What would you like to see Apple add to iCloud.com next?

Though still in beta, Apple has expanded their iCloud.com offering to include the iWork suite of apps for the first time. But, what other services would you like to see Apple bring to iCloud.com? There's so much potential for web based products, with a number of competing service providers already offering a wide variety of products, but many of Apple's offerings still rely upon native applications for OS X and Windows.

Companies such as Google and Microsoft offer cloud based web portals to entertainment products like Xbox Music and Google Play Music, with Google also offering Movies and TV shows to view using YouTube after purchase. Google and Microsoft also offer cloud storage for your files, something Apple does not presently provide directly as part of iCloud. Considering iTunes in particular, with iTunes Radio launching this fall with iOS 7, it would seem as good a time as any to turn to the web. Or how about iBooks? We're about to finally get it on the Mac with OS X Mavericks, but Google, Amazon and Barnes & Noble all offer a web client for reading eBooks. So perhaps that should be something on Apple's to-do list?

Photos would be another good choice, perhaps combined with the return of an iDisk type feature. This is something Google does particularly well with Drive and the new way they handle photos through Google+. Apple already has a toe dipped in this arena in Photostream, so is there any reason why adding some form of iPhoto to the web portal would be a bad idea? And being unable to use iCloud for any real file storage is a downer for many of us.

There's plenty to choose from, but what would you like to see Apple integrate into iCloud.com next? Something we've discussed here or perhaps something else entirely? Drop a vote in the poll up top and leave a comment below sharing your thoughts with us!

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Soldiiier says:

regarding poll:
How abouta ll of the above, all great ideas

Good OL MC says:

I'd be most excited for an iPhoto option. Being able to manipulate photos in my Photostream would be super convenient since, well, they're already there. It wouldn't even need to be full featured.

crazygonzo says:

iPhoto is a priority, the Mac app needs to be updated and having your photo stream library available is an obvious choice.

jefforange89 says:

Definitely iMessage. In particular, it would be really useful for friends with PCs and iPhones.

Maxpower1980 says:

Yes, as a desktop PC user I would have voted for iMessage as well.

jea345 says:

Agreed, but iPhoto would also be useful for pictures I need on my school computer.

Good OL MC says:

Absolutely. I've been peeling friends of mine away from iMessage to Google Hangouts purely because there is a way to communicate on PC. The convenience of a conversation being anywhere is almost unbeatable and right now you have to be a Mac user to get in on it.

Rowanova says:

I like all of the ideas listed in the article, but I think my personal number one is file storage, management, and sharing.

I really feel Apple needs to catch up in this space in a huge way. With all of the ideas listed in this article, they have enough to catch up to, if not exceed, what others are doing already. I hope they do.

johnswilson1 says:

Great article. I'd say iTunes, specifically iTunes Radio, and iMessage. Apple is missing out on a big opportunity here to add more value for diehard Apple fans who are stuck working on PCs all day (through no choice of our own).

gharleyjr says:

1. My Vote -> iMessage -- please!! I'm stuck using a Windows PC at work and my family owns all iDevices. Tired of taking my phone out of my pocket just to respond to iMessage texts.

2. Ability to reorder reminders and ability to manually order notes
3. iPhoto -> Would love to not have to use 3rd party cloud solutions to edit and keep my pics backed up
4. iDisk -> Mainly for PDFs, but would be great if I could use iCloud as a file viewer / backup solution

Can't think of anything else I'd want. Could ditch Google and Microsoft at that point for my required services. Thanks for Pages/Notes/Numbers!!

stanthejeep says:

Find my friends
Game Center
Apple maps (not that anyone would use it)

In truth, this website is a complete lack of effort. They could do so much more.

CORYK333 says:

Get a load of this guy^^^^^

Plazmic Flame says:

Send iMessages and texts messages through iCloud.

jakeless.123 says:

My suggestion for what Apple could add to icloud is not necessarily a feature. What I would like for Apple to add to icloud is consistency and more refined way of handling all the data that is going in and out of their servers. I can only imagine that it's easier said than done considering all the people worldwide who use the service. I just can't help but think about the last year and how many times icloud was not operational, nor was it consistently operational.

williamsbh76 says:

I'd like to see better app syncing across devices so that I could put down a game or task on one device and pick up where I left off on another. Still just not enough support for this. Of course, everything else would be good as well.

Pontavignon says:

Add an iCloud icon to Apple TV, permitting browser access to the full suite. Because Apple recently enabled Bluetooth keyboard connection to the TV puck, anyone owning a keyboard could send mail, work in any of the iWork apps, etc. This added functionality would increase the marketability of Apple TV while providing an inexpensive introduction to Apple tools for those still living with PCs.

AustinSJ says:

In no particular order:

1. iMessage. I want this up on iCloud.com and as an Android app.

2. iTunes. Let me buy and consume my media online. It would eliminate the need for the pitiful Windows app or even the need for an Android app. It's a good way to get around the DRM Apple is required to use.

3. iBooks. Like the case for iTunes, it would serve as a neat way to get around DRM that restricts books to Apple devices.

4. Maps. Like the coming Mac App let me send directions to any of my Apple devices.

5. iPhoto. Store all my photos in the cloud in full resolution and let me edit them there. Charge me a fee if you have to, just make it happen.

6. iWork. They have done great so far. Just add real time collaboration.

7. Put an iCloud button in the Finder sidebar and let me drag any file in there. Essentially, a Dropbox competitor. Also, make an iCloud app for iOS so I can see/work with those files on the go. Create an API that allows third party apps to save to iCloud and to open from iCloud.

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Andrew Phillips says:

I'd like to see Passbook added to iCloud .. Having cross-platform support would make it easier for a business to launch promotions for everybody - thus increasing the amount of offers for iOS users ..


Planetary Paul says:

How about Apple Mail finally syncing its rules and sigs (should have hit the ground running at the iCloud introduction!)

Gazoobee says:

Or rules *working* on almost any device, or junk mail filtering working on anything other than the OS X client and synced between devices?

Personally I'm a bit ticked at how Mail's functionality has not only not evolved, but has actually reduced over time. I shouldn't have to leave my home computer on all day running Mail just to get mail filtering to work, and i shouldn't lose it on all devices every time my home computer goes to sleep.

Gustav_4 says:

I would like to see iPhoto and iMessage.

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GeniusUnleashed says:

Aliases in the mail client. I don't use my .me or .cloud email address and, even though I forward everything there as a last resort, I can't send anything from there using those email addresses. It seems like they don't want people to use the service.

I'd also like for stuff to take less than a minute to open up on a Cable modem internet connection.

gravitypaul says:

I would like to see iMessage come to iCloud.com. However, all of the above would be good, particularly photos.

nick3l5 says:

I would say most of the native apps available to iOS so that they can be accessed from more environments, like facetime or better calendar support or maybe even siri or maps, ect. lol ;)

jhulgan says:

iMessage and Notifications from all devices.

Jay Imerman says:

It's already there on OS X Mountain Lion (10.8).

Gazoobee says:

I'd like to see "iSearch" added as I think it makes more sense than turning iCloud into some kind of media portal it was never meant to be.

This would be a service wherein all your search indices from all your devices were saved and synced in the cloud so that you could search in any device or from the cloud itself, and you would be able to tell which computer or device a particular document was on. Possibly allowing you to retrieve it if needed, assuming the device was on. So, searching your home computer from your phone or tablet or vice versa.

This would put the focus back on work and utility, rather than blending iCloud into a sort of iTines in the cloud mess.

Jay Imerman says:

It's really important to be able to see pics on our photo stream, and to be able to manage (aka delete) them from the stream.

Daniel Wetzel says:

I would like to see an airdrop option in order to send files and pictures to your apple devices from a pc for example.

mulasien says:

Photo Stream. I don't own a Mac to go along with my iOS devices, but would love to view my Photo Stream everywhere. I currently have iCloud control panel on my home Win 7 desktop, but can't install it on my XP work computer, or anywhere where I want to show people large screen photos of mine without having to upload a copy to Google Drive first.

tobias_i_d says:

imessage so that Apple's customers will be able to send imessages to their friends / family members while in office, This is useful in developing countries while most of both commercial and goverment offices are still using windows-based desktop.