What do you want to see most from Apple's October 22 event? [Poll]

We're just a few days out from Apple's "still have a lot to cover" event in San Francisco, so what better time to step back, and ask ourselves what we're wanting to see most from the event. As is so often the way with Apple invitations, we're left with more questions than answers, but one thing is certain; there's a whole lot that we could be shown.

Top of the order are new iPads. The last refresh came 12 months ago when Apple introduced the iPad mini alongside the iPad 4. At this point it's pretty much a given we'll be seeing new versions of both, with a likely redesign of the full sized iPad. But, it doesn't stop there, not by a long stretch.

We're also likely to see our fair share of Mac news on October 22 as well. Haswell powered MacBook Pros, launch information for OS X Mavericks and more on the can't-innovate-Phil-Schillers-ass Mac Pro. Maybe even a 4K Thunderbolt display if we're really lucky.

Beyond that, it's a while since we got new iPods of any kind – not counting the 'new' 16GB iPod touch – so perhaps we're due for some new hardware on that front. It wouldn't be hard to imagine an internal spec boost on the iPod touch, but at this point is that kind of thing even event worthy? And then there's the classic; many of us just want to know what's going to happen to it.

Last but by no means least is the Apple TV. Again, the current hardware has been with us for some time now, but beyond software is there really much of a need to update anything right now? Maybe an internal boost and support for 802.11ac WiFi?

So, there's a ton of stuff Apple could show us, and there's a ton of stuff that Apple could also stick in a press release. In any case, we've got an event this coming Tuesday, so we want to know what you want to see the most. Drop a vote up top and leave us your thoughts in the comments below. And for all the best coverage leading up to, during and far beyond Apple's October 22 event, keep it locked firmly to iMore.

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What do you want to see most from Apple's October 22 event? [Poll]


Knowing that new iPads, OS X Mavericks, Mac Pro & maybe some Haswell MacBook Pro's are almost certainties for the event, I'm actually really hoping they update their iPod line ... The flagship iPod (iPod touch) having an A5 processor when it's almost 2014 just isn't good enough, and it would be interesting to see Apple update iPod classic - half the physical size with 256GB internal Flash Storage maybe ... ?

One more thing, as Steve Jobs used to do, something surprisingly amasing and totally mindblowing, something kept secretly away from rumors and speculations, something totally new , is it really so impossible ?

The fact that the results show the iPad Mini 2 is the most anticipated tells me that if they don't do a significant upgrade a lot of people are going to be very disappointed. I for one am also on the iPad mini 2 front and seriously hope they go retina as well as match the processor to the full size iPad. I would honestly give up battery life for the retina and A7X power. It wouldn't bother me one bit. I am usually around my charger and keep it plugged in a lot of the time so battery has never been an issue with my iPads. I am also hoping they do a nice Apple TV update because I will order that at the same time :-) I'm still rocking the 2nd gen because I've been waiting for an SDK to hit the streets and I am hoping they will bring that with the next gen

I want to see an update to keychain password functionality to sync securely between my Mac and iOS devices.

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I'd like to see some more statistics on how the new iPhones did in the last month. The Goldengate issue as well.
I'd like to see some more statistics and Apple's interpretations on what's going on with iOS7 feedback, security concerns. 7.1 would be nice but I guess it's too early.

Long story short - I expect to learn what has happened since Sept 10th - numbers and conclusion. I know we have stuff from analysts and bloggers but I want to hear it from Apple.

Last year we had a video of happy people rushing to buy the new iPhone 5. This year I want something similar. It would be heart-melting/rainbow-puking and I can't wait to see it!

That they are giving BlackBerry a ton of money, going to use their software and say good things about them. Haha trooooll

If there is a musical guest, my money is on Katy Perry. Colorful artist, iTunes Live closer, new album dropping that day.

What's colorful and covers an iPad the way the Apple logo is covered in the invitation? And could it be see through adding another layer to iOS7?

An iPad Mini Retina with an A7X would go down very nicely. I hope they don't cheap out and give the mini year old chips again. It's your most popular iPad Apple, treat it with the respect it deserves.

I'd also love to see a proper update to the ATV, although more on the software side. Give it an app store, and let the current selection of channels, which are almost all US only, be transformed into something relevant for the rest of the planet.

I know it is likely ipad but I still hold hope for a bump in iPod touch specs. My 4th gens won't get ios7 and I want to upgrade to a newer touch but refuse to get one with an old a5 chip. I need an a6 to justify it. Apple really needs to put a little more effort in the iPod line.

I agree. Once the iPod touch came out Apple kind of dug themselves into a hole. Since it runs iOS it needs to be on par with the iPhone as far as specs go to run the newest version if the OS well. Since iOS appears to be what apple is putting all its efforts into they cannot allow one of their products that run it to fall so far behind. Classic, nano, shuffle... Those can all go much longer between updates since their functionality is to simply play music and even the 1st gen iPod still plays music perfectly well. The touch doesn't have that luxury.

Since iPods were redesigned last year maybe this year will just be a spec bump and update on the store.

Chomping at the bit for new ipad. Sold mine back in August when the rumors were saying we would see a September launch.

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I would love to have the option to changes the color pallet ok the next update to IOS. I can't stand the colors and new look of apps. It bothers me so much that I have even considered no longer using an iPhone on my next upgrade.

Hey I hated faux wood grain and green felt but Apple never did anything about that for 6 years so now its your turn, ha! I guess if you'd switch over colors then your not that tied to iOS in the first place.

I will be very disappointed if the new mini doesn't get TouchID. It makes more sense to me on the more portable device.

I bought an iPad mini for school not knowing that there would be a new one so soon. Instantly returned it (Used it to read text books). Now I am waiting for the new mini which hopefully has retina and touch id. I'd be good with just one of those. 3 weeks has never seemed so long.

$99 iWatch, stainless steel and black glass face, with Bluetooth 4.0, 4gb of storage, lighting port and waterproof, THATS ALL...COME ON!

I'm actually hoping for a Mac Mini update. This way, I can pick up one of the outgoing models at a bargain price.

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