What's the one App Store app you couldn't do without?

Is there an App Store app you can't imagine doing without? Each and every single day there is hundreds of apps submitted to Apple for inclusion in the App Store. Some of them are great and some of them, not so much. The App Store is often times hard to navigate and finding great apps can be related to finding a needle in a haystack. But every now and then you find exactly what you're looking for and that app, whatever it may be, never leaves your device. It's an app you use every single day, love to use and can't imagine not having it available or how you ever managed to get on without it before. Do you have an app like that?

Those are always great finds and in the iMore Forums, folks are sharing some of the apps on their iPhone they can't live without. We always aim to feature the best of the best apps here on the blogs but if you're looking for some new apps to try out you should check out the ongoing list in the forums or even better, share your own apps you can't do without and why.

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What's the one App Store app you couldn't do without?


Tripit. Having all of my flights, trains, hotels, car rentals, and dinner reservations automatically added to a shareable itinerary makes my work life a whole lot easier.

And if you have any Android devices, the widget is really handy.

I thought about Tweebot, but any premium twitter app that doesn't have twitlonger features won't get a dime from me. I already have the built in MAIL app, why another?

Totally understand but Tweetbot is so gorgeous and the features you DO get are way beyond that of free Twitter versions. Also, the developers seem quick to respond/add features that we complain about :-)

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I'm torn between choosing Tweetbot or 1Password as my one essential app. It would probably be the latter since that one actually stores all my login information and such and without it I'd be completely lost.

Fsearch - I am a prolific Facebook user and I have posted thousands of photos, hundreds of photo albums and videos and tons of links. This app lets me quickly find something I posted by using text search and I can quickly pull up the content on my iPhone and show to my friends on the go! The app website is http://fsearchapp.com

I'd like to see an app which corrects grammatical errors, such as:

(Analyses context)...

"Each and every single day there is hundreds of apps submitted to Apple"

Fixed version:

"Each and every single day there ARE hundreds of apps submitted to Apple"

I don't want to seem nit-picking, but you're a journalist, and should know better :-)

When that app is created, you should use it to correct your comments, as well.

"I don't want to seem nit-picking, but you're a journalist, and should know better"

Fixed version:

"I don't want to seem nit-picking, but you're a journalist and should know better"

I don't want to seem nit-picking, but if you're going to post a comment about grammatical errors, at least check it for grammatical errors. :-)

That makes no sense; it's perfectly acceptable for me to have added a comma where you've "corrected" it. Anyhoo, it was not a damning accusation, it was tongue-in-cheek - you can relax, I wasn't attacking the author :-)

Actually, I don't think the term "I don't want to seem nit-picking" is correct. Wouldn't it be "to seem like I'm nit-picking" or "to seem nit-picky"?

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Yeah, I can't figure out why there STILL isn't a markdown program with spellcheck/grammar-check. it's why I stopped using them and went back to Word.

Can't go past FileExplorer for streaming movies and files via WiFi. Additionally it can connect to the work WiFi and send photos from the camera roll to location on our internal network which makes it very quick and easy to manage work related photos from either the iPad or iPhone

Waze.. Best GPS hands down. It's saved me from speeding tickets, saved me hours of my life finding the quickest detours around accidents. It's truly an amazing app

AppsGoneFree is great! They featured my app Timer Professional a few months ago. Really awesome community of users.

I use Reeder everyday. And if it's gray outside I'm going to be frequently checking Dark Sky.

The App Store app is the one I can't do without, because I can use it to get more apps. This is the feature that sold me on the iPod touch which led me to iphone and iPad ... iOS is my favorite ecosystem and platform of all time, and I'm pretty old.

Don't make me choose just one app, you sadist!!

Jump Desktop!!!

Great Remote Desktop app with full Bluetooth keyboard support. It lets me work from my office PC or home computer remotely and works great. No monthly fees at all just a one time cheap charge. Works great and very compatible with my keyboard case. I literally never carry a laptop ever cause of this. It allows me to have the beauty and simplicity of a tablet and still be able to use windows when I need to!

My go-to daily app is Wunderlist. It has all the power I need without all the bells and whistles to bog me down. There are a lot of days where I'd be lost without it.

Native apps: phone, messaging, mail, calendar

App Store apps: one note, office 365, Tapatalk and I more ;p

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I would have to say iMore for sure. I've only had it for a couple of months but look at the news feed multiple times per day.
I swear...sometimes I think the only reason I have Apple devices is so that I can read about future Apple devices. Lol.

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Prompt and Jump Desktop. Helps me manager my remote Plex server. (Server is 175 miles away from me.)

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It wouldn't be my can't live without app, but I agree with the member that mentioned Waze, I sure wish apple had snapped them up before google did.

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There's no app i can't live without but i'll nominate:


I listen to podcasts everyday. Honestly, it's the only one that's close. Downcast is in my opinion the best podcasting app and it fits my needs. It's not irreplacable and i'm sure i could cope with another app but other than the native music player & instagram it's the only thing i really use on a daily basis, and the Instagram app is crappy.

iPhone: 1Password
iPad: Air Video HD
Stock Apps: Camera and Notes
Honourable Mentions: Fantastical 2, Google Translate, Google Drive, Telegram, WeChat, Clear, XE Currency, Breeze and Mailbox.
Dishonourable Mentions: Moves (FUFB) and Skype (PoS).

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Dispatch (despite its limitations), 1password, Drafts, Editorial, Fantastical, and OmniFocus. I'll throw in LCP for good measure. If forced to choose though, well I wouldn't, but I'd say Drafts, and Omni.focus 2 and Dispatch tie for me.

Due. It tells me everything that I would forget to do (take out the trash, change filters, etc). It also helps me do stuff I don't want to do, but need to do.

Google maps. Use it everyday for traffic. Also iMore. I check it frequently during the day to get the latest news on tech.

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Smartplayer. Its the best music app and it scrobes to lastFM. Nice gesture controls, cool design.

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Appzapp HD PRO is a very usefull free app to be alarmed when the iPhone or iPad app of your choice is free or low priced. It even shows the price history of every app and It has also mac apps on board. With the numbers of green hands up or red hands down it is very easy to see if an app is popular or not. Searching is much better and faster in this app than in the appstore. At this moment there seems only an iPad version in the appstore.

Writer Pro by Writer Labs GmbH, despite the Twitter backlash it got upon release (Marco Arment). Everyone makes mistakes.

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Between having it native on the device or in the cloud it syncs over all your devices and you can access it from Mac or any PC over the same wifi network. Not to mention it connects to all readdle apps like PDF pro...cross app sync is priceless. Plus the app is complety free even though it is worth money. Best app in the market place...hands down.

Fantastical 2!

Absolutely a fantastic(al) combo of Apple's calendar & reminder apps should have been.

Quite hard to limit to one app that I cant do with out.
Have to say

#1 Acompli ( email / calendar/ contact solution )
#2 Downcast ( great podcast app )
#3 Kindle
#4 Zite ( news articles )

Walgreens app. Ok before any snickers or geriatric comments all of us hope to get old considering the alternative. Unfortunately I must take multiple medications due to a spinal cord injury. This app enables me to get refills by simply scanning the bar code. I can set when and where I wish to pick up the refills and I get a text when it's ready to pick up. The app has my ordering history in case I forget what's due and I can get reminders from Walgreens if I forget to order. It has a section to list all my meds and dosages which is great for filling out forms on doctor visits. There are many features I didn't list that others may like.
Seriously I know there are lots of great fun and productivity apps as well as apps for education and normal daily living helpers. Yet if you don't take care of your health then the others may become a moot point.

Shazam I've had that app on my iphone and later ipad since it first came out! I use it almost everyday.

Hard choice between Tweetbot and Mailbox but Mailbox would probably win because I constantly use it during my workday which is almost everyday.

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Paprika. Makes working with recipes easy, works great across iPhones, iPads, and the desktop, and it can create quick grocery lists from your recipes as well.

Downcast is my pick because It is the best podcast app and it would be rough commuting without it.

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Cortex Cam & Diverge ( The Verge app ).
Besides this: iMore, GMail app, Skydrive, Whatsapp, Telegram, iTalk, McTube PRO, Spark, VSCO - absolutely needed and I can't do without them.

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First, you guys are brown nosers on an iMore forum saying the iMore app...lol

Second, Evernote hands down. An app that runs w/Evernote is Remember the Milk (I use both).

Readdle's Calendars 5, Documents and Scanner Pro. Also, the quintessential Evernote. It simply isn't possible to pick only one, so there you have it.

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