What are you most looking forward to from WWDC? [Poll]

Today, it's go time. It's been such a long time now since Apple hit the stage that excitement is at fever pitch ahead of the WWDC 2013 keynote. From the moment Tim Cook hits the stage, we really don't know exactly what to expect. We know we'll be seeing iOS 7, and we know we'll be seeing OS X 10.9, but aside from that we haven't the first clue exactly what to expect. It's actually pretty exciting!

The rumor mills have been in overdrive with talk of a new music streaming service from Apple, a "black, white and flat all over" new design for iOS 7 with Sir Jony Ive at the helm, and new Mac hardware powered by Intel's new Haswell chips. But, we're not here to talk rumors, we want to know exactly what it is you guys are most excited to see come out of WWDC. iOS 7? OS X 10.9? iRadio? Drop your vote in the poll up top, and jump into the comments below with your thoughts! And of course, don't forget to keep it locked to iMore from 10am PT/1pm ET for our full coverage of the event as it unfolds.

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What are you most looking forward to from WWDC? [Poll]


iOS backwards compatibility with old devices, even if I need to compensate Apple for not having the latest device.

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Everybody wants to see the new iOs 7... It will be funny to see people who wants change, but will yell that it's too much change !

You have pegged the entire tech industry... nobody is ever content (should we be?). It either "changed too fast" or "didn't change enough." I think if there is ever a feeling of content in tech, there's a problem.

I am very curious what the model will be for iradio.... Only free with ads, is there a way to remove the ads, etc. I am kinda psyched about iOS 7. But I won't see new hardware until next Feb and I wonder if iOS 7 will work ok on a 4.

I'm still holding out a sliver of hope for the watch. Otherwise, I'm a fan of the real world graphics and extra flare that is receiving so much hate these days.....I'm not sure if I'll be happy with a more bland looking IOS.

Watches aren't useful. I've had a few before. There's really no need for them. Watches are cool at first for notifications but shortly after they become just another thing to bump into the edge of a door.

You can always clip an iPod nano to a watch band.

I disagree. I like having easy access to the time and date. Much more convienent then having to pull out your phone, turn on the screen, and then replace the device. Plus, I think we've only scratched the surface of what a truly connected watch could do. Text messages displayed right to your watch, was that last email something important? Just quickly look at your watch and see if it needs answering. Easy access to switching music on a walk. The list goes on and on for a truly connected smart watch that is done by a company that knows how to do things right.

I'm really hoping we see more access given to developers. I would love to see 3rd party keyboards. I also believe notification center could play a bigger part of the device. It should also be pretty easy to allow app icons to display and update information so its not always sunny and 73 degrees wherever you are. Unfortunately, I think we are probably another year away from the developers having more access to the keyboard and other things. The refreshed look will be nice I'm sure, I just hope there is more to iOS 7 than that.

Pretty much no one is expecting the new iPhone to be shown off. So I think it would be hilarious if Apple in their "not expected" fashion of lately did both a "one more thing" and it was the iPhone 5s lol. Aside from things I think would be cool as hell I'm looking forward to finally seeing what iOS 7 has in store. I'm excited for the OS X stuff too but since I wont be able to use it till it ships that is not as exciting for me.

All I want to see is ios7. I still am on my iPhone 4 and I should be upgrading soon and I need to know what they have in store for me. BB10 looks promising, being that I was originally a BB die hart but IOS and apple are the ones moving forward and i will not get left behind again.

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I'm looking forward to all those tech bloggers that don't even use Apple devices in their everyday life proclaim that everything that was announced in the keynote is a steaming pile of fail.

Looking forward most to iOS 7, but, honestly, I'm excited for every rumored aspect of it. And dare I hold my breath for the fabled "iWatch"? Probably not, but it would be cool if they debuted one.