What is your favorite iOS mapping solution? [Poll]

Maps are back in the news today with Google's launch of a major upgrade to their iOS maps app, so what better time to ask the question; what's your favorite iOS mapping solution? We're pretty spoiled for choice, and better still, we're spoiled for choice with free apps. Since the launch of iOS 6 Apple has replaced Google as the default maps app, and there's no question it's been a rough ride since the product first launched. Truth told, none of the mapping services are perfect in any way, but all of them have their fans.

Google Maps is the de-facto choice for many people, simply because it's all we know. Google Maps has been around for a long time, and Google puts a huge amount of continuous work into trying to make it the best product of its kind. Nokia has also had extremely good maps for a number of years, and I'm sure many of you remember using them on your old Symbian smartphones. We're fortunate enough to have the latest iteration, HERE Maps, available on iOS too. And then there's Waze. Massively popular and full of crowd sourced information, Waze has its die-hard fans as well.

So, we've picked out these four as some of the most popular choices, and we want your opinions on this. What's your favorite and why? Happy enough with Apple Maps or a hardcore Google Maps user? Perhaps even something we didn't think of? Drop a vote in the poll up top, and your thoughts in the comments below!

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What is your favorite iOS mapping solution? [Poll]


google maps because it's got much more and more accurate data when i've used it. Also for some reason i seem to get extreme battery drain from ios maps.

I use both, it depends because I live in Chile and here only Google offers information about public transportation,so if I need that info, I use Google maps if not, tren I use built in app

I've been a hardcore Google Maps user for ages, primarily because of Street View and its availability in my browser...but as Google tinkers with it and reduces functionality in the process, Apple Maps starts to seem more tempting. With Maps arriving on the Mac desktop in Maverick, that might flip me over.

I'll second Navigon for navigation. For plain Maps though just to look up info, it's Google Maps but it's terrible at navigation.

I have to say though, the 2.0 update for google maps is laggy as heck. Apple Maps is much smoother and looks and runs better on iOS.

Umm, I haven't had any major issues with the Apple Maps since its release. I understand that it has caused many problems for others though. With that being said, my personal experience has me sticking with the new default app (Apple Maps). It keeps me from worrying about constantly opening Google Maps for my navigation needs.

Apple maps. Much more accurate than Google Maps and it had turn by turn right from the start. Only had one error from Apple Maps since its release.

My favorite mapping solution for iPhone has always been 'GPS Drive" from Motion X. It is a stellar app.

Waze. Without question. No other app has saved me more time, money (gas, tickets, etc.), and improved the quality of my life in such a far-reaching way as Waze has. It's the one app I cannot live without. And, hands down, has been more accurate than Google (which is used primarily by others in my family).

For most situations, apple maps. Google still gets used on occasion, but since its not the default the UI just isn't the same. Waze gets used on rare occasion.

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Mine was Apple maps until this past weekend. Entered in an address to somewhere I've never been about 1.5 hours from him and Maps took me about 2 miles away from my destination. I've never had this happen, popped it into google maps and it got me to the right place.

I use Navigon on an iPad 1, tethered to my iPhone 5, fed by Griffin's stacked Powerjolt+ and Powerjolt. The iPad 1 in its Apple soft sleeve attaches to any centre dashboard and is very easy to read.

Waze, use it everyday, I use Google maps for street view, and Apple maps just for fun sometimes since it's never accurate.

Anybody who spends money on a navigation app nowadays is throwing money away, the best are free, and the best by far is waze.

Telenav GPS Plus (not the free version)... while I have dabbled a bit with several of the other mapping/GPS apps out there (most notably Waze, Apple Maps, and Google Maps), I keep coming back to Telenav. I would LOVE to stick with Apple's solution due to it's tight integration with iOS, but until it has a "night" driving mode it is simply not an option for me -- I just can't drive at night with what feels like a flashlight blinding me from my dashboard (although I'm looking forward to seeing this remedied in the upcoming iOS7 version). The same goes for Google Maps. Waze is decent, has a good night mode, and I love the crowd-sourced traffic reports -- but it's insistence on peppering my screen with ads every time I stop keeps me from using it as my default.

Although I wish it had some of the features that the other apps had (tight OS-integration of Apple's app, great/fast search of Google, crowd-sourcing network of Waze) I keep coming back to Telenav because it is reliable and has an additional KILLER feature that I keep begging each of the other app-makers to include: LANE ASSIST!!!! I can't tell you how many times I have come to an unfamiliar highway interchange, and this feature has saved me from having to frantically cross 5 lanes of traffic at the last minute. Knowing what lane I should be in before coming to an exit or a highway interchange has saved my sanity many times over, and has made a huge fan of this app.

I use TomTom when I really need reliable directions on the go. I love both Apple an Google maps just to browse around.

Navigon has never let me down, with or without an active data connection, the way it hooks up with google street view is great. That said, nothing compares to the visual intuitiveness of Apple Maps when it switches into turn-by-turn view, all the info you need clearly visible with a quick glance, whether its an iPhone or iPad screen.

The problem is, there are no excellent mapping solutions on iOS, only a "good enough" one, that is, Google's. Apple's is inaccurate and useless in Europe. One needs to get a WP and Nokia's location services bundle to get something a tad more premium. As an iPhone user, I feel like a second class citizen...

Waze is good but a one trick pony. Only useful if you live in very high density areas with high volume of users. Move away from that scenario and its pretty much useless

Primerily Apple Maps as it's native but not enough detail at times (especially with it's inaccurate location of pubs/restaurants etc from Yelp). Sometimes I'll use the Google Maps but not as often as I used to. I wish that Apple would take more data from OSM though as in my area at least ints incredibly detailed and accurate. I also don't like the fact that motorways in Apple Maps are yellow and not blue.

Navigon. All the data with me all the time. No cellular required. Just GPS. Automatically re-routes for traffic and missed turns. Far better than the built in GPS in a rented RV during a trip to Yellowstone. Wish Apple would let me make it the default when clicking on an address.

Google is the best mapping and turn by turn navigation experience period. Google has been at it for a very long time and are constantly improving. They have public transportation maps, street view which is just unbeatable and throw in interior buildings. Google is superior, no other is even close.
All that and it's free.

I wasn't able to choose between Apple Maps and Google Maps, I've both installed on my iPhone. I usually use Apple maps because it's more integrated with the OS and provides a lot of helpful stuff, such as touch in a contact address and see the location right away. I use Google Maps when I need speed and fast load, for some reason if my connectivity isn't good Google Maps loads faster.

Some other times I use Waze when I want to report an event on the road, such as traffic jams, accidents, etc.

I'm surprised Waze isn't doing so well on this poll. In a pinch, I'll use Siri + Apple Maps if I'm driving around, but I almost always use Waze otherwise. The same goes for most of the people I know. After trying several apps, once I found Waze, I stopped looking for anything else. It does what it's supposed to do and does it well.

It's funny how people either love it or hate it. I'm one of the people who HATE waze! Every time I've tried it it's failed miserably, telling me to take a left while on a freeway at 60mph, or taking me through slow neighborhood streets instead of using arterial roads. And I've given it more than a few chances.

That is correct, Waze will take you down roads no other Nav app will but that is normally the best way to go. Waze learns the best way to get around town by local users who know the fastest way around town. I sometime use Goolge maps to get an ETA for driving from one side of my city to the other and it has a time that is unrealistic and it's route is nothing like I would drive on my own. Fire up Waze and it shows me the exact route that I would drive from my own personal experience and it is a good 25% faster. Waze may send you down strange paths but it is normally for a good reason. I have learned to trust it.

I liked Scout the best too but was always way off with ETA's so I now use Apple's maps because of the integration.

Apple maps BY FAR is the best navigation app for iOS. I have used all of them. Waze is by far the worst and Google maps is about in the middle. Sure you can find more POI in Google maps right now, but what good is it if it gives you bad directions and has a horrible UX? After using Google maps a few times and then going back to Apple maps, it makes me so happy that Apple made their own because Google maps stinks.

Waze for commuting and in big cities. Sygic for long trips. Wish apple had bought waze so there would be traffic and deep system integration. With waze I have to unlock the phone after interruptions and I dont see directions whilst on the call - that drives me mad but apple has poor data about Europe.

I knew Waze wouldn't win this poll but I am shocked it scored so low. I suspect people either haven't tried it or don't give it a fair run before dropping it. Clearly they have a good product or else Google wouldn't have stuck a deal with them. The biggest thing Waze is missing is better voice integration. When you are driving it is easier to use Google Voice Search to find a location.

Google Maps is the best Maps solution for iOS, but it is missing a key feature, at least for me (traffic in the bay area is crazy!), i.e., re-routing based on traffic and Waze does this so well. Waze almost re-routes me through parking lots of downtown hi-rises to save tons of time everyday! But Waze has issues with its search and Points of Interest and now, like predicted, Google is integrating the good stuff from both of these mapping solutions! (Check out thefrustumDOTcom for more information)