What Hast Thou Done to my iPhone?


I don't know who shares the most blame in this triad of technical blunders; Apple for it's strong arm tactics...iPhone Dev Team for their malfunctioning anySIM unlock app...Or myself for ever engaging in this exercise. A pragmatist would say I am solely to blame, but I am anything but pragmatic.

Nope, I blame the aforementioned parties for this debacle. I was merely innocent bystander. Right? crickets chirping in the background

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What Hast Thou Done to my iPhone?


Riiiighht... Looks like (my guess) the update and its fixes for the buffer overflow that iPhone DevTeam leveraged results in a mess.
In the real world, you can't blame Apple since they a) said alterations make the iPhone unwarrantable and unsupportable, and b) the v1.1.1 software said in BIG BOLD LETTERS on the first screen that unlocked iPhones would likely be rendered inoperable if you installed the update.
Did you expect it to work? ;)

Sorry to hear about your iPhone. Let's hope the Dev Team will have a fix ready soon - or that Apple will be "merciful" to those unfortunate bricked iPhone-owners.
Crossing fingers for you and your iPhone.

Meh. I'm worried. This is a software issue; it is fixable. Just a matter of iPhone Dev Team figuring the cause and solution.
In the meantime I'm getting reacquainted with my old Treo 680, and painfully reminded why I dumped it for iPhone. :(

I feel for you Kent, really I do. I come here dozens of times a day to see what news you have found out. You my friend, are the “goto” guy for anything iPhone related. I listen to you, I havent opened my iPhone with apptapp in fear that it might cuase some damage. Id hate to have a $600 paper weight. If in time your phone cannot be ressurected, I (and lets hope others wanna hop on this band wagon) will be more than happy to send you a donation towards the purchase of a new iPhone. Anyway care to join me in the new fund i will now name “The Untitled Kent Fund” cause I can’t think of anything witty to call it as of now…any suggestions? There is no minimal donation, just whatever you want to donate. Just an idea.

You should have listened to those guys on the Tuesday Night Tech show--they said NOT to run this update or else you would no longer have an unlocked phone!

Kent, in the meantime, you could highlight the features of the iTunes 7.4.3 release. That'll cheer you up!!
How come we get no international keyboard?

Dane man this suck. ... I would go crazy. ... Kent I hate to see u go thru this
Yur site is the best iPhone site!

Anyone confirm or deny that hacked software (i.e. App Tapp) will render "bicked" as well? I am on orginal AT&T SIM card, but freeking out that it will brick me too... Anyone?...Anyone?

Oh it will, will it? Well let me dig into the update FAQ and blog those blues away. ;-) I'll be posting about that shortly.
Check back here around midnight (EDT). I will be posting that wallpaper in my weekly "Free Wallpaper Friday" edition.

launcher is gone after the update. No more 3rd party apps. Anyone else have this problem or answer?

Hold on to your horses guys!....I had only AppTap installed on my iPhone and the "customise" application did not load. So I kept trying to delete it or uninstall, but anyways, when I restarted phone with the new Apple update, guess what I got....that darn SIM error. So now I have a $600.00 paperweight....I almost threw the darn thing out of the window. Well, just to you guys out there know, I only had the 3rd party Apps and it locked my iPhone so be careful updating to 1.1.1.

I will never add a third part app on this phone... I knew it was a matter of time before this would happen..... I'm glad I waited for this... Steve jobs warned u all..
Can u imagine another update in the future that will totally. Kill Yue phone....

I had AppTapp and a bunch of apps installed on my phone, but did a restore in iTunes before updating. Everything went well with the update, it all works, and I've downloaded stuff from the wifi store.

Christopher, I did have apptap installed and did the restore. Lost apptap but phone works. Prople on macrumors had problems. Check out their forum

Cool thing with update. Press home twice when locked you are able to pause, play, reverse or fast forward your music without unlocking. Presssing home twice when unlocked goes to favorites

Different problem on a non hacked phone. My third party USB 2 card no longer works with the update. Now I have to wait all night for my phone to sync. Thanks Applesoft, are they taking lesons from Redmond?

Painful. Thankfully I haven't updated to 1.1.1. This is going to be a PR nightmare for Apple. Not surprised though...typical Apple arogancy.

I used iFuntastic to unlock my phone a month or so ago but since used the iTunes restore feature. I had no problem with the update yesterday. I have to say, I'm loving the little updates nuances too; like double tapping the home button or space bar. I haven't tried out the wi-fi store yet though.

I suppose it goes without saying that if I were to take a nail and position it at the center of my cell phone and hit it with a hammer, this would be the fault of Motorola, who made my phone, the hammer maker (craftsman), and the stanley company, who markets the nail. Not to mention, it's Home Depot's fault... that's where the nails and hammer were purchased. Now, where'd I put my cell phone?

Just installed 1.1.1 on my iPhone (which has never been hacked/unlocked) and is working great. No loss of any data/contacts, etc)...
The new iTunes store function is pretty cool, but I'd still rather see other functions like removing un-used widgets, themes, etc.

I'm running anysim and won't be installing the update. When I installed anysim I accepted the fact that Apple's future updates could render the phone inoperable - so be it! AT&T has lousy service in my area and I was already with t=mobil. This was a choice so there's no reason to complain but the way Apple is reacting is deplorable!

Hi, can anyone help? i have been having loads of fun downloading apps on my phone, what i didnt know is that each time i download something it takes up another widget on mu homescreen, i have know lost my installer widget and cant seem to find it so can no longer use it, i just cant get rid of any of the widgets that i have downloaded! HEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPP me please!!!

Hello and please help. I hate AT&T, trying to get out of the contract because the iPhone (I bought the day it came out) says No Service on and off in my own home (Chicago)... They said they can't guarantee service in my home... I swear they did.
So... They gave me a new SIM card to see if it works better, question is: If I install it, what will it erase form my iPhone? will it affect the contacts, and/or favorite contacts? I can upload the pix, music, etc again but NOT the contacts I've changed in the phone.... Please Advise, porfavor! thanks

thats ok i accidentally upgraded mine and completely locked out, i tunes says there is a problem with my iphone well i now have a 300$ paperweight if ANY1 knows how to fix it let me know please at gincso@commspeed.net

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i, like kent have just got locked out of my iphone. i feel sick but i'm hoping there's something that can be done to rectify it. do u guys reckon it's possible to be fixed?

i tryed uploading somethings on my i phone and it said that its an invalaid sim card ... i cant do anything on it ... does that mean i locked it??? ... is there anything i can do about it ???