This is what happens when you load a Mac Pro with explosive C4

I'm not really into blowing up expensive electronics with C4 or anything else for that matter but I'm perfectly fine when other people do it on the stuff they spent their own money on. Who am I to care what they do with it? It's their money. Plus, it provides me with some mindless entertainment when I end up on the weird part of YouTube late on a Friday night.

You know the place, I'm sure most of you have ended up there once or twice before. The folks at RatedRR wondered, how much C4 will a Mac Pro hold? And with that question play, they decided to find out. Hit play on the video, and don't bother crying. Your tears will be wasted.

Via: Sploid

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Reader comments

This is what happens when you load a Mac Pro with explosive C4


Totally sad. Imbeciles. Only in our country will we waste this kind of money to make a stupid video. Give the damn thing to a school or something. Ridiculous. Having said that I was impressed that the Pro still worked after being dunked like a watermelon in the tub of water.

Why not blow up something more worthwhile? An Alienware PC turned into a Hackintosh. There's a better waste of money there.

A waste that the current education of society (+ freedom) equals irresponsible behaviour. Without a unified effort this world won't become better but the biggest obstacle for humans to be something more is humans themselves. It's disgusting how this race has devolved recently and even if the beginning of the 20th century wasn't ideal (racism anyone ?) man was better at coping with the harsh reality of the world, now it looks like most of us don't know what's really important, don't have to face enough of real problems (war, hunger), we forget how real life looks like for others and we don't know what we should do. Life wasn't about selfish entertainment, worthless celebrities didn't exist and not everything was about the money (also there was less of those insane people around which is probably just a strange coincidance and not a result, right ?). Maybe it's progress and I'm just not seeing the beauty in all those deaths, suffering etc. I mean withholding medical advancements, blocking other energy sources and selling your organs is the only possible way, and who cares about all of that when we need to get excited about the next iPhone.

I love a good explosion just like every one else, don't need to pretend I'm above this type of entertainment, and for those of you who think this guy is extremely low brow, feel free to mix your own PBX and let me know how it worked out....

More fun that BlendTec's "Will it Blend?" videos.
You know, when they blend the latest iPhone (on release day) into gray powder.

Yeah, total waste of a great machine.

That being said, I liked the primacord fuse in the shape of the Apple logo.

No, whining is hardly the word. Legitimate commentary about the stupidity and wastefulness of these people. Indicative of a cultural problem in the US, but not surprising.