What are you most looking forward to at the iPhone event? [Poll]

What are you most looking forward to at the iPhone event? [Poll]

Apple's 2013 iPhone event is only hours away. We've recapped the history of the iPhone for you. We've imagined the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c for you. And we've given you a complete iPhone event preview. We've done pretty much all we can do. Now it's up to Apple, and, of course, to you.

Apple has to pull off the show. Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, Craig Federighi, Eddy Cue, and whomever else takes the stage have to take the stage and own it, show off their new iPhone lineup and wow us, stick the landing and fully kick their biggest business once again out the door.

You're the ones who are going to have decide how they did, whether they wowed you, and what you're going to buy from them this fall and holiday seasons. And you get to start now. What are you most looking forward to at the event? Is it the new iPhone 5s, perhaps in gold? The iPhone 5c in one of a half-dozen bright plastic shells? Is it iOS 7? Something more specific, like the fingerprint scanner or iTunes Radio? Or are you holding out hope for new iPods? Vote in the poll up top and give me the details in the comments below!

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What are you most looking forward to at the iPhone event? [Poll]


At least a 4.5" screen. Otherwise I'm getting an LG G2. Sick of this small screen and incremental update bs.

Definitely not going to see a 4.5" iPhone. Call me crazy, I have my phone, my tablet and my (now barely used) laptop. I just don't get the Phablet phenomenon.

its all the commercials and other people saying its better. aside from being cool to have some games bigger, (not even many) i've yet to have anyone show me why they need a giant phone,

i mean if apple makes one at somepoint, im fine with it as long as they keep a normal sized phone too. i dont want to be forced to hold a VHS sized phone in my pocket.

I second that. 4 inches is the perfect size for me. And like you no one has been able to give me a good reason why a larger screen is better.

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More screen real estate and less scrolling. Watching videos on the bus or train while you're on your way to school or work. It's not like the Note or S series aren't selling well there definitely is a demand. Why can't Apple just atleast make a 5". I've had the S4 for quite some time now and havealso ttried out the Note 2 and 5" is just the perfect size. Not too big and not too small. I think 5" is the sweet spot for smartphones and Apple should adapt in order to steal Samsungs customers.

Where do you buy your pants? I know that no phone that big is going to fit into any of my pockets and Im not going to carry a bag around to put my phone in.... :)

Never had a problem with that. I usually wear fitted jeans or sweat pants and never have an issue with it fitting my pockets. I don't even notice I even have it in my pocket. But with Note 2 it was a bit more noticeable because it's obviously bigger than the S4.

I had an Evo before getting an iPhone and that was at 4.3". I'm all for #TeamiPhone but come on. Competition is getting stiff out there. Apple needs to distinguish itself once again. These little upgrades won't cut it when they have these companies releasing at least 2 phones/yr. Fingerprint scanning? No thank you. Where will this data be stored? On a special NSA server? Or on the device only to find out that it can be accessed through a loophole? Jury is still out on that one.

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There may not be a "good" reason why YOU need one but there are many good rea$on$ for Apple to make one. A LOT of people are switching to larger phones. I think Apple (and Apple fans) like to think of themselves as trendsetters and not followers but Apple will give in on this one eventually. I'm not saying they should only make a larger phone but why not make two, that way everyone can be happy.

Yeah, you won't be seeing that unfortunately. But if that's the phone that suits you and an iPhone doesn't, buy it. Android has gotten really good in the Jelly Bean era. Just make sure you don't have a lot of iTunes media because you can't take it with you.

I agree. I really want a 4.5"-5" screen on my next phone. It's better for taking and viewing photos, better for texting, better for reading text, etc. Apple's screens simply aren't big enough for the things I use my phone for. So, I won't be buying a 5S, and will be sticking with my current, long in the tooth, iPhone 4 for now. If it dies I'll either replace it with a 5C (if it's cheap enough) or will move to Android for a bigger screen, even as much as I'd rather stick with the iPhone platform.

I don't really see apple convincing me to upgrade my iPhone5 but they are probably targeting 4s users on a "tok" year.
so for me, the best news would be immediate release of the IOS7 upgrade.

What I expect

Apple will predictably release iPhone 5s and briefly mention iPhone 4c. They will show off some rather boring features in iOS7 to try and show how "iPhone 5s is the best way to experience it" on the "fastest IPhone yet". After the event, the interwebs will explode with hate-messages on associated articles about how Apple doesn't innovate, they are gone, I'm moving to Android, bye-bye Apple, etc. iMore will write countless articles about how Apple is doing great amongst a drop in stock and being able to meet shareholder expectations, and this will carry on for a couple of weeks. Then... iPad and iPhone 6 rumors start winding up.

Rinse and repeat twice a year.

Fingerprint sensor, because if it does make an appearance on the "5S," it will surely make an appearance on the iPad (5th gen) and Retina iPad mini. (And maybe some future iPod touch.)

Also, it will be funny to watch Google and/or Samsung try to copy the fingerprint sensing technology. Without getting sued. Time to make some popcorn.

Finally, a fingerprint sensor can and will make iOS devices even more secure, enabling an "iWallet" and retail infrastructure in brick-and-mortar stores and online. Most of the hardware and software components are already in place, and being used every day in Apple Stores. iOS 7 has a new framework that could support secure retail purchases. The fingerprint sensor (aka Touch ID ???) would be the tip of the iceberg. The final piece. The part that all handset makers will rush to copy, then realize that they have no infrastructure to support it.

Sure, Apple is working to disrupt the television industry. But don't hold your breath. Those hundreds of millions of iTunes accounts could give an Apple retail disruption some major momentum.

FYI android all ready had a finger scanner on the Motorola Atrix 2years ago. The HTC One Max is going to have a finger print scanner on the phone. Apple late to the party again.

First of all say something original instead of the copy and paste internet preemptive boloney. Did you even use the Atrix? Im guessing no. I did. It was horrible at best in its implementation. If Apple is late to it then everyone is. They can blow the door wide open for this tech addition to the smartphone segment if they do it right.

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1. Atrix was a failure, and the fingerprint scanner did nothing to make it more appealing. 2. If the One Max is going to have a fingerprint scanner, it will be the one being "late" to the party since it will be released AFTER the iPhone.

My bad. My comment was a reply to someone who replied to you. They appear to have had their comment deleted.

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Accessories are key. The smartphone itself is played out for a while... Smartwatch... Controlers of some sort. Wouldn't it be nice if your phone is docked or charging at your desk and you could just pause your music or see a message without having to grab your phone, especially when the boss walks by ;)

Working maps. Natural language speech recognition where you can talk to the phone, like Google Now. Hardware image stabilization in the new camera. The option to try an app before puchasing in the app store. You know, anything to catch up with the competition now innovating further and further ahead.

Looking forward to the "5S" the most, really hoping for the iOS 7 update to be live tomorrow, but It has not gone full GM yet, also looking forward to the New Product (s) Use, and build video.... those videos get me every time to pull the trigger.

Storage 128 gig, SD card another 128 gig. Cloud is cool but local is better at the moment. A better music player just load MP3 and bypass iTunes, a better photos app with filing and categories, a better email client with collapsing folders. WinAmp for music.

Yeah this 16/32/64 model doesn't do any justice to consumers. They want phones to do everything but with limited storage.

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Apple has to come up with something that wows the audience and analysts. I frankly don't know how but it has to be awesome. I personally believe the iPhone is near perfect, therefore it will be difficult. The ios7, new iPhone with some small improvements etc does not blow away. I think it will be extremely difficult for apple these days. I don't see anything mind blowing coming. So please surprise me and the rest of the world.

i like to see an iphone 5S with A7 chip and fingerprint scanner..there is almost no expectation for resolution increase but i would love to see it.. c'mon apple every phone in your class has full hd display...another thing is.. camera would be great but if apple add 13 megapixel camera.. in 5S then we can just say RIP to digicams(i know we already said that with 4S).. actually i m also waiting for iphone 5C.. and no.. i dont want to buy any cheap iphone i just think if they launch iphone 5C... ipod touch 5th gen's price will be slashed down... so i can finally buy a 64gb ipod touch.... ios 7 for older device is a retard thing to use.. it wont work well on my iphone 4 so not exited for it.. At last.. cheaper iphones.... ipads.... no significent upgrades over devices.. IOS 7 clearly inspired by Android... Man... i really miss steve jobs..... please do something with that icloud thing...

No camera upgrade ! Was hoping for a 12mp camera. Why not they didn't change the casing !

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Definitely iOS 7 is what I am most excited about. I already have an iPhone 5, so like others, I feel the 5S would have to be a lot better to get me to upgrade. Still, I'm really excited to see what all they have in store for this event as always. My biggest "want" this fall is iPad 5 - really hope those leaked casings are real!

Well since I am still rocking an iPhone 4 I'm very excited to see what the 5s has in terms of speed and graphics processing. Also I think a fingerprint scanner would be cool.

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I voted for other. To be honest I'm not sure what I really want to see. Apple has always had a tendency to re-imagine a product / category that I always thought was fine and design something that proved otherwise. I loved my blackberry but when the OG iPhone came out I was like Whoa...this is a smartphone. I know I will get the iPhone 5s, but I really want to see something that will kick me out my pants.

I'm most looking forward to the iPhone 5s because I'll be getting one. I also want to see everything else though. After reading about it, seeing leaked pictures, imagining what the price will be, storage sizes, etc. I can't wait to actually find out what Apple has up their sleeves. After the announcement like any other before people will be disappointed it's the way off life unfortunately. Not me I love the announcements and it's like Christmas in September so my anticipation is building.

As for the bigger screen thing, sure I'd use an iPhone with a slightly bigger screen. If it's bigger than 5" personally I wouldn't bother because for me it's just too big at that point. What a lot of people fail to understand is that Apple doesn't put things out because the competition is increasing. There have been multiple sized screens on Android devices long before today's announcement. They put things out when they are finished, use good technology that will provide quality and a good experience. This is why they are never first out the gate. They didn't invent smartphones or tablet devices but they made better ones. So for Apple the choice is clear put out a 5" iPhone that will eat battery power, need app re-designs and provide an all around poor user experience. Especially at a time when users new and older are going to have to get re-aquainted with iOS in iOS 7. Or they can wait, the profits aren't getting lower, until they have worked with developers to re-design their apps, gotten new screen and/or battery tech, designed a new case design to take advantage of the new screen and battery. Then put out a device with a bigger screen, better battery life and the usual great Apple user experience.

The fingerprint scanner is interesting to me because I see potential. Many people are saying "Oh a fingerprint scanner big deal, no thanks" but think about how many users want something as simple as iMessage quick reply. One of the obstacles to quick reply is security if you lose your phone or it's stolen would you want the person to not only be able to see the messages but be able to respond. A fingerprint scanner would help with that because instead of entering a passcode maybe it's a combination of simply putting your thumb on the home button for the iMessage to open up. This is just an example of things I see them doing with a fingerprint scanner in the future that could make it really valuable.

Honestly I am not getting a 5S or 5C as I already have the 5 and there is no real reason in my mind to do that upgrade. I am looking for the Retina MBP 15 to get the Haswell upgrade. I am ready to pull the trigger once that happens.

Call me crazy but I would love a new iPod Classic with some new tech, like Bluetooth, lightning conector, better screen, maybe 256gb or more so I can carry it like my Portable HDD also...

I'd rather see a iPhone 6 :)

In response to everyone talking about screen sizes; I have a S4 and before that I had a nexus 4 and before that I had A Evo 3D. But honestly when i got the Evo 3D i thought that 4.3 inch screen was the prefect screen size and all those other big phones were to big, then I got the nexus 4 and thought that screen size was perfect at 4.7 inches. Now with the S4 at 5 inches I think the size is prefect..

Point I'm making here is, you really do get use to the size of the screen once you get a bigger phone. But with that being said I don't think I'll be comfortable with a galaxy note in my hand , now that's just to big..

4 inch tall is fine, but at least add another half an inch on the width and they got a perfect phone for the iOS faithful.

I currently have both the iPhone 5 and the S4. I just can’t make up my mind what one I want to make my primary. I love the larger screen on the S4, but the OS tends to have hiccups every now requiring either a restart or make some adjustments to get things up and running again. Also the S4 Music/Photo area is not as good as iOS. Whereas the 5 runs extremely smooth, but the screen is small and the OS is locked down a little too tight. The main reason I want a larger screen size is because I am 6'7" and have monkey paws, but I want the OS to run smoothly. The reason I am having such a hard time is I like both and they have their pros and cons, I just can’t decide what one to pick. I guess we will have to wait and see what Apple offers today.

I do really hope that they won't release the iPhone 5C. Although its seems is much of a reality :-/