Is this what the iPhone 5 will look like? Supposed part leaks assembled!

Take some of leaked parts, supposedly for Apple's next generation iPhone 5, assemble them together, and what do you get? A supposed iPhone 5! This time it's iLab Factory that have done the deed, and what they're showing off does indeed look a lot like one of the 4-inch prototypes Apple was rumored to be considering for the iPhone 5.

Easily visible is the miniaturized Dock connector, as well as the bottom mounted headset jack. Also impossible to miss is the metallic plate that covers the back of the iPhone from antenna break to antenna break, leaving only the top and bottom clear, glass, and presumably radio-fiendly. The Home button, Sleep/Wake button, and volume controls all look the same, though the front mounted FaceTime camera has been centered.

The 4-inch, 16:9 display will be the big story, though. It's the first screen size change since the original iPhone debuted in 2007.

It's tough to tell the real from the fake from the really fake, but these parts do match increasingly frequent rumors surrounding the iPhone 5, and it wouldn't be a huge surprise if it's fairly close.

One more photo below, and lots more via the source link below. Check them out and then let us know -- what do you think? Could this be what the iPhone 5 will look like come the fall? And if it is, what do you think of the design?

Source: iLab Factory

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Reader comments

Is this what the iPhone 5 will look like? Supposed part leaks assembled!


This is what last years iPhone should have been. I hope this isn't the next iPhone but if it is....C'mon Apple WTF?

Totally agree. If this is the best iOS can deliver, Google will eat Apple with its Jelly Bean on top as topping for the rest of Q4 and the rest of next years revenue easy.

Entirely believable. Obviously, only the people who are supposed to know what it really looks like (we assume), but that's still a very logical, good-looking mock-up.

i love the idea of the bottom headphone jack. Puts it in line with the iPod Touch line, and gets the cable out of your way when holding the device up.

Hoping that the new mini dock connector is MagSafe and that there's no "polarity." Would be nice to just let it click in the way MagSafe power connectors do.

Too bad the front panel doesn't have slightly more rounded corners. Don't like the plasticky band around the (relatively sharp) edge.

It would be a waste of time having a magsafe connector, an iphone or ipad are not heavy and therefore defeats the point of having one installed, trip over the cable, magsafe or not and an iphone will fall with it.

How would it be a waste? Have you seen the MagSafe 2 connector? I saw one the day the new Retina MacBooks were in the store, and my first thought was "The rumored new 19 pin iPhone dock looks a lot like that!" I think it would allow for some additional "sealed" area. There would be nothing going into the phone, the dock area would be sealed. I like it. This also would allow an easy "adapter" to the 30 pin.

A waste because the sole purpose of a magsafe is to stop your macbook from falling when the cable is pulled but an iphone has no weight to be able to do the same. There is also accessories they have to think about, it would provide massive complications in designing speacker docks ect. It may save some space in the phone but too little to outweigh the negatives.

A MagSafe connector would be nice for ease of use. However, seeing as how the iPhone uses the dock not only to charge but to send/receive data, I don't think this will happen. Apple may well find some way to transmit data through a magnetic connector someday, but at this time I'm pretty sure the interference would cause the device to be "unsyncable."

This is a good point. Though I wonder if they would rely solely on WiFi Sync. Personally, I hope not, as much as I love it, a couple times a month I need to sync via USB because, for what ever reason, iTunes stops talking to my iPhone.

I actually really like it. There are more pics over at 9to5mac that show more angles, close-ups and parts, and I have to said that some of the edges are a bit rough, but if the final version is polished, I'll be very happy with the design.

That said, the first thing I'm going to do is slap on a thick rubber case, like my OtterBox Impact series case. I've dropped my 4S dozens of times, and it looks brand spankin' new when I take it out of the case. So I'm sure I'll carry on my tradition of protecting my investment.

I think what Apple is trying to do is to keep the outcome negative, so the day iPhone is deliver it should come as a shock & awe. I belive Apple has something up it sleves!!!! Just think...they have neen so patient, suspiciously patient. And remember Steve Jobs might still have a say on this design.

I'll be disappointed if this is the real deal. Just a stretched out 4s. I was hoping for a more dramatic change this year.

I have to agree this should have been last years model. That said it's not a bad design, boring yes bad no. Looks like it should be called the iPhone XL. It would be nice if it was a brand spanking new design. This being Apple that sadly I think will not happen. This will also mean that it will be around for the next iteration next year. Maybe by 2014 there will be a striking redesign. Just hope Android isn't so far ahead that Apple can't get back to parity.

First off Android doesn't make devices, secondly don't you know the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"

The iPhone 4/4S is the most beautiful electronic I've ever seen. I'm glad this design is being kept around. Initially I hated these leaked parts but it grew on me

If the headphone jack is really going to wind up on the bottom, that slick, beautiful Elevation iPhone dock may need a little design change for a iPhone "5" edition....

Hope this is fake! Hate the new darker, blue-ish color of the metal on the black version (or is that just the pictures tricking me?)
But my biggest issue is with the new screen ratio. I was hoping for a bigger screen, mostly to make room for a slightly larger keyboard for typing my emails. But if Apple only stretches the screen in one direction, the keyboard will stay the same size, which is ok for the English keyboard, but for other countries with a few more letters in the alphabet, the keyboard is just a little too small.
I know what you are thinking... Why don't you just use landscape mode, where the keyboard is bigger? That keyboard is too large and awkward for one handed typing, and landscape is useless for reading emails. I also have screen rotation locked in portrait mode, for reading emails before I get out of bed in the morning. And it is a bit of a hassle to be turning it on and off between reading emails and answering emails.

Hope this picture is just a fake, and that the new iPhone will feature a bigger screen, while keeping the same aspect ratio as before.

The design is kind of boring and not inovating anything, and the back illuminiom is not really beautiful with the glass...

Hope the two tone style is a Pre production, can see Apple using a metal back due to signal blocking issues and why would they spoil a beautiful back (4/4S) otherwise liking the bigger screen and micro dock for more thoughts...

if this is the design its a shame they didn't make it wider also. Could have made it a little wider and increase keyboard size while still being easily usable 1 handed.

I think what we're looking at here is a decoy or possibly a test mule for new hardware, larger screen, 4G, NFC, battery, etc. This version was most likely used to beta test the hardware. The release version will be impressive.

I like the design of the "iPhone 5", I loved the current design as well. However,its fragility makes it a big liability to the vast majority of users. I don't understand all the angst displayed here, Apple is known for using Aluminum. For goodness sake, they control the aluminum market. That having been said, I think Aluminum is a great idea, and the two-tone design makes it stand out against their competitors. I think it adds durability and sleekness to the design. At the end of the day, this has to be a phone for EVERYONE, not just the ultra careful or the ultra careless, but a phone for everyone. It needs to be beautiful and durable. The current design is certainly beautiful but its anything but durable. Apple is trying to evolve. They created a beautiful phone, its in your pocket or hand right now. They want to try something different, don't blame them for that. And lets get real, your going to buy it. I'm going to buy it, your going to buy it and about 80 million other people are going to buy it. If there is one thing Apple does well its creating quality products. You can feel free to go to Google or Samsung or HTC but I'm going to stay with Apple because they have never failed me. Their reliability has always been the biggest selling factor. iOS 6 is coming out and its going to be fantastic, we all know this.

Oh yeah, the biggest point of all: Steve Jobs had his hands all over the new iPhone's design. Do you really think for one second that he'll let it be ugly? I don't think so. He is going to give us a beautiful phone, even from the grave he is playing a gigantic role in iPhone we are about to buy. Lets not opine negatively till we know that its going to be bad.

Ha! The less than 4.0 inch long screen is going to be a big story? Only for you media drama queens.

Apple has NOT and still is not keeping up with the times with their screen sizes. It's a real shame the media is hyping the screen size up instead of criticizing Apple for it. Is the media getting Apple devices at a discount?

If it wasn't for the puny, midgety < 4 inch screen, I would be more than happy to wait for the iPhone 5. Instead, I must bite the bullet and wait for the Samsung Note 2 or the Galaxy 3 when the prices drop to less than $100. Both Android devices will kick Apple's butt in some areas while Apple will win in other areas like the "cool" or trendy factor and overall user experience.

It's really pathetic. The media just jump up and says hallelujah any time Apple has bowel movement. Sadly, this is one of those times.

I really liked this design until I saw the headphone jack on the bottom. I never understood it on the iPod & will hate it on the iPhone if this turns out to be the real deal. I like to set my iPhone on the treadmill listen to music or the imore show while I walk/run. If I turn it sideways whenever I get some kind of notification I'll have to pick it up & not all notifications are worth responding to while I'm working out. :-(

Yes, if you turn it sideways, it will be as it is now. If you turn it upside down, the bottom (with the home button and headphone jack) becomes the top.

I must say this design is terrible. Why make yet another looking iphone 4? how about we change it? I don't care about the specs as much still...why? well let's see...because siri is not working well and my iphone 4 is pretty much still fast enough and getting ios 6 so I am pretty sure I can take yet another year on the iphone 4. wow I won't be able to get 3d maps. boohoo. dear apple...hopefully you're just tricking the media etc. I want to be SHOCKED AND IN LOVE when I see a new phone design when you announce it! Thank you and goodbye.

I cannot wait for fall to come and for these ridiculous mock ups to be put to rest. Hopefully Johnathan Ive and his team wont be so half hearted as to put anything like this out and call it "revolutionary" or a design achievement because even some of the mock ups ive seen here in Rene's articles beat the pants off of this POS design and then brutally beat them and ship them to botswana

Hopefully not the final design. However, whatever Apple puts out they will get away with it. It was the same thing with the 4S everyone was so disappointed with the (lack of) redesign but it still sold incredibly well, whatever the 5 will look like, it will too.

The two tone as it looks here is pretty ugly, all we can do is hope this ain't the 5...

Don't like the front... The back is flush with the aluminium edging and the front panel is raised like 4/4S.

It would look much better if the front were flush as well.

With something as simple, iconic and perfectly designed as the iPhone, there isn't that much that Apple can or would want to change each iteration. So perhaps all those who think it looks 'boring' and want something completely different, could explain exactly what they think should be changed about the design to make it *better* - not just different, but actually better. And a larger screen doesn't count, because that doesn't necessarily make it better at all.

This won't inspire me to upgrade. I just installed a new battery on my iPhone 3GS for 9 dollars and it works just fine. Compared it thoroughly to my friend's 4S and found no real compelling reason to upgrade. Siri has potential but it's just not even close to being useful yet, clock speed isn't a problem, 3G is fine, and battery life is superior to the 4S. The 3GS does everything I need it to do.

I for one like it. It looks like the black parts on the back aren't glass, but plastic. Is this just the lighting? I have a hard time believing that Apple would put plastic on an iPhone anymore, but I think I would prefer some scratched plastic to shattered glass.