WWDC 2014

What did you think of the WWDC 2014 keynote?

With the 2-hour whirlwind that was the WWDC 2014 keynote now behind us, it's time to take a step back, take stock, and think a little about what we saw. The announcement of OS X 10.10 Yosemite, iOS 8, many new features across each platform and some shared between them. No doubt both will be big releases for both developers and consumers alike, but having seen it all unfold, what did you think of the keynote?

We didn't hear anything on the iTunes front, nor anything about Apple's retail numbers, both of which have been featured in many an Apple presentation of old. Was there any need, though? We weren't exactly left with nothing to consider and Apple's renewed focus on its developers is admirable.

So, what did you think of it all? Drop a vote in the poll up top and sound off in the comments below!

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What did you think of the WWDC 2014 keynote?


I actually watched the whole Keynote from start to finish. A first for me, so I can't compare it to anything, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to finally catch it.

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I enjoyed it a lot and I thought it was pretty funny. The jabs at android were funny, and the jokes here and there were pretty cool (duckface selfie)

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Hmm. Praising devs off the bat after originally not wanting third party apps on the phone.

Completely copying the Alfred app. Did they buy them and I didn't hear about it?

iCloud Drive? Finally, but come on, you couldn't come up with any kind of original name?

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If Apple has decoupled the product announcement schedule from WWDC then OK, If not then WTF happened to Apple and hardware??

iOS hardware hasn't been at WWDC for the past few events now, it comes later in the year. Last year we got some refreshed Macs and a look at the Mac Pro. We've had some refreshed Macs already this year.

And this time exactly what hardware was refreshed?? I didn't say IOS by the way. I miss innovation my ass, don't you??

They updated the Macbook Airs just some few weeks ago..

The preview of the Mac Pro was a special thing last year.. they never announce usually 6 months ahead.. They only did the Mac Pro to let the Devs (who use Mac Pro's) to know whats coming.. so really.. the Mac Pro fit in.. other consumer facing items not so much..

Besides.. it's not called World Wide DEVELOPER Conference because it's a hardware show. lol

Ya. I was hoping for a hardware announcement. I never get too excited over software, but I am excited about iOS 8 and the OS X tidbits.

Well touché Mr Cook touché. He just did something that will never be done on Android. He just allowed apps to share data. I mean wow I'm no Apple fan boy, but damn! Exposing an API like that again damn. Once you get hooked into that system they own your ass for life (not a smart ass comment).

No I don't own an IPhone and can't see myself getting one (I do own 2 ipads) anytime soon.

No, he allowed it to happen securely.. that was the message.. You must have missed the part about the massive amount of Malware on Android compared to iOS.. lol

No I heard that. That's what I'm saying. It will never happen on Android. The very nature of the OS means it's not secure. Now Windows Phone is a different story, but Microsoft is so slow they'll never get it together.

So you believe 99% of Android device is malware infested

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That wasn't the claim at all. He never claimed that all Android devices are infested. The claim is that of all malware that exists which is designed for and targeted at mobile devices, 99% of those are designed for and targeted at Android.

A further 1% of malware in existence is specifically made for and targeted at other mobile operating systems, including Windows, Blackberry, Unix, Firefox, Tizen and yes even iOS etc.

Well it makes sense to target the OS with the largest market share and potential amount of users. Same reason windows has so much more malware and virus compared to macs

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Massive amount? Please point to a breach of Android in America that has cost Android users any amount of money.

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Massive amount? Please point to a breach of Android in America that has cost Android users any amount of money.

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I think if you live and breath Apple and Love Love Love ios devices this thrills you. I think if you could go either way or don't really have an opinion the announcements were very "meh." I notices lots of happy imore comments here and in the forums. But on non apple tech blogs i noticed a collective shoulder shrug. Well and obviously the apple haters were posting as well about their android love. But i think there's some interesting stuff but nothing groundbreaking, lots of features added that are on other platforms already. Personally, i don't think phones have a ton more big announcements to make so it's kinda hard to expect some new blockbuster feature regardless of the OS maker or phone maker.

Sort of summed up by cnet "iOS 8 is shaping up to aggregate a raft of minor-but-useful additions to the OS. There's no one feature to dominate headlines. " i think if you love ios it's great if you could go either way it's like "er ok."

Really? Information is the future and whoever figures out how to seamlessly integrate that into a persons life will rule the world. Hell their API alone will be worth Billions if people use it.

Already happened. It's called the browser. I don't have an issue getting the information I need. And the person with the biggest guns and willingness to use them will always rule this world. Well at least until women start running most countries.

Regardless go to non apple websites and check the reaction. It's a collective "no hardware" "android already did that" "looks like taking cues from windows" "don't see much groundbreaking." I didn't write that cnet comment either. that came at the end here http://www.cnet.com/products/apple-ios-8/

my friend even sent me a text cause he knows i have an iphone saying, "is this supposed to make me want to buy an iphone?" he was being sarcastic. Hell i was actually asleep so i didn't know what he was talking about, lol, until he elaborated.

No one...no one has done what they are doing.
Really I'm not a fan boy I just work in IT and data is my specialty and I can tell you that what they just did is change the game. Of course it will mean nothing if no one buys the new the hardware or installs the new OS.

Let me just say this Samsung, LG, HTC, and all the other phone makers just got screwed, because they can not do what Apple just did. Google and MSFT will have to step up or get shut down. All cell phones are good enough unified control of the information is the next battle ground and apple just fired the first shot.

"Of course it will mean nothing if no one buys the new the hardware or installs the new OS."

Apple should have no problem with either one of those requirements

I agree with you Derrick. There was really nothing earth shattering announced. There were a few cool features but nothing overly original or new. SMS forwarding on the Mac was probably the coolest thing announced.

I'm not a developer, so I'm not educated enough to say how the new Dev tools will be.

I disagree. The continuity features alone are very compelling. Plus, Apple just filled in a lots of holes in their feature set that users have been wanting for a while.

Saw the whole Keynote and came away impressed. Excited about the features coming to iOS 8.

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Saw the whole Keynote and came away impressed. Excited about the features coming to iOS 8.

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My head exploded. The integration between the phone and the Mac is amazing, and will provide a halo effect for Apple as big as the moon.

Loved every aspect of it. But it wasn't "the best yet". Last years was the best for me, It touched the user in me, I really got what I wanted from iOS all along(UI wise) also Mavericks performance enhancements were incredible too.
This year how ever Apple touched (more like banged!) the developer in me! Other Devs and I are going to do wonders with Yosemite, iOS 8 and the sweetness that is Swift. Just wait and see.

Greatest yet. And just what I was wanting. Ecosystem upgrades. Laying down the foundation for a better experience and future hardware. Apple hit a homerun.

I absolutely loved it! Craig is a fantastic speaker, and Apple seriously threw down the gauntlet, giving us just about everything but the kitchen sink in features. There isn't much left to level up with now against Android, is there?

Apple changed the game yesterday with such things as extensible apps (inter-app communications), Swift (a modern new developer language that relegates Objective-C to the dinosaurs, and will spur a whole new generation of developers with Swift's accessibility) and Continuity (cross-device productivity).

I would have liked to have seen attention given to a new Apple TV (perhaps that will be in an NDA developer track) and for Apple to extend Maps to their browser-based iCloud suite (but that may be something more appropriate for the official fall OS rollout). I'm sure these are coming, it's all in due time; so I'm cool with that.

I'm not sure what it would have took for me to press the 'Best one yet' button in this poll; keynotes such as the iPhone & iPad rollouts were definitely the best of their time. But this keynote is right up there towards that arena and I am ecstatic with the pulse of Apple. They're listening, and they're having fun. Those are great signs.

Does any app on Android do the communication between apps thing? I don't recall seeing anything quite like it before thus conference.

My big highlights were the health APP, Enterprise, and the whole section geared toward developers. I think Metal and Swift will be really awesome for developers.

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Inter-app communication has been on Android for awhile now, but it's new for iOS.

The distinguishing factor is that it will be done much more securely on iOS, without all the security/malware holes that Android has.

Now that iOS matches & exceeds Adroids features, you may be better served coming back to the iPhone.

The integration that is coming between OS/X and iOS I think is great. I hate the fact that they have flattened things out in OS/X. It is that 3D look and feel that I love about the Mac, that and the fact that the Hardware is the best in the industry.

I like the idea of the "Continuity". Being able to start an email on my Mac and finish it on my phone. I can use that every day. Being able to answer calls from my Mac. AWESOME!!! and now I can SMS text those few friends that have made the Android mistake from my Mac like I can send an iMessage to those that have an iPhone.

This features will out way my hatred of the Flat OS.

Well, that iOS8 might just be what could make me switch back from my current Android phone, provided the next iPhone is over 4'. The new active notifications, interactions with the MacBook, etc. I'd have liked the ability to make any browser my default browser, but Ill just continue using my jailbroken iPad to surf the web.

I was surprised by just how many long-awaited features Apple finally rolled out. The continuity features especially look amazing. And while I can't speak for developers since I am not one, it does look like some great stuff came out for them as well which of course is good for all of us.

At the end of the day it's the software that makes the hardware shine and my impression of this year's announcements at WWDC are that Apple has taken OSX and IOS to a new level, with refinements and enhancements across the board. OS 10.10 looks fresh and they have knocked the look out of the park. IOS 8 builds on IOS 7 with some fresh features. Both OS's are being enhanced to work together better than ever, and any IOS user that hasn't yet been brought into the Mac world will be more and more tempted to.
iCloud Drive finally makes iCloud a more complete solution and will probably finally be the catalyst to Dropbox dropping their prices which will be an added bonus. I'd expect Dropbox to announce something sooner rather than later.

Remember back in 1994/95 when people stood in long queues to pickup a copy of Windows 95 and the excitement that brought? Or waiting in anticipation for your technet pack to arrive to see all the goodies. Well the only tech company that still generates that level of excitement in people is Apple and that's a fact. Microsoft lost it years ago and that's been their biggest problem.
I'm looking forward to the fall.

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I decided to change my vote deservedly to "Best one yet!" for this WWDC, because this is obviously a new Apple we're dealing with and this new Apple seemed to pack everything including the kitchen sink into the features of it's OSs. Perhaps the 2007 iPhone release & the 2010 iPhone 4 release were spectacular WWDCs, but so was this in its own right. When Apple excites its developers, as it has this time, that means something special is happening.