Which "missing" feature do you want the most on the next iPhone [Poll]

Which "missing" feature do you want the most on the next iPhone? It's written "missing" very deliberately, since specifically we're talking about features that some of the latest competitor devices have brought with them to market recently. Apple doesn't make a habit of 'playing catchup' but there's a bunch of cool stuff out there that a whole lot of us would love to see included in the next iPhone.

Motorola, for example, has recently introduced a handful of devices that all pack some pretty interesting things. The new Droid Maxx, for example, has a great honkin' battery stuffed in the back that promises a full 48-hour battery life. Then, along came their Moto X with an always listening functionality for its voice-controlled, natural language interface. We've previously run polls to gather your thoughts on all of these, but now we want to see how they rank alongside some other cool features.

Back to the Moto X, it also comes with a new, fancy active display that lives on top of the lockscreen. As Android Central's Phil Nickinson describes it:

Easy on the eyes and easy on battery life

It's more than a lockscreen. It puts a whole bunch of information on top of the lockscreen, so you don't need to power up the full display to action your notifications, or see what time it is, and a bunch of other stuff. Honestly, I think it's a fantastic idea.

Then theres OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). Just one of the things Nokia is doing with their pretty impressive smartphone cameras. While on it's own it may not be the be-all-end-all, but there's no questioning the impact it can have on the quality of your camera.

Or, maybe there's something else completely you'd prefer to see Apple include in the next iPhone. Whatever it may be, drop a vote in the poll up top, and share your thoughts with us all in the comments!

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Which "missing" feature do you want the most on the next iPhone [Poll]


Something like Do Not Disturb, but not quite - on a schedule, I want to flip my notifications to different sounds, so I could have a soft ringer at night so as not to disturb others too much.

Bigger screen 4.5-4.7 inch. Bigger Battery. Everything else is OS based what I want.

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iOS 7 features "wish list"

1. Quick reply and quick compose.

2 . Allow all 3th Party Apps to use Nitro Engine and / or there own for making Apps.

3. Customize options for both N.Center and C.Center.

4. Activator

5. Apple to update there own Apps like every other apps. Fix bugs, add features, etc. We should not having to wait for an iOS update every time.

As much as a bigger battery, or thicker phone to support a superlative camera...what I am clawing the walls for as a "feature" for my next iPhone is a bigger screen! 5" would be nice. No more, no less!

Yeah but the option to do it on your phone will be nice without connecting to iTunes

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I want a bigger screen. No other feature matters as much as a bigger screen. If Apple doesn't come out with something in the 4.5" range soon I'm jumping ship to a competitor product, regardless of what whiz-bang new stuff they come out with.

Yes I feel the same way iPhone 5 is still to damn small. I luv iOS but APPLE needs to go bigger. iOS 7 alone is not gonna do it for me.

If Apple is serious about having the best smartphone camera, OIS, much improved optics and low light shooting are all musts. Hardware wise that's what the iPhone needs most, it's already not as good as many of the newer camera phones out there..

Maxx size battery, period. Another 3-5mm of thickeness for a massive battery is totally worth it IMO. I wish there was a Moto X Maxx.

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Want more battery?... Get a Mophie Juice Pack: http://www.mophie.com/

That way those of you who can't seem to find a charger can have a big battery, those of us who don't care don't have to deal with a bigger phone that doesn't provide anything we care about.

I marked Image Stabilization, but it doesn't need to be that specifically, I love the camera on the iPhone and any improvements to it would be great.

I hate big phones. I would love for apple to make the new iPhone in different sizes, like a 3.5 inch option. I hate the awkward feel of my iPhone 5 and am thinking of downgrading to the 4s.

microSD card... I'm sorry, I know it's pointless to ask, but the reason why Apple continues to charge exorbitant rates for additional amounts of flash memory is because the publishing community has given up and given them a pass on this.

BiteSMS style quick reply. Honestly, why this is not part of iOS makes me a bit crazy. I was hesitant to believe people chose to jailbreak their devices for this feature/app alone, but now I understand completely.

Also, custom keyboards. I want Swiftkey on the iPhone. Swiftkey is the best virtual keyboard I have ever used. Both Flow and the standard are so far superior to the standard iOS keyboard.

Third, make the phone thicker and stick in a larger, higher capacity battery. I don't care as much about thickness and weight (for a mobile phone device) as I want 2 days of battery life.

As for bigger screen, I am not sure how iOS benefits from a larger screen other than media consumption. The iOS Springboard concept doesn't let the user customize much in the current UX. I love Android with the way you can resize and modify widgets and screen layouts. The one benefit I would agree to on iOS iPhone device screen size would be making the screen slightly wider. There you benefit when typing on the keyboard in portrait orientation.

Better search results (try finding an emergency room using Siri). Group texting and emailing. Improved maps with better traffic indicators. Morning route info (alarm for leaving house for work based on current traffic conditions for customized route). For convenience when I don't have my camera: option to take pictures in 16x9 format as well as 4x3 format. OIS and better low light performance. A flash that is more natural rather than a fluorescent bulb look. Whoops. I guess I did "features" rather than "feature".

Man, after reading all these posts and saying to myself, yeah, uh huh, me too, definitely, I keep thinking, how has Android gotten all these things done so fast for their customers and we're still stuck without? I'm wondering how many more people have to jump ship before Apple hears out pleas.

Need a model with a 4.7" - 5" screen.... This year!

Apple make it happen. Can't see having to wait until fall 2014 for this feature.

First off a damn LED light like blackberry. I'm so SICK OF NOT HAVING ONE!! Secondly, being able to dev the phone out of the box just like the good ol palm pre could. That would be major boon to the iOS ecosystem, free and unfettered access to be able to side load apps, and have a great system built to where those apps and tweaks are moderated like the pre community did.

Screen size is perfect to me. If I want a larger screen I grab my ipad.

What I really want from apple is to quit wasting time with blocking jailbreaks with each successive ios release. Purchase ideas listed on cydia instead of blocking people from downloading them. Most of the features on ios 7 have been around for years on Cydia. And some only exist on cydia; intelliscreenx, bite SMS, activator, fullscreen for safari, infinidock/infinifolders, SWIPESELECTION!

It would be interesting if Apple released 2" screen size iPhone, and see the reactions of ifans . It's definitely time to get 5" iPhone asap !!! Screen size 5" is getting standard by now for flagship smartphones . C'mon Apple, you don't have to wait one more year to admit it. Apple will do it sooner or later. So, why later ?!

How about Swype Keyboard.
We all use a keyboard, we all have different typing styles,,, wouldn't it be great to have alternate keyboards to type on...
Swype keyboard is something the iOS is missing....
Would be great to have.

Text wrap, so when I pinch to zoom on something, the text is refitted to the screen. This eliminates side-to-side scrolling. Androids have had it forever, so what is Apple's problem? I can't think of anyone that would not love this feature.

Def something I would love to see in iOS & it's my only complaint about Safari. I vaguely remember discussing it a few years ago in a forum & the only answer I was given as to why it isn't in iOS was something along the lines of Apple feeling it would decrease the viewing "quality" of text on a Retina screen. Like I said, it was a few years ago & I don't even remember who said it so don't quote me on that!! Still longing for it, just like you....

I want 5" iphone with super retina display and great battery life, quick replay, full function bluetooth, and wider iphone, not taller only pleaseeeee

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Hardware (in order of preference):

- Bigger Screen or multiple screen sizes

- Better camera. I don't want to say higher MPs as that is not the only thing, we are talking more depth, better lenses, better flash.

- Fingerprint Reader

- Notification LED ( for those who want privacy over having information glanced while phone is locked). See software wants below.

- Two stage volume button press for camera use (so one for focus and one for taking picture)

- I know will not happen but MicroUSB connector like the rest of the world!

- Front camera behind screen.

- 2016 iPhone: 4.5 inch iPhone that unfolds into an iPad mini.


- Actionable notifications

- File system or access to all types of files from any app

- Swipe on keyboard for curser control

- Give access to Spotlight search by searching/submitting text through specific apps. Why can Launcher do this but Apple can't?

- Change default browser, map app, mail app, etc

- Live icons (call them widgets if you have to but more like control of the app without actually going into the app by doing a long press. There are a couple of cool YouTube concepts on this, see Velox as an example.)

- Siri integration with other apps

- Better Siri overall (eg, response time, control settings, reading out aloud, can go back to results aka Siri app

- Agenda/other glance able info on lock screen

- Allow background apps to stay on while plugged in and on wifi (why does iCloud and wifi sync have this but not other apps like Dropbox, Sugarsync etc)?

- Allow other apps to have a quick shortcut in lock screen or the new control center in iOS7

- User Profiles

- Complete hands off control for car use

- Switch double tap of home button behavior with new swipe up in iOS7. It is more natural to swipe up to Multitask than to double press the home button. It is also something we do more than we will likely use the new Control Center. Think of it this way, swipe up then swipe side sideways and up for multi task. Very fluid. For control counter: double tap then tap and toggle. Makes more sense that way than the way iOS 7 is being planned.

- Allow iPad to be used as a second screen with desktop or laptop through USB and not just on Wifi

- Game controller API and standard specs

- Apps in Apple TV

- Scale apps for different type screens (this is done just between iPhone and iPad. For a future smart watches, and if we ever get different sized devices this is key.)

As you can see, the future of smartphones is more software than hardware, more Internet services than client, and more communicative apps than silos of apps.

Wow, nobody can accuse you of not "swinging for the fences" with some of the things on that list!! All kidding aside, that was pretty solid b

- bigger screen somewhere in the 4.7in area wider not taller

- Advanced user options switch in settings that would allow user to select default application for email, browser, keyboard, maps etc...

- Capacitive home button. Change soft reset and DFU button combo to power + vol-