What are you most excited about in iOS 8?

We're now a full day removed from the torrent of information Apple threw at us at WWDC 2014 concerning iOS 8, and hopefully by now most folks will have had chance for most of it to sink in a little. There are so many different features to get excited about that it's probably hard to pick a favorite. But we're going to ask anyway. What are you most excited about in iOS 8? Does iCloud Drive give you the cloud storage solution you've been hankering for? How about the impressive new Messages features? Perhaps you're most keen on Continuity, the enhanced synchronicity between your iPhone, iPad and and Mac? Something else?

We're keeping it short and sweet on this fine Tuesday evening, but we've rounded up a selection of some of the things that we think are most exciting to choose from. If we'd listed everything it wouldn't fit on the screen! And that's where the last option comes in. Whatever your choice, drop us a vote in the poll up top and head on down into the comments below and let us know why!

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What are you most excited about in iOS 8?


If I had to pick, prob actionable notifications. But info am being honest, nothing right now. Just upgraded my aging iphone 4 to a 5s and iOS 7 seems so different for me....and super charged...

This is probably a minor feature for most, but I'm excited about WiFi Calling. I have been wanting to switch to T-Mobile, but since I don't have a home phone and none of the carriers get great reception in my home, I was forced to stay with Verizon and the Network Extender I bought. Assuming that WiFi calling works well, I can drop Verizon and switch to T-Mobile!

I'm super excited about Family Share! I have myself, my wife, and my three kids all using iPads and all are logged into my Apple ID so we can share apps and movies. Unfortunately, we've had a few occassions of accidental app purchases. So Family Share sounds like the perfect solution. Everybody can have their own Apple ID, we can still share apps and movies, and I don't have to worry about the kids (or the wife) accidentally buying something they shouldn't!

Me too. It gets even more confusing that my wife and I log into our Macs and have the same primary iCloud/Apple ID. I've changed that today, and come fall, it will be even easier. Hope for a Web Interface for managing it.

This looks good on paper but I have three kids, all with their own iPads and my wife has a phone and ipad which are all tied to my App Store account. What happens to the purchases they already have that are tied to my account?

I like the widgets in Notifications, but I'm hardly excited about it. Most of the new functionality is geared towards Mac users -- they phone calls from your Mac functionality is something to be excited about.

Definitely something to be classified as a 'refresh' and not 'upgrade'. As a PC user, it's just another big download ;-)

My favorite thing is the Continuity.
It'll be even better as secs begin to code in the ability for different apps to communicate with each other and share data between them on the same device.

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wi-FI calling supported by @TMobile in the US is my favorite feature, as well as all the tremendous power Apple has given to developers through the new API and the new platform to develop cloud services.

Still can't type a name to search contacts addresses.
(in "location" field in iPhone Calendar app, when creating an event)
Still have to copy from Contacts app then switch back to Calendar app & paste.

Still no "drive time to next appointment" in Notification Center's Today View. I turned off location tracking, too "big-brother" for me, besides, I work at home and go out to clients. It was useless for me.

But I suppose all the other "new" features are cool.

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Swift. OK, well, it's not an "iOS 8 feature," but it really is an advancement over Objective-C. The "C" part felt like a chain anchoring the language to the 20th century. All gone now. Free at last.

macbook <-> iPhone interoperability!! and yes iMessage forwarding of "green people" ugh YES finally!!! finally!!! About DP3 or DP4 I will be installing and moving fluidly and forward in my life everywhere...

Almost forgot. I think the TouchID API will be an incredibly disruptive technology. Being able to log in to apps (and web sites?) with a touch will be a killer feature on iOS 8. Just a matter of time before you'll be able to buy things in brick-and-mortar stores with just one touch of your iPhone (and iPad.)

"Doubling down on security" means more than one thing.

But you will get less features than someone with iPad Air, because of your outdated hardware iPad 2 users will see the least amount of changes.

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I'd be happy if the Podcasts app actually deleted episodes that I've listened to after I've synced my iPhone with my Mac. Right now I have to manually delete them and it's a pain. It worked perfectly when you could play them in the Music app but then they forced the Podcasts app in iOS 7. (I download podcasts on my Mac because half the time I listen to them from my computer so I only want them downloaded once and then synced onto my iPhone. It works for me.)

I can't believe that after all the endless complaining and whining about how Apple's iCloud "isn't as good as DropBox," that now they finally create a DropBox killer ... no one seems to care that much.

Also ... what happened to "Preview and Notes coming to iOS"? All the tech sites were so sure about that despite the mangled descriptions of their supposed functionality.

iCloud Drive is definitely what I'm looking forward to the most. It would be better if they let me host it from my NAS, or even a Mac mini server, but they gotta make their money by storing your files in in their "cloud".

I really only want it for my iPhoto library. Real-time off-site backup and accessibility to all photos in my iPhoto library sounds good. I have a feeling they won't have enough features in all versions of iPhoto. Like face recognition / tagging. I also doubt there will be full album control / access.

Bottom line, as with all announcements of anything new (especially with Apple) they give you just enough information to work up our imagination on what these additions COULD do, and we have to slowly find what they can't do. But those flaws never get fixed bc they are perpetually working on new half-baked tricks.

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I'm stoked but reserved. I want to see it in action and hope that it rises from the ashes of the mess it's been all along.

Uh it was hard to choose 1 option on the poll. I am excited about all of these features but I chose Quick Reply! Can't believe it took this long to finally see them implement this feature.

Without a doubt the continuity/handoff features. Being able to basically keep my phone off to the side all day while working will be excellent. Handoff will be great for the email drafting for me personally as well.

Also just excited for the updated look of Yosemite. Coming from windows 8 mavericks seemed a bit dated really but Yosemite looks pretty great.

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Without a doubt the continuity/handoff features. Being able to basically keep my phone off to the side all day while working will be excellent. Handoff will be great for the email drafting for me personally as well.

Also just excited for the updated look of Yosemite. Coming from windows 8 mavericks seemed a bit dated really but Yosemite looks pretty great.

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Being able to leave a group iMessage when my Mom and Sister get to rambling.

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I think Apple could sell a semi-polished turd to most Apple fans and they'd be excited. Just the fact that you never see Apple fans complain, backs up the fact that Apple's success has much to do with a fan-base that forgives a TON of stuff and breaks into frenzied applause when they get features they should have gotten 3 years ago. Now prove me right.

In my opinion they are doing the same thing again and again with some improvements......its like the platform has stopped developing.....thinking of switching to windows....thats where things happen......

Messaging is obviously one of the more exciting parts of ios8 but what I'm really excited for is developer's access to Touch ID. And I just don't want it for apps that will benefit from heightened security like banking or stock apps, I want it for everything!

The Dev tools and API's have me the most excited. What was announced will fix many of the issues I had with the platform.

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I picked "Other", because I think the "inter-app communication extension" is HUGE for the way we work on our devices in the future. Now that LastPass can feed its data to Safari, there's a huge premium of both efficiency and versatility here. Actionable notifications are HOT; but not as much as inter-app communications will make our lives much easier and more productive.

Definitely most excited about third party keyboards, but quick reply and continuity with my Mac are very close second and third.

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I truly feel as though the best features in iOS 8 are yet to be seen. All of the flagship features are great, sure. But for me the best part of all this is the new SDK. So much power and potential has been given to developers and the apps they will come out with later this year will be amazing. I believe a dramatic increase in the quality of apps on the app store will be very noticeable.

Apple only have so much time each year to work on new versions of iOS, and only a certain number of new features can be thrown into a single release. When iOS 8 launches, it will be all about the developers and the apps they're creating. Apple has really given chance and opportunity to their developer community. I have high hopes for the apps we'll see launch alongside, and shortly after, the release of iOS 8 and all I have to say is... bring it on, I can't wait!

Extensions and in-app communications probably. Looks like Apple is starting to treat iOS as a serious platform but they need to move their ass before Android 4.5 jumps further ahead with advancements. Health will either be just a nice bonus (like Passbook) or they have an iWatch ready. The sooner they release this it'll be better for them, and they're even forgiven for sticking with the classic old school HomeScreen or withholding the ability to change/remove default apps, Guest Mode etc. until iOS 9 arrives next year with those. But I won't forgive them not having such a basic feature as split screen apps on the iPad (a thing that was missing in 2010).

Toss up between messages and quick reply (which are obviously related anyway). But really that was the best Apple software keynote since the iOS 7 announcement. They are really pulling out all the stops these days. Can't wait to get my iPhone 6 running all of this goodness

Definitely extensibility. Now can just remain in the photos app and send photos to the dozen photo apps I maintain on my iPhone.

I'm interested to see how the developer cloud thing works out for us as consumers, because the big thing with Titanfall for the xbo and 360 is that the developer didn't have to worry about cloud implementation and could focus on a "great game" because of Microsofts cloud offerings this could also do something similar for us in it's own special way. Call me crazy, but this could be very big and most will never notice it's power it gives all of us including developers.

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The new built in keyboard! Finally! You'd think the existence of damnyouautocorrect.com would have clued Apple in that the keyboard needed attention years ago. I'm not bothered about the 3rd Party keyboards - never got on with those swipe things, I'm a tapper.

Family Shares, Extensions (to the Camera app and Safari), and inter app comms are also really good stuff.

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If I had to pick one it would be: Quick Reply. Reason being if you have to type a quick message opening it and unlocking phone to go to the message to type even a simple yes or no, can be a hassle at times when people are busy. But I would have also chosen in no particular order: Homekit, iCloud Drive, Continuity, 3rd party keyboards.

There are several things I'm looking forward to. The main one is the hole iPhone, iPad, Mac communicating to each other. Then we have the Airdrop Compatible with iOS and OS X.
You see i just bought my Macbook pro like1 a month ago and that was the first thing i noticed, that i can't Airdrop from my iPhone or iPad to my Macbook and that made me a little sad lol.

What I LOVE the most is how much they have copied from Android... and other mobile OSes...

What I love even more is how hypocritical it shows apple corporation to be. The way apple corporation pretends to be the great innovator that others copy, where the truth is, any good idea will be used by someone else. Mr Jobs even said that himself, but yet was so deeply in denial, not seeing the irony of his hysterical "thermonuclear war" cries.

Lovely day for Android... apple corporation's "mojo" has lost it's sheen... like a bitch-slapped woman scorned... it is now an also-ran.

Who cares who copied who? I'm pretty sure samsung has just rolled out a fingerprint scanner and working on 64bit OS shortly after Apple did both of those. Does it matter? No. As long as iPhone users and Android users are happy with their own products then all is good. ;)

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SwiftKey, SwiftKey, SwiftKey and SwiftKey! Followed closely by actionable notifications. The only two things I was still missing from Android enough to make me consider going back. Not anymore.

Actionable notifications and widgets are sorely needed in iOS, and I am so happy that their coming to iOS 8.

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Idk I guess when you have 95% of these announced features on Android it's harder to get excited. I guess the enhancements for devs since it should make for a better system all around by giving them more freedom within iOS to work with.

When you are a year away from upgrading your device. I find a software update refreshing, it's like getting a new phone.