Which iPhone will you be getting on September 20? [Poll]

New hardware; both a delight and a frustration. What to get? That is, if to buy at all. While we may have expected the two new devices heading into today's event, the retention of the iPhone 4s was a little curveball thrown our way. So, the decision is perhaps trickier for those considering an upgrade to a new iPhone when they hit the store shelves on September 20.

So, we've all had a little time to digest, but we're interested to hear the early thoughts of the iMore readers as to which iPhone you'll be getting on September 20. Going for a splash of color and the iPhone 5c, or going for the A7 toting iPhone 5s with its Touch ID and new f/2.2 camera? It's a tough choice for sure, and price will no doubt play a part also. Lots to consider.

Then also, the iPhone 4s still comes into the equation. There's folks out there still rocking an iPhone 4, that might not be convinced enough by the two new devices to make that jump. Is the 4s still the one for you?

Or perhaps you're waiting it out, or perfectly happy where you are. It's early days, but still, let us know which way you're leaning right now!

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Which iPhone will you be getting on September 20? [Poll]


I voted for happy with what I have. I love Apple products and enjoy the "events" announcing new things, but the idea that what was good enough yesterday is now obsolete, leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
I just got my very first iPhone in April and it still seems so state of the art to me. And thankfully, seeing the latest and greatest today hasn't changed that for me. I'm just grateful for what I have right now.

Perfect way to be. Does what you buy when you buy it suit your needs? Do you feel it is a good value? Then buy. Otherwise, wait.

I have a launch day 5, my wife jumped into the iPhone pool last year with a 4S, so we are eligible next September for upgrades. I assume I'll get a 6 (let's start (or continue) speculating on 2014 now. I say 4.5-4.7" screen on the 6, in 32/64/128 GB configs for the same prices as today's 5S - the 5S tech in plastic as the iPhone 5 CS, and the iPhone 5C as the free on contract) and her? A blue iPhone 5 CS. Assuming my thoughts pan out.

Okei leta me get this straight, is the iphones acctually coming out on 20th September like, you can have it in your hand or just preorders?

I'm happy with my 4 for the time being. This might be the last iOS update it gets but that's fine, by the time I'm ready to upgrade again these phones will probably be cheaper if not free on contract by then. I don't need the latest & greatest hardware for what usage my phone gets.

I voted for "None" but I'm definitely not happy with what I have. More like "it gets the job done for now...".

I want Apple to go big, literally. I want a 4.7 - 5.5 inch sized screen that has a large battery to boot. This would obviously be a new product line for those of us who clearly have two hands and aren't afraid to use them to handle a phone. Also, it would give great all day battery life as Apple is definitely king of optimizing their software. Can you imagine how amazing a 3000 mAh battery would do in an iPhone? Obviously wasn't expecting them to do that this year though as they continue their "tick tock" strategy for product releases.

Until that day comes, I'll be sticking to the 4S.

Bad survey answers. I have an iphone 5. I'm not happy with what I have now and I'm not buying anything. I'm waiting for a larger iPhone.

Same with me. Not a big enough size jump from my 4s. I know that if I jump this year I'll regret it when they come out with a larger iPhone.

Same here, either waiting for a bigger iPhone or getting the HTC One. Haven't decided yet.

The only time I've ever jumped on the "S" bandwagon was with the 3GS. I just go for the new designs every other year (4, 5). So I'll be waiting for 6.

The upgrade to the internals is good, but I don't game on a tiny screen so not a reason to buy.
I switched to a Galaxy S4 after having every IPhone since the beginning. It would be difficult to downgrade to a smaller screen. Yeah I'm disappointed maybe next year.

I'd love to upgrade on the 20th. But according to the apple online store, AT&T customers who bought the iPhone 5 on launch day are not eligible for early upgrade pricing until Oct 15th. Not sure why they are waiting a month.

Interesting that its telling you Oct 15th. I also bought/pre-ordered the 5 last year. When I checked eligibility for my AT&T account, it appears I get a $200 discount, $649 for the 64GB. But that's only if the phone sells for $849 out of contract. I can't seem to confirm that price point for sure though. I'd like to know though, because it's not worth renewing my contract for a $200 discount. I'd rather save it to use next year when my current one expires.

Or you might wait for some kind of Nokia fire sale.
I hear Microsoft just bailed them out by buying the company.

And HTC probably won't be able to sustain their handset business.
They could be having a fire sale soon too. Knock yourself out.

I was hoping to obtain a 5 at a reduced price, no contract as I use Straight Talk. I have the 4S right now. I was considering the 5C but in my opinion a $99 drop vs the 5S doesn't make it worth it. I need to go from a 16GB to a 32GB model no matter what because it's difficult to manage space limitations at this point. Remember when 8GB was just fine? I was pretty shocked they discontinued the 5 and can't wait to read all the reasons why. I'll wait a while and see what develops. I'm looking at $650 for a 5C and $750 for a 5S off contract -- I had hoped that the price differential would be at least $200.

The 5c is the 5, just a different case and $100 cheaper.

Dumb to get a phone off contract, because the contract pays for the phone. No phone? You still pay for subsidize the phone

Not if you are on a prepaid plan like straight talk. It's $45 per month for unlimited everything but they don't subsidize phones. I'm on Verizon so I always take the Subsidized price but I also have to pay $100 per month for unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data vs that straight talk $45 per month unlimited everything plan.

If a plan like that offered LTE I would gladly pay full retail on an iPhone every 2 years. You pay $750 for the iPhone instead of the $200 subsidized price so you are paying $550 more for your phone. I would be saving $55 per month so it would only take me 10 months to break even. Over the next 14 months out of that 2 year period after the break even point I would save $770 by paying full retail and using straight talk vs. taking Verizon's subsidized plan.

The iPhone on Straight Talk even uses Verizon's network. The only downside coverage wise is that you don't get service on Verizon's extended network roaming areas but I can't even remember the last time I was in one of those areas. I can live with everything but the lack of LTE.

I too was looking to go back to ST from AT&T and wanted the 5C. It's not worth it. Guess I'll have to browse eBay for someone's 5 or a high end Android device...sigh.

My thought exactly. I know we were not expecting anything ground breaking but Apple really needs to get out of this rut it is in where they try to come out with the same phone every other year, slap an S on it and call it new with some small bumps in hardware. Just come out with a new phone every 2 years then. Now they have even gotten smarter. The 5 looks just like the 5S so lets discontinue it so it does not take sales away from the 5S, due to a lower cost. Then lets take everything but the back plate, lower our overhead by using plastic, slap some different paint on it and call it new and cost effective. Cost effective it is not though. $399 off contract would have turned heads. I'll stick to my 5 and hope for miracles next year.

Think of the resale value. Look at Orealy's comment below.
Your old iPhone pays for your next one. Possibly even at an Apple Store,
if they roll out the (rumored) buy-back and/or trade-up plan there.

Speaking of which, how's your old BlackBerry doing, resale value-wise?
Is it old enough to be a collectors' item yet?

LOL so funny. Your device is slow as crap and it's a overpriced. Blackberry isn't trying to copy like Apple has done or Samsung has done, there trying to make their devices to where they can help you out in life. Not have little colors and say look, i can play games, get fat, and waste my life. You stick with your crap phone while i use my device that smokes your Phone. Your just another Sheep that follows the crowd. Have fun wasting your life on a crappy device.

Just sold my 4s to verizon. $210 traded for a iPhone 5.
The 5s didn't impress me with any cosmetic [size] changes for me to warrant a upgrade.
However, I will have trade value.
Really wanted to get 4gLTE and get off the slow 3g.
Fingerprint and color, not a biggy for the buy.
I am REALLY excited for iOS 7.
Win Win for me.
Was lucky to find a 5 seeing how Apple isn't selling them. Verizon was running low and had bonus buy back offer.
Higher then Apple's...

Its a no win for this kid! I'm stuck with the colour scheme from the game "Candy Land" or forced to stick with my malware magnet (that happened to be sent out for the fourth time in a year)! Although I understand the reasoning behind the immediate stoppage of the 5 in order to boost sales of their "Chutes and Ladders" series of phones, SOME of us prefer the subtle screen and simplistic colour of black and white thrown into the mix of available devices. I want to leave the lag of Android ... but NOT for what's being offered at this time. Lets just hope that the craniums can be removed from the posteriors by the time the iPhone6 is released! Sucks to be me right now.

well you could get the white one. just sayin. I'm not a fan of the colors either. Now if they had made a red one... still no. If I want a 5 in color I'll put a case on mine. I'm going 5s. Love the fingerprint sensor.

I'm inclined to go this exact route. I have my reservations regarding the fingerprint scanner as well. Being a general contractor, I constantly carry/install materials that could easy wear the print down or alter the lines on the epidermis. I would assume Apple would take this into consideration, yet not knowing is making me a little apprehensive.

I don't think wearing down would be a problem per se, as fingerprints are constant through life. The only thing I could see being a problem is if you only do one finger and you get a cut or something. But I think the setup process has you do both thumbs from a couple different angles, so even that should be manageable. If worse came to worse you could just disable the fingerprint scanner and use the ol' lock code approach. I'd honestly upgrade for the speed boost alone.

Sticking with the iPhone 5. Not worth upgrading this year. I will wait until the iPhone 6 probably will be a bigger upgrade.

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I suppose it depends on [my slim chances of] winning one of those iMore iPhone contests!
(Wink, wink)

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I would like to get 5s hardware in a 5c shell. The plastic actually looks pretty good, at least it does new. since that isn't happening, I'll be getting the 5s in black and slate.

The real question is, 32 or 64? I am wondering what iOS 7 is going to do to app size. Will 1 gig become the norm?

Why would the app size explode? Excluding the 2Gb navigation app I have the average size of apps on my device is 35 Mb (decreases dramatically when you exclude games). Why is iOS 7 going to increase app size almost 30x?

16gig 5C for the wife. When I have more money to spend I'll get 64gig 5S for myself.

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I'm on the fence... I've had every single iPhone ever made and while I do agree the fingerprint feature and the colors are cool... Ehhh this time around, unless I see a "holy#%#" increase in speed/performance, I might skip my first one ever and wait (as some of you have already said) a larger screen and design upgrade.

None sticking with my iPhone 5. I been tempted to try the HTC One for the next year until the iPhone 6 comes out.

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I've got the 5 and the One. The One is a really nice phone with some nice hardware features (the front facing speakers are great), but it's still Android. I hate the email. I hate the photo gallery, music player, lack of integrated visual voicemail, camera app, crappy htc sync app, etc, etc. It's a gorgeous phone though. If it weren't for Android I'd probably keep it. Probably going up on ebay soon,

The only I,prestige thing to me is the 64bit processor. Other than that, I am do all the things I need to do on my 4S. I want a bigger phone with screen. The diff btw the 4S and 5 isn't enuf. Plus I am disappointed there is no 128 gb version. I have a 64 gb 4S. I wanted 128 so I can carry all my music on my phone.

I can wait for the 6 which will hopefully have much more physical changes. I get ios7 anyway, so it will b like a new phone for me anyway. Lol

I'm all over the iPhone 5S. The speed, camera, processor, etc. Love, love, love. Right now I'm on the iPhone 4 (not 4S) and been gunning for an upgrade for awhile. Apple delivered for me during today's event in a big way.

Looking forward to the iPad event as well, but I'm ready to click "buy" on Sept 13th.

I have the 4s right now (I got into iPhones when Verizon finally got them) and my contract has been up for a few months so I am definitely going for a new 5s. It seems I am on the S track if that is the way they keep labeling them because of the contracts. I really did want to pre-order though...I guess I will try to visit my local Big Red and if it is too crazy just come home and order it.

" It's hard to kill a man that's hell bent on suicide!"

That sums up Apple IPhone with its insistence on outdated form factor...

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Outdated form factor? The same one that everyone is using?? Rectangle slab?

If anything, it's their resistance to increase screen size... not "outdated" form factor. Everyone is doing the "slab" design and it isn't going to change until we get holograms or "Brainvision", lol

I'll be getting the 5s on the 20th. I've been excited about the fingerprint sensor since the rumors started. Throw in the great new camera and 64 bit processor and I'm sold.

I am happy with my iPhone 5... But if I were to upgrade, I would get the 5S. The 5C is just a 5 but only $100 cheaper than the 5S... Might as well pony up the $100 and get the 5S... Makes no sense to get the 5C...

5S. But only because it will be my first iPhone. If I already had 5 I wouldn't upgrade. The changes are too insignificant.

I've seen other people say this, what do you think the phone needed to not be insignificant? The fingerprint sensor, 64 bit processor, and co processor are not minor changes.

I'm on a company plan usually eligible every year so I'm upgrading sold my 5 for 340.00 on gazelle and I will get the 5s and make 40.00 bucks

32gb 5S to replace my 32gb 4S. Got a quote for the 4S on Gazelle a week or so ago for $215, so I'll be out less than $100. Now to talk my husband into taking the 20th off to watch the kids so that I can be one of those crazy people waiting in line...I've never done it for an iPhone launch, and think it looks like fun. Yeah, I'm a dork.

I've always pre-ordered my iPhones, the waiting in line on release day does look like fun. I got lucky that I'd already requested the 20th off work before the date was set for its release day. I'm not a morning person though, and I was told to be there before 6am by an Apple employee if I want one before they sell out. I don't even get up that early for work.

i usually like to wait a little bit just to make sure people aren't experiencing a lot of problems. However, i can upgrade whenever and it is tempting to preorder

I voted none

An upgrade would be nice but I really think Apple are dropping the ball and getting lazy now

With Tim at the helm I'm finding each new event a let down and johnny Ives has turned what should have been the best iOS ever into a visual car crash... He needs the sack for that one IMHO

Never thought I'd be saying this but going to look HTC next as just feel let down by ego's in Apple telling me what I want instead of listening

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I'm not going to lie, I'm drooling for the Gold 5S It's a elegant looking phone anf the gold ring on the fingerprint sensor, just takes it to the top