What is your primary iOS gaming device? [Poll]

There has been a bit of talk about mobile gaming in these parts this week, and while the Talk Mobile discussions are incredible -- really, they are so check them out if you haven't already -- we wanted to bring it back to iOS a little. Unlike our Windows or Android loving friends, our device choices for mobile gaming are pretty limited; one line of phone, two different tablets, the iPod touch and the Apple TV. But, that doesn't mean we don't target one of these specifically for getting our game on.

Each device has their own unique points that may assist someone choosing to use them as a gaming device. The iPod touch, for example, runs the same games as the iPhone while being just as portable, but it doesn't make calls so you can keep your iPhone free for communicating with the world. Whereas the iPad has that big, beautiful display, and the iPad mini offers a large display in a more portable form factor.

Personally, I like to get my gaming fix on my iPad. I like having the large screen to play on -- Real Racing 3 just doesn't feel the same on the iPhone. I also rely on my iPhone heavily to keep me connected with the world, the iMore team, my friends and family, so I don't really want to destroy the battery by playing endless sessions of Crazy Taxi. I do however love to use my Apple TV to mirror my games to my big screen TV. I like the feeling that I'm actually using a controller, and playing the game on the big screen in front of me just adds an extra dimension.

But, that's me, we want to hear about you! Drop us your vote in the poll up top, and drop into the comments below and let us know why you chose what you chose!

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Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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What is your primary iOS gaming device? [Poll]


I use my iPhone for gaming do to it's hard to play some games on my iPad I'm planing to get an iPad mini when it gets updated and try that I think it will be a little Easier

Just sold my iPhone. Every apple device I owned stop working after
Two years. I would always use my iPhone for everthing. But I have decided to stop buying apple until their customer service and products get better. The older apple products were amazing.

Sadly, these days with my vision I am finding the iPhone screen feels smaller and smaller - so my iOS gaming has shifted much more in favor of the iPad. Still hoping for an Apple supported game controller at some point, but I found that putting on an anti-glare screen protector has helped my gaming considerably (no fingerprints/oil, fingers don't stick to screen).

It depends on the game, i.e., Temple Run 2 is best played on an iPhone/iPod Touch for easier controls; The Walking Dead game benefits from the larger screen of an iPad.

I use the iPhone and the iPad mini pretty much equally. I favor Running With Friends on the iPad, but Angry Birds Friends is kind of easier to play on the iPhone.

My iPhone 4S because its all i have. I would probably play more with an iPad mini if I had one when I'm home

iPad for most touch games but if they require movement like racing or I'm mobile I use my iphone.

I agree with Richard. I would not use my iPhone 5 for games as it would suck the battery in no time. Even if the next generation iPhones come with a larger screen(I would hate it though), still I would love to game on my iPad mini. Two solid reasons why -

1) I don't want to get interrupted while playing games
2) Bigger screen and better battery life on iPads

So, I play most of the games on my iPad mini

games usually on phone, only because I never play games, other than when I am waiting in line or trying to kill time.

iPad mini, for me, is the best device for gaming. It is not as bulky as the iPad and not as small as the iPhone. Plus, I like to use my phone for communication and browsing only.

When I switched to the iPhone, I didn't intend on ever using it for games. I had the iPod Touch 4th gen for that... But colour me disappointed 'coz the iPod Touch 4th gen is ridiculously not worth the use when it comes to gaming and other items. I literally have it now stripped down to the native apps and loaded with my music library and a bunch of videos - 'coz any other thing that I add in, it starts to get laggy and deliver poor performance. (Maybe it's me, but every major iOS update always kills performance on older devices...?)

Anyways... Point is, Using my iPhone for gaming mostly now ;)

I travel a lot (52+ flights a year) and used to game on my iPhone 4 out of desperation. When I got the iPad mini, perfect size and battery life, my ios gaming took on a whole new meaning. Wonderful

I game on my iPad the increase battery life and the larger screen lets me enjoy the gameplay more. I have a few games on my iPhone because that is what I have with me all the time though. If I'm stuck at a family event most likely I wont have my iPad and if it gets boring I'll need a little distraction. My iPhone though only has more simplified games like word games.