WGA Strike Causing Pain for Season Pass Holders


The writers strike is really starting to take its toll, and not just on (Benedict Arnold?) Jon Stewart's conscience. As Infinite Loop notes, Apple has already warned Season Pass customers on iTunes that the strike will delay shows. So we all wait with bated breath for our favorites to come back and give us what we paid for - full seasons.

On a related note - one of my guilty pleasures on TV is Psych on the USA network. It's coming back January 11th, but apparently it's not coming to iTunes - likely because USA parent company NBC just refuses to play ball. Sadly, I just got this notice from iTunes:

Future episodes of "Psych" will not be available on the iTunes Store. We realize that you purchased a season pass and regret that we will not be able to deliver these episodes to you. I have issued a pro-rated refund in the amount of $XXX for the remaining episodes. You will see this credit in three to five business days. If Store Credit was used for this purchase, you should see the credit applied to your balance immediately. [...] I have also granted two free video credits to your account which you can use to purchase of any two TV episodes, music videos, or short films on the iTunes Store.

Bummer. Hopefully Apple will be able to score those rumored deals with movie studios and announce them at Macworld - because the paid-video content at the iTunes Store is starting to feel awfully thin.

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WGA Strike Causing Pain for Season Pass Holders

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The writers decreasingly need middle-media to reach consumers. JMS can put Babylon 5 out on DVD. Ed Burns can launch his movies on iTunes. Joss Whedon can run Buffy/Angle comics. Video Podcasters can produce serials for the net and portable media devices.
The producers made a HUGE mistake letting short term greed get them into a strike that woke the sleeping dragon of self-producing writers. Already cheated in the DVD/home video debacle of the last gen, now they're wiser and have more options.
Can't wait to see what the next gen brings!
(Places like Lightning Source are doing the same for print).