WWDC 2014

What are you looking forward to most from WWDC 2014?

Today's the day. At 10 a.m. Pacific time, Tim Cook and other selected Apple executives will take to the stage at Moscone Center in San Francisco to kick off WWDC 2014 with the keynote presentation. For those of us who aren't developers, this is one of the most exciting parts. The part where we learn about what's new in iOS and OS X, maybe even get word on some new Mac hardware. So, what are you looking forward to, what do you want to see?

The rumor mills have been churning, the banners have been raised – well, some of them anyway – and the lines are already forming outside the venue filled with eager folks waiting to get in to see it all unfold before them. We're not expecting a radical change on the iOS front as we got last year, more additional features than anything, but there have been whisperings of a visual overhaul for OS X 10.10.

So, what are you wanting to see the most? Drop a vote up top and sound off in the comments below!

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Reader comments

What are you looking forward to most from WWDC 2014?


I honestly don't know what to expect (other than the usual iOS and OSX updates). I'm not really expecting anything earth-shattering like an iWatch or Apple TV or sneak peak at the new iPhone.

I'm not excited about the home automation rumors, or even Healthbook (or whatever it's called) stuff.

It'd be neat to get confirmation of a larger screen for the next iPhone.

iOS 8 PRACTICAL improvements and news! That dark theme option, fast message. App selection in control center. Slight animations for app icons. That's what I can come up with now.
Better notification center too

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OS X 10.10 will be the highlight for me. Can we say that this will be OS X's biggest revamp since Lion, or since OS X 10.0 itself???

Alternatively, I'm very eager to see what is on deck for Apple TV; even if it's just an app store or some new hardware would be great! And a way to quick-reply to messages in iOS 8 notification center.

Another thing I'm looking for is inter-app communications on iOS 8; the ability for apps to talk to one another would breathe whole new life into the way we use our devices.

For example, LastPass could funnel your login credentials to open up in full-fledged Safari/Chrome/etc. browser, rather than keep you in-app with LastPass's inferior browser mode.

iCloud photo! All my pictures in iCloud. And complete back up of iOS devices in the cloud. 5 Gb is a joke.

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OS X 10.10 is want I'm looking forward to. I expect iOS 8 to look great but I don't expect anything too earth shattering UI wise. Some tweaks here and there no doubt. It would be nice if we get some battery saving software. OS X gets the makeover. Hopefully nothing that makes the Mac desktop indistinguishable. It would be nice to get a peak at something new hardware wise but not holding my breath. Cook and Cue teased something new for 2014 what that is anyone's guess.

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I'm most excited to see the changes in OS X. Being a dev I will be able to run the iOS and OS X betas so I can't wait!

If you aren't a developer, why are you at a DEVELOPER conference? Didn't you guys take a ticket from an actual developer?

I really don't know. I just know it's a mad rush to buy tickets. Do the press take tickets from developers?

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I honestly think the big news of the day will be software. And OS X will likely have the biggest portion of the attention.
I'd hope they have some great news on upcoming hardware but I don't think we'll get much information there, sand if anything is revealed I'm guessing speed bumps, not much else.

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Tough call, toss up between iOS8 and new Macs. Hopin for news on the Macbook Pro with broadwell.

Why is everyone hot for iOS 8 and cool on OS X 10.10? It's likely that iOS 8 will be a boring redux of iOS 7 with almost no changes, whereas OSX 10.10 is likely to be radically different from 10.9.

If there are no hardware announcements (also more likely than not), then 10.10 will be the star of the show. On the other hand, iOS 8 might have nothing really new at all.

I'm just gonna take a shot and say that perhaps we've just become quite a mobile-focused world, where what's in your pocket is in many ways more important than whats in your backpack. The big fight now is Apple/iOS vs. Android, no longer Apple/Mac vs. Microsoft/PC; perhaps that's representative of what's important at WWDC. Key is that Apple is the constant superpower in any tech game.

I'm most eager about OS X 10.10, as I stated in my comment; but it really amounts to new drapes or paint, doesn't it?

iOS 8 will likely have a healthbook initiative, perhaps inter-app communications, possibly split-screen apps, hopefully actionable notification center. These can significantly change the way we will work with our readily at hand (pun intended) devices.

Just my little brainstorm.

Was it last year or the year before where they said "if you clear a notification on your iPhone, it will also clear it on your iPad". I'm still waiting for that feature. Why is that so hard? Also, I'm definitely interested in both OS X and iOS - but admittedly more interested in iOS since that's what runs on the device I literally have in my pocket 24/7

Richard, I would say a majority of iMore's readers are all partial in regards to WWDC expectations. The "i" in iMore is the same "i" within Apple's mobile ecosystem title: iOS. It makes OS X a secondary topic, even since Peter Cohen's came on-board with his spot-on editorials.

So the survey above is interesting only if expectations from iMore's readers lean more towards OS X rather iOS. Which is not the case as of this writing (55% for iOS VS 20% for OS X).

Not having ever owned any Mac computer, this are my expectations:

1. iPad true multitasking
2. 12-inch screen iPad Pro announced for the fall
3. OS X interface adopts iOS design
4. Wearables

I look forward to them innovating something that has been on Android for years....

Honestly I how they come up with something new this time. AppleTV is starting to get my interest....