Whacky iOS 7 app launching bug shrinks, wiggles, relaunches

Whacky iOS 7 bug that causes App Store apps to exit, wiggle, and then relaunch. I tried it on a number of devices, and while it didn't work on Apple's built-in apps, or on legacy iOS 6 apps, it worked consistently on App Store apps updated for iOS 7. Caught on video by Dan Weeks (via Mike Rundle).

For me, it caused a folder to go into jiggly mode as well. Likely to get fixed in 7.1, so have fun while it lasts, or until you're bored.

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Whacky iOS 7 app launching bug shrinks, wiggles, relaunches


I learned the hard way with iOS 6 to wait a while to update the device when there is a major firmware update. I am soooo glad I didnt update to iOS 7. I dunno if I ever will now since I am not so sure Apple will fix things with the poor contrast and other nuances.

Sadly, no iOS 7, no iOS 7 app compatibility, and given how fast developers might drop support for older versions of iOS, it could become untenable to wait too long.

Also, not the worst iOS bug we've ever seen...

I know what you mean. There was an Evernote update the other day. I wasn't able to update to the latest because I don't have iOS 7!

However, I am hearing a lot of people complaining about iOS 7's display and how they're getting motion sickness as a result of it and others complaining about the contrast especially when reading and with SMS, iMessage.

U can simply turn off the parallax affect by going to settings, accessibility, and u can also set your text to bold to help u read better.

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Seriously, "motion sickness"? It barely moves and you have to stare at the screen to notice it at all. I suggest that the people who are getting motion sickness jut go back to using their phones rather than spending hours staring at the screen an moving the phone back and forth!

Google maps was the biggest and main reason....I use it ALL the time. It was so very well integrated with the device. After that, I vowed never to update immediately. The standalone app is better, but not like the integrated Google maps.

Additionally, on my iPod touch 4 gen, IOS 6 slows it down a lot.

Furthermore, I seen some recent youtube video of iOS 7 and I really, really dislike the monochrome style of menus. and reading.

I can't watch the video from the app, shows a play button but the button doesn't work. I'm going to try mobile site.

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And I seem to fall into the iPhone 4 fast battery drain bucket. Thank god I have a mophie

I can't reproduce this on either my iPhone 4S nor my iPad Retina (nor the other 4S and iPads in the house).

I had this happen to me once on my iPad 3 running iOS 7. I was in the middle of using Safari and was playing around with the tabs when it froze. After a second or two the entire, full screen app started jiggling. Then my tabs refreshed and everything was fine. It was very weird.

I've tried to make it happen again, but no dice.

I had this happen to me last night when I was trying to delete a voicemail. I was just using it normally then it seemed to hang for a few seconds and then starting wiggling like that. It eventually closed and I had to manually reopen it. I am quite frequently experiencing crashes when I am in Settings as well. It just closes for no apparent reason! I have an iPhone 5.


Struggling with imessage and Facetime on Ipad2 after upgrade to ios7. Tried all fixes including resets. I find the firm ware is 04.12.9 , is this cause for trouble?. PLZ help.