What are the top 5 new features YOU want to see in iOS 8?

What are the top 5 new features YOU'd like to see in iOS 8?

Leave a comment listing the top FIVE features YOU want to see in iOS 8! We'll tally them all up and post the results!

The iOS 8 rumors are running hot and heavy these days, what with everything from Healthbook to improved Maps with transit and indoor directions to a separate iTunes Radio app to TextEdit and Preview apps to inter-app communication, to — you get the idea.

A lot of the excitement is because iOS 7 was such a major re-imagining of what a mobile operating system could and should be and iOS 7.1 gave us our first look at that all polished up. It was a herculean task by everyone at Apple but, once done, it opens the door on so many new and great possibilities. That's where you come in. What are the top 5 new features you want to see from Apple in iOS 8?

Put your list of 5 features in the comments. We'll let it run for a few days and and then comb through everyone's replies and distill out the most frequent, most interesting, and most amazing ones and post the results!

That's it, sound off!

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What are the top 5 new features YOU want to see in iOS 8?



I would like to see the ability to "select all" in the damn e-mail inbox so I can delete the hundred or so e-mail messages at once in lieu of having to tag each and every one to accomplish the same thing!

+1 put parts of the OS like mail and maps in the App Store so they can be updated independently of the OS.

Posted via the Android iMore App!

For me, it's mostly about adding as many BiteSMS features as possible to the native SMS app.

1. Quick reply from notifications, schedule texts, and the ability insert various things from within the SMS app (contact info, notes) instead of having to "share" from other apps. Quick compose could be as easy as adding a SMS icon and phone icon to each line of the search results.

2. More versatile home screens. I don't need my icons to line up.

3. Real multi-tasking (especially on an iPad Air or iPad PRO(!!!)

4. More options on my lock screen, mostly weather, or allow more things on the Notifications panel. I'd also like to see All and Missed be different things. I'd like for All to be persistent according to the options I set, so if I have 5 SMS messages shown, it should be my last 5 no matter if I have replied/dismissed them or not. Missed can be ones I haven't dealt with yet.

5. A screen that wakes up when you lift it up and turn it over, just enough to see time and notifications, then if you tap the screen it lights up more.

I think a lot of people, me included, who want several useful features that Android currently has...but want the smooth iOS experience in the iOS ecosystem.

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1. Ability to set default apps for tasks
2. Open up to third-party keyboards (keyboard choice was the biggest reason that I chose to go with Android instead of iOS back in the day when I ditched BB)
3. NFC and some kind of tap-to-pay system
4. Opening up Siri to third parties
5. Trusted wifi networks or Bluetooth devices (similar to the SkipLock app for Android)

I know, I know, I'm basically saying "make iOS more like Android."

Trusted Bluetooth is a feature on the Moto X (it can also be replicated by some apps) that makes it so that you don't have to enter a PIN to unlock your phone when your phone is connected to a certain Bluetooth device or wifi network. So for example, you can just slide to unlock your device when you're at home and connected to your home wifi network, or in your car while connected to your car by Bluetooth, but you'll have to enter a PIN to unlock it everywhere else.

It's basically security where you need it and convenience when security is less important.

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1. Customization of control center and notification bar.
2. Contact pictures and ability to make groups in message app.
3. Ability to create custom swipe gestures to do everyday tasks. Baffles me this hasn't been implemented yet.
4. Ability to purchase themes in the store.
5. More functionality in spotlight search. i.e. Sending messages directly to contacts.

While it's not '5’, you're right....there are are at 'least' five instances other than mail that mass deletion isn't possible. Music and playlists, texts (instead of 'one at a time') within conversation, as well as the pleothra of email addresses I've got now though iCloud & hence the 'calendars' for each. My thoughts....ONE address, IE iCloud's constitutes your actual 'calendar' for iOS or iCloud. I'd indeed you do have several addresses...gMail, Yahoo, et al... These can be significantly easier to augment into the calendar/Fantastical experience rather than .me, .mac., .icloud, .calendar, and I think there are a couple of 'extras' from Apple that I can 'schedule as'. Then there's a single acct for each gMail, Yahoo, etc.
just a bit too much discombobulation within the 'services' sector that I'd like to see ironed our and evolved into a real, usable AND reliable foundation ala Dropbox.

1, An iCloud app that makes it clear what files are saved in ICloud and the amount of storage remaining.
2, More storage for iCloud, at least to the point where it is competitive with Google+.
3, Consistency with the keyboard. Either an ability to select the preferred colour of the keyboard in settings, or even Apple just choosing one colour and style and that keyboard being the only keyboard in the OS.
4, A more card focused layout in the Today view of the notifications center.
5, One to One touch tracking in gestures such as the four finger swipe up to multitask and when swiping left and right in the notifications center. Tiss feature greatly improves the intuitiveness of performing actions in iOS when used in other areas; such as five finger pinch for home screen and four finger swipe left or right to swap apps.


I know you asked for five but I only have one thing you know how you have the lock screen lab in the App Store? Well I was wondering why not add that to the phone as one of the basic settings so we would have the ability to not just change the screen savor but also the way we unlock our phones etc. to me it doesn't really make sense to have a seperate app that has those features instead of applying it to the actual phone I think it would make the phone and all apple products more desirable than they already are it would be a feature not even android had

Proper widgets. Actionable Notifications. The ability to theme your home screen without a third party app. File manager. The ability to make the phone (home screen and menus) look like older versions of iOS if the person so chooses.

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Here are mine:

  1. Interactive notifications. Time to start pushing UI.
  2. Files.app (Photos.app for iCloud documents)
  3. Basic inter-app communication. We'll need it for headless apps!
  4. App Store app demos. Let me try before I buy so I can start paying real money for apps again.
  5. Unified Synergy-style messaging hub (Messages + FaceTime all in one app, with 3rd-party silos eventually).

I'll second those, but add an automatic extreme battery-saving mode like Samsung have implemented on the new Galaxy. Whenever the battery drops below 10%, shut down everything but the phone services.

How did i forget inter app communication. That's the main thing that relegates iOS devices to secondary device status. Well that and notifications.

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Here are mine:
1) select and delete multiple contacts (without having to install additional applications to do the same)
2) select and send sms to multiple contacts at a time (not having to select one contact at a time using the + option)
3) swiftkey style keyboard
4) ability to set additional notification sound and ringtone "EASILY" (without having to pay additional cost or having to install additional applications to do the same)
5) active notification / led for missed call/sms/email

Pretty basic but still missing


1. have the keyboard show whether you are currently typing in upper or lower case
2. quick reply for iMessage/SMS
3. a real dark theme option, not just the inverting colours option
4. battery saver mode (cuts off auto email checking, background refresh, etc. when battery is low)
5. some form of "live tiles" but with the iOS styling to them

I think quick reply / quick compose is the most awaited feature.. I want that tooo!
please apple dont disappoint us.

Rene I hope 5 on your list is just an option. I hate a unified messaging hub. Either that or give us a way to split things off.

1. AirDrop between iOS and Macs.
2. A more accessible file system so I can just drag files in and out.
3. The rumored addition of transit directions to maps.
4. Some sort of payment system using whatever card I have attached to iTunes (and lots of partnerships so it works all over).
5. The next iteration of Siri.

I want #1 for all mobile OS. Transferring files between Android and a computer is a pain in the ass, too.

This is a good list, btw.

1. Swype-like keyboard.
2. Dialing a partial phone number or name in the phone app brings up a list of matching contacts to select from to dial.
3. Real widgets, useful widgets (love my old HTC devices where I can tap the time on the Digital Clock/weather widget and go to the clock app, tap on the weather part of the same widget and I go to the weather app)
4. Let me choose a default application (e.g. Chrome over Safari for web pages).
5. ??

1. The ability to delete all of the 'Saved Messages' on my phone
2. Ability to download keyboards and emojis (actual integration)
3. Ability to remove certain default apps from the home screen (a simple toggle in the settings)
4. Animated icons
5. Improved maps and notes apps

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1: Ability to make payments, either using iBeacon technology or similar, along with more incentives for developers and retailers to jump on board with payments and Passbook.

2: Third Party developer access to Siri API (this has been a big request of mine for a while.)

3: Better Siri localisation. When will I be able to get cinema times and sports scores for my Australian sports through Siri. (Although 3rd party Siri may fix this problem)

4: A dark iOS theme. I wish I could have a dark theme without jailbreaking.

5: The rumoured Healthbook app which will tie in with the M7 chip and the rumoured iWatch!

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Swipe keyboard ( style ) or swiftkey style integration

Direct response notifications ( blackberry 10 style )

Widgets/ apps that display live info (like the clock does now)

Dark theme option ( the whole OS )

Breathing notifications for the lock screen ( similar to the low power ones on the moto x )

Larger screen plus these additions = Perfect phone!

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Let's see...

- App Sharing Framework
- Touch ID API
- Siri API
- Actionable Notification
- iFiles, something that surfaces saved iCloud files and lets apps have access
- Airdrop across OS X and iOS
- Improved Keyboard
- Maps: transit, more POIs, offline maps, street view competitor
- Siri: Scan my calendar and email, anticipate my needs and show me relevant info before I ask
- Spotlight: More OS X features such as math and dictionary
- Game Center: Show me when my friends are online, tell me when they are playing a game, lobby to chat

Pick any 5.

1. A fresh interface. Maybe widgets or a good looking for content to update live.
2. More customization especially in notification center and control center
3. More innovations with the keyboard and maybe different ways to type quicker and find the word you want easier.
4. The ability to delete/close all situations like multitasking, photos, etc.
5. Seemlessly pairing with iWatch :)

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1. Better Maps.
2. Interactive notifications.
3. Files.app
4. Google Now type service built in Notification Center.
5. Auto-complete for locations in Calendar App.

Better designed camera app, customizable control center and swipe from the left to pull it up, swipe up for multi tasking like webOS, Siri support for 3rd party apps, Android wear support

1. Mail enhancements like the ability to search for a folder where you want to move an email. (Painful when you have 100's of folders)

2. Better Siri (only works about 50% of the time if that)

3. Better Maps including real time traffic and real time re-routing for better routes.

4. Improved Camera features (ie: continuous shooting mode, timer, etc.)

5. Maybe an Apple TV app? Not like Remote but maybe you can customize or drag apps from iPhone to Apple TV using this app.

An LED notification
Custom sound profiles
File manager
A way to select all mail
A way to add files in email besides just a pic/video once I'm composing it.

1. Ability to mute individual group conversations
2. NFC
3. Siri Enhancements
4. Widgets
5. Default app selection for Mail, Calendar, and Browser

1. Inner app communication
2. Default apps
3. Quick reply to messages
4. A notification center that is smart enough to dismiss a notification if I've seen it in the app already.
5. A better designed shift key and/or a keyboard that shows lowercase letters.

1. Ability to select all emails and delete them at one time.
2. LockScreen Notification Improvements
3. Major Touch ID Improvements
4. More App Integration within iOS

1. Split screen or ability to visually see and use two (or more) apps at once along with the ability to run more than one instance of an app such as messaging or email.
2. Better icloud integration & mgmt along with ability to backup videos.
3. File.app
4. On board Siri
5. Updated Messaging such as quick reply, synergy (whatsapp, facebook, etc), but doubt we'll see the latter.

Anyway, I'd like features that will allow for a significantly improved experience and improved apps all around. And #1 would take advantage of the rumored bigger screen.

1. Return of buttons of some form, even if flat design. Text as buttons just doesn't work well for intuitive use in many cases.
2. Return of bookmarks bar in Safari. Or at least option to turn on or off.
3. Flags in Mail which reflect the different flags available in Mail for MacOS (rather than just the one flag possible in iOS currently)
4. More powerful Address Book allowing categorisation into Groups.
5. A Reminders app which is not a user interface disaster as the current one is.

With iOS 7.1 you can turn the text into buttons. Go to Settings --> General --> Accessibility --> Turn on Button Shapes.

Hope that helps! :-)

You can get an ugly grey overlay on the text, but calling that a "button" is a bit of a stretch. Even Apple is careful to call it "button shapes" and not "buttons."

1. use any search engine for safari- blekko for ex.
2. creditcard passbook cards
3. sports scores/results into today view
4. siri more like iron man ai
5. iCloud profile - can see your friends iTunes ratings/purchases for movies/music, mb add the game centre section as well. also, use it for maps instead of yelp...i hate having to have yelp to see reviews of restaurants etc.

Yeah, until you find out that one of your friends is secretly a Nickelback fan and nothing is ever the same again. :)

1) Customizable Control Center shortcuts
2) AirDrop between iOS and OS X
3) Redesign some icons: Camera, Notes, and Newsstand; especially Reminders, Photos, Voice Memos, and Game Center
4) Add Dashboard app for iPad with Stocks, Weather, Calculator, and Voice Memos "widgets"
5) Offline Siri option, Bonus: Siri on the Mac

1. Quick reply. Think bitesms style
2. Siri improvements.
3. Control center setting customizations.
4. Split iPad screen to have two apps up at once.
5. Store and save files from safari or other apps in a file app.

As iOS 7 showed sometimes something so simple can be really effective & the ability to block phone numbers was just that. So my list is....
1. Ability to Password Protect ANY apps
2. Ability to 'Hide' apps (Blackberry Style)
3. Message, mail etc notifications in the status bar with a number in for how many unread (and they don't go away until they are seen or deleted)
4. Touch ID Support for ANYTHING password protected
5. Ability to kill all apps at once.

To be fair most of these I could do when I used to jailbreak so I know they aren't a problem to put into the iOS so WHY don't they. I love Apple but sometimes they frustrate me haha

1. Flash - really frustrating at times (video streaming). No reason to not have all versions of video playing on 64bit infrastructure.
2. Access to files instantly with actions to launch apps
3. Universal video call features without being app driven. Branded FaceTime is limited.
4. Siri evolution - make Siri faster and more accurate. I avoid using half of the features because she does not execute what I need.
5. Better printer integration and driver options. Air print is limited. It took me a while to discover how to make brother laser printer work on my iPhone 5s.

The ability too take self photos of your whole body kind of like a self timer camera built into the phone and also I want to see themes for iphone come out even if they add that as a extra purchase on iTunes name it ithemes, also Instagram integrated on the devices!!!! One more ability to download ringtones from any website straight from the device and not have to sync to iTunes!!!

iOS 8. What I'd like to see?
1. For the iPad, better screen size optimization. (Multitasking UI is atrocious).
2. Better/more fingerprint integration. (Specifically mobile payments beyond Apple digital stores.)
3. Better integrated Siri functionality. (Option for always listening.)
4. On-board voice parsing.
5. Better navigation/multitasking -- Ie. gesture controlled options like Control Center, and Notification Center. (Like slide up for multitasking and controls, instead of double-tapping the home button.)

Apple, read this! I speak for many!
Get us a night/dark theme OPTION to use in iMessage and/or in other native (bright) apps! Apply Tweetbots two finger swipe to turn it on/off! These would be very appreciated instead of just "turn white point" down!

Slighty animated app icons, weather for instance!

Able to choose which four apps to use/place in control center!

Much better maps, less failure places! Implement a 100% night theme mode in it and not just in directions!

That's all I think of now...^^

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Once again: night/dark theme! Just look at Afterlight, Weekcalendar and Tweetbot for instance! It's a PLEASURE using these in dark areas thanks to their night/dark theme option instead of blending our eyes with white background!

Apple, I like your design in the movies section in iTunes! Just imagine it's design in iMessage for instance. Thanks :D

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What I do which works quite well is set the accessibility shortcut to invert colours. Then when reading in a bright place, triple click then it goes dark. Not perfect but works pretty well !!

1. Bitsms-like messaging.
2. Inter-app communication
3. TouchID in more places
4. Healthbook (and new devices)
5. Interactive Notifications

1. Update mail app as a standalone
2. Update safari and the ability to change default mail, safari or web browser, media player
3. Ability to delete thousands of emails on the phone whilst still remain on server
4. New integration with YouTube
5. Greater multitasking

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1. "Open in..." option added to photo gallery so I can open in snapseed for send via whatsapp without having to go the app then relocate the photo.

2. Dropbox integration. Especially for email attachments.

3. Old notification centre. The new one with blurred background is a nice effect but I never use it now as everything is far too spaced apart to get a quick summary.

4. Delete all messages and delete all messages media options.

5. Average app ratings need to show the total average, not just the latest version. I have a few apps out and getting an average for each version can take months. Having an average appear can double the sales so knowing the average will disappear with an update, puts me off releasing updates.

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1. Cancel text
2. Delete whole album back
3. Larger downloadable file from AppStore
4. Sound on all apps even when iPhone on silent

I have to think about a 5th I'd like.

Sent from the iMore App

1. Nested folders
2. Customizable Control Center
3. iPhone bluetooth pairing with iPad as hotspot (currently only via WiFi)
4. Split iPad screen
5. App back button
6. Actionable notifications
7. Inter-app communication
8. Video and more app images in App Store

Order of preference: 2, 5, 4, 7, 6, 1, 8, 3

I have a feeling that there wil be no iOS 8 at WWDC 2014 but rather iOS 7.5 for two reasons:

1. The jump from 6 to 7 was gigantic: we can´t expect Apple to do that every year.

2. iOS 7.1 is the real iOS 7 given it took 6 months to develop: Apple can´t just trash so much work in a short period of time (WWDC 2014 is now three months away, half the time iOS 7.1 took to develop).

Previous to the release of iOS 8 -- to be announced in one year and three months from now at WWDC 2015 -- iOS 7.5 will have incremental updates (7.5.5, 7.7, etc.). That´s my guess.

1. multiple users.
2. scrubbing tool that actually works for music player.
3. released without major bugs (no need for another iOS7 debacle)
4. better api to work with third party smartwatches and such
5. uber privacy mode (something for the tin foil crowd).

+1 for a larger, more responsive scrubbing tool.
Scrubbing needs to be enhanced to respond according to audio track length - e.g. very long songs, lectures, audio books etc.

1. Add calendar app to control center
2. A better file management system so we can drag and drop files and email or SMS them.
3. A selection of clocks to choose from when phone is docked, like my blackberry used to do.
4. Ability to erase all SMS at once.
5. Ability to delete recents in phone app with more options, similar to blackberry.

Really just one: Quick Reply/Quick Compose for Messages. But since Rene wants a "list" (lol)...
2. 100% Siri integration (looks for words, much like Xbox One)
3. A "Delete All" (or, at least, "Select All") button in Email Inbox
4. More comprehensive Do Not Disturb scheduling
5. Full DLNA support

1- A Black theme to the apps
2- A better integration between the apps.
3- Some control to close all the apps in the background.

Sent from the iMore App

1. A customizable homescreen. Pages of icons don't cut it anymore.
2. Widgets
3. Universal file storage. It's ridiculous that this is left up to individual apps.
4. Page-spanning wallpaper option
5. More overall customization options (such as changing the color palette)

1) Move apps & icons one screen over let home screen only show just 4 apps just the doc

2) make app demos to try them first a 15 min window

3) Swipe keyboard ....(Please) that's the only thing I like about android

4) Ability to delete multi emails instead for just one at a time like a check box beside each one delete what you don't want

5) Only a few preloaded apps I don't use the preloaded maps or weather it just taking up space

Sent from the iMore App

1. Home screen widgets - namely the same big clock that's on the lock screen!
2. Themes - I've tried, but I still can't love the Windows "flat" style...icons are awful.
3. Option to turn off icon text labels. (For me, they're superfluous...generally too tiny to be read at a glance especially on certain backgrounds, and therefore just waste screen space.)
4. Home screen clock widget. (Oh wait, I think I said that already.)
5. Themes. (Oh...I've said that one too...well, that's how important they are.)

1. Ability to set default apps.
2. Overhauled Safari to use less memory, no more tabs reload, page to disk for inactive tabs (need fast NANDs to do this but I'm willing to upgrade my iOS devices for this).
3. Actionable notifications, I'd like to reply quickly to Messages like on OS X.
4. Ability to clean up space in Messages, archive easily to my Mac with iTunes or store it in iCloud but don't take up space on my iOS devices
5. More condensed interface on iPad, the home screen looks like it's blown up from the iPhone. Be more creative on iPads, not scale things up from iPhone.
6. Inter-app communications (aka Intents in Android)
7. Extended multi-app views on iPad only (aka app snaps in Windows Phone 8).

1. Interactive notifications (but I'd settle for just messages)
2. Siri - always listening (because I want Knight Rider now!)
3. Predictive Siri (mash up my data and feed it to me)
4. Continue to evolve notification center
5. Lots of doughnuts. And bacon. Together.

This is what I like to see in iOS 8:

1. Touch ID API / Touch ID Web Saves

2. Siri API / offline Siri

3. Inner App Communication

4. Set Default Apps

5. Quick Reply SMS / interactive notifications for all apps

Bonus: Use / Set 3th Party Apps in Today Notification View

Have a "location" or "address object" that can be passed around by GPS programs, so we are not stuck on the default map. Give user choice to select a GPS program.

Maybe not in iOS8, but here us what I want:
1) Eliminate the dang ring in my ear when on the phone. This should have been done in 2008.
2) Tone down the girly/pastel feel of the OS. 7.1 toned down the green but I feel that Apple could do even more.
3) Lock Screen Widgets. Someway to glance at the lock screen and see specific things like sports scores or weather without having to use the notification panel or rely on push notifications. I wouldn't be opposed to changing the grid layout eventually.
4) Ability to see what is driving battery usage. Android has this feature and it is fantastic to see what is driving the usage.
5) inter-app communications with split screen ability for iPad or iPhab. This would be ideal for productivity apps and email/web browsing.

1. Ability to customize the shortcuts in Control Center.
2. Print to PDF.
3. A dark theme. My eyeballs bleed at night.
4. Healthbook. I think this could help a lot of people take more control over their health.
5. Actionable notifications.

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I'd like to be able to *see* entire Albums in the Music app again. Why they got rid of coverflow and replaced it with that functionally useless grid of album icons I simply don't understand. Coverflow was beautiful, and functional.

The replacement is not beautiful and has no useable, consistent function at all that I have been able to determine. It seems to be a random listing of album covers that doesn't include more than about 30% of the albums on the device and is in no particular order.

1. delete option in mail when you tag all the messages in your inbox
2. a 5 icon dock
3. grid lock
4. rename the icons
5. multi icon mover

I can think of only one feature - I just want to be able to attach a file/s other than a picture or video to a reply email (I wouldn't mind having this now)
I am enjoying how iOS 7 is transforming.
I like the clarity and design of the UI.
It took me only a few minutes after updating from iOS 6 to iOS 7 to realize just how cluttered and obnoxious the older UI was.

1. Real multitasking on iPad (2 apps on the same screen). Come on, Apple! Every other mobile OS does it, you should too!
2. Ability to view a list of all files on your device. (Would be helpful for finding invisible spyware, goto fails and NSA backdoors! :D)
3. Ability to set/delete default apps.
4. Better/more security and encryption.
5. All iPhone apps on iPad (i.e. weather, stocks, phone, calculator etc.)

1. please please fix the stinking text message tone blaring in my ear when i get an incoming text when i'm on a phone call! i can't believe i'm the only one who finds this a problem and that they haven't fixed this yet.
2. easier manipulation of sound files so that they can be sent via sms (blackberry) and can be saved on the phone somewhere--and used as ring tones.
3. custom sound profiles
4. better keyboard....swipe keyboard
5. something has to be done with battery life--its atrocious!

1. Be able to try out apps before buying it.
2. (Unlikely) Bring back the weather widget because I find it more convenient.
3. Customizable Control Center.
4. The option to choose between white or black keyboard and use just one, not mixed.
5. PS4/XBox One Controller support. < it's the dream!

The responses I've read so far aren't very bold, so..
1. Themes - Free or paid themes that can be created by 3rd party developers and downloaded from the App Store.
2. Widgets - The ability for apps to come with their own widgets that can be placed on the lock screen, the home screen, and the notification center.
3. More camera and photo features - More advanced photo editing features like snapseed. The ability to set a timer for your camera. Motion detection, etc.
4. More music features - The ability to create smart playlists and features from djay like track fading. Maybe even "mood" playlists.
5. Better maps - transit routes, more accurate data, etc.

Ditto on the "Select All" feature for deleting emails. Also, would like see an ability for third-party app developers to bring us different keyboard options like Swiftkey. Also, the ability to schedule text message auto-delivery.

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I would like to see a touch home button instead of the physical one. The physical one wears out to fast.

1. Flash support
2. True multitasking (split screen on iPad for any apps and changeable screen size (like on surface tablet but better))
3. Ability to cancel message sending for SMS
4. Deleted songs sync detection (if I delete a song from my phone I don't want it to sync again next time I connect my phone to the computer)
5. Personalisation for today view in notification centre (e.g. choice of traffic routes, sports info)
6. Extreme battery saving mode and battery statistics
7. Stock iphone apps on ipad aswell (calculator, weather etc.)

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1. Make the native calendar like Fantistical but slightly better, I wanna see at a months glance the colored dots as quick access for all calendars.
2. I agree, let me choose more than one email to delete.
3. While listening to my music videos, I want the ability to turn my phone on its side to view it in full screen, again!
4. Would like to share my lists, reminders etc with other users from the native Reminders list.
5. Lastly for this list, a more stream lined way to add purchased music to existing playlists.

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Total pipe dream but...

1) Widgets on home screen
2) FM radio
3) Mobile payments (NFC, scan, tap, whatever)
4) Ability to select other apps for default (like maps, browser, etc.)
5) Ability to have apps like Dropbox not time out so quickly in background when uploading files/photos

1. Healthbook/iWatch integration (interestingly, spellcheck has problems with Healthbook but none with iWatch...)
2. More customization for the Notifications screen
3. More customization for the Home screen (I like the big clock idea and the non-grid option idea)
4. The ability to hide apps so kids can play with my phone without me having to worry; this ability should be flipped on and off with a password and we shouldn't have to choose which apps each time
5. A nightstand clock mode that is customizable

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1) ability to specify default apps
2) onboard voice processing
3) inter app communication
4) actionable notification
4) dev access to Siri/improved dev access to notification center

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I would love a live tile system like Windows Phone. See my recent emails on the screen, calendar appointments, weather, etc.

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Another one, put the comma and apostrophe on the main keyboard screen!

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1. A file system that makes managing docs on and between devices much easier than the current system.
2. Better integration for audio/video services between devices. Remove the confounding restrictions for accessing owned and rented content based on purchase device, purchase source and device display format. When you rent or buy or assimilate something into the Apple eco system it should seamlessly be available on all your devices. When you have multiple devices video renting/playback seems to not work well and iTunes match is still half baked.
3. I want to use my iPhone as a wallet. While this may lean on a device with proper security, i.e. Touch ID, it is ultimately a universal software/security issue as iOS will be the brains behind the hardware implementations. Perhaps my iPad, iWatch, iLapelPin and iTruss will someday also function as payment devices. I can wait for those. Apple needs to led here. They have my credit card number, now let me use it where and when I want.
4. Solve the image management fiasco that is modern camera enabled devices. iPhoto, Streams and iCloud are close but no cigar. Sharing is getting better but managing the hundreds and thousands of images that people will accumulate over the life of a device is only getting more difficult. Apple need to solve this problem in a synergetic way that doesn't require users to seek out 3rd party apps in an attempt to plug holes. 3rd party solutions, while often elegant and precise, require more than the "just works" approach that Apple should be known for. Really, no one has managed to solve this problem yet without the user having to have advance knowledge of a categorization and tagging schemes and then religiously adhering to them. Still images are VD of modern communication devices. We create and spread this disease with a multitude of apps. Still image and video management has yet to "just work".
5. Set Siri free. I want the "option" for Siri to be my man Godfrey, answering without me having to gesticulate or tickler her into action. I want the "option" to get a prompt from Siri to read incoming text/email to me, and an intuitive and intelligent means of responding to those messages....as well as the ability to initiate new messages/email. Before any of this can happen Siri needs to understand my non-regional, often sober accent. While I would relish the opportunity if Siri could actually connect the call, I really just want to talk to Aunt Bethany, not Pat Metheny. Or Pat Meth-an-ee, as Siri likes to pronounce it.
Provide some way of simply and efficiently managing attachments in mail and messages. This is really beginning to be a cluster hump.

1. Customization of the home screen
2. Customization of what items can be placed on the bottom pull up menu thingy.
3. Siri always listening
4. Being able to select third party apps as defaults. (maps, gmail, etc)
5. live notifications on the home screen. (to dos , weather, etc)

1. Quick Reply from Lockscreen
2. NFC
3. Lock Screen Widgets
4. Improved Apple Maps
5. Notification LED

Also, unrelated to ios 8 I want all day battery and if that means same thickness or even slightly thicker so be it. Please Apple, thinner isn't always better!

1. Dark theme, themes in general, even a "classic ios 6 theme"
2. hide apps
3. Dark theme
4. combine the pull down and pull up centers.
5. the ability in the music player to define which lists show album art and which ones don't.

that's about it. i don't really care that much about anything other than dark theme. but i like having choice and apple is often too take it or leave it for my tastes.

I would like the option to have a black background on the keyboard and a switch for a night mode to turn everything that's white to black and the words from black to white.

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You can go to settings --> general --> accessibility --> invert colors to do this now. Looks weird, but it works! :)

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1. Inter-app communication.
2. Actionable notifications (bite SMS,etc. ). - this goes with inter-app communication
3. More predictive features
4. Profiles - have phone pick up when in different places; at home - shut down bluetooth, etc; at work - go to vibrate, different homescreen with work apps; in car - Siri listens for requests; etc
5. Mobile payments system

1. Quick reply for all messaging apps.
2. Dark Theme
3. Message preview on Command Center when device is unlocked.
4. AirDrop between iPhones and Macs
5. Share location from iMessage
6. Swipe up to Multitask

Would also like a scrolling dock to add more things I use the most on the bottom dock. I would like to have more moving wallpapers that I can either get for free or buy instead of just having the preloaded ones. Also would like to have wallpaper to be an app. That way I can store my own wallpapers in there and be able to access Apple's wallpapers all in one. Without having to go through the settings app to get to it.

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1. - Group FaceTime.

2. Make the ring around the home button flash for notifications. Maybe color or speed selection for the type of notification. (realize this is hardware but really miss it from blackberry days)

3. Maybe some "mild" customization of color scheme. I love the iOS layout but would like mildly darker colors.

3. deeper app interaction

4. When I set up a geofence reminder I would like to select a location on the map instead of entering an address. I then can't drag the pin to make it more accurate.

5. Be able to use google maps on find my friends. (set some default apps). I use Apple for most things but nice to have the option.

1. Inter-app communication and sharing across the board. Android like features I find very convenient. Most of the times, I share iMore and other news articles with family and friends through messaging apps. Instant sharing with the option to choose destination apps is way better than copying and pasting links. Another example would be editing a picture in one app (Snapseed for example) and then sending it to another app without the need to save the picture first.

2. File manager. OK, so maybe Apple doesn't want Us to tamper with system files. I get it. But there are times that I wouldn't know where downloaded email attachements and files exported from dropbox/box are located. Say if I need to send the same file in a separate email or through instant messaging apps. Or maybe say I want to better manage memory space by deleting no longer needed personal files.

3. Camera / Video. The iPhone was designed with mobile photography in mind. But some features seems to be lackingwith the native app. Shooting in single or burst mode is now convenient. But please let us have the option to choose the best shot after taking bursts. The option to shoot in wide angle, macro and night mode in addition to HDR and Panorama mode would be nice too. Another feature that would be great is to have more manual control over settings such as ISO, shutter speed, apperture, exposure and time lapse. Make it even more fun to use with HTC Zoe like features such as sequence shots, object removal and optimum group shots while post-editing

4. iMessage. It's great that we can share photos, videos, contact cards, locations and voice notes. But must we access separate apps to do this? Why not have these integrated together where the camera button sits within iMessage. The addition of group messaging like BBM and group video chats like Hangouts would be great. Oh, lets not forget about VOIP calling option.

5. Mail. What about the ability to easily attach files (photos, documents, etc.) within the native mail app. Also add important features that separate mail apps have.

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Forgot to mention better iCloud syncing between devices. Deleted iMessages on iPhone still shows up on my iPad and iMac

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Guest Mode: Only enable what you want. Lock everything else. Apps, control center, app switch manager, Siri. Guest button or separate password from lock screen.

File Manager: Store files. File access to iCloud. Load and delete songs (mp3s) to ios Music. Access to app iTunes storage. Basically do everything iTunes on a PC/Mac does. Except restore ios of course.

More customization options: transparent background for windows and bottom icons bar. No animations. Clock in top bar to show date and time. Control center controls customization in some ways.

Give fast JavaScript thing available only to safari to all apps. Make Facebook chrome and other apps faster.

Better multitasking.

Notification centre that's for sure. Quick reply. Real multitasking. iCloud overhaul. Mac integration like logmeim

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- speed limit notifications in Maps
- Siri without the need to be connected to the network
- Notes expanded to be more notebooks (Evernote/OneNote competitor) with sharing
- iRadio as seperate and set so I can use it to use cellular data without it also setting automatic downloads to use cellular (I'm happy to stream some radio, but not fetch that 200mb game update)
- iBooks to be able to sync read position on non-iTunes purchased ebooks without specifically using bookmarks

1. Better inter-app communication.
2. Clear all notifications in the notification centre.
3. Video reviews for all the apps in the App Store.
4. Refund option (until a certain point of time) for the paid Apps.
5. Some kind of settings option to manage the entire screen. Moving 1 app at a time can sometimes be taxing.
6. iTunes Radio standalone app.

LED notifications
Option for time stamp on messages, instead of having to shift message to left
More simple, short message and phone tones
Swipe keyboard
Option to exclude mobile websites in safari

BiteSMS-like messages response and better battery life and more customizations, maybe selectable themes(not gonna happen)!

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1) Quick reply / Compose
2) Landscape keyboard that fills the entire width of the screen
3) Non-disruptive Control Center / Notification center
4) Aesthetic improvements (darker wallpapers, more choices for dynamic, flattened Game Center icon, etc.)
5) Play, pause and skip music tracks using volume buttons

I actually really like where iOS is headed. Most of these things are just nitpicking my own personal gripes. Number 1 is an absolute MUST though.

1. Quick reply text.
2. Air drop from iOS to Mac.
3. Better multitasking. Especially if the iPhone 6 has a larger screen, being able to use 2 apps at once would be great.
4. Control center customization.
5. Dark theme! At least more options to customize the overall look of iOS.

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1. Apple now (à la Google now)
2. Bite-SMS-style replies
3. full Twitter on the lock screen with a pull down (not just @ messages)
4. better voice-over (TTS), including improved word notification, reading of magazine articles and pdfs, detailed speed settings, settings re URL readings, footnotes etc.
5. app demos (as per rene's suggestion)

Here are mine -

1) NFC enabled
2) Apple should come up with something like Active Frames of Blackberry 10. They are quite useful and a time saver
3) Do Not Disturb needs more work.
4) The clock app sucks. It needs to be completely redesigned and we iOS 8 should come up with something where clock comes up upon locking the home-screen. During night time, the clock should glow a bit(a subtle effect)
5) Multi-tasking as mentioned by so so many members here needs a HUGE improvement(directly related to Active Frames)

1. Remove Missed tab. make notification center one list, Notifications.
2. Move today screen where spotlight used to be, Similar to the Google now launcher. (could implement google now like predictive features)
3. App sounds while in silent mode (frustrating when you forgot you left your phone on silent)
4. Add Post to Facebook and Tweet buttons to control center or today screen (listed above) or notification center.
5. Allow inter app communication, open in Instagram, Dropbox, etc.

1. Core File access : User / Application access to some kind of file system, or a Files.app. This would / should give apps the ability to share files across the system rather than having to deal with the limited share sheet and or backing out of one app to go into another.

2. Air Drop : Share to everything in the Apple Ecosystem (wouldn't hurt to allow for sharing to non apple devices (like that's gonna happen)

3. Notifications : Swipe away notifications, actionable notifications, (also I would like the instant post feature for Facebook and twitter back from iOS 6 or the option to have it or not)

4. Home screens : Smart Folders, create a folder based on app type, instant folders based on things like Photography, News, etc. These would also pull in new apps as they are downloaded. Also the ability to re-flow the apps on the home screens. Often after setting up my folders manually i end up with a bunch of screens with one or two spots open and having the option to re-flow or re-sort the apps alphabetically and remove the extraneous spaces would soothe my inner OCD.

5. Themes : I know we aren't going to see a skinnable iOS anytime soon but the option to chose between light and dark themes for system apps, and between light and dark keyboards would be a start.

6. Also a customize-able control center.

It's a lot more than 5 single things but I really hope we see some of these things sooner or later.

I'd like to see a bit more user customization in the settings app. They should be able to integrate something like Springtomise from the jailbreak community into the stock iOS 8. Inter app communication will be much liked.

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My iOS 8 improvement wishlist:

1) Option to turn on auto app closure to prevent having to keep manually closing apps once opened (add toggle buttons for each app to be included by the auto close)
2) Ability to create/rename additional email folders within iOS
3) Delete/move all email option
4) iCloud storage for PDF/files etc. with easy access for managing
5) Resolve varying battery performance (rectify why this varies so much for different users)

Also, not necessarily an iOS thing but:

1) Increase iCloud storage allowance for each Apple device owned !
2) Include the other default Apple iPhone app's such as weather, stocks, calc etc. on the iPad or at least allow you to download these from the App Store.

- Airdrop between ios and osx
- The ability to save map data on the iphone for a selected radius around the current position and temporarily record your movement on the map
- customised control centre icons
- airdrop over icloud
- iradio in the uk

1) Microsoft Document Editor
2) Facebook and Twitter share widgets in notification centre, like in iOS 6. It was very convenient.
3) iPhoto,iMovie and paid apps of the sort to come pre-installed. These apps are of of utmost utility but are paid apps, so people refrain from buying them.
4) Select All and Delete option in Mail.
5) Emoji Keyboard should be in-built.
)) Barcode Scanner

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1. Quick reply messages/tweet/Facebook/email
2. Files app/Finder
3. Updated Today view as homescreen
4. Customisable control centre
5. Improved Passbook. Include payments

I've read all these and most of the stuff you all ask for are already on BB10. The only thing I wish BlackBerry had the iPhone has is fingerprint scanner which is coming anyways now that the trackpad is back (it's been patented back in 2009). Anyways wouldn't it just be easier to upgrade to BB10 and save yourself the trouble. Reading all these comments make me appreciate my BlackBerry Z10 even more. I guess there's no need to "upgrade" to iOS and I wouldn't risk it anyways since Apple shares data with NSA.

You are just a troll, but I have to point out that your last sentence is the opposite of "true." Apple is one of the few companies that protects your data from the NSA with any real rigour. Google, Blackberry etc., and all other companies just give up the information whenever they are asked. It says so right in the end-user agreement. Apple on the other hand makes them jump through some hoops first and only gives the information if a valid warrant is received.

Blackberry in particular has given information to US security services, but also *foreign* (non-US) security services of many countries, lots and lots of times. They have also "opened up" (given a back door to), their servers to the security officers of many countries. You have far less protection on a Blackberry than you do on iOS.

I would like to see different coloured key pad choices for apple users and the fact then we are able to. Attach different colours text messages to different contacts allowing the iOS users to define! " grouping" by this I mean you could have one colour for family one for work one for friends and so on!

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1) Interactive Notifications and Quick Reply Notifications with contact picture and LED Light

2) Home Screen live tiles (Active Frames) like Blackberry OS 10. Instantly we can get information
from home screen on these apps Calender,Reminder,To Do list

3) Customizable Notification Sounds for each apps ( twitter,facebook,whatsapp etc...)

4) Customizable profiles.So we can customize the different ringtone for different profile
just ON and OFF Ring tones with the side button is not enough.

5) Native Password lock for each Apps or Folders.

Well I don't really have 5 yet, but one thing for sure is I really want more dynamic wallpapers, or perhaps and option to download more. It doesn't make any sense to me that they would make a new feature like that with only one wallpaper to choose from in different colors. I also want to see something that you can access to the left of the homescreen, where Spotlight used to be. I think that would be a great place for possibly a widgets page, like the Mac widgets sort of.

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Also, I would like to see Touch ID expanded. It's nice unlocking my phone and purchasing with it, but I feel like it is capable of more than just that.

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-Buy out whatever LLC is making BiteSMS and incorporate it as is or expand functionality to other messaging/social apps.
-Let users customize Control Center.

Do that and i'll be a happy camper. I'd like to venture on deeper/better background integration of apps, but that's highly contingent on battery capacity. Seeing how that app refresh thing affects battery life on the latest devices, let's just wait some more for that.

Awesome. Seems easy enough if you iPhone is on, but replying from the iPad to a cell number could be tricky.

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1- Blinfeed like in the control center, or in a unique page
2- Personalisation of the control center
3- More informations and active ones in the lock screen
4- While typing phone number, suggestions would come out

1. File management system; one not 5 different apps.
- compress or decompress files as part of ios
- print to pdf
- show image file extension (png, jpg. Etc.) good for people how work with images.

2. Better email client.
- option to Add pdf, excel / numbers or any file to reply or forward email.
- remember to what folders emails moved .
- mark email as urgent when sending email

3. Better phone book
- option manually organize phone number and email position in contact (move home to last mobile to first, work second and vice versa.
- option to delete more the one contact.

4. Better iRadio
- option to listen specific Artist and not his play list that was created by artist.

5. Better Maps
- Point of interest's
- Point of interest on route
- Point of interest near ME (near by), near destination.
- direction to GPS coordinates in / to photo. (Use coordinates hidden inside photo / any image)
- option to report traffic or accident.
- red light cameras.

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1. Flash Support
2. Timed text messages
3. Customizable control center
4. Ability to put icons where I want them
5. No notifications while on phone

1) Allow file attachments (speadsheets, pics, etc) to be selected from the mail app while composing an email. The current method of going to the file and "sharing" it via email is a poor workaround at best. It's a horrible solution when someone wants a file and you have to start a new message from scratch instead of simply clicking reply, then selecting the attachment.

2) Allow printing to any Wifi printer instead just Airplay printers. Really - that shouldn't be that big of a deal.

3) Improve on iCloud and let it have more functionality like Dropbox.

4) Even if we don't go the widget route, at least let apps update their icon. For example, a weather app should at least be able to display a temperature on the icon, much like the calendar icon shows the date.

5) Continue to improve Siri. Siri is good, but still not something I am inlcined to use often.

1. transit support in maps (please let that rumor be true)

2. the ability to access files directly so we can attach to emails and such, or open them in any app.

3. select all in email

4. ability to make the print larger anywhere.

5. the blackberry's software keyboard in their z10 and z30 phones. (yeah not gonna happen but would be sweet)

1. Longer battery life
2. Longer battery life
3. Longer battery life
4. Longer battery life
5. Longer battery life

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1. Better keyboard, better word recognition (similar to Swiftkey)
2. Some kind of filing system or systemwide Dropbox integration
3. Multi-lingual Siri input in one session (asking Siri to play music doesn't work for English artists in Germany when language is German, e.g. "Spiele Whitney Houston" becomes "Spiele ruhigste Mail Josten"
4. Bring back old music app with "all albums"-view after selecting genre (no longer able to view separate classical music albums, all are sorted and displayed by artist), larger album art display and larger lyrics display
5. Visual weather info display (or active weather app icon like clock)

I added 5 above, so pardon two more but:

6. When a person is in my favorites, allow their text sound to sound even if the phone is on do not disturb. There are favorites who contact me more than call and would like for them to make a sound during DND.

7. Some more "live' icons if not widgets. Temp on weather icon, other data as could fit on icons, etc.

But seriously
1. Don't turn on the screen when the phone is in my pocket. Save battery.
2. Scheduler for mute, wifi, BT, etc to save battery.
3. Set any app as the default lock screen, updated live.
4. White balance lock once you start recording a video in the native app.
5. Some better way of app switching on the iPhone. Four finger swipe is fine on an iPad, but not on the phone.

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1. Overall redesign of iOS 7 default apps (I like what 3rd party devs are designing with iOS 7 but Apple apps are lacking. It's like they don't even care anymore! Apple use to set the bar with app design and functionality. Now I don't think they too much thought into their apps.)

2. Better Siri integration

3. Inter-app communication

4. Actionable notifications

5. Alternate route option in Maps

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It seems like the Touch ID sensor should be able to be used as an app switcher, since it could tell if you were swiping side to side.

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i just would like to synchronize my music and my photos with my favourite linux disttibution. Then the iphone would be perfect for me.

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1. Files.app
2. Files.app
3. Files.app
4. Files.app
5. Files.app

Seriously, I think it's long past due to be able to download something besides photos to our local storage. We don't a full file manager, just a section where we can download and store non-photo documents that other apps can use.

I would like to be able to have Groups in Contacts so I can send mass email/SMS messages natively instead of having to use a third party app. Ideally with the option to send as SMS or MMS/Group/iMessage so I don't have to go shut it all off in settings, then back to messages to create it, send it, then back to settings to turn everything back on again and wait for iMessage to activate again. It gets annoying when you do it regularly.

Maybe not five but...

1. Interactive notifications, specifically quick-reply for imessage
2. Delete all multimedia attachments from imessage strings
3. 5GB of icloud space per iOS device owned
4. App store demos

wow, um,

1. a scrolling screen of apps including the ones you have open at the moment, so you don't have to exit an app, to get access to another, and
2. dynamic live app squares, so you can change a music track without going into the app itself, or respond to an email without going into the app itself,
3. some type of 3d cube for each app, the idea of 1, 2 and 3 is to cut down on the number of click/taps you have to make
3. remote assistance for iOS, please
4. notification and the today screen built into the home screen somehow
6. finder app please
7. the ability to save any file type in iCloud e.g. dropbox

separately i would like to see a infared camera built into the next iPhone to help with night time driving e.g. flir esq (see below)


1. Display and command sdk APIs for the lockscreen (command hue, home automation, display netatmo temperature)
1.5 Active touch gesture on the off screen (command stuff with gesture without turning the screen on, like TV or other stuff)
2. iCloud backup app by app (to ease the clean slate)
3. Adaptive Context based UI (at home, outside...)
4. Natural language with Siri without ding dongs
5. Almost Instantaneous transitions

Can't resist to add this :
Better notifications (alarms cover everything ...)
Dynamic wallpaper SDK

1. Independent volume control for alarms.

I want to be able to set the volume of the alarms independently from the volume of the ringer. I use my phone as my alarm and don't need to volume all the way up to wake up, but need to volume all the way up to hear the phone ring.

1. Better Siri, more use and functionality would be great! Maybe a offline mode!

2. Better Apple TV integration! With the roku you can plug in your headphones to the remote and hear the sound through that instead of the tv! Imagine doing this with a iOS device.

3. More iPad apps! The iPhone has a weather app native, it's time for the iPad to get one!

4. Better maps! Maps are key to Apple CarPlay, and possibly a iWatch!

5. More advanced Apple designed apps like improvements to GarageBand, iMovie, IPhoto, Numbers,Pages,and Keynote! It's time to get them to Mac quality!

1) Make Siri capable of setting a location based reminder for somewhere other than home or work. Ya know, like Google Now.
2) I would love to be able to take a picture and use it as wallpaper. Right now it gets gets blown waaaay up and won't fit the screen...even if I turn the perspective zoom off.
3) Improved battery life on iPhone 5S
4) More free iCloud storage. 5g just doesn't cut it when there are numerous other services that offer more.
5) Better stability. I still have the occasional app crash or Safari crash. I never had these before IOS7.

1. Better file management: Central storage of files accessible by all apps
2. Better Mac OS X support: AirDrop, same system apps with iCloud
3. Better iCloud online support: Access to app storages and central storage via browser on Windows and other systems
4. More possibilities for apps: Register as default apps (browser, mail, etc.), access to system functions
5. Better, more flexible touch keyboards

1.) Greatly enhanced Siri stability and reliability. Every time I've seen a friend use Google Now on their Androids... well, I have to say that I think it beats Siri hands down. Maybe make it not so dependent on the cloud, move more of it to the device so there are less "... I can't take any requests right now..."

2.) Heh... this may seem dumb, but I *hate* the Safari icon in iOS 7. It just... I dunno, I hate it.

3.) location based settings. I.e. when I walk into work, automatically put the phone on silent mode, etc...

4.) User profiles or something similar.

5.) A "clear all" in the notification screen.

Some type of finder equivalent that allows you to create folders and store any type of document regardless if it can be viewed or open by an iOS app.

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Quick reply in messages
Ability to attach more than 5 pictures in an email.
Ability to delete pictures that you imported from a Mac right on the iPhone.
Better iMessage handling of images

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1. Guest Account
2. Improved App Store ( better app discovery)
3. Option to display your Contact Info on the Lock Screen.
4. Anti-NSA Switch: Option to encrypt all your data.
5. Option to see photo's Metadata ( date, hour , location it was taken)

1. "Add Current Song to Playlist"!

I've been waiting for Apple to fill this void since owning only an iPod Touch. Please, Apple, add a little "+" button to the Music app so that while I'm listening to a song and realize it would fit well in the such & such a playlist, I could just tap the + and pick from existing playlists or create a new one. Adding the currently playing song to a playlist on-the-fly has always been the most unintuitive process on what is supposed to be an extremely intuitive mobile interface.

2. Interactive notifications à la BiteSMS.

3. Inter-app communications. No more bookmarklets.

4. Better transparency of and control over iCloud. I like the idea of a Files app for iCloud.

5. No more one-computer restriction for music management on iPhone. I can copy songs to my iPad from any computer through iTunes but my iPhone is still restricted to one. It makes adding music while at work frustrating and is one of the reasons I still jailbreak: PwnTunes. Taking this a step further and providing a drag-n-drop folder for music and abolishing the requirement for iTunes for music management altogether would make my year.

In addition to many of the above...
1. Better battery life
2. Animated GIFS in photo gallery
3. A file app
4. 3rd party access to some default Apple services
5. Being able to copy part of a SMS text instead of the whole thing
BONUS - Smarter Siri with more voices

While not an OS request, I'd LOVE to see a MUCH bigger screen (hardware) and MUCH larger iCloud storage for each user (5GB is NOT enough).

1) Quick reply for texts.
2) Ability to select the last picture taken when emailing, tweeting, posting to Facebook, etc. Right now you have to either take a picture or go to your album.
3) Not really anything specific but some homepage functionality beyond just a grid of icons.
4) My ultimate goal is for my phone to replace my wallet. I think that's still a good 5-10 years off. There's just too much money at stake for that NOT to happen. But that's also the problem. Over the next 5 years we're going to see a lot of attempts but they'll all be proprietary and that will slow mass deployment and adoption to a crawl.

That's all I can think of right off the top of my head.

1. Apple identity services extended to apps, so I can "login with apple id" the same way many apps let you login with Facebook.
2. Airdrop between mac and iOS
3. Be able to move videos directly from mac to iOS without syncing through iTunes
4. Radio station (internet) streaming in the music app, as has been on iTunes on desktop for years.
5. Simpler UI for battery management. Don't make me hunt for every little setting when battery life must be extended, have a global setting to maximize battery.

I would like to have the ability to save voicemail as an audio file and the ability to forward it.

1 - phone app on iPad (actually having all apps available to all devices would be good).
2 - elimination of ugly notifications pull-down (all notifications on lock screen instead).
3 - option to turn off "swipe to open."
4 - control over what shows up in the control panel.
5 - configurable keyboards.

In no particular order:
1. Choose which app to open as default. if I want Chrome to open instead of safari, let me do so.
2. Better notifications on lock screen. Currently my jailbroken iPhone 5 and IntelliscreenX do an excellent job but i;d klike that integrated into the default OS.
3. File access to drag and drop files and .mp3s and be able to view/play them in my chosen app and in the case of music, without having to convert them to the personally hateful itunes standard.
4. Quick reply SMS popup, like BiteSMS provides.
5. The ability to 'freeze' some default apps and hide the icons so they won't show on my screen and won't auto-update. There are some apps, like Stocks, that I will never use so would like the ability in the settings panel to hide them and mark them as never to update.

1. I want Siri to work with third party apps like Spotify.
2. iDevices detected as removable drive like iPods of days past
3. Some way to combat battery drain in a place with crappy signal that doesn't involve turning off data/airplane mode
4. Somewhat unrelated but I wish iCloud was more like Skydrive/Dropbox where you could see what's actually in there.

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oops, forgot the most important one: ability to choose the default app for mail, reminders, music, browser, etc.

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1. Dark Theme UI and more customizable options

2. More options like Weather for "Today" tab

3. More options for notifications like Quick Reply

4. I don't know it Microsoft has this locked down, but I'd love to see our icons become "live" in some way. The red number becomes boring.

5. Siri multi-task. (i.e: "Siri, make a reminder to call my mom in 1 hour and call my dad right now.")

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1. Ability to replace any default app with an app of my choosing such as replacing Calendar with Fantastical 2 or Calvetica;
2. Nested folders to better organize apps and documents;
3. User selected automatic archiving of messages after thirty or ninety days;
4. Ability to prioritize notifications;
5. User selectable keyboard;
and 6. When the keyboard is in lower case, show lower case letters, but when the caps lock key is down show capital letters.

Here are my five.
1. More information available on my home screen. I don't need all my apps in my face all the time.
2. Ability to respond to a message via pop up without leaving current app.
3. More functionality with finger print. Lock individual apps, payment, dedicated finger pulls up app of your choice.
4. Swiftkey style keyboard.
5. Better folders, They don't look very good.

Please no more static icons! It's time for customizable widgets and/or live tiles! As it is, now some nearly 8 years in, the iPhone is in reality just an app launcher... Time for some real time information on the home screens...

1. Face recognition
2. Slightly bigger phone, only by about 2 inches at max
3. Black keyboard
4. Able to reply to messages without leaving an app
5. Sapphire screen to make it harder to scratch it

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1. Ability to move images into an album so that you can remove the photo from the camera roll and still retain it in the album. Currently, it requires iTunes to move an image only into an album.
2. After closing an app found via spotlight, display the home page (or on the open folder) where it actually exists, not where you performed the search. Sometimes finding an app when you have lots of pages or folders is a real pain. Spotlight tells you the folder name which you have to manually search for, sure, but if it is on a page, it gives you no clue at all.
3. Modal reply to SMS or email, without exiting current app or even unlocking. For completeness, integrate services like FB and Twiter.
4. Better built-in email features such as header filtering (so we can filter junk), pop mail email folders, and the ability to mass delete messages (e.g., Edit>Select All).
5. Allow choice of other built-in Apple apps, like iRadio, podcasts, Music, etc to optionally replace the camera app on the setting pull up panel. You can start the camera by an up-swipe on the lock screen already. Most of these apps are also secure, so why can't we just pick new music without unlocking? (Ok, maybe the app would have to be prevented from deleting media... but that's not too hard.)

Want complete control in terms of customisation for the control centre.

Want shortcuts directly on home screen to reach other screens directly.

Ability to vary folder or app icon size.

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Want complete control in terms of customisation for the control centre.

Want shortcuts directly on home screen to reach other screens directly.

Ability to vary folder or app icon size.

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I would like the ability to select and copy more than one thing to paste whichever one I want in certain places.
I'd like to have the bitesms ability somehow.
Ability to change wallpapers either from lock screen or control area.
Have Bluetooth turn on automatically when I turn on a Bluetooth paired device.
Ability to type anywhere on screen to search or open apps within apps or at least pull down (unless this isn't already a function for ip4 users).

iOS 8
•passcode to restart or turn off iPhone
•passcode to connect lighting cable to iTunes
•lock screen like Cover

Amber Alter notification:
•Photo of missing person and name
•example of what the car model looks like

•bigger speak to text button/smaller space bar

Improved notifications:
•hotspot switch
•LTE switch
•remove lock rotation

Where is the improved spotlight?

• ability to search by subject
• ability to create categories like playlist not just favorites

•group face chat
•Multi-tasking (minimized video screen) see other person while searching phone
•video screen sharing

Find My iPhone/Fiends:
•hide from individuals Toggle switch not just hide from everyone
•4 number short form pass code instead of Apple ID to sign in

Apple ID:
•change ID name when ever while keeping same account
•iMessage profile
•share iMessage profile with other iMessage users
•set iMessage picture that will be seen by other iMessengers

True multi-user Experience:
•multi-user settings with multi Apple ID's-ability to switch between users
•guest pass at lock screen -limited functions for friends work or kids

App Store:
•short form passcode to download apps
•wish list box for later purchases
(Not just on some apps)
•related page with more choices-not just apps by the same company
-apps like this
-apps in related category
-apps that are similar price

•remove near me tab (worthless)
•bring back improved genius tab but more intuitive

• hide photos or set passcode on photo app
• passcodes on all/any folders and apps

Games Center:
•hide real name from friends
• message board friends (linked to iMessage)
• more multi -player games (turn based / live)
• Bluetooth /wifi multiplayer games
•Ability to remove score and games from Game Center without having to download the game
•Ability to hide what game your playing from friends
•games linked across all devices with scores and purchases

Photo stream:
•video stream
•photos are never deleted from the cloud

• monthly stream services for movies , tv shows and music ( Bundle package iTunes library ) =per month, people will pay it and drop cable altogether
•wish list for later purchases that you can't afford now or not sure if you want to buy
• Purchased material can be viewed in all languages with Subtitles (ex. Anime)
•Search Movies by price
•playlist organization

1) Google Now like service with contextual and predictive notifications
2) Actionable Notifications
3) Airdrop between iOS and OSX
4) Improved SIRI and Touch ID (API’s)
5) Dropbox like iCloud (Improved file management)
6) Always listening/ Active display
7) Inter- app communications w/ true split screen multi-tasking for iPads
8) Improved FaceTime w/ group video

1. Maps that work.
2. Maps that work.
3. Maps that work.
4. Maps that work.
5. Native-language speech recognition.

If Apple omits these top five features, iPhone5S shall remain my last iPhone, and I will join the masses here in Scandinavia that have left the platform during the last 12 months as the iPhone market share has nosedived locally.

1.AirDrop between iOS and Macs.
2.Siri Enhancements (Prediction/active voice/offline mode/ scan apps - appointment in a email)
3.Enhance Notification center (new features today view/ reply nofication)
4.Map(offline maps/ delivery updated/Enhance map data, Transits)
5. iWallet

Safari nightmode
Account/Guest mode
itunes trailer/ app store worldwide
Weather - iPad
Linkedin and foursquare integration
Enhance Facebook and twitter
Group call and video FaceTime

1. Choose default mail, browser, and calendar apps.
2. Control Center customization.
3. SMS quick-reply.
4. iTunes and App Store wish list notifications (price drops, especially). That would make the lists actually useful.
5. Live icons (a la Windows) without having to use badges as a workaround (see Fantastical using badge as today's date, or weather apps being able to show current temp on icon).

1)actionable notifications
2) airdrop btw iOS and OSX
3)multitasking with multiple apps
4)customization of home screens( i want to be able to put 1 app anywhere i want on the home screen without following the grid format)
5) share photos and videos to any 3rd party apps i want

1) Ability to audio record phone calls.
2) Ability to audio record phone calls.
3) Ability to audio record phone calls.
4) Ability to audio record phone calls.
5) Ability to audio record phone calls.

That's all I want.

After using an Android for about 6 months, the one thing that I miss is the swipe-based keyboard options. I don't bother texting on my iPhone because I get annoyed at how long it takes me to type.

1. Select all for deletion in mail.
2. Select all for deletion in photo.
3. Fix the damn auto correct and keyboard for better accuracy.
4. Move away from the grid home pages and incorporate widgets.
5. Fix the Podcast apps iCloud sync function.

And as far as hardware get rid of that damn home button and make way for a more larger screen.

1) tags
2) better photo management
3) combine iMessages and FaceTime/audio and add audio (video) messages
4) shared documents to work like photo streams (document streams?)
5) shared safari bookmarks/reading lists with comments like photostreams.

1. Actionable notifications (or at least if you're going to ZOOM me out of an app, ZOOM me back into it after I press send, etc.)

2. Better Control Center functionality (like the video that ties in the multi-task feature with CC options)

3. BiteSMS or a Messages app like it... Also maybe tie in FaceTime to the app as well instead of a standalone since it looks like we're getting even MORE stock apps. -.-

4. To go with the above... Deleting, or at the very least, hiding, stock apps.

5. Pretty much anything that alleviates having to do so much double-clicking and switching between apps (like copy and paste functionality).

6. (I know, Top 5 Wants, but..) a better music player. I think the UI needs a major overhaul. I miss the dark theme of iOS 6, but have gotten use to the bleach out of iOS 7, but it's just kind of boring. I like how Google Play panes the album art (also making it much larger) and other UI elements from Beats Music, etc. also would like to have the same ability to show label information and what not that you get while syncing but if you use iTunes Match it no longer shows that's information. Kind of annoying and minor qualms but would still love to see it.

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1.- Better bluetooth keyboard integration. It's been improving, but I'd like to be able to control more features.
2.- More live icons when it makes sense.
3.- 5 icons dock. With the rumored bigger screen for the iPhone 6, there's a chance we might see this...
4.- More iCloud storage when you have multiple iDevices.
5.- iCloud accounts. So that I can login in any device and access my email, my messages, my photo stream, etc.

I would like to see an alphabet scroll bar in the folder source list in Mail. Also, I'd like to close my folders in Mail on my iPhone & iPad. Hopefully, iOS 8 may be the update I need to finaly see these features!

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I think the select-all feature in Mail is really something which should be brought back. It is mystifying to understand why it was ever taken away? There actually IS a way to highlight and then click and drag down to erase, but not if you want to select a certain number for mass deletion yet still keep a few. I have intermittently discovered this using the Magic Mouse on my desktop, & it's a matter of clicking on the right spot of the Mouse, & no where consistent. With all the mentions of bringing this feature back listed here, one would think a more comprehensive overhaul of the Mail app would come in any new update, rather than meaningless changes like flag colors, or whatever....

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1. List view of full day of calendar appts. In notification center
2. Improved weather info in notification center
3. Predictive info in notification center (eg Google Now)
4. Better predicative search web in Safari & Spotlight (eg. Google lets you hit arrows when you get the first part of the phrase right)
5. Ability to choose the quick launch apps in control center

(Don't say get an Android phone - this is a list of extra features I want to see "added" to the many, many features I love on iOS).

Typing in the iPhone is awful. iOS 8 needs predictive text but I would also like to see a Swype type of keyboard. I miss that from android.

1. Custom notification sounds for ALL APPS that have the ability to pop up in my notification center
2. Improve weather information in the notification center
3. Custom keyboards (such as Swype)
4. More options to send files in the messaging app (not just photo & video)
5. Siri voice recognition

Being a big palm Treo 680 fan, the only features I miss from my Treo 680 was being able to create/edit groups in the Contact app. The other four things I'm hoping for:
1:. ability to create folder in Note app like on the Mac
2. Preview app on iOS
3. Ability to pause a video while recording (a camcorder feature)
4.actionable notification for at least the stock communication apps

Oh I really hope iOS will bring back the quick Twitter and Facebook buttons in the notification centre like the Mac now or maybe put it in control centre. I really miss post quick text only twits without having to go into the Twitter app.

What about the option to mirror the iPhone screen on my Mac and also controlling it

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1. attach files/photos/videos, etc. to emails direct from the mail message
2. have the ability to respond to calendar invitations received
3. pre-define conference call numbers so they can be easily picked up when creating calendar invitations

1. A new user interface paradigm to replace the stale 8-year-old one.
2. A new user interface paradigm to replace the stale 8-year-old one.
3. A new user interface paradigm to replace the stale 8-year-old one.
4. A new user interface paradigm to replace the stale 8-year-old one.
5. A new user interface paradigm to replace the stale 8-year-old one.

In the many years since iOS was first introduced (and don't get me wrong, I've been a loyal iPhone user since day one, literally), the one big problem has been iOS's inability to adapt to your individual workstyle from an interface perspective. It's the same grid of icons, page after page. They're all uniformly sized and shaped, and can be so visually complex at times, that instead of being distinguishable, it turns into a big mish-mosh of visual noise. Have you ever flipped through pages of icons looking for one in particular, only to pass right by it because it just blends into everything else? I have.
'But you can search for the app by name,' you say. Yes, true, that is, if you happen to remember the name. Otherwise, it's back to the old pageflip scan...

Here's the point; Springboard is showing it's age. Badly. To the point where when the Nokia Lumia 800 and Windows Phone 7 was released, my first thoughts after using the phone for a bit were, "Wow. Microsoft has out-Appled Apple."

Today the "Modern" interface on Windows Phone is now cleaner, more customizable, more personal, more user-friendly, and more visually-appealing. Microsoft allows the base interface to be extended, so the lock screen can be customized to give you an at-a-glance status on what's important to you without having to do more than click the power button. Furthermore, the 'Live tile' concept which make the app icons themselves interactive and capable of displaying information without having to go into the application itself, are far superior than the icon badges in iOS, not only because they can provide richer, more detailed information, but they do so without breaking the plane of the icon and intruding into the grid.

Another thing 'Modern' does right is allow the user to resize app icons, making some more prominent and others less so. Those icons/tiles can also be arranged with empty space around them, however the user wants for further visual simplicity/segregation. And then there's the alphabetized list of applications installed on the device, as the only other 'page' as part of the interface, so the user can set up only the apps that are important to them as tiles, and leave everything else on the list page.

If you take a good, long, objective look at it, Windows Phone 8.1 really is the best phone interface on the market today (and the gap in "must-have" apps is narrowing at a rapid rate too).

But, what I'm talking about here is design -- good design -- which is Apple's strong suit; and yet, I would have to say right now, visually, we've got the weakest OS when it comes to that.

Jon Ive took a good first step with flattening the interface in iOS 7, but it's not far enough. It needs to be simplified further, made less visually-cluttered, and more adaptable; it's got to break free of the old "our-way-or-the-highway" mentality.

To me, that means making Springboard extensible with plug-ins. There's some exciting stuff being done in the jailbreaking community, a lot of which actually adds significantly to the user experience. Rather than trying to lock these folks out, Apple needs to embrace them, to invite them to the table with an extensible framework, to include their add-ons in the AppStore (which ensures their safety for end-users), and possibly to including some of these great ideas in Springboard itself -- or allow people to install Springboard replacements, much like Microsoft allowed users to use a different shell than Explorer on Windows.

But more than that, Apple needs to rethink how we're using our phones today as opposed to eight years ago, when the lead developers had been given a two-week deadline by Steve to finish the phone. We're still stuck with that old paradigm on a terrific piece of hardware that is light-years ahead of it's interface.

I hope that's made some sense; if not, let me know, and I will try and narrow it down further.

Thanks for asking,

As someone who migrated over from WP7 earlier this year, a few things that have frustrated me and I'd like to see improved:

1) Keyboard - show the keys in the current case. If you tap the "A" key, it should type "A" not "a".

2) Keyboard again - remember shift state when switching between letters/numbers/symbols views.

3) Social integration - Facebook data is only added to a small number of my contacts. You have to use third party apps to get full data added.

And a couple of very minor points

4) Notifications - swipe to close

6) Keyboard yet again - some sort of Swype-type functionality. I don't use it all the time on my Android tablet, but it's useful.

I'd like so see the following:
- more customizable home screen, get rid of the fixed grid, hide default apps, ...
- open more APIs to third party developers (e.g. Siri, Touch ID)
- Better/ improved or replaceable keyboards. I really like the Blackberry keyboard I have on my company phone.
- Finder app for iOS
- Support for iWatch

Also one point I like to have not restricted to iOS so not in my list. If I'm next to my Mac I'd like to see the notifications from my iPhone on my desktop.

- Martin

Multi user login or at least a Guest user login so if someone ask to use your iPad, they can not access all of your info

Multi user support on iPad would be killer for me as I came from the world of Android tablets and I really miss the thing.

I could add more than five, but here are the ones I would like to see:
1. Document repository for email so you can add Excel, Word, etc. files while composing an email instead of having to go directly to that specific app.
2. BT Mouse support, especially for the iPad.
3. Way to kill all open apps at once.
4. Something like RetnaPad to make ALL apps expandable to the iPad screen.
5. File manager.

Those are some of the must haves. Granted, you can get all of these through jailbreaking (which I have done), but you really should have to and most of these have been on other mobile systems for years.

For me the iphone is almost perfect, all I really want is , a bigger screen 4.7. Way better battery and ability to download different keyboards , those 3 things would make it perfect for me . I have a moto x as well as my 5s , lots of the android tricks are great but I can live without them

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