What's your next dream Mac? [Poll]

What's your next dream Mac?

Rumors, as always, are swirling over what next-generation Macs Apple might announce in 2013 in general, and at next month's WWDC show in specific. But which one are you most interested in?

The Retina MacBook Air is probably high on many people's wish lists. Like the Retina iPad mini, getting a 2x display into a device that's just as thin and gets just as good battery life is a daunting task, but if and when Apple can do it, would that be the Mac of your dreams? Or would an updated MacBook Pro, something running Intel's Haswell architecture, be enough, or perhaps even better for you?

What about a Retina iMac? If Apple could ship a 5120x2880 display in that new, razor-edged design, would that be every photographer, videographer, or just plain desktop lover's fantasy made manifest?

The Mac Pro has been languishing in update purgatory for the last few years, so how about -- finally -- an update to Apple's powerhouse? The latest Xeon processors, Thunderbolt support, maybe even a new casing design? Or what about the long-sought after Mac Mini Pro, a tiny tower that's still expandable to some degree but caters to a slightly more mid-range market.

Whether we see it at WWDC, later this fall, or even next year, what's your next dream Mac? Vote in the poll up top and let me know why in the comments below!

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What's your next dream Mac? [Poll]


My dream Macbook Pro would be one with a retina display that allows you to swap out the hard drive. This is the only reason I didn't upgrade from my current 8,1. I have 512 samsung SSD with 16gb of RAM and it would make sense for my to either downgrade 256GB SSD and 8GB of RAM while paying more money. They dropped the ball with that.

Im actually really happy with the current Macbook Air and dont NEED retina... but I WOULD like to see a bit more SSD storage for the money. An extra $500 to upgrade to a 512GB drive (over a 128) is pretty tough to swallow.

I'd also like to see an SD card slot on the 11" Macbook Air.


I voted retina iMac. I already own a retina macbook pro and while I'm perfectly satisfied with it, I sometimes find myself in the need of something larger (I often do photo editing using lightroom and photoshop as part of a hobbby but also for work).

I think the retina iMac would be the easyer to produce because both graphics power and battery life is not a concern on a desktop machine, and 4k displays are becoming common. Heck, just put 4 ipad screens together and you've got your iMac's new screen (actually it's the other way around but that's too technical).

I would also like a better retina macbook pro, with more ports (remove a thunderbolt and put a darn USB 3.0 in place, c'mon Apple, you can't tell people this is a pro machine with that poor connections). Ah and yes, a better screen. The ghosting just hit me this week (LG display here), after reding a few comics on Ehon. It took six monthes but this dreaded issue is now her. I almost thought mine was special and got spared... ah well at this point I won't do anything more, I just can't live without my machine anway so...

I just can't get excited about an iMac or any all-in-one desktop for that matter. The idea that my $1000 monitor will be garbage once the attached components are obsolete seems so wasteful to me. Even more so if they manage a retina-level display.

I am happy with my MacBook Air and all that i would like to see is a bit more RAM and CPU power - WoW and Diablo spin my vents preety hot - if that would be solved I would be happy. The only addition I would make is an 3G-4G simcard slot - then this would be an ultimate portable machine.

A 15" Retina MacBook Air with a 512SSD
And a 128GB Retina iPad Mini.

Just give me those two things and ill call it a day. lol

My first Mac would be an iMac. Retina would be killer. It's hard to believe this isn't topping the wish list given the 13" macbook pro is close to having the MBA form factor. 218ppi for a 27" monitor.

I'd rather be able to get an external retina display for my macbook pro. Best of both worlds and you can keep the display instead of tossing it when your iMac gets old.

I do not plan to buy a Mac because I need accessibility support due to poor eye sight and OS X is missing that. The hardware looks appealing, though. Perhaps I could throw in a Linux and just use the (rather expensive) hardware... or I just go for a high-end Lenovo.

Every time I've ever bought a MacBook Pro it has always been a year behind the newest model. My MBP is my workhorse but I voted the Retina iMac as my dream Mac simply because the cost of it will be equal or less than my MBP and it will be a machine that can be used by everyone in my household. I finally got a Retina MBP and the Retina display is just gorgeous, it sits beside a second monitor that runs Windows remotely so the difference is immediately apparent when you look from one monitor to the other. So that crazy thin iMac design with Retina are truely the thing dreams are made of, well mine anyway lol.

My dream computer is a Slate colored rMBP!!!! Or a Slate colored iMac!!! What do you guys think? I tried emailing Tim Cook but no reply.

A tinkerable MacbookPro I think. I am about due for an upgrade and I am waffling between another iMac and getting a laptop this time. I don't think my iMac can handle the upgrade I need, but I'd like a laptop again that won't be obsolete super quickly.

I need all of my music on my computer (20k + and growing plus protools/logic/plugins) and right now my 500gb hd is full. I need a 2tb harddrive inside my macbook. I do not need retina display.

I need something that is built for the future, not something that is addressing the needs of the past.

this is where i'm at, though i could live w/o the 2 terabytes local. But for my uses retina is simply not something i value. It's clear enough. I don't want to pay extra. i'd much rather have storage so i'm hoping macbook pros simply get cheaper.

exactly. I dont need retina to suck my battery. I dont need 2tb, but isnt it about time. I know exactly what i dont need is what they'll ONLY offer. 720gb, retina macbook air. with no ports of any use...That's exactly what I dont need. I don't need my laptop to be brighter, less energy efficient and thinner--and I do not need to be forced to putting music in the cloud. I own my music and I will keep it that way.

here here. I do have almost 2 tb of media, i've just come to grips with not having it all the time. But i'm old enough that i have a crap ton of music all ripped to drives a long long time ago. I what i need is more space not less, more ports not less, more battery life not less. I don't get an air that holds less ipod, has less memory, fewer ports, and less power but costs several hundred more just because the screen is clearer. And i've used them side by side. That's just not where i put more value. I'm find with dumping the disk drive but the airs and the macbook pro retina's get to a crazy price when you add enough features to make them usable. Hell i still encode and edit video occasionally. Where am i supposed to store files on those tiny drives? And worse some of the devices you can't upgrade so you're stuck.

I think it might be better for Apple to keep the whole MacBook Air line non-Retina. It would keep the costs down, it would keep battery life high, and it would enable thinner and thinner enclosures. At least until some ultra-efficient next-gen display technology and 64-bit ARM chips are available. The issue is power consumption and the battery required to support a Retina display with current LCD technology.

So, for the time being, I think it would be better to keep the consumer-oriented MacBook Air non-Retina. It would create a bigger "gap" between the consumer and pro laptop lines, which would help justify the MacBook Pro line's higher prices. And yes, the MacBook Air, despite its high level of fit / finish / polish, is Apple's consumer laptop line.

maybe a retina macbook air that gets rid of the teardrop shape? Just flattens it out- the new style being seen in other devices... less curves more simplicity :P

Why not go modular, in a way that your future iPhone, iPad & home machine would link and work together, distributing heavy processes when needed?
I find strange that Apple is pushing technology in iOS but not in OS X machines.
Apple need to see what Sony did with PS4 and the new memory-CPU-GPU technology AMD has recently presented.

Air with 500GB drive for under $1000 (that's the dream)

I'm hoping for MacBook Pro in the thinner retina form factor, with 500GB drive for under $1000. I don't care if it has a retina display though. Its not important to me. but i like it thinner. But i'm not willing to sacrifice storage as i need it. So i'm hoping the next Macbook uses that form factor but has storage and a reasonable price.

I want a professional MacBook Pro retina 13, thicker, bigger battery, more fans, and an actual video card. Give steam a real reason to port games to Mac.

MacBook Pro with retina.
+ upgradable RAM
+ built-in rj-45 Ethernet (w/o dongle)
+ upgraded thunderbolt to drive dual 27" 4k or 5k "retina" cinema displays

This is why we need a new Steve Jobs, because the truth is, you don't know what you want. No one here has come up with anything really exiting in terms of innovation. Ok so retina gets put in all the devices, now what? the real question is whether apple will be able to find a totally new innovative design for laptops.