What do you think of the iOS 7 Photo filters? [Poll]

So, iOS 7 has filters in its Camera app, but what do you think of them? Filters are quite literally everywhere today, with what started at Instagram now spreading far and wide across our favorite mobile apps and services. Twitter has them, so does Google+, not to mention the countless different iOS camera apps that implement filters in some way, shape or form. Maybe someone should sell glasses with interchangeable filter lenses, so we really do see everything through a filter? With such coverage, it was perhaps inevitable that Apple would eventually add their own take on it to their iOS camera app, but do they look any good?

Rene has already previewed the iOS 7 camera, as well as pitting the on-board filters against some of those from popular competing products. If you haven't given those posts a read yet, definitely do so while you're making up your mind. It's important to remember too, that since iOS 7 is still in beta, anything could theoretically happen between now and final launch. But, they're here, and for the most part we can get a feel for how they're looking. So, what do you think? A good job, absolutely awful, or somewhere in-between? Drop a vote in the poll up top, and head down into the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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What do you think of the iOS 7 Photo filters? [Poll]


I still think they should have left filters to the iPhoto for iPhone app. This just complicates taking a simple picture for the sake of being comparable to Instagram