Which missing features do you most want Apple to add to iOS?

Which missing features do you most want Apple to add to iOS?

Shortly before WWDC 2012 and the unveiling of iOS 6, Rene wrote a monumental article on the "higher hanging fruit" that Apple could still add to the iPhone and iPad to make them more competitive. Sure, iOS isn't for geeks, but that doesn't mean Apple can't show the geeks some love! I for one wish they'd added a few of the things on his list!

Since WPCentral is asking what users want on Windows Phone, I figured I'd ask if anyone here at iMore feels like I do -- that Apple could give us more! How about you?

Even if you just look at what Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry have announced for this year, never mind the existing features, there's a lot Apple could do to add some sizzle to iOS and make those who've chosen non-Apple devices a little more envious of iPhone and iPad owners.

So I'm asking -- if you could have any feature or features added to iOS, what would they be? A new Home screen experience? Maybe actionable notifications? How about direct document access? A permanent widget area? A better fast app switcher? How about some theming options? Or a universal Spotlight search that hooked into Siri?

Synergy, contracts/intents, better navigation gestures, a Flash video player, Gatekeeper, app demos and update pricing? The list can go on and on, but I only want your most important missing features!

No poll this time, just wide open comments and your chance to sound off and tell Apple what you think their feature priorities should be! What do you want to see Apple add to iOS?

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Reader comments

Which missing features do you most want Apple to add to iOS?


Having switched from BlackBerry I really miss my "bedside mode" that changed the profile when the phone was plugged in to charge over night. I had my phone setup to be silent for all data, text, etc. and only ring for phone calls.

I also miss the prox sensor in the case which changed my profile to vibrate when it was in its case and the ability to hold down a number pad button for speed dial.

I second mikeorlando..having also switched from blackberry the bedside mode is probably one of the top features that I missed. I would also like to see the developers being able to utilize the notification center..espn ticker with scores on the pull down screen would be absolutely awesome.

I too am a former Blackberry user and the ability to separate my "work" and "home life" via bedside mode was missed.

Sounds like you're ready to go back to blackberry once 10 is released... along with most of the commenters below. If BB wasn't a mess, many of the features people are asking for are already available on it, and they probably wouldn't have left. I will continue to JB my iPhone to customize it... honestly I don't feel as though Apple will allow much more customization which is sad. I just got a Nexus 7 tablet and am loving it

I haven't heard anyone say it in a long time; I want a notification light of some sort. Plain and simple. I switched to Apple from Blackberry and the only thing that I still miss is that little notification light. So simple yet so missed.

I would want it to take the place of the white ring in the HOME button. Make it glow different colors based on the kind of notification (i.e. green for txt message, blue for mail)

I think that would be an elegant way of introducing a useful notification light. I hope they also include a way to turn off the light for those who still don't want that feature.

The blinding flash is not anywhere close to the little reminder LED... Personally I tried it and turned it off after a few days. I miss the blinking red light

I would really like to be able to dial a phone number that has been entered into the calendar - from the calendar itself. It sucks having to memorize the number and change to the phone app.

I do this all the time. Not sure why this doesn't work for you. We use Exchange calendars heavily for service appointments; the dispatcher adds the site contact phone number and we just tap the number in the calendar event to call when we arrive. This works both in the subject and body of the event.

My number 1 request is for the phone to either use the GPS or, when I am connected to a WIFI network that I have designated as a SAFE network, (i.e. my home network) that I do not have to put my password in 20 times a day.

If you're talking about the lock screen PIN, this is adjustable in Settings->General->Passcode Lock->Require Passcode (at least on the iPad, I don't have my iPhone on me, but I think it's the same). It defaults to require a Passcode after the screen turns off, but you can make it a longer delay. I make mine 5 minutes on my iPad and 1 hour on my iPhone.

More home screen springboard customizing...iOS UI is growing tired, stale, and boring.

Apple once innovated, now it seems they are afraid grandma will be confused if they do anything different.

Couldn't agree more hammer, apple has gotten fat, fed, and lazy and they need to go back to the drawing board and start setting the standard not catching up every keynote event. :)

I hope they silence the darned reminder and text alerts while on a voice call! That shouldn't be a feature, but rather business as usual!

Jesus Christ, where to begin.

1) Toggles in notification center
2) 3rd party widgets in notification center.
3) Ability to select default apps.
4) Add phone app to Notifications so that if I'm using the phone, I don't get a huge "calling" screen when I get a call but rather, a ring and a notifier that asks me if I want to answer or ignore.
5) Quick reply for Messages while you're in another app.
6) I want Messages to add support for other chat protocols.
7) File app which allows me to save files from Safari or any other app. Yes, I should be able to download any file I want.

I agree with all that you wrote. Am I crazy, or a simple app called "Files" where I can dump (download or sync) files to, and use them in other apps (like email attachments, safari "upload file"). I mean, how many times do I have to go to a macbook to upload a file (a resume, picture, anything) cause the upload feature is disabled. There's gotta be a better way than that!

Expandable and customizable notification screen on lock screen that can be set to be the lock screen view.
Full exchange sync including sending invites and accessing a global address book, notes sync.

Global Address List and Invites actually work pretty well. Notes sync can only happen through iTunes with a cable.

To view your GAL: Goto Contacts, back out to Groups and you'll see <YOUR EXCHANGE ACCOUNT> Global Address List. Once you select it, however, you must perform a search query to begin seing content. This is because some corporations have very large GALs, and it wouldn't be efficient to download such a large list. But all you need is a single letter to start a search.

To send an invite: Create a new event in your Exchange account calendar, enter the event details, then tap Invitees, and add whoever you want to invite. Once you tap done on the event, it will send an invite to those individuals...I think you'll even hear the email send swoosh sound effect.

It's obviously not as robust as Outlooks or OWAs Scheduling Assistant or GAL Viewer, but iOS does a decent job at getting it accomplished.

The Notes sync option is in iTunes, when you click your device to setup sync options, towards the bottom of the second tab.

If apple added the following two features it would probably keep me from jailbreaking......
1) add quick widgets for common togges by pulling down on the notification center window- bluetooth, airplane, wifi, etc. (like the upper shelf of Intellicast)

2) allow the user to set a default such that the notifcation center automatically opens upon unlocking. Whether this happens or not would be user preference in settings. I don't need notifications on the lock screen, but unlocking and then pulling down the notification shade is one step too many.

"True Multitasking" is like being "almost pregnant". A computing device is either doing one task or doing multiple. There is no such thing as true or false multitasking. There "are" different types of processes that run in the background but it's all mutitasking all the same. True Multitasking is the biggest misnomer out there.

Real multitasking is leaving programs open and running in real time not like Zephyr or our own iOS fake multitasking It's a joke and I don't care if it burns more battery it's worth it and apple should implement it

Indeed, a file browser (or at least a file browser API for devs) is long over due. Similar to adding attachments from the email app.

webOS, webOS, webOS....multitasking gestures like webOS--get rid of the home button and bring me back to one finger navigation!!

And Touchstone-like inductive charging! Used to love having my Palm/HP Pre sitting on the magnetic charging dock on my nightstand--it knew where it was and what I wanted to see.

Cards for sure! Best mobile multitasking by far. Touchstone style charging would be amazing but has nothing to do with iOS.

I would like to have the ability to select an entire Music Playlist when running a Photo Slideshow. If I recall, this was a feature in the early days of iOS and now you can only choose one song.

Ok first you need to add better swiping customizations from apps and more color to things like at te top of the screen were the time is....soo basically just more customization!!

Based on most of these comments, all of which are good ideas by the way, if Apple was to implement them I can see the patent wars becoming like global nuclear warfare. Just sayin...

I want a num lock of some sort. It gets old having to flip through keyboards when you hit space trying to input a list of numbers.

And for Steve Jobs sake please shut the the damn ringtones off when I'm on the phone.

Hide the apps and give me my home screen with customized widgets like time and weather...and live wall paper!

I would like for Apple to allow developers to put basic widgets in notification center. So instead of the stock widget I would like an ESPN ticker. Also a quick toggle in notification center for wifi, bluetooth, etc. Panorama would be cool for the camera app, and the ability to add pictures in the Notes app. Also I wish there was a way to sort Reminders by priority levels. This in my opinion would make iOS almost complete.

i'm switching this fall to the iPhone for sure from blackberry so it's hard to tell what would be great to see on the iOS, i have an iPod touch now and lots of that seems good. the notification light would be helpful for sure and from the sounds of it not having the phone ring when i'm already on it would be good. it's just a beep you get on bberry and that works really well.

Every phone I've ever had I could reply to a text message anywhere I was. I even owned virgin mobile phones back in the day. I find it super annoying to be kicked out of apps just to reply to a text message. That's why I'm still jailbroken today. Bitesms. If apple added this I wouldn't jailbreak ever again and it seems like such an easy fix. Back when I thought not having mms was ridiculous, they eventually added it. Suprised it's going to be ios6 and quick replies are no where in site.

In no particular order

1. Location Profiles
2. Ability to hide default apps
3. Ability to set default apps for links
4. Improved way to share data
5. Automatic software updates with rollback across devices
6. Ability to password protect ANY app
7. iCloud sync of folder status across devices
8. Scrollable folders on iPhone
9. Better management of notes, contacts (dedupe etc) and mail
10. Keychain for storing and sync of password data

That's all for now.

would really like apple to add a few more professional sounding ringtones to their very sorry and old ringtones and not only that, but more alert tones and the ability to set different alert tones, like in blackberry, for different email clients, text and mms.

I would love to attach files (not just photos, as will be the case in iOS 6) to email messages right from Mail. That probably would need a files "app" or database of some kind, but it'd be so worth it.

Email bounce. It was a feature on OS X up to Snow Leopard, IWRC, but was removed from Lion / Mountain Lion. And it was never a feature in iOS mail.

Continuous swipe to scroll between home pages. Now, to navigate between home pages, you swipe once, or tap once on the page control (the white dots between the dock and icon grid.) Would be nice to be able to swipe across the page control to smoothly scroll across all home pages. (Would most likely require changing the UIPageControl class for all apps.)

iOS is now the older/uglier UI of the big 3 modern UI's. (JB/ICS, WP8, iOS6). So I wish Apple would update the UI to look more modern.

A lot of other people had great points. The home button is really ugly and double tap to multitask is awful, webos gestures would be great.

The fast app switcher is also not good, just seeing icons is bad. Even seeing a screen grab from where I was last in the app would be a huge improvement.

And my MOST wanted feature. Be ale to change app defaults. I wish when I clicked a link in the mail app I could have it open Atomic Browser or Chrome instead of Safari. I wish I could use sparrow as my default mail app. I wish I could set different maps and document editing apps as well. I hate being locked into the pretty bad, outdated stock apps on the iPhone. There are better 3rd party apps.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You don't need a screen grab of where you were because the fast app switcher shows you a chronologically descending order of your last apps used. The Resume function takes you right back to the place you left off in in your last apps used.

Default choices...I'm with you there!

BETTER PREDICTIVE TEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What most do we do with our phones besides talking?
(1) Type
(2) Pinch/Zoom

Apple has already perfected #2.
Number one is the most used & given the least attention! :-(
Fine if they don't want to give us a Swype like keyboard, but for the love of God, invest in the infrastructure of the freaking OS; and give us a faster/easier/more efficient way to correct misspelled words & add to the dictionary!

(3) iOS 6 has quick reply for twitter and facebook, but NOT FOR SMS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!?
(4) Please apple, buy ShapeWriter. It's a swipe keyboard for iOS that works PERFECTLY! Just as good as Swype on Android.

I completely agree with this.
Even an app that lets us edit the Dictionary all by itself would be welcome.

The keyboard should be programmable, or it should at least have different "modes" for different kinds of writing. There is a big difference between writing an email or some code, and writing a novel or research paper for instance. One (of many) examples is quotes.

Quotes are a huge problem if you are writing a novel because there is dialogue on almost every line, dialogue is in quotes, and the next letter after a forward quote is *always* a capital.

So when you are typing dialogue it goes:

- tap <return> for new line
- tap <123> to see punctuation
- tap <">
- tap <abc> to see letters
- tap <shift> to capitalise next space
- tap <whatever letter your dialogue begins with>

Repeat this annoying sequence between 10 and 30 times on each and every page.

All these taps could be completely eliminated if one could just tell the keyboard something like "always capitalise after a leading quote mark."

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All good little ideas. However the main huge thing missing in iOS is the ability for 3rd party apps to run in the background at regular intervals or triggered by a notification.
It is extremely annoying that whenever a new notification arrives on an IM client (ie Whatsapp) or Facebook or a news reader, the notification opens the app, and only then the app can get the necessary info via the internet!!! The new message or item should already be there waiting once the notification gets swyped!
This is what happens on blackberries, Android, and also on WP I believe.
I think this is what people mean by true multitasking, a way for apps to update themselves at regular intervals or upon a notification.
This is the really important missing feature!!!

This is basically Power Nap for iOS which probably will eventually see the light of day in a future version. The primary issue here are power and bandwidth. In a mobile device the OS has to be judicious about letting processes run in the background. Since bandwidth is often metered, respect must be given to the owner to know when data is being downloaded. If apps start to utilize network services not only is your cellular connection pulling down data but it's using more battery life as well.

The "benefit" of pulling down data when you access a notification or app is that you're explicitly looking for this information.

Every phone platform that i've ever seen that pulls data from the background has battery issues. Android, Palm Pr you name it. There's no free lunch.

But eventually your going to open that up and it should be ready for viewing if your worried about battery life or data make a on/off switch for it not to open or download

For real multitasking most here probably haven't used backgrounder and think iOS is ok and is acceptable but once you get use to it (Backgrounder) it's hard to accept iOS as it is, I'm not liking my new ipad because it's not supported and it's hard getting around on it

I'm not sure if you have ever owned any other smartphone, but the iphone has the worst battery life EVER. I have owned dozens smartphones of all platforms, and currently I switch between an iPhone 4S and a Galaxy Nexus as my primary phones.
The Gnexus has several 3rd party apps that update data in the background (Flipboard, Facebook, GTalk, IM+, Google Reader, Tripit, etc), and its battery life is way superior to the 4S, which doesn't do any background task! So I'm not really sure what you are talking about.
Plus, once you get a notification, you will anyway launch the app to see the stuff, and on the iphone you have to wait, sometimes a long time, before the content being notified gets fetched. So the data gets fetched anyway! But the iphone approach takes more battery because the data fetching happens with the screen on, while you stare at it waiting...!
Sorry, but this is total non sense, and the only real issue with the iphone.
And background data fetching is done by blackberries (which have batteries that last 2-3 days with heavy use), Symbian OS phones (again with very long lasting batteries), and Android phones, most of which have batteries that outperform the iphone by miles.
So it can be done efficiently. They just don't want to do it for reasons that have nothing to do with battery life.

gonna have to call bullshit on that.

after 6 months my pre+ actually needed two batteries to get through the day and my droid x2 lasted about 32 hours. but my 4s can easily go 48 hours.

2-3 days with heavy use !!! HEY... sirox.... U're a hell of a f.king lying TROLL... dude

Ahhhhh you were doing good until you started laying it on thick. I've got an iPhone 4 which is great for battery my girl has a 4S which doesn't keep up with my 4. I'll give you that the 4S took a step backwards from the 4. The Galaxy Nexus is a larger phone which equals larger battery.

As for your comment on the phone not doing any background tasks I've got to ask where you were when iOS 5 was previewed and the whole multitasking and app state features were discussed. Here's Macworlds article on it to get you caught up


The lack of "pervasive" background tasks in iOS is chiefly about preserving battery life and I, and other judging from the comments, are unconvinced by your anecdotes of Blackberry, Android and other smartphones with better battery life that multitask.

No 3rd party apps can run in the background for more than 10 min, unless they are music apps, location apps, or other limited scenarios.
Really, have you ever had any other smartphone?!? An Android phone or a Blackberry or Symbian device?!? When a notification for an IM app comes the message is right there in the app. On the iphone it is not the case, you always have to wait for the app to refresh.
Try and use Whatsapp on an Android or blackberry phone, then you'll understand why this is the single biggest issue on the iphone. Having IM conversations is just too slow and annoying. I do understand this is not an issue for people using the iphone for playing and sms, but for serious business use with lots of IM conversations, and real time news reading, the iphone is really horrible. And it would only take the possibility for a notification to launch an app in the background to solve the issue, whilst still preserving battery consumption.
And for batteries, as I said I'm a bit insane in replacing handsets, and my use is always the same (mostly business with lots of travel), and the 4S is the only smartphone I have owned in 10 years that doesn't take me through the evening, especially when I travel. And I'm sure that notification-triggered multitasking (just for updating content) would actually save battery.
As for Okli, besides your unpoliteness, you have obviously never owned a Blackberry. I have dropped blackberries too nowadays, but their battery life was on another level, plus full multitasking, background updating, etc, and instant messaging was a lot better than on iphone. The battery saving argument doesn't really make sense...

Either Sirox is a liar and just trolling or he has a defective 4S. I've been through a half dozen smart phones and the iPhone by far has the best battery efficiency.

I would like to see an email client where the "master copy" of the email is in the cloud and all the mobile devices I own (iPads, iPhones, etc.) as well as my desktop clients, keep in sync with that master copy. It should do this without duplicating dozens folders on my various devices so there would be only one single "Trash" and one single "In" and one single "Sent" that is replicated on all the devices. I should also be able to create rules and filters on any of the devices or computers and have them reflected in all the other clients at the same time.

Finally, in regards the mobile iOS clients, I would like the email app to be as useable in landscape orientation as it is in portrait orientation (instead of having to turn the device to get one or the other feature). It would be nice if it were a bit more attractive than the current clients while retaining their simplicity.

I know this is basically "rocket science" and I'm asking for the moon here but after five years of iOS development, I think there should be someone out there capable of delivering this experience.

Do you use POP for email?!?
If you had any IMAP or Activesync based email account (Gmail, hotmail, exchange, etc) the master copy of the emal and all folders ARE in the cloud.
If you don't get this now, it is because you are using a primitive email service, really primitive... Nothing to do with the iphone!

No, I use IMAP and iCloud of course. The email in the cloud is supposed to be the master copy but if you read my post carefully you will see that it is extremely lacking in several ways. What I'm asking for is all the flaws to be addressed and to have all the clients actually sync properly (they don't as of now).

Whenever I backspace to correct a word I misspelled, iOS think the new word I type needs to be capitalized. I wish it would stop that.

One thing I miss every single work day is an indication that the phone is on mute. Often after a meeting I forget to switch it off which results in missed calls and text's.

1.) Sub-folders in Photo album.
2.) Add titles to photos
3.) Wishlist in app store
4.) Numerical keyboard (could work like caps lock, hit 123 and
numbers an symbols come up, hit it twice quickly and the
numeric keyboard pops up. Adding credit card info would be
a whole lot easier.

Or just add a row on top for the #'s like WebOS did. simple. no need to toggle. should be a keyboard with all keys!

With unlimited data plans being phased out by phone companies I would like to have the ability to have each app select when data is transmitted. If you are near a wireless network where data is not charged (like home or work) the cost is not a factor. Hate to get a data charge from my cell phone company because an app didn't know any better.

what i don't miss with android.

1.crappy skins that increase lag and incorporate features i never use.
2.oem releasing updates 7m-1yr after it comes out
3.music skipping
4.apps making a goddamn racket when the phone is on "silent mode"

-notification light home button for txt/voicemale (make the white ring glow and blink)
-car audio mode (bigger buttons, etc)
-Multitasking (Safari style)
-unlimited attachments or pictures when emailing from camera roll
-App store: stop leaving app store when installs start.
-Camera: add all custom features that are in android (white balance etc)

-Itunes: AUTOMATIC FOLDER MONITORING FOR CHANGES/AUTO UPDATE. I can't let apple manage my files and rename 200MBs. not an option.

-mission control like multitasking on iPhone and iPad
-unlimited apps in folders
-videos automatically match orientation of your iPhone since they default load in landscape on one side
-multitouch gestures for iPhone
-fix reader in safari because some sites that have multiple pages load up in reader with only the first page
-clear iCloud tabs button so you don't need to go on the device with the windows and close them
-add a Dashboard to the iPad, stocks weather calculator
-add panorama mode to camera
-change the FaceTime icon on ios back to the original green one
-unify the compass app with the maps app
-redesign the stock iphone apps with silver like on the iPad
-unify the videos and music app back to single iPod app
-landscape orientation for iPhone home screen
-let videos in safari play in safari and not take me to YouTube app

Front Facing Notification LED.
It is pointless and stupid to have my display turn on every time I get a notification of any kind.

After having used Android for the past two years coming from an iPhone there are 2 things I would really love to see implemented immediately.

1) There were a ton of great SMS alternatives available with tons of customization options. Would love to see Apple implement a quick reply pop up from anywhere in the OS this is why I'm currently jailbroken using BiteSMS and also let us change the color of the conversation bubbles and theme the app.

2) Direct File System access for example being able to download and save ringtones thus then being able to choose specific ringtones for different types of notifications. Paying Apple between .99 cents and $1.29 per ringtone is ridiculous that's why I'm using Zedge.net to download and sync using iTunes but being able to do this directly from the phone would be awesome!!

1. Secure syncing with my OS X Password Pane (Password Pane could use 3 or 4 additional columns allowing the user to put additional information in related to the site/username/password information that is automatically stored there now);

2. Add toggle into Accessability config section which extends the number of rings (or time)... by the time my hard-of-hearing 80 year old mom realises it is her phone ringing in her purse, the call has gone to voice ... sometimes it takes 3 calls to reach her;

3. Ability to securely reach the HDD on my home mac via internet to get documents and pics that I don't store in the cloud;

4. Ability to call a skype account directly from Contacts.

I want to have the ability to access a central location to store files that doesn't require an app or something to interact with. That way I could make a file structure and store things on there. Similar to how RIM does it with blackberry and memory cards.

1. What SBSettings gives you in the Notification Center, like the ability to turn off/on Wifi, Airplane Mode, 3G, etc all from the Notification Center
2. Live notifications on Notification Center, like sports results, news tickers, etc
3. Widgets
4. Live Icons (Clock icon will show time, Weather icon will show weather etc)
5. Simple shortcuts like a button for erasing all open apps among other things

Just my 5 cents...

-Customizable home page
-Customizable notifications tray (including ability to add 3rd party apps)
-Ability to respond and delete specific messages right from the notifications tray
-I do miss the notification light (one of the good things BlackBerry was good at), although not sure if I would want it back, but at least having the option would be nice.  I'd imagine the front camera lens could be utilized
-Siri to be able to read back emails
-Ability to turn books in iBooks into audio books...essentially a read back feature (great for long car trips or commutes), although I would imagine this could have battery implications, and obviously it would be hard to understand Siri...just a pipe dream
-Updated look for clock and calculator....seems so outdated to me
-Ability to add songs to a playlist on the fly, as the song is "Now Playing"
-Ability to search a web page for specific terms or keywords (like a Ctrl + F find function)
-A complete email search function (including emails stored in folders)
-Should be able to save emails as drafts and return later, i.e., if I start typing an email on iPad, I should be able to finish it on my iPhone. 
-Ability to sort Notes by date
-An updated Newstand with easier ability to search and flip though available publications
-More native sharing functions...beyond Twitter, email and message, such as Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, etc.
-Better, more seamless integration with car manufacturers (like being able to dock your iPhone, and essentially your infotainment system becomes a mirrored iPhone with full control right from your steering wheel while your iPhone is charging).  Realize this has nothing to do with an iOS update, but car manufacturers seem slow to adopting seamless integration with mobile operating systems
-Support flash video without battery life suffering, I mean come on Adobe and Apple, let's put the past behind us and serve up an uncompromised mobile web experience 

This sounds daft but it drives me crazy.

I want AudioBooks to sync across devices via the cloud and remember where you left off. I want to listen on my phone, then put it down when I get home then pick up my iPad and carry on listening from where I was.

I like Rene's idea about a files app. I'd like the ability to have everything larger print, and automatic wrap around as needed. Reading iphones microscopic screen is hard to do. Some things already do this like the reader function in safari. others don't such as reading reviews on the app store. Using the zoom accessibility feature is a pain. Lastly I want apple to keep native public transit in its upcoming maps app.

Text wrap when zooming. Such a basic feature. Also a native text app that allows to send to a group without picking each individual.

you can already do this, if you set up a group under your contacts, then when you go to text them just type in whatever you named the group and it will text the whole group.

1) widgets/new homescreen
2) opened API's / deeper integration of apps (beyond Twitter and FB) into iOS
3) way to access settings from within apps - not have to jump out of app into the Settings panel
4) better Siri/voice recognition/dictation performance - currently sucks
5) improved maps - using iOS 6 beta 3 and so far not impressed with the maps (accuracy of searches in maps is poor and satellite images are too low res) - turn by turn is really the only good part... Hate to say it but want google maps back

1) A real email app that allows you to create and edit FILTERS just like you can on MAC OS X.
Please? Why is this feature not implemented by now?
I need email filters so I can sift all of the SPAM email out of my Inbox.
And give us the ability to create SMART FOLDERS.

2) More USB power to end that stifling "This USB device requires too much power".
It's pretty embarrassing when the Apple Camera Connection USB adaptor won't work with a basic memory card reader...

3) Real File Browsing capability. Come on. It's my phone. I want to be able to load any document or image I choose into my iPhone (or iPad) from a USB thumb drive. This should be blazingly simple to do by now. It isn't. Embarassing.

4) More RAM --> More elegant APP switching. We should be able to 'swipe' between apps by now. Hello?

5) Longer USB Sync/ Power Cable. That cable seems to get shorter and shorter with each new version... It is too short. Make it at least 6 feet long please.

6) 128GB storage. Please - I'll pay for it.

7) Thunderbolt.

we are talking iOS features which is software NOT hardware, so majority of those would be for a iPhone 6 LOL

-Prints thousand dollar bills
-Produces clones of Paula Patton
-Makes Andouille sausage
-milks mother water buffalos
-makes mango fruit rollups

only a few are practical but you know why not wish for fruit rollups. The world needs more fruit rollup machines :)

All I really want is notification center toggles for bluetooth, wifi, etc. The notification light on the home button would be cool too.

The big hole in iOS to my mind remains file management. I want to search for, manipulate and manage my files MY WAY, not the way Apple want from me. This is the second major reason I dislike iOS and choose to use something else. Perhaps Apple simply refuse to do anything that basic.

I would love to see a visual notification but a blinking led light is hardware not software, why not flash the screen in multiple colors?

Clearing cache from apps in settings, so you wouldn't have to reinstall apps like Facebook that cache tons of data

I did not see these features in the long list of things coming in iOS 6, but think they're needed:

-Speed dial (in lieu of favorites)
-Dial by name (using the dialer)
-If no "widgets" then make some of the icons functional (weather, stocks)
-A way to mix the notification shade with the lock screen
-File management

My request is simple. If I select a song to listen to and then keep scrolling for the "next" song....I would like to be able to hold down on the "next" song and add it to play upon completion of the previous song. A "one time" playlist sorta.

In the Photos app, the ability to put your photos in the order you want in your albums: press to wiggle, then move 'em! Real simple.

Actually you CAN DO THAT under iOS 5. Just press the share button on the top right corner in the album, press and hold the photo and drag it. It's simple.

I would like to be able to create contact group lists and then be able to send an email to that entire list at once. It's 2012 and I still have to add each contact separately in the "To" field? Really? So annoying.

Child versus parent accounts. The child account would be able to download updates and free apps, but the parent would either be notified, or required to approve, anything that costs.

Widgets/Live data apps: Pure Calendar widget, Reminders, AIX weather, Live radar (let 3rd parties figure out what Apple can't or won't).
File browser/allowing access between apps.
Notification center toggles.
Swipeselection type cursor movement.
Springtomize like personalization.
More Storage 128, 256.
Folder scrolling/Sub Folders.
Mute notification.
Bedside mode.
Ability to show browser as desktop version.

The hand in that picture looks really big. BEAR PAW!! ;-)

* I'd like a method to go "back", instead of having to close an app with the home button to go to another app.

* I'd like for the home screen to be different in appearance. Widgets would be nice, but I don't see that happening on iOS.

* A quicker way to enable or disable WiFi from the home screen.

* A blinking light for notifications (could be the camera flash). That works great for alarm clock.

That's all I can think of for now.

There are 5 Apple devices and 3 android devices on many account. Seamless flac integration into iTunes likely would have made it a clean sweep.

I want more customization for calendar. I need something like LOCKINFO on my lock screen to see upcoming appointments at least 1 to 2 weeks ahead. That is the only reason why I still jailbreak.

I would love a quick text message reply like BiteSMS. That would be awesome. I would also like a quicker access to certain settings like Bluetooth.

- to set default 3rd party browser
and mail apps
- easy toggles for airplane mode and wifi
- FM radio
- inductive charging
- Auto-disable of 3G based on given

Email app improved.
Need Reply, Forward and not just Reply All
Need to be able to e-mail, or forward to a group and not just one person

I'm a developer and User. iOS need a "time back" button or gesture that may work as the Back Button on BlackBerry, Android and WindowsPhone, this is a Valuable reource on the Go.

A Common File Storage Area (where you strore all the files with same extension, available to all the apps using such kind of file) with some sort of Quick Raw Access like USB Mass Storage or something like Android's Airdroid.

From Developer side, All Mobile OS allow Automated In-App SMS send (with user approval), Also a Way to monitor SMS InBox and read it from apps, on other OSs Application like GPS Navigators, Vehicle Trackers, use SMS to control/feedback/poll other devices, this a an OLD Requirement..

I'd like the brightness slider to be added to the notifications pull-down the same way that the weather widget is. I'd also like more range in the backlight. Out here under the bright New Mexico skies the phone is nearly unusable during the summer days, and it's still too bright in pitch black darkness.
Apple knows more about the available hardware than I do, though. They may already have the best backlight they can get. Who knows?

For heaven's sake why can't I call a contact from inside a message? Or from the Messages inbox?
This is a huge oversight, unless the majority do not follow this workflow. I miss location aware profiles from android too.

You know what would be cool? Instead of being able to just copy and define words that are highlighted, if there was also an option to add that phrase, word, or paragraph to the notes app that would be awesome. I find myself switching back and forth too often from the web to notes trying to jot things down , it would be a small feature but i think it would come in handy.

Having switched from BlackBerry I really miss my "bedside mode" that changed the profile when the phone was plugged in to charge over night. I had my phone setup to be silent for all data, text, etc. and only ring for phone calls.

I also miss the prox sensor in the case which changed my profile to vibrate when it was in its case and the ability to hold down a number pad button for speed dial.

As a Father of a small Child. I want a better restriction app. Since Apple does not want multiple usernames on IOS devices (why buy one i pad when you can buy two) I want an easier way to turn restrictions on and off. Every time i need to add an app or fix somthing i have to re-enable all of the toggles in restrictions. It should remember my settings and just turn them back on.

Auto Updates! iOS and Apps! On by default!

In the middle of the night, plugged in and on WiFi, just update!

This is not for us, but I wonder how many never update anything.

I really would like a new home screen... This one is getting old. Also this "bedside mode" that other users are talking about seems pretty interesting. I've never been a Blackberry user, so I wouldn't know. Flash video support would also be appreciated! If it can't be added, I totally understand. And theming options sounds pretty cool! I'm curious to see what that's about!

when typing a word android predicts my next word (from previously written texts/notes) etc.
would love to see that in iOS.

simplify scrolling back to a word in a sentence to edit it -- the magnifying glass showing cursor is not user friendly

handling files.... one location for files that can be accessed by multiple apps like email/quickoffice etc

the alarm needs more options for snooze time..... not everyone needs a 9 minute snooze and i shouldn't have to get another alarm app just for multiple snooze time options

i don't think iOS allows to create contact groups on the phone.... i should be able to do that and assign contacts to groups right there on the phone..... whatever the current behaviour is, its not intuitive