Which app do you reach for first in the morning?

Which iPhone or iPad app do you reach for first in the morning?

The light, the sound, a pet, a person — something! — wakes you up in the morning and, sleep and dreams still swirling through your brain, you grope, bleary-eyed for your iPhone or iPad, fumble-to-unlock, and then swipe and tap around to launch... which app exactly?

Maybe it's your Mail or WhatsApp or other instant-messenger of choice? Maybe your Facebook feed or Twitter timeline or other social network? Maybe you're even alert and awake enough for Flappy Bird, Candy Crush, or Threes!? Or maybe, like me, you go immediately to the iMore app and forums so you can quickly catch up on everything Apple?

Personally, I scroll through Notification Center on the Lock screen first just in case there's anything urgent, then go to the iMore app to make sure this place is still standing, then hit Twitter.

What's your first app stop of the morning?

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Which app do you reach for first in the morning?


I start with Tweetlogix (and my Apple News list) and then follow with Boxer (a great alternative client to Mail).

Flipboard. Notifications show on my lock screen, so technically the first thing I open is Flipboard to read news.

Mail and then Tweetbot. Most of the people I follow are on the other side of the globe so by the time I wake I have a lot of tweets to read.

Sent from the iMore App

The App Store to look for updates. Either automatic updates had worked, then I read about the new features. Or - as most of the time - automatic updates had not worked, I initiate the updates so everything will be downloaded when I leave the house/wi-fi area.

The Mobile Nations news apps!
Android Central, Crackberry, Imore, Smart watch fans, and Windows phone central.

Nexus 5... enough said

SmartThings to turn off my house alarm motion detectors, turn on the downstairs lights and turn on the coffee; then Mail and Twitter while my coffee is brewing; then Feedly with my coffee and previously recorded local news on TiVo.

after my alarm goes off, i'll check my emails, then the SNCB (belgian railway) to see if there are any problems with my train and then i'll download my 7littlewords puzzle (the french version).

I start with Zite for the news overnight, then Twitter, then mail.iPad is great in my chair by the fireplace(gas) and coffee.

Lock screen to messages and iMessage. Then to my work email. Then I can play. So normally Instagram or Twitter.

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This may sound cheesy but I am a geek so the first app I usually open in the morning is iMore, just to see what is happening in the mobile world. I mainly did it previously to see Ashley Esqueda with her Mobile Nations report but she is gone now and I have to settle for Rene, she was hotter but Rene is cool so I am happy.

I first look at whatever messages there may be, weather, several blogs I follow (including iMore), Pocket Informant. Usually before my shower and coffee. Not sure why I do it that order because I actually appreciate the experience more after a shower and with my fresh coffee. :)

Sent from the iMore App

Weekdays, notification center. Weather and my appointments.

Weekends, Facebook and Safari (tech news).

Fantastical, Gmail, Mailbox, iMore, messaging apps, then Unread.

I will probably add Trello to that list soon.

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1. PocketCasts (to download my listening material for the day on wi-fi)
2. Mail
3. Check the Weather
4. Google Maps (to check my typical route for the day & to know if I need to change my time schedule to allow for the usual backups)

Fantastical > Omnifocus (to see what I have to do today) > Weather (to see what shoes I have to wear and if I need a warm jacket) > Tube Tracker (to check for public transport delays). Mail, LINE, FB, Twitter if I have messages waiting. Pretty much in this order.

whatever there is a notification for, if any. if none, then i don't even unlock the phone until i'm at work

My first stop is MyFitnessPal to log my breakfast. The longer I wait the harder it is to remember what I had and how much.

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Notification center, emails, with work email first. 2Do now, iMore, then put phone to sleep to get ready for the day. I do not mess with FB, or Paper until the end of the day.

Always start with Pulse to catch up on the Apple and tech news, switch over to Tweetbot for more of the same, then check Clash of Clans before I get ready. That's my morning, every morning.

Feedly ( RSS) all my sites all in one place. It use to be twitter back in the day. Twitter is only good has who you follow.

I have Magic Window running all night as my clock, weather etc, so that's the first info hit. Then scan home screen to see who's called and messaged, then a quick look through my emails.

Sometimes I deal with more items in that wake up period, than the rest of the day; before the distractions and craziness of the day starts!

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BedBuzz alarm wakes me you with a sultry "Good morning" she then gives me Time Date and Weather, as well as projected forecast for the day.
The second app I have interaction with is the Calendar, to verify and see what the family and my day looks like.

My alarm clock wakes me, the coffee gets brewed and I settle in to read the NY Post on my iPad. Every morning, without fail. No e-mails, browsing or other apps get any attention until that routine is finished.

Zite first, while still in bed, for Apple news including iMore. Then it depends on what is going on for the day. I'm retired so there is rarely anything pressing. I'm about to get up and write my next article for iPadInsight.com, a techblog I recently joined.