What did you think of the new iPhone event? [Poll]

The dust is beginning to settle somewhat, and we're beginning to get our thoughts together after the mad hour long iPhone event today in Cupertino. There was stuff we expected, a couple of things we maybe didn't, and a whole lot of color. The iPhone 5c provided much of that color, perhaps at a price point we weren't expecting – or rather, we were hoping for something lower – and the iPhone 5s did indeed turn out in it's gold outfit. Not to mention a second look at iOS 7, now in finished form as it heads our way next week.

But, what did you guys think of the goings on from California? Apple events always draw mixed reactions, from those who utterly adore every second to those who, well, don't. New stuff doesn't always equal good, but there's no denying that this year's iPhone event gave us plenty of new stuff to talk about. Drop a vote in the poll up top, and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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What did you think of the new iPhone event? [Poll]


The new iPhone 5.1 will be on sale soon guys. Don't worry, Apple will eventually give you guys what u really deserve, a bigger and HD screen and a bigger battery instead of half of what the competition currently offers. Just hang in there it's coming!

expectations are way to high for iPhone events. The concepts leading up to the events are always amazing, and the inability to keep improvements/changes secret, really diminish the overall experience of Iphone unveiling.

That coupled with the 5c-which is nothing more than an iphone 5 with a plastic cover and iOS7 preinstalled-really made this keynote lackluster.

The gaming experience on the new 5s looks amazing (better than I would expect on any smartphone), and the finger print scanner is innovative (if Apple would've been able to keep it secret people would've been more impressed during the unveiling)......... but everything else that Apple has offered in enhancements is already offered on other platforms, including all of the camera features (minus the dual flash hues). A bigger screen on the Iphone 6 would really make the gaming experience insane.

Oh yeah wheres NFC? its more than a passing trend! Apple already dropped the ball on screen size back in 2011-12, don't be the last to have NFC capabilities too.

The 5S needed 128GB to make my day. Still pretty happy with the new specs but I guess I need to try iOS 7 and the whole package before making too many judgements.

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I think that there will be many people switching from Android to Iphone-5C. There are many people fed up of there low cost android phone that does not work.

Iphone 5c is not low cost. that is the biggest joke ever. Here in Australia I think it will be over $700! A true low cost device like a Lumia 520 (which also works) is only $150. People who need low cost phones will not be buying a 5c.

I thought it was a good event. The problem, in my opinion, is not high expectations. The problem(s) are the leaks that keep coming out before every event (and this is not just with Apple events either). If I had no idea about the fingerprint thing before it was shown off today, I would been out of my seat nearly flat lining. Sadly, because the leaks are out AND because it's very difficult to go out of your way to not look at them (since they are posted on every tech-based website), the big unveiling was deflated.

This is why I don't understand why some companies leak information on purpose. I have no idea if Apple knew this information was going to be leaked, but to the businesses that somehow have "leaking" in their marketing plans, I just don't see the benefit. If the feature is amazing, let it be amazing after the phone has been officially announced. Otherwise, what's the point of even having events to unveil information if it's just going to get out through leaks in the first place?

Agreed. It's like opening your Christmas presents early then expecting a surprise..

The media works sooo hard to unwrap everything prior that by the time you get there, and complain, I have to ask. Why complain? you set yourself up for no surprises!

A solid finger print scanner would have been a great surprise, so would have the multiple colors of the 5C and the greatly enhanced camera and 64 bit (something everyone poo poo'd).. buuuut, we gotta open early.

Leaking is a good way to drum up interest when there really isn't any to begin with. Apple definitely doesn't have that problem and would probably be better served with more secrecy.

Meh :-P Really wanted a slightly bigger screen... the old eyes aren't what they used to be. Also would have liked to see a storage bump. The added features are OK, but nothing I've been really missing. Nothing compelling me to upgrade. Maybe next year.

No preorders on iPhone 5S? Apple is apparently worried about how well it is going to do, if it is trying to create massive lines at their Apple Stores, on it's release date! And what's up with the fugly colors, on the 5C, just as fugly as the colors of their new fisher price OS! When did Fisher Price and Apple merge?

After the announcements today I am in no way whatsoever unhappy with my existing iPhone 5 and experiencing no 5s envy.

I think this about sums it up. Nothing announced today was Earth shattering but nothing was really bad either. If you don't have an iPhone 5 it's probably a great upgrade, if you do, you probably won't be disappointed with waiting.

I agree and not necessarily disappointed with waiting because the 5 is pretty freaking awesome. I just can't help but feel Apple somehow just cut us 5 users off so quickly.

Good enough. Now let's get to Haswell updates, Mavericks release, new iPads, some appleTV love, and rumor after rumor about the iWatch (my money is on summer 2014).

What I wanted:
NFC, IR, pen input, water proof, smart watch, huge screen, small bezel, notification light

What I got:
Something imperceptibly different to what is already in my pocket

I hope iOS 7 is interesting and not just eye candy. It needs to give me more than jailbreaking can but right now I don't think it will except in the looks area.

I'm not sure Jobs would have designed a phone that requires a case (or at least offered a case for a phone). Very unlike Apple.

The bumper was a last ditch effort to cover up the antenna problems associated with iPhone 4. The kick in the balls was that Apple charged $30 (at first) and wouldn't admit to releasing a flawed product.

It begs the question, why is Apple, once again, launching phone cases with a new phone?

They've finally accepted that the vast majority are going to put a cover on their phone regardless of it's indestructibility. Why leave money on the table if they can squeeze more dollars in their own accessory purchases vs letting customers get covers, bumpers, sleeves, etc at a competitor?

I think the main new features on the 5S are great improvements. 64bit processor (along with 2x performance) , better camera, fingerprint sensor. Each one is an awesome bit of technology. Two of them are totally unique to Apple. And I think iOS 7 is major as well. I'm not sure why anyone would be disappointed in those?

Will I upgrade from my iPhone 5? Nope. I'm on a 2 year contract. Would I be thrilled to by an iPhone 5S if I was a new cell customer, or if I was upgrading from a 4S? Absolutely!

The 5C is a nice, fun phone, but I think the off-contract price is still a bit too high. The market will tell us one way or another. I would definitely buy a 5C for kids/teens over a 5S.

I thought it went very well! I can't say it was the best one ever simply because there wasn't much element of surprise based on all the leaks. Seeing the new hardware and finding out all the release dates and all the things that were yet to be revealed, were nice. I wish they would have talked about more products though... :)

I was really hoping for a storage bump of 32 gigs for the smallest version. 16 gigs seem so small these days. Otherwise there was nothing really spectacular about today's announcements but nothing was really bad either. I still plan on making the switch from my android phone to my first iPhone ever.

I was planning on switching from Android to a 5c. I was very ready to pay $450 off contract for it. I MIGHT have paid $500 for it. I will NOT pay $549 for a phone that is lesser than the iPhone 5. I would say that is one very bad thing that came out of today's event. If I switch to an iPhone it will be to a used I phone 5.

Since the polling question was about the event itself, I chose "Good, very enjoyable" bc any event that features a surprise performance by Elvis Costello can't be anything less than enjoyable. As for the phones: I will be picking up my space grey 5S at best buy next friday ;)

I guess I feel it was lackluster after finding out that my "new" iPhone 5, that hasn't even been around a year as you all know, was discontinued. Kind of a slap to the face if you ask me. Speaking of, does anyone know the trade-in/sell back process of an iPhone 5 now? Hopefully it isn't completely useless, although now I'm really wishing I would have just kept my iPhone 4S.

But other than that, I thought it was pretty awesome. New 5S's aren't too bad, though I still think the Space Gray version isn't as appealing as the Black/Slate combo on the 5.