What made you decide to try an Apple product?

With the recent celebrations surrounding 30 years of Mac, there has been a lot of focus placed on Apple products. Even Apple has themselves have used the anniversary to highlight their technology going all the way back to the earliest Mac right up to the latest iPhone.

We used Macintosh Classics in the computer lab at school in Junior High, I've been a fan ever since.Algus, iMore Forums Member

For a lot of folks, their first Apple product was a Mac but for many others their first product was the iPhone. A recent thread in the iMore Forums asks an interesting question, what made you decide to try an Apple product? 

Well everyone at my high school had an iPod touch and saying how good they were so I got one.acerace113, iMore Forums Member

For a long time, Apple was a pretty niche brand but now that has all changed and Apple is everywhere. The name is known, the brand known but at some point in time everyone using an Apple product had to make a choice among a sea of other options available.

Looking at all the answers in the forums, it's easy to see there's numerous reasons that people pick up an Apple product. Everything from the simplicity, ease of use and reliability right down to just wanting to try something a bit different from the norm. So, with that being said, what made you decide to try an Apple product? Have your say in the forums.

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What made you decide to try an Apple product?


I'm with you on Windows Vista. I went 2008 aluminum MacBook, then iPod touch 2nd gen. Windows 7 brought me back, primarily for PC-exclusive work software and cost of graphically capable hardware.

First product I tried was an apple desktop in elementary school. I didn't know or care then so I don't count it. When the iMac G3 was released I wanted one but that didn't last long. Then in 2007 my growing frustration with windows 6.1 pushed me to the edge. The phone I was so against starting to look intriguing. Once the price drop on the original iphone happened I bought it. After that a MacBook and my love affair with apple products seems to be here to stay.

My first introduction to Apple products was in elementary school, too, with the Apple IIe. It prompted me to ask my parents for one as a birthday/holiday gift. I then was bitten by the programming bug resulting in computer programming camp and ultimately designing my own video games. In high school, we had DOS machines, which I avoided using like the plague instead relying on the IIe until college where I was introduced to the Mac. It would be 9 years after first using the Apple IIe before I purchase my next Apple device: a Mac laptop.

I must have about five years on ya....same experience. I went to a brand new junior high school after moving to Alaska --- the first year the school was opened...and a computer lab in '85/6 filled with Apple IIe machines. Couple dozen stations with 'dual' 5 ¼ floppy drives. I was in heaven. 10 B run....I remember doing my first three digit random number generator 'programming' in Basic in those days. Carrying my box of discs to and from school (somehow convinced my father to buy one ;))---college was introduced to the 286. There weren't Macs being used and it would be another 15 years... 2004 that I jumped back into Macs. Loved the iMac. The PowerBook. Transition to Intel and OSx 10---I've left my Windows partition in the rear view mirror....it's been almost 4 years since the 'need' to have it. Audition (formerly Cool Edit/Syntrillium) from Adobe was Windows only. Worked with them for a year in beta and now haven't a need for a Win partition. The iPad and iPhone have completely revolutionized our business (mobile audio and video production all over the state)---vs hauling vinyl crates and 50 pound turntables everywhere. Payment. Tracking receipts and payables/receivables. The integration between the three. Very. Very cool time to be a 'geek'. Or is it 'fanboy?' :)
Never in the twelve plus years of Windows usage did I experience the support, reliability, speed and 'power under the hood' (terminal) Apple provides. Computers would slow within 24-36 months no matter what I paid Norton....and within three years, it was recycled ....not 'sold'! They were value-less at this point. The Mac? Hell, it's just getting broken in! Maybe you're ready for a new one. In that case....sell your current Mac, recoup 40-60%, apply to new purchase! rinse! repeat! Same with their phones in comparison to Android. I use both. 5s personal. Note 3 business. I love the latter but depend on AT&T for support and as my second Note/Sammy Android (I've also owned the Xoom, Nex7--v1&2, and an older Nexus). Two year contract up on the iPhone, recoup 100+% of your 'subsidized' price (sold our 4s this past fall for $325 after passing my wife my 5---& gettin getting the 5s. I couldn't sell the Note1. Traded it to AT&T for a c note off my next bill:)). Those that 'bash' Apple...it's just ignorance or envy. Sometimes both. Usually one or the other. Completely unaware of the OSx and iOS capabilities, extensive Eco system (nothing like the 90s when it was tricky finding OS9 and early 10 software)---- today there is more software available on the iOS and OSx platform collectively than ANY time in the past on ANY platform. Gaming can now be done on a $3-400 console or cheap, home built Windows box...with my Mac, it's hard to explain...but I 'enjoy' working when using Apple products vs. The constant headaches with Win boxes
Thanks Apple. A fine 30 year run...and a helluva way to pick yourself up by the bootstraps Steve. Much appreciated...it's changed my life. My organization. Entertainment. And in touch regardless of my location. GPS. Music. Media and books, mags, games....retina/HiDPI pioneers. Again. Fine time to be a 'geek'

Thanks for sharing, akdj!

I cannot agree more with many of your sentiments regarding Windows experience (I've been a sys admin at one point in my life in both Macs and Windows environment) and experienced more times than I can recall concerning Apple's level of customer care going beyond the call (and warranty) to stand by their products.

iPhone 3G. It was my first smartphone ever. Been hooked since. About to get my family their first Mac (wife finally conceded, now that she's been on an iPhone and iPad for over a year).

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First family computer was the iMac G3. Got the G4 when it came out. Got the iPod Mini and then the iPod Touch when they were released, and the iPhone 4 when I could afford it. Now I'm using a 2012 MBA and a Nexus 5.

Tried Blackberry, Android, and just decided to try an iphone 4S, since then Im on iphone 5S and ipad air, hardly use a laptop these days :)

Had BB, then Android, then WP7/WP8. I wanted video on demand apps such as HBOGO, Xfinity. WP got tiresome waiting for updates all the time. Bought an iPad Air when it came out, within 2 weeks got a 4s, now on a 5c and I'll never look back. iOS just works. It's the best FOR ME

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My first apple product was the apple 2e in grade school in the late 70's or early 80's. That was the only thing until a couple of weeks ago when my bb 9930 was replaced with a 5c by my employer. So far I am impressed. I miss the keyboard and push email, but that's about it.

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For me it goes back to the first ipod touch, i learned how to jailbreak it, then the first iphone, and so forth. Let me step back a bit further it was around 2002 that i first really learned how to use unix, then i learned linux, it was around this time that I met the crew from hak5, and helped out with a security podcast at the time called sploitcast, metup with some people in D.C. at ShmooCon.. Apple was more than just being cool, it just worked, kinda like the way you throw in a bootable linux cd, but it was an controlled-walled environment, but if you know software, you can always customize it, really the iphone was the only really good phone out there during the time, it just felt like a solid product, vs all the throw away cheap phones out there, so i guess it just happened...

i had a blackberry, android and finally an iPhone!! it's my first! and i LOVE IT!! it's just so good and easy and sooo fast!! i can't believe it took me so much to make the jump, also my iPad mini! and soon new macbook air!! I'm Apple all the way now!!

When I started college in 99 we used the Power Mac G3’s in my graphic design classes and a guy on my dorm floor had a ruby iMac. I got a G4 Cube with an Apple CRT studio display the next year which lasted me 7 years. I’ve since owned a couple minis, four MBP’s, a few iPhones and iPads, and have built a few Hackintoshes for fun. Mac4Life.

After Apple released iTunes for Windows, I started using it and eventually took the plunge and bought an iPod (I think it was 2nd generation). Couple of iPods later, I eventually, got an iPhone 3GS and have had every model through the 5 (so far); and got an iPad and a Mac when my PC was on its last legs. I am a textbook case of the "halo" effect.

iPhone OG. Bought it back in 2007 and like the advancement in technology. Of course now I use android for my phones but I do have an iPad air and love it.

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My first Apple product was the original iPod touch which my mom promptly returned when she realized it connected to the internet. Which was okay because she bought me a cell phone with that money, I had a LG Rumor, Samsung Instinct, Palm Pre, HTC EVO, HTC EVO 3D, I sold my PC laptop and bought an iPad 3 on launch day then an iPhone 5, and now I have the 5S. I definitely would've got the 4S over the 3D if I knew it was coming a few months after and that it was coming to Sprint, but I basically made the switch because it wasn't available to me before and I love the overall quality of apple products and the developer support. I plan on buying a new MacBook Pro Retina and iPad this year when the new models come out.

It was the summer of 2009, and one day Windows 7 absolutely REFUSED to display my chosen wallpaper. No amount of restarting or cajoling would cause it to display and I thought, "That's it. I have to support this crap at work, but I don't need to fight with it at home too." Two days later I walked into the local Apple Store and walked out with my first MacBook Pro. While the first couple weeks was at times frustrating, eventually I found myself asking, "Why doesn't WINDOWS work this way?" and haven't looked back since.

My first Apple product was a iPod Touch 4 8GB. My current Apple product is a iPod Touch 5 32GB.

The iPod Touch for me, is my window to the Apple ecosystem.

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I first was introduced in middle school, 6th grade, with the original blue iMac. I didn't really care much cause I was so young but what really got me into apple was when I got sick of android and bought the 4s. I now own a MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, and a few apple tvs. I really love how solid they make the products and how much attention goes into making them.

When my old and ailing Fujitsu Windows XP tower finally gave up the ghost in 2008, I needed a newer, nicer computer but I didn't know much about computers and I didn't have a lot of money.

I shopped around but found nothing I liked or could afford. Then one of my friends at work was selling his gently-used 2006 Mac mini for only $300, so I bought it off him. I knew nothing about Macs either; all I knew about them was that Apple made them and that was about it. But I was willing to try a whole new OS, and I figured it was a lot newer than my old computer so it had to be a huge upgrade.

And it was. That Mac mini was my first Mac, and it never gave me any problems the whole time I had it. I think my blood pressure dropped a bit after I switched to Mac and OSX, because that little thing was just dead-reliable. No issues or drama whatsoever. And it was so small and quiet. I was really impressed, and decided to stay with Apple from then on when it comes to computers.

Then in 2009 I sold the mini and upgraded to a refurbished top-of-the-line 2008 24" iMac, which I've been using ever since. That thing is just as reliable as my mini had been; no issues with it either. It's almost 6 years old now and still working fine on Mavericks. It's obviously a bit slower than modern Macs, but I'm just impressed that it's able to run Mavericks stably and reliably at all.

So for me it's been the reliability of my Macs, plus the very positive experiences I've had with Apple's customer service that have kept me with Apple.

We had Mac desktops in high school 2000 and I used it for Computer Graphics and Computer animation classes. I loved it.

What made me first try an Apple product on my own? The quality, support and features. Top in class.

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I was in a meeting in an office that had free wifi. Websites to look at we're being put up on the board and we were encouraged to look right away of we had a device. I had my new blackberry, the first slider model, and entered the first website in the browser and hit enter. The lady next to me was doing the same on her iphone. When she hit enter, the page loaded instantly. Minutes later, my blackberry was still trying to render the page. On the way home from that meeting I stopped at AT&T and switched to iPhone. Hated it the first two weeks. Then I realized how much easier it was to use and have never looked back. Now I have 2 Macs, 2 iPhones, a touch and 3 iPads in my family. All under one roof.

Before I used any apple products, I was always thinking what was inside the Apple logo every time I see an iPhone, iPod and MacBook. When I got my first job, I bought an iPod Touch and tried what it can offer to me. The result, I bought an iPhone 4s after a year of using my iPod. Now, I have my MacBook Air and iPad Mini too.

The term, "Only on the App Store"
I was jealous of all the apps I wanted but couldn't get on Windows Phone.

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Used the classic Mac for word processing when I was in high school. Then I used them again when I was in college for Photoshop and illustrator work. Dabbled with android for my first two smart phones and then decided it was time to try something different. So this time around I got a 16gb iPhone 5s and am enjoying the simplified yet equally as powerful way to do things.

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When I purchased my first iPod, I just feel in love. The interface, the materials used, the culture behind the business, it just attracted me to buy more. I purchased the iPhone4 when it came on Verizon and I'm never going back to android. When Windows 8 came out, I decided enough was enough and purchased a rMBP.

Had been a two-mobile device guy for about 20 years; one for communication & the other for mobile computing (started in early '90s with a 3 watt bag cell phone & a Sharp clamshell "Organizer"). In 2010 I took the plunge to let my Palm PDA go; the new platform had to have a lot of third-party software, with a rock-solid stable manufacturer, Apple was chosen (for some reason Android products didn't interest me). Got an iPod touch 3G, & that's all she wrote. Those devices were >stable<! The quality of materials and workmanship, and software was so far beyond any device I'd had before.After a couple years of using iPod touch and a Blackberry, I finally realized I could trust to carry my entire business on one device - the iPhone. In the past, mobile phones would simply not hold up under the workload I gave them for long, so I never wanted to trust running my business on a smartphone. Got the iPhone 5 in 2012, and never looked back. It's just superb, and I have no concerns about loosing my business because of the kind of device failures that had plagued other products in the past. Got the 5S with a sweet-deal switch to Verizon, and this one screams. My productivity took a big step forward with Apple. Now, Daughter & wife have iPhones, iPad. And, my next desktop just might be an iMac!

The crappy lag a and constant phone crashing made me switch to the very first iPhone

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My iPad Mini 2 is the first Apple product that I've bought, and it has not disappointed. One of my many New Years Resolutions was to try new things. So, I decided to give the IPad a try. I'm so glad I did. Best tablet I've ever used, hands down.

A Lisa 2.

After using a Ti99/4a and a Kaypro running CP/M at home (1980), I started using Apples at work. My desk saw an Apple II with dual floppies, then an Apple III with profile HD, a Lisa 2 and finally a Fat Mac. The Lisa and its software were a revelation. The UI consistency between applications made computing a pleasure in comparison to everything that preceded it. When the Mac improved on it yet again I was sold.

I eventually bought my first Mac, an SE/30, followed by a Dual G5 PowerMac and a core i7 Mini.

Window Me, my first and last windows computer. Trashed it after hours upon hours of virus/adware/disk re-formatting headaches and went with mac. That was 7 years ago and I've never spent one sec with those issue again. Mac showed me I could love a computer everyday, forever, instead of hating every moment of it.

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My first mac was macbook aluminum unibody. The reason I wanna buy was because I was tire of all of those poor cheap quality windows laptop, and off course windows vista. I am loving the osx experience. In 2011 I tried windows 7 laptop and I sold it then bought quad core 15inch macbook pro. Few days ago I bought iPhone 5s. I hope I enjoy iOS experience.

I was editing a movie for a client in Premiere Pro. After a week of heavy editing the program crashed and I actually lost the files I was editing. I was so upset that I immediately started looking for a Mac to try Final Cut. I have never looked back since.

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There always was a plan in the back of my head to try a Mac someday (when the time would be right) and it happened shortly after my romance with iPhone 3G. I must admit that the timing was perfect (OSX 10.6 was just released) and after all the crap that Windows brought me in the past it was a (much needed) breath of fresh air.

Back in the spring of 2009 my uncle bought himself an iPod Touch. I think it was the second generation iPod Touch at the time. I starting testing it out and really liked it. Decided to try an iPhone a few weeks later. A white 16 GB 3G was my first iPhone and smartphone for that matter.

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I had a Windows Mobile smart phone that caused a lot of grief. A couple of friends had iPhones that I'd seen them use with delite, and I'd had the opportunity to play around with them a little. I was stuck on Verizon, who didn't yet have the iPhone, until the iPhone 4 finally arrived on the carrier. I got one real soon after availability.
Now I have an iPhone 5S, an iPad Air, and no looking back. Next up will be a MacBook. What I like about the products is the ease of use and the consistant reliability. I don't see changing in the foreseeable future.
My Windows PC mostly collects dust now. Lol!

My first Apple product was iPod classic(32 GB) and the ease of use/design/ portability was simply out of the world that time. Since then, no looking back. Had iPhone 3G and now I have iPad mini and iPhone 5.

Apple sticks to their concept of ''everything new yet feel so familiar in hands"

Mackbook pro is on my radar now!

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Product stability and creativity they put in every device is unbeatable. I am addicted to apple devices in all respects.

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i don't remember lol. I think my first apple product was an ipod and then a white ibook G4 because i needed a laptop for college and I was sick of using Windows. And then I saw the light hehe. It was just such an organic experience and gorgeous product to use.

My first apple product was an iPod Nano 1st gen, I had friends who had iPods and thought they where cool! Now I have an iPod Classic, MacBook,iPhone, an iPad plus an Apple TV.

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Microsofts decade of complacency, high priced software and droves of poor quality cheap Chinese PC imports drove me away to a MacBook back in early 2k. Never looked back. Our household now at any one time has 4 x iPhones, 4 x iPads, 3 x iMacs and a MacMini for a Media Center. Windows 7 & 8 are even more justification this was the right decision, even though no more was needed. Its safe to say I will never be a Microsoft customer ever again.

Well, it was hard decision for me because I was a big fan of Android. I had couple of HTCs - very good phones, but lacking of software updates, problems with wifi antena, etc.
One day I decided that I need a tablet for my daily work. Did big "investigation" and in the end I bought an iPad. Of course there is still some issues which are bother me, but in general I`m happy with it. It makes me also decide to bought an iPhone.
So, my answer is - overall vision of the products convinced me to buy Apple products - hardware+software+features+look+etc.

I was a die hard Windows fan, and like many Windows users thought Mac was rubbish. I had been using a PDA since the palm, and then HP IPAQ and then found Black Berry which met all my business needs. I was unimpressed by the iPhone and knew it was not as good as my BB Bold, but when trying to upgrade to the Bold 2 Vodafone were out of stock, but offered to send me the iPhone 3G to "play" with, they even sent me a bag to return it in. I received it on a Friday and my Monday when they called to arrange collection (with a knowing smile) I was sold - and have not looked back since.

The same can be said for my Mac Air, I bought an expensive Windows laptop and within a year it was grinding to a halt, lots of people told me to try the "Apple Crap" as I called it - and I picked up a 2nd hand Mac Air - WOW - I have been blown away at its speed and convenience - it's truly inspiring to use. I still think the easy stuff is VERY easy but you really have to learn the hard stuff and it's not intuitive - try taking a screen shot!! (KeyQue is my friend).

It was a journey and now I recommend the Mac to everyone (for which my friends still remind me was crap!) - Now I am looking for an upgrade, but I am waiting for the Mac Air with Touch ID.

I have now been happily using a Mac Air for 2 years and looking forward to many more!

Ever since I saw the first iPhone, I was hooked, but the new iPad, or iPad 3 was the first Apple product. The iPhone came next, then the MacBook Pro, and lastly, the iPad mini retina LTE.

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Actually it was my partner who opened my eyes by getting me an iPod nano and things rolled from there on. It's funny cos beforehand I had considered Apple out of reach due to high prices and so on. And now? I don't consider it as much as the quality that shines throughout their line up of products. One thing it taught me, it's not how much I pay but rather how easy to use and it's so many pluses that I can't ever go back to windows again. As owner of iPhone 4 and 5, MacBook and MacBook Pro with retina, and Apple TV, I know how good they are.

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Microsoft Windows on PC's made me get a Mac G3 Blue and White in 2003. 8 years later, I retired it due to Obsolescence. It's still sitting in my closet, even though it doesn't work. The HTC EVO 4G w/Android Gingerbread was so awful, it pushed me to the iPhone 4S. Doing Enterprise Mobile Device Management for Galaxy Note Phablets made me go for an iPhone 5C. A Dell Laptop that was the worst piece of junk ever, made me get a Macbook Pro 2008. I got an iPad 2 in 2012. Android Tablets at that time just didn't move the needle for me and a couple of years later, they still don't. Windows 8 and 8.1 inspired me to get a first gen Mac Pro Workstation that can't even upgrade to Mac OS Mountain Lion, much less, Mavericks. And ProTools MP9 on PC pushed me to Cubase on my Macs for music production. So, we can basically say that every craptastic product I've used on other platforms pushed me to get Apple products because I wanted durable products that last and just work for me, within the spectrum of what I do (Artist/Musician). The only thing I use Windows for, is working from home (My Mobile Device Management Tech job requires VPN that only runs on the PC) and the video games I play only run on PC, otherwise everything else is accomplished on my Apple products. Windows 8.1 is so bad, it has me eyeing Macbook Airs. It doesn't help the other platforms that my MDM job utilizing AirWatch, for the most part involves supporting iPhones and iPads, a few Android Tablets that are basically obsolete, and absolutely no Windows Phones or Windows Tablets. Keep up the crap work, Microsoft, HP, Dell, and everyone else. They're the reason why I use Apple products. I'd rather buy used and reconditioned Apple products than buy cheap PC junk that does a year or two later. If I didn't have to use Windows for Work, I'd go all Mac and in fact, Boot Camp and a Windows partition on a second hard drive is starting to look pretty good on my Mac Pro Workstation. With a video card upgrade, I could easily be Windows Gaming on my Mac with four monitors.

I first used a Macintosh II a long while ago, but for me it was the move to a new job and getting a computer for the flat. I was sick of having to fix microsoft windows all the time, I just wanted something to work.
Then I got an iPhone 3g, then it's just exploded from there. Moving to macs at work, then the rest of the family.
There is only one running windows machine, my father in laws. He only uses it to do his online banking and emails. He's 81. Even though he could use something like an iPad he's a bit of a stickler for a desktop computer with a keyboard. When the machine finally keels over, my 2009 mac mini will replace it, bringing the end to the Windows OS in the Cutler household.

1990 Mac Classic - Desktop Publishing
But now, I have to admit I am totally BlackBerry.

However I use all the different OS available to their full potential, building on the combined strengths and merits.

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My second computer was an Apple IIe. I used that through my undergrad in Computer Information Systems. After going into networking I was a PC person mainly because thats what was used on most networks in the late 80's early 90's. My daughter wanted a Mac back when the colorful Mac's were all the rage and I told her no. I said no because I knew how to fix a problem with a Windows machine quickly and didn't want to spend hours trying to learn how to fix a Mac at home. (Yes I know better now.)

Flash forward to 2007 when my daughter graduated from high school. She decided she wanted a Mac to take to college so that's what she got. I started playing a round with it a bit during the summer. At the same time several of my co-workers had Mac's and always talked about them, so I decided to start saving my pennies and by one. In 2008 I got laid off and needed a computer of my own and had the money to buy a Mac. The computer gods were looking out for me and I was able to get a brand new 17" MBP the last model of the silver keyboard version for an incredible price from a reseller here where I live and I pulled the trigger on that real quick. That was the beginning. I have become such an Apple person. I needed to replace my old 802.11b wireless so I got an Airport Extreme, replaced my Blackberry with an iPhone 3GS, have an Apple TV, have had several iPods and 2 iPads. That 17" MBP got me through grad school and was recently replaced with the latest and greatest Retina Macbook Pro. I got the 3rd one in Nashville. The Haswell (Crystalwell) processor with the SSD and the display are just plain awesome.

Why did I buy a Mac product? Well let's see I am a Amateur Radio Operator and we have yearly get togethers (Hamfests) in various locations in our area, granted our area is much smaller that the major metropolitan areas, but none the less these functions are a place to exchange used radio and of late computer gear (another mans junk is the other mans treasure). There happened to be a Mac Powerbook 100 for sale and I said why not?. So 70 dollars later and some playing around with this notebook I was a Mac convert.. I have 1 windows machine in my inventory only because I am an IT person so from time to time I need a windows to complete a task, but usually I just dual boot my Macbook Pro to do the job...Well this is my story and I'm sticking to it...

My first product was a (now "Classic") iPod, probably about 10 years ago. They were quite a bit more than the the flash based MP3 players but I wanted something that A) would hold all of my music and B) I'd be happy with for a while.

Everyone I knew who had an iPod LOVED it. No one had anything bad to say about it. So I figured the up front investment was worth it, and it was.

My first Apple device is an iPod Touch 5th Gen. My reason for getting one? Because of Apple's great app selection.
And now that I got the taste of what Apple can offer, I want MORE!! I've been saving to get a retina iPad Mini to replace my iPT5 which in return would be passed on to my niece.

The iPhone made the trick, I resisted all Macs and the iPod, but the iPhone convinced me. While I'm not a blind follower of Apple, I must admit the iPhone is already an historic product, a world-changer.

The earpods.... I'm always looking for something comfortable to the ears when listening to music.
Some how that snow balled to an ipod touch 5th gen and now a 5s.

For the iPhone it was Motorola telling me my less than two year old Photon 4G couldn't upgrade to either Gingerbread or Jelly Bean at the time. It was also constantly crashing with just 99 apps on it. I decided to get the iMac for two reasons. Firstly, got a brand new Dell Pc with touch screen running W8 only to have it not work. And Dell give me the run around for 2 or 3 months. Funny thing had screen issues with my iMac as well. Took it to the Apple Store and it was replaced days after my initial complaint. In Dell's favor they eventually give me a 'new' pc. But too little too late. Like I said it took 'em 3 months and 2 technicians later before they admitted the pc was a dud. Secondly, saw the iMac in the Apple Store and loved that screen at first sight. Having owned an iPad for about a year and just loving the blacks when watching movies was happy to see the same on the iMac. For those wondering no I don't own a television set. It was a no brainer. Tired of subpar PCs with half baked hardware. Dell's screen mind you with 1080p resolution was just plain washed out even by PC standards. I took the leap. No regrets. I totally enjoy my iMac and wish I had a legit reason to get the Mac Pro. But I have none so happily contented.

I was always a Nokia user, but the iPhone caught my attention, and when the 3G came out I had to have one. Since then, I've had every iPhone that's come out, 3 different iPads, and now also have a MacBook Air. The ease of use and ability to have so much all within an Apple eco-system was the main draw to me with the additional products.

I needed a small, quality machine as I was off to university. I chose the iBook G4 12 inch machine which was contrary to recommendations and fell in love. I later purchased an iPod, and the rest is history. I am quite deep in the Apple ecosystem, save for my Nexus 7, which I use to scratch that Android curiosity that I have from time to time. I have used all versions of windows at some point, and they don´t work for me.

my first Apple product was the an iPod it was the 8GB model but that is not was made me switch to all Apple products. It was my iPhone 3GS (the best iPhone of all time in my opinion) which led to me getting an iPad and eventually a Macbook pro then a Mac Mini. It was then that I was just blown away how Apple products just work and are leaps and bounds ahead of Windows. I grew frustrated with Windows for years with Vista being the final nail in the coffin. However ultimately Windows is what truly made me come to appreciate Apple because what would take me days or hours to do on a windows computer/product it takes me minutes on any Apple product.

My first Apple product was a Macintosh LC 580 my dad bought for my sister and me to use for school. Since then, I have had numerous Mac models, iMac G3 (Blue), iBook G4, Macbook Pro (1st Gen), iMac 24inch, Macbook Pro (2011), iMac 27inch. Currently the only Apple products I own is an iPad Air, Apple TV (2x). My wife uses an IPhone 5 and iPad Mini Retina. Am still waiting for a Macbook Air with Retina and a bigger screen iPhone. Right now I use a 4.5 inch Lumia 925, Surface Pro 2 for mobile and a PC tower I built.

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Like the majority of posters, my first Apple/Mac experience was in elementary school.

Short story, long: my first TRUE Apple/Mac experience was Christmas of 2006 (or 2007) when, my now father-in-law, offered me his iMac once he gets it back for warranty work on the fan, I think. Well, Apple said that either the fans were on major back-order or they weren't making those fans anymore (or something like that) so they offered him a brand new one (not refurbished). He said he felt guilty he didn't have an iMac for me like he promised (which I didn't mind). A week later, a White Macbook was delivered to my front door. 2 weeks after that, I gave my kid my barely used Samsung mp3 player and ordered a purple iPod Nano 4th gen. Today, I'm sporting an iMac, Macbook Pro, iPod Touch 5th gen, iPad 4 and an iPhone 5S... and the same White Macbook once I get a new battery for it. Personally, I couldn't be happier with the products and service. :)

A friends persistence and nagging made me switch to the iPhone and I bought an Apple TV then another one for another room and then after I upgraded a newer PC with Windows 8 that intensified the problems with Windows 7 that I had really drove me to purchase a 27 inch iMac. Though since Mavericks the amount of bugs that appeared have made me think that maybe my 2015 device may be just a PC again though I will miss the magic trackpad which turned from being something I bought just to have to something that I prefer to use.

I've been a Windows guy since, well before Windows, MS-DOS was my thing. A year ago I bought an iPhone 5 because my carrier didn't carry the Windows phone I wanted. Best choice I ever made, it turns out. I was so impressed I went and bought one for the wife. Also, I'm just getting tired of the Windows world. All the malware, Windows 8 metro, etc. Today I'm waiting for FedEx to drop off my iPad Mini. next step will be a MacBook Pro.

Simply put: I was tired of all the tinkering and tampering. I wasn't as tech savvy as I thought. Fighting with my PC got old. Once I helped my nephew set up his Mac Pro, I saw the added value of iLife and iWork. I bought an imac and never looked back.

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My first product was when I was a kid with the original Macintosh so I didn't really know much back than. As an adult it was Jan 2011 with the iPhone 4. Blackberry wasn't doing anything and I was getting tired of waiting for something great so I gave it and go and haven't looked back since.

When I first started using phones my favorite brand was Nokia, and my last proper smartphone from them was the n97, but it left a lot to be desired (loved the keyboard though), went to Android phones but found them too unstable, app quality wasn't great. Went to iphone and loved it, stable, smooth, slick design and fantastically made apps

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Windows xp failed to evolve fast enough, and I had to stay on top of virus and malware threats. I loved my 3rd gen iPod and make me really look at Mac, the OS version was Panther, and that blew XP away, I was a web designer so everyone I worked with had Macs. Best decision I made, i love apple so much I bought my mom and grandparents a mac and almost my whole fam has iPhones :)