White iPhone 4 is here! Are you ordering online or standing in line?

TiPb Asks: Are you ordering or standing in line for a white iPhone 4?

The white iPhone 4 is official going on sale on Thursday, April 28 and depending where in the world you are... that could be now! Apple online will begin taking orders as your local store passes midnight, and Apple retail and select resellers will start opening the doors pretty much from this moment on, so we want to know if you're getting one?

Rene will be heading over to the Fairview Apple Store in Montreal (say hi if you see him there!), but not matter whether you're ordering online or standing in line, TiPb will be there with you! And so will our iPhone Forum where we're tracking order numbers and stacking lineup pics, so get on over there and get chatting!

Still need some help making up your mind? We've got your back:

Then let us know what you've decided, what you've ordered, where you're lining up, and when you score your white iPhone 4!

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Reader comments

White iPhone 4 is here! Are you ordering online or standing in line?


I stood in line for my 3G, and the Nintendo Wii, and probably be standing in line for the Nintendo Stream when it gets released this/next year.

Not interested in the least. The color of my phone has no bearing on what I need it to do. Does a white phone add anything to the mix? Nope! I'm waiting for the 5.

I got mi bold3 white..since lot of days,should we do party for having iphone 4 white? I would do so,if we got a good signal on it or if they put bbm for iphone or if they make it 64gb..

anyone else secretly hoping this kinda bombs? Just to show Apple "hey, we stopped caring around the 3rd delay." I mean, there has got to be some kinda hidden meaning behind this release. Even for them to release this model now, it still would piss people off if they launch a new one in September. I wonder if we will see a new iPhone this year.

I honestly believe the only reason they are releasing this phone now is because they said they would. So they can be like see we said we would release a white one.

this is journalism? honestly, if anyone actually waited 10 months for a white iPhone they need to get their head/priorities checked. this is a non-event, and i can't believe how much coverage... ugh, nevermind i forgot what site i was on.
black rules anyways.

Everyone is whining and complaining about this phone and they don't understand why it's such a big deal, when little do they know their continuous whining is feeding the hype and fueling the discussion...smh, if someone wants the phone who cares? People should only try to impress THEMSELVES!

I think its great that the white option is available. I personally like the white iphone. I am not rushing out to get it. But I feel i will want it. Having said that it is not that huge a topic but can we all remember what website we are on. This isn't CNN it is TiPB and things that happen within the iPhone world are news here! If you don't care about it, I ask, Why did you read this?

You mean to tell me that the black iPhone was on time and the white iPhone is 10 months late... Hmmmm

It might be that I'm cranky for being up so early..iPad 2 delivers today and I can't sleep...but I think this isn't the event it's made out to be. WWDC and the showcase of iOS 5 and Mac os x lion will be the next real big thing by apple. And of course, iPhone 5 in the fall (keeping fingers crossed)

the white iphone sucks and looks tacky, its for apple fagboys and its old news new, 10 months too late and i wish all these sites would stop posting all the time about the white iphone like its something special !!

I am going to get my first iPhone today and it won't be white. All my phones go in an otterbox so white wouldn't be seen anyway.guys at work think white is a chick color.

If only the back was white and the entire front was touch, I'd probably like it better. I just don't care for the black/white front. Less is more (for me).

Apple should run a program allowing people to trade their black iphone 4 in for a white one. Or let the front panel, back and home button be available so we can have it swapped. If not, no sense in even releasing this phone when iphone 4 white decales and skins are available for like $20.