, who are they? J/k lol

Jackass comments will get deleted. Could get you a time-out across the network. Be honest, but don't be jerks. This is a welcome post, remember that. We're a great community. Show it.

Also: Peter's photo is badass. Just like his work on iMore will be. Can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it.

Get this guy on the podcast quick! A fresh sense of humor, sorely lacking all too often on the mobile nations sites, can be a good thing. The cult-like non welcoming Apple faithful of the old days had that mentality & it was very off putting. I'd like to think that Apple's followers/customers (myself included) are better than that.

Welcome aboard Peter!

Very excited to hear more mac news coming to the site, i read all the sites (minus webos, gave that dream up) but excited for another writer and part of the team to spice things up! From a excited reader, welcome!

Welcome to the iMore crew, Peter. When it was announced this site was changing its name to iMore, I instantly thought it was inevitable that we'd begin, at some point, to see more Apple related material. Not just iOS centric. I'm glad to see this happening now and look forward to an even broader information base. Congrats to Rene, all of the other iMore writers, and to Perer.

Welcome Mr. Cohen! Great to hear there will be more Mac/OS X coverage! Nice to get everything Apple in one place.

One quick suggestion: improve on the timeliness of news--other sites are almost always ahead of iMore and I'd prefer to read it all here first etc.

Nice, really glad there is more people coming to imore, welcome peter and hopefully we all like your reviews

I thought that the "i" in iMore represents the "i" in iOS, in iPhone, in iPad, in iPod, etc. Both TidBits and the LoopInsight should be way more than enough info for OSX fans. Plus, not everyone can afford a Mac computer (my case). It is the iPad which converted me away from Windows (it's all I use for 95% of my productivity). I do not visit iMore for OSX stuff because I can't yet afford a Mac machine, no matter how badly I want one. Very mixed feelings not about Mr. Cohen, but about the road that René has announced and paved for him in regards to OSX. Simply not interested. iOS, however? I'm all in for it!! I hope Mr. Cohen's OSX reporting efforts are always in direct relation to iOS, that a non-balance is more inclined towards mobile, towards iOS and its competitors. I more than welcome you sir, but do hope that you not denaturalize iMore content with too much OSX stuff. Heck, if I had a Mac TidBits would be overkill already. iMore is all for the "i"!

Welcome to iMore. Now if we could just get rid of that one prick that makes me cringe every time his name shows up in the byline, I'd love this place.

Naaaa... I happen to think you are the fairest editor at Mobile Nations. You are willing to engage the readers here in a back & forth exchange that I personally find quite refreshing. I appreciate the ability to openly dialogue with you on occasion. Thx for that good sir.

Other than a brief patch of a troll here & there you also keep this community fairly clean. A commendable job in itself. I'm still genuinely curious who is rankling this dudes feathers.

Interesting as someone who is very happy with PC+iPhone i'm not very excited to have mac news "clutter" my iMore feed. That said I'll have to wait until hit happens to actually make a judgement.

Well, we'll likely be doing more Google stuff on Android Central, and more Windows stuff on Windows Phone Central, so you'll be able to enjoy the entire network more.

Today it's not impossible for one of our readers to have a BlackBerry Z10, use Gmail, own an iPad, and run Windows 8 on the desktop. Or mix and match how they see fit, and mix it up as often as they choose.

Most major platforms are also now ecosystems. If we leave out the Mac, we leave out a lot of the extra value Apple offers (like similarity of interface, iCloud and Game Center between platforms, Xcode on Mac for developing iOS apps, etc.)

Part of iMore 3.0 will also be addressing the issue of "clutter", so hopefully we'll be able to give you just the stuff you care about, while still letting you expand your horizons with new stuff when and if you want to.

It'll be a balancing act for sure, but our job is to inform, entertain, and enlighten you, and we take it seriously.

Thanks for the reply Rene, personally i subcribe via RSS so if i will be able to subscribe to the iPhone rss feed that will be great!

Welcome to imore Peter really looking forward to reading your articles, Can i please request a little more Osx related news as well as the ios stuff.
I'm a lover of all things apple and own a lot of the current machines so it would be great to get all my apple news from one site.