What channels would you like to see added to Apple TV?

Over the past little while Apple has improved their Apple TV channel offerings quite a bit and while it seems it's not enough for folks to ditch their cable quite yet, as a product the Apple TV is more compelling than it ever has been especially when you consider the $99 price point. It's pretty much at the point now that if you're already buying your content on iTunes, it's a bit of a no brainer to pick up an Apple TV.

With the exception of the Apple specific stuff such as iTunes Radio, Podcasts and iMovie Theater, there is 27 channels available to iTunes owners depending on region. The likes of Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Vevo, The Weather Channel, YouTube and more have been added with the most recent additions being Watch ABC, Bloomberg, Crackle and KOR TV but this post is more about what's not available.

Pretty much anything that streams content on the internet could potentially be added to the Apple TV and that leaves a lot of room. So, as it has been asked in the iMore Forums, what channels would you like to see added to the current Apple TV? Personally, I'd like to see Amazon Instant Video added to mix because right now I have to switch over to my Roku to get it and that's a bit bothersome.

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Dev from tipb says:

Amazon is high on my list as well, but really, the top of my list any major channel available a la carte instead of requiring a separate cable subscription.

That is what will ignite a sea change.

LeFrancoy says:

Exactly! À la carte choice with a buck-a-month per channel (or more for upscale channels) with some DVR functionalities and BOOM!

worknman says:

Lack of Amazon Video is primarily the reason why I haven't bought one yet, since I have Prime subscription.

igobyzach says:

Do you not have an iDevice? I use the AirPlay all the time with my Apple TV to watch stuff that isn't available on it natively.

snookasnoo says:

Amazon Prime runs like garbage over AirPlay. Many movies won't play all and many who do running poorly.
Also needs real Plex instead of a hack.

groberts1980 says:

Amazon Prime works just fine over AirPlay. I recently watched Contact in its entirety streaming from my Retina iPad Mini. I'm also using an Apple Airport Extreme, and my AppleTV is wired in, so that helps. It's just a pain having to use a middle man to get the content to my TV, which is why I prefer native apps.

jrriddle says:

ANYTHING in Canada. I'll take the CBC at this point

justinkoehn says:

The main thing I keep my Dish Network service for is sports, and they are usually pretty locked down to the premium packages. Just to watch all of me hockey and such I want, it requires pretty much the top tier package. I know I could get GameCenter Live for the hockey games, but is wish I could at least get NBCSN, NHLN, and the others for live streaming via provider authentication. It always seems though that satellite subscribers are left in the dust on this stuff though. The latest example of this is the new ABC channel they added. I dropped comcast for a reason....

groberts1980 says:

Watch ESPN is pretty nice on AppleTV. And they have a hockey package. I subscribed to MLB.tv over the summer and was watching baseball games most evenings. I think AppleTV is better than most for sports.

Derrick4Real says:

more than apps i wish they offered wider codec and container support. I still have lots of ripped avi videos, have quite a few mkv vids, not sure if it supports dts but i have lots of files with it. So the big thing keeping me from it is the several hundred gbs of files in incompatible formats that it can't play.

rayz336 says:

I'd rather get rid of cable authentication than add new channels

Wiz_Odd says:

While that's probably unlikely to happen soon, I'd at least like to see a single place to enter a cable password once where it can be seen by all the channels. It is a tremendous pain in the butt to reauthenticate all the time.

Becjr says:

Took the words out of my mouth.
(...Which is gross if you think about it.)

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groberts1980 says:

I agree, they need a way for people to purchase these channels without cable. I, like most people I would guess, use someone else's login/password to activate these. In my case, my parents have Cox cable and I use their login info to get all these apps. Without that, I wouldn't have any of these channels turned on. Yet I would happily pay to have them if they just gave us a method.

RC46 says:

I want a sling player app

thefivetheory says:


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Starcrane says:

xbmc on apple tv 3 please!

mikedshaffer says:

I second for Amazon. I'd love (but doubt we'll see) ESPN without cable subscription, in fact all the cable channels available that way. I'd gladly slide the channels a monthly fee direct if I didn't have to get shoveled all the channels I don't want. And I'd like all the back catalog of episodes not just last 5 or so while I'm begging....

cxc273 says:

My Apple TV wishlist:

- Amazon Instant Video
- The NFL
- Aereo (or at least access to live streams of FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC)
- Secondary sports networks (like Big Ten Network)

And like some folks, a single point of authentication.

Becjr says:

I'd like CBS & Syfy.

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Cupton says:

I'd like to see a Flixster or UltraViolet channel so that I can stream my UV movies that I'm not able to watch through iTunes/iCloud.

BenRoethig says:

Something Ultraviolet connected. I have the damned UV digital copes, might as well use them.

Becjr says:

That, sir, is a capital idea! I too have UV films that I'd love to watch via my Apple TV.

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asuperstarr says:

Universal Sports, BBC, Safari are just a few..

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asuperstarr says:

Universal Sports, BBC, Safari are just a few..1

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tool022611 says:

ID say amazon so I could get rid of Netflix and get prime. Right now I get prime on my older google tv and the experience is horrible.

robnaj says:

CW would be nice and amazon but I don't use it also something with ultraviolet

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AliffXL says:

Which channel to add in?....oh I don't know......an App Store maybe......so that we can install more channels instead of waiting for a channel to appear out of the blue?....

gravitypaul says:

In the UK, the ability to hide those channels I don't need. As for content, catch up tv like BBC iPlayer, 4oD etc, Spotify, BBC News, Lovefilm. The list goes on. Also wouldn't mind a refreshed, easier to use OS

PDeeby says:

Agreed. I think there should be some targeted regional apps, in the same way we in the uk might not be so interested in baseball/basketball etc, and that some apps are US only.
Of course an App Store would solve this pretty quickly, and we know it is possible because of the way we can buy and share music on the atv. However, If the atv store had more content (and were priced more competitively) then dedicated apps wouldn't even be necessary, but I guess that this is just what broadcasters are trying to avoid.
In fact shouldn't games also be possible, my 10 year old iPod touch can handle quite a lot of games still...with a much less capable processor; although personally I don't mind if the atv sticks to broadcasting style apps, my 7 year old would dearly love to play jetpack joyride on the tv.
I would also say that the only apps I currently use on atv, other than the native atv store are Netflix and very occasionally youtube, and that's because I'm not taking any more expensive subscriptions with such random occasional use, and that choice is limited to what someone else has decided for me.

spot1701 says:

I agree. iPlayer alone would go a huge way for towards me cutting the cord. Sky GO would also be great, but we'll never see that. But as well as an OS improvement, the youtube app is sorely in need of an overhaul.

Note: You can hide channels, by going to Settings / Restrictions.

kch50428 says:

Apple added Sky Sports Now, Bloomberg and KORTV to Apple TV for UK users today...

Kaye13 says:


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finalchapters says:

Australian tv network catchup apps. Australian sports apps. Australian content please. I love my Apple TVs but they really can do better in the content department down here

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Mardin says:

I want Plex! Nothing else!

Maybe a new UI.

Nick357 says:

Yes, as already mentioned, some regional relevant content. I own 4 ATVs around my house purely for the purpose of air playing on my iOS devices. With the exception of Sky News, the remaining line up of US centric channels are of zero interest to me or anyone else I know and I have to beam BBC iPlayer, Slingbox Player, TVCatchup etc from my phone or iPad. This means I can't use either of these devices for other purposes for long periods of time. I'd also like to see local NAS support enabled. I know it's doable, I've seen it in action but it's a shame that you have to JB it to do so.

dalyapp says:

Amazon Prime. ESPN without having to be a cable subscriber.

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frassboss says:

I would like to see Shotime, CNN, NCBSports (this 1 has to be live). And I would love if all future channels are a la carte!

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Galley says:

All I want is MLB Network. I'd be willing to pay $10 per month for it.

claustin says:

I find all these channels, other than Netflix and YouTube, to be pretty worthless. You can't use them unless you have a subscription to a participating TV service like Comcast or Fios. I haven't been able to use any of them because DirecTV doesn't participate. The only reason I would even want these is to catch a show I missed (torrent) or to replace my TV subscription, but since it's necessary to use them, it defeats their purpose. The only app that could kind of replace TV is Hulu Plus. I don't use it because I don't feel I should have to pay again for something I have to sit and watch commercials on, besides my DTV subscription. The apps I want are the ones that let me subscribe a la carte and let me kill my expensive DTV sub. But I won't do that until they get Sunday Ticket and NBA Season Ticket.

cardfan says:

I agree. The new apple tv apps are kind of worthless. It's a bad experience and one Apple should of said "no" to. A new update means more junk to hide usually.

jayzero76 says:

I found it funny that we need to know how nice service apple provides in the states! But what about the rest of the world?

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xcsdm says:

Infuse and Amazon. Then it would be THE complete media center.

fanta says:

Not really interested in any new channels until Apple and Netflix can sort out this SuperHD issue that has plagued the device since mid-November. Only then will I get excited about new content. Also, it would be nice to be able to remove the channels I don't use, but I'm a dreamer.

As for those wanting Amazon, AirPlay mirroring works perfectly as an option. Not sure why the author of the article mentions having to use his Roku for that.

RobertsDP says:

I don't care what channels are add as long as they are not tied down to having a subscription to an existing cable provider. I would love to pay an extra monthly fee for the channels I want without having to buy Verizon or time warner cable service

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Lt_Solorna says:

I would also like to see more TV's with CableCard access so we have that channel choice and maybe some way to get DVR/On-Demand for cheaper.

Stuart Graham says:

Almost every channel that has been added Time Warner does not support, Disney, ABC and HBO without paying the $10.00 a month, I'm seriously thinking of ditching my Time Warner.

Aergad says:

I would like to see some of the content providers utilize the app store and subscriptions to let me pick channels a-la-carte for Apple TV without requiring me to have an existing cable/dish account. I don't mind having to pay a subscription for the channels that I actually want. I don't want to have to be tied to my local cable company to get the content over my Apple TV. For instance, HBO could setup a subscription in the App Store for their app. When I am required to login, either let me do it through my App Store login or cable/dish provider. Of course, one of the big stumbling blocks with this idea is that most of the content providers won't want to share a portion of the subscription price with Apple. But, in a Utopian world, this would be a great option for cord cutters. Channels I would like to see follow this model for Apple TV:

Travel Channel
...and so many others that Comcast keeps their death grip on my wallet for.

BobJones19 says:

The Funimation App would be really nice.

Nick357 says:

I take back my earlier comments about UK relevant channels being sparse on the ATV. Today's news that Bloomberg and KorTV has been added in UK has been nothing short of a well timed answer to our prayers. How anyone in Britain has managed to live without business news and Korean programming is actually baffling in retrospect!

Beamman says:

I would like to see CBC channel added. It is over the air and supposedly free anyway. This would help in cutting the cord.

Blevincj says:

NFL games a la carte! It is long past due!

Trubador says:

Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Outdoor Network, Food Network, Animal Planet, National Geographic, EWTN, Fox News/CNN/CNBC, ESPN/ESPN2/FoxSports1. All a la carte w/O cable/satellite subscriptions. It's not that hard to do if the networks wanted to. They'd make a ton of money and at the same time know which b.s channels are a waste of $ and resources to either drop or niche market.

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LizJ58 says:

Two years ago, when I purchased my first Roku, I would have much preferred to get an Apple TV instead. At the time, there was little on the Apple TV box except iTunes and Netlix.

I would like to see Apple set up a App Store for Apple TV, like Roku's Channel Store, and encourage developers to create their channels, like they have for Roku. Surely they have the infastructure in place to do this at this point?

I would love to have Airplay and iTunes integration, but not at the expense of giving up Ultraviolet access (like VUDU, Target TIcket), Amazon VOD, and every other channel across a wide range of subject matter and genres that I enjoy on the Roku (everything from The Blaze, to Drama Fever, to OpenFIlm, to my own content and additional channels via Plex). And why not allow every religious and educational organization out there create their own channels, like Roku does? Let the marketplace, and the user, determine what they want to watch.

mikenyc2 says:

OMG. Slingplayer PLEASE!!! Roku just got the app on their device. Why not Apple TV!

michaelpat87 says:

+1 for Amazon, I can deal with Airplay but would love something native. I would also like to see Xfinity app as well, I hate that I have to go to my Xbox for this and I hate Xfinity's on demand UI.

congressdj says:

VUDU. I took advantage of a deal they had over the summer where I could up-convert about 100 of my standard DVDs to their HDX equivalent, stored on the cloud, for .99cents each. I can watch 'em on the XBox360 app, but can't do squat using my AppleTV.

groberts1980 says:

Amazon Prime. Showtime version of HBO GO. NBC, CBS, Fox version of Watch ABC.