What did you think of the WWDC 2013 keynote? [Poll]

So, we've emerged the other side of the WWDC 2013 day one keynote, and Apple definitely left us with a lot to take in. There were some things we were expecting, some rumors that turned out to be true, and then there was the Mac Pro. During the two hours, besides the stunning looking Mac Pro sneak peek, Apple unveiled OS X 10.9 Mavericks, refreshed MacBook Air hardware, iOS 7 and iTunes Radio, not counting the countless new features on both operating systems that were talked about and demonstrated.

But, what we want to know is; what did you think? Best keynote yet, utterly terrible, or somewhere in-between? Lots of new stuff doesn't necessarily always equal good, but there were definitely enough talking points within this years event to keep us going until Christmas. As ever, stick a vote in up top, and jump into the comments below with your thoughts!

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What did you think of the WWDC 2013 keynote? [Poll]


First of all, I don't care, I'm still calling it OSX Sea Lion.

I don't own a mac, so the OSX stuff didn't really interest me at first, but I really liked some of the new features like the multi display features and finder tags.

As far as iOS 7, I'm extremely excited. Although I'll miss the standard Siri voice.

I did love the Sea Lion jab.

I'm a little concerned with the white wash effect .. it actually hurt my eyes a little looking at all that white background in iOS. I'm REALLY hoping we can have some theming control where this is concerned.. I'd rather a darker hue, grey's, or red's.. Time will tell..

Multi-tasking / toggles was a big win for me.. Card system, notification center and toggles were first available in WebOS (Though many android fans claim it was first, lol!.. I know, I used a Palm Pre, so did half of my family.. ) Loved those features.. Will love them just as much in iOS.. Just goes to show, being first doesn't mean you 'win'.. RIP, Will miss you WebOS!

Overall, I was happy, it will bring new life to my iPhone 5 come this fall.. if I don't upgrade. lol!

As for OS X, I was very happy with the productivity updates, full screen changes..

I will say this much, there wont be any theming control as far as that goes. They went out of their way to tell us how beautiful and transparent it is. I like it, to be honest so it probably on't be an issue for me. But I can see why some might want to darken it up a little.

Thats about the only way you will be able to control it I think. But even at that, when inside the app I don't think there will be any modifications there.....

I feel like every box was checked save one in iOS. At the same time boxes were checked in OS X that weren't even boxes before today.

I just wanted a quick reply for iOS messaging and thought that its inclusion in OS X was a sign that it would be there. I may still give up the jailbreak for everything else in iOS 7 though. It looks incredible.

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A bit disappointing...OSX changes interesting but more for power users than regular folk...iOS 7 changes expected and seem to be playing catch up with android...neither available till Fall...MBA bumps are cool, but how many folk need them?....Mac Pro does look a tiny bit reminiscent of the cube, but it should please the pros...later this year.

So...nothing earth shattering, and very little now.

This -> https://plus.google.com/105555694224602845621/posts/MSvi16ASHNi
...and this -> https://twitter.com/dgreichert/status/344208905049632768. :-D

Ok...no flame wars. :-D Overall I DEFINITELY loved Craig's style. He was the highlight speaker, IMHO. Schiller seemed mad at the world. haha

OSX seemed to clean up some stuff but nothing major.

iOS caught up on a good number of Android features. The overall design language is definitely more unified and I like that, even if certain UI pieces are very blah. I didn't see much of a push forward though but, as usual, the euphoria of "new" will hold everyone over.

iTunes Radio is meh. I don't like Pandora and definitely won't use this. I love how they included it in iTunes Match though. [quality decision right there]

Mac Pro looks pretty sweet and very beastly. I'm interested but doubt I'll ever drop that much for a computer again [iMac and MBPs work just fine]. Speaking of MBPs, where was their update?

More happy in the OSX changes to be honest. The new ios7 icons seem weak and the font is so flimsy

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I actually lowered my expectations today. I even thought that we wouldn't see so much of a redesign of iOS and I was shocked at all the changes. I welcome it all. They were great IMO

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It was really great. It just needed, "one more thing" to make it spectacular. Not complaining though. iOS 7 looks really great.

Loved this keynote. The very best since Steve IMO. They checked all the boxes. Infact they had me at MacPro. Definitely looking forward to it.
I'm sure apple stock is gonna reflect just that tomorrow !!!!

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Gutted about no update to the MacBook Pro, means I've got to put up with a Windows laptop until September at the next Apple launch event... Other than that, iOS 7 looks awesome - can't wait to use it! Interesting to see Apple taking a great app idea that exists only in the jailbreak community and baking it right in to the OS i.e. LockInfo, NCSettings, DeepEnd, iBlacklist (I think..). Also, goodbye to all those flashlight apps in the App Store!!!
iOS 7 + iPhone 5S + OS X Mavericks + Haswell MacBook Pro - roll on September!!!

I Loooved it. It was my first time Watching it Live and At home I felt like a Little Kid. Apple did a very Good Job with iOS7 I can't wait intel it comes out

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Because I do not own a Mac I was pretty bored and until they got to iOS 7. That was what I was waiting for and of course they saved the best for last. I am extremely excited for that update!

Boy, iOS7 is a much needed refresh and I am very happy to see that Apple took so many users' wants and needs into consideration. Same for OS X Mavericks. Definitely a home run!

The one thing I wish we had seen was a refresh on the entire MacBook line. Even if it was only cosmetic, it would have been enough for me to consider replacing my very well worn 2008 MacBook unibody. The idea of buying a newer version of exactly the same thing is weighing heavy on my mind, but it is saving me money... so far at least. :)

All in all, an excellent show. Glad to be an Apple user and excited to see what's next.

Nothing exciting. Got a MacBook Pro Mid-2012, and me and my brother will be building a $2K-$2.5K desktop soon, our way, so a Mac Pro isn't interesting.

OS X 10.9 - Stuff like app nap, Memory compression, and Quick Reply is a plus, so at least there is something to look forward to in OS X.

iOS 7 - Ill be sticking to my iOS 6.1 Jailbreak for a while. Someone will create a winterboard theme based on the UI in the upcoming months, just for kicks (it happened to iOS 6). There is nothing too much about it that I am hyped up about. New UI?? I got themes like Ayecon, Wazi, and Colorific so I won't be stuck with the same look. Lockscreen launcher, grabby, pluck, and LSFlat Alerts are just a few tweaks that I have gotten too used to simply just upgrade. The find my iPhone update is nice, but I feel like a loop hole around it will be found soon enough. I am also surprised Quick Reply isn't in this update. Perhaps 7.X will bring it.

I've heard Android users saying that, and WinPhone cited as well. It reminded me more of WebOS. IMO we've reached the edges of UI optimisation so now we'll see variations on a theme. That's not actually a bad thing.

Yes, I thought it looked very Android-y (and recent-app-ish). I don't mind that so much, but the icon colours are a bit neon for my taste.

I'm kinda only interested in iOS side of apple.
,my iPhone 5 will look brand new with iOS 7,pity we didn't get to see iPad version.
Overall I pretty satisfied in what presented!!

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Why is their no Totally fucking epic Option in this poll? Lol it was the best I have seen with apple under Tim cook and one if the best ever but still not a jobs Level of Enthusiasm or Casualness but Despite that vary good. As for the new look of iOS I love most of it I'm not a big fan of the safari icon or App Store icon but every thing else looks nice maybe they will refine the safari icon before they Release it to the public

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I really liked the changes in OS X Mavericks. It looks like a really impressive update (especially if it's priced like Lion/Mountain Lion). As someone who uses dual-monitors at work (for video editing), this is an extremely welcome update.

The visual overhaul of iOS looks interesting. I think it's going to take a little while for me to get used to the drastic changes before I can render a final verdict, but overall I like the look.

I think the biggest thing that's missing is inter-app communication. That's the biggest thing that iOS is missing. Whenever I use an Android device, it's so much easier to get data between apps.

I can't say this was the best keynote yet since the original iPhone keynote was such a major wow... but... I'm very excited about iOS 7 and the next Mac OSX.

I loved the keynote it was good to see them making jokes so it wasn't this rigid keynote. It was still qaulity there weren't a lot of hiccups and things not working. All the things they had to show were really great things and as usual they didn't disappoint me on what they provided. I loved the jokes and the obvious jabs at Google it was entertaining.