What do you want to see in iMore app 3.0?

What do you want to see in iMore app 3.0?

iMore for iPhone version 2.0 only just launched but we're already in the early stages of work on iMore app 3.0 and one of the very first things we wanted to do was ask you, the iMore community, what you want to see?

We'll be doing some obvious architectural things, like switching from Drupal-based authentication to our awesome new Mobile Nations Passport system, and moving things like text size selectors to a dedicated settings screen so your choice persists once you make it. But we'd love to hear from you on some of the other options.

For example, would you like to see an iPad interface? iMore is a website and the iPad has a great, full-sized web browser, so would an app version of the site really make a big difference to you? Would things like the favorites, podcasts, and tab-based sorting make your iMore-on-iPad experience better?

Search is something else that we get a lot of requests for. However, we wouldn't want to cache the entire 5+ years of iMore on your iPhone, so that means web-based search is the only practical alternative, and again, is that something that's better done in the browser?

We currently push comments off into a second screen so loading them doesn't slow down the main article, but is that convenient for you, or just one extra tap too many?

What about the iMore Forums? Right now they're in a separate app, but would it better for you if we bundled them together into one super iMore app?

What about the overall design? Is there anything we could do there to make your experience better?

iMore, Nickelfish, and everyone at Mobile Nations is dedicated to making the next version of the iMore app absolutely the best ever, so let us know -- what do you want to see?

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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What do you want to see in iMore app 3.0?


I would like one app for all content. I would like am iPad app. I would be just fine having comments load immediately with an article.

Like two-finger swipe this way will do this and swiping this way with (insert number) fingers this way does this, etc.

1 super imore app to include forums! Also, on my iPhone (4s iOS 6.*) some articles don't load properly. Please fix that.

To main reason I don't use the app is because it doesn't allow you to go back in the history to see articles you have missed like you can on the web version. Maybe it's possible and I just haven't figured it out.

"...we wouldn't want to cache the entire 5+ years of iMore on your iPhone, so that means web-based search is the only practical alternative, and again, is that something that's better done in the browser?" Your request is what many other people want as well, but that would have to be cached onto the device using storage space and would take a while to download to your device... But I'm not saying a feature like that wouldn't be useful...

Everything under 1 super app. Also sometimes it seems like the app lags behind the web with posts, or is that just me maybe...

Mine also lags several min to an hour. Sometimes an article will show up, then disappear for a while and reappear in the app. Weird.

I mainly use the website, as I would see more comments on the web page than on the app. Whether that is due to caching somewhere along the pipeline or some other cause, it made me prefer the website. (This was shortly after 2.0 release, so perhaps it is different now.)

I would like the forums to be in the main app. As it is, I don't use the regular iMore app because I read the articles via RSS. Occasionally, I'll pop over to a browser if there's an article I want to comment on (like this one). An iPad optimized app wouldn't make a big difference to me because, again, I generally read articles via RSS.

iMore app is not so power full, when ever i use I get confused. make it simple and user friendly.

1. iPad app - iMore not a habit yet for me due to the jump to web when on iPad. For me, more reading time is iPad vs iPhone. .
2. search is required, or at least keyword themes. Going back to web
Internally is fine, but don't make me do it Again, you get in the way of an imore habit forming. It is amazing that I don't spend much time here considering how much I like the content. Eg Quick...all articles and tips on Siri!
3. One app definitely
4. Comments ...nice it's fast, but you are losing traction to the discussion. Might be nice to see a called out comment type o thing load with the story. That would trigger me to bother to see the rest. Now unusually just skip it because its not there. Saves me time, but I'm not engaged like I would be if reading the comments.

"Search is something else that we get a lot of requests for. However, we wouldn't want to cache the entire 5+ years of iMore on your iPhone, so that means web-based search is the only practical alternative, and again, is that something that's better done in the browser?" I agree that search is really important, no matter how long it takes.

Maybe make it a Settings option. I'm o.k. with it taking space while others may not be. I don't want to be tied to just current reading, I want to be able to look for articles, esp. "how-to's".

Thanks for a fine app, site, and podcasts. All are getting better by the month.

Comments should load on the same page as the story. Forums should also be in the app. It needs more cow bell as well.

For starters;
All mobile nations content accessible through this app,
Top and bottom menu bars to disappear when reading content,
Access to the forums
Some gestures to make navigation speedier
Give me these and I'll suggest more ;)

Forums would also be nice in the app.

And I may be in the huge minority in this, but since we're able to listen to all the Mobile Nations podcasts from the iMore app, it'd be nice to see a section for maybe the last few articles from the other MN sites, since I read Android Central and WPCentral quite a bit as well.

I just got an iPad, and would love to have an iPad vapp version of the website, with the possibility to visit and post in the forums, browse and search through the reviews and posts from the iMore team, etc...

I have not seen this posted so it must be my iPad. The current app freezes immediately upon opening. I can sometimes go to another app and return and often is OK. Sometimes I just have to go to iMore on the web browser.

Like others with the forums :-)

Rene I seen u two weeks ago walking in the apple store as I was walking out in the mall (point Claire) I was going to ask for a pic with you but you were on the iPhone lol

1. Logging into the app with social accounts.
2. More consistent design. Sometimes the layout and navigation buttons are confusing.

Re: "logging in with social accounts"
Um, ok, as long as its NOT the required way to log in. The only "social" account I have is twitter, and I rarely use it. Any apps I download that require logging in using a social account (especially Facebook) immediately gets deleted from my phone.

Logging in with social accounts…
Absolutely not if its required. As an option for those who want to? Fine. Otherwise no.

Including the forums would be good.

Don't think you really need an iPad app since iMore works just great on Safari.

Really wishful thinking on my part: a BB10 version so that I can keep up with iMore while I'm on my Z10 :)

I'm a font nerd, so the fonts and designs are a bit old. All the flourishes and transitions are too flashy and hard to implement, but nice fonts and typefaces would be cool. The iOS look has become a bit boring. Love the 2.0 icon though!

1. Ability to edit a comment I posted
2. Access to the forum
3. Ability to edit my account profile
4. Access to blog view of the other mobile nations sites with ability to comment.

All mobile nations content. Crackberry, windows phone,android central, and in suppose webOS for good measure lol. Also able to access all of the forums from this app would be nice too.

I don't think putting the forums in would be a good idea because the point of mobile is doing stuff better and faster, as it stands now the app isn't the fastest to load so adding forums would slow it down more if it could be done without slowing the app down it wouldn't hurt but I would much rather see a faster app then one that has everything

1. Shorter swipe gesture in landscape orientation so you don't have to have to switch fingers quickly to be able to refresh in landscape.
2. I also would like to be able to go back, maybe not the whole five years, but the last couple weeks to a month at least. Things that are still in recent memory that you may want to show someone.
3. I'm fine either way on a super app, I use Tapatalk 2 anyway so having the forums inside the iMore app doesn't really affect me one way or the other.
4. I'd rather the comments still be on a second page, at least for now. Sometime posts have trouble loading and need to be exited and entered again to load so you can read them.
5. The iMore app also stops loading a video if you choose to play it in portrait and while it's initially buffering if you switch the landscape it's cancels the buffer and stops loading the video so you have to select it again. I can load video fine that way online and it other apps.
6. I post a comment, someone replies, it shows my comment quoted. I reply back to that comment, my comment is still the one quoted and I look like I'm talking to myself. I would like to see that fixed as well.
7. Maybe make it a little more home screen like, as in have the dots at the bottom of the screen instead of what section you are in. In settings you can rearrange what sections are where and from the main screen you can just swipe along the bottom to change sections rather than physically selecting it and having to go to more to get the sections that aren't there.
8. Instead of web based for iPad, how about more streamlined? On the left hand column is your articles, select one and the right greater portion of the screen shows the article while you can still scroll up and down on the left to browse through the article list. Swiping to the left inside the open article bring up the comment section for that article. Have the same dot based swiping for sections as the iPhone app as I've previously mentioned.
That's a good idea list for now. I'm actually starting to feel like I'm critiquing the current iMore app, which is amazing, I love it. Great work guys.

At first I wanted to see an iPad app but I quickly realized that the size of the iPad screen makes It best suites for the web experience so I don't know that I would use an app. I would like to see forum access on the new app as well as a way to go back to older posts. Some times I will see an article about an app, story, or something that I want to revisit after several days and it would be great to get back to it without using a web browser. Overall thought I have enjoyed the 2.0 experience.

If like to see push notifications for;
New post to post I've favorited
Replies to my posts
Big breaking apple news
Saved searches with new posts

I'd also like the option of moving to a my posts in a forum.

1.Search functionality
2.One app only
3.Social networks login
4.iPad compatibility (not just an iPhone app enlarged)
5.The ability to edit things that I post
6.Another contest so I may win an iPhone5

Re: "For example, would you like to see an iPad interface?"

YES. Browsers are dinosaurs. Native is best.
Please add an iPad storyboard in the app's Xcode project.

PLEASE PLEASE put everything into iMore appzilla this includes comments on one page (put them as two and have one load after the other if that's possible) the forums and everything

honestly I don't use the imore app or go on imore on my 5

I use my touchpad for imore and read my email thread subscriptions on my iphone

I will see what the update has to offer and maybe I might try it out

I also would love to have flash, its like we don't have it because of probably Microsoft, can't do a lot with out a flash program, it not that we did not pay for it because iPhone is the highest priced phone!

Hey Rene, different idea. Hoe about not releasing iMore v 3.0 but a who,e newmobile nations app. In the app you can choose your content preferance (iPhone, Crackberry, Android or Windows) also integrate the Forums in on mega App.

Would love to see iMore Forums combined with the iMore app. I don't like it too much, even though I barely ever use forums, that both are separate applications.

Comments should stay on a separate screen as that does help with the speed of the application in loading of actual content. One-extra-tap may be too much for some, but it is a tap of convenience.

Search obviously. And if possible search on some of the individual screens - like comments when you want to quickly scroll for a comment by a specific person or yourself.

Although I love the application design, perhaps revamp it a little to remove the bar from the bottom and put everything to the left as a scrollable menu. Swiping from left to right exposes the menu and you can quickly switch between items. When you move from an article to another section in the app, it should come back to the article itself, etc.

Better commenting support...! Comments submitted through iMore App can't be edited through the web, etc. Also, when you reply to a comment posted as a reply to another's post, in the iMore app it shows it as a reply to the original comment and not the actual post that it was replied against.

I'll post more if i think up of anything else ;)

I'd like to see an offline mode so that if connection drops on the train etc, I can continue reading. (Including comments too).

I will chime in for the iPad app. That 2x really does not look right. I tend to be on the iPad more often. I would also like to go back at least three days with all the articles posted. The idea of an app is to replace the web if possible. I know all features cannot be given, but would be nice to really replace the web.

I have a question, Rene. Why do websites (yours included) want to have dedicated apps that provide the same features and content available on the mobile site? I realize I may be the one not getting it and someone can show me something beyond boss that I've been missing! What's in it for me to get the app over the mobile site?

Hi, would like to see notifications if someone replies to my comment. Also, the ability to edit comments as well. thanks.