What if You Posted a Troll and No One Replied?

Why, that would be the saddest thing in the whole wide world. C'mon folks, he says his XDA is better than the iPhone, and that Windows Mobile will surpass the iPhone's interface with the next release. Judging from all the typos and missed capitals, he even slipped it past his editor. C'mon, he just wants you to comment.

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What if You Posted a Troll and No One Replied?


Well, I'll bite. ;)
I like Windows Mobile better than i do the iPhone for feature and power reasons. As for whether or not Microsoft will be able to surpass the iPhone's interface with Photon, well, hope springs eternal, but it's a slim, tiny hope.

Well, he does have a point (besides the one on his head)... Europeans view cell phones (mobiles) very differently from Americans. Yes, some of them will be taken in by the eye-candy design of the iPhone, but once that novelty wears off, Europeans are going to expect an expensive smartphone to support all the high-end features they've been used to on their networks.
To be quite honest, the US is quite far behind Europe when it comes to mobile phone network technology. The only advantage that the US has right now is our pervasive use of unlimited data plans. Europe's operators are getting there, but have a way to go yet.
Otherwise, the services offered in Europe for mobile phones trump the US marketplace. Video calling, Picture SMS, etc. Heck, you can even make purchases from vending machines with your "mobile" in Europe. The US companies are too busy fighting each other, which diverts their attention from actually improving service and bringing new services to the consumer.
Don't get me wrong. I like the iPhone and what it has accomplished in terms of waking up the sleeping giants when it comes to user interface considerations; however, let's not kid ourselves. When it comes to taking advantage of true state-of-the-art cellular/mobile network technology, the iPhone (and just about every other phone made for the American marketplace) tends to fall short. Not because America lacks the technology to make a better phone, but because the infrastructure that would make such a phone useful (and profitable) simply doesn't yet exist in America.
So from a European's viewpoint, the iPhone probably seems rather lacking--because it really wasn't designed for, nor does it support, the best of what the European networks can provide.

I just sold my XDA Exec and bought a Kaiser, mainly because the Exec was getting long in the tooth technology wise. Its still beats the socks of the iPhone specs wise however. Its a real pity the HTC has not made an updated Exec (the Omni was supposed to be one, but its status is completely indeterminate).