White iPhone 4 showing off prototype iOS 4 fast app switching, folder UI?

Leaked White iPhone 4 showing off new iOS 5 fast app switching UI?

Vietnamese site Tinhte might just have gotten their hands on an official white iPhone 4 from Apple... running a previously unseen version of iOS! While it could also just be a clever set of Jailbreak tweaks, the video shows a new version of the multitasking fast app switching that replaces the dock icons in iOS 4 with miniature tiles of the actual apps, sort of like Exposé for iPhone.

Whether this is something destined for an interim iOS 4.4, our first hint at iOS 5, or some Jailbreak wizardry only Apple knows for sure. But it is interesting that it shows up on the anniversary of the Gizmodo iPhone 4 leak, isn't it?

UPDATE: Per comments, yes there are some old icons but also some Apple internal test icons. Weird. Second video from the same source that shows off, among other things, 64GB, a new rendering for Folders, and Facebook built into settings.

UPDATE 2: This might just be a prototype iPhone 4 running an early test version of iOS 4 which included Folder and Fast App Switching UI Apple later decided against implementing (going with what we see now in the release version of iOS 4.)

Check out the video after the break and let us know, real, fake, or really fake? And if real, what do you think?

[Tinhte via Engadget]

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White iPhone 4 showing off prototype iOS 4 fast app switching, folder UI?


But as Apple points out with their various lawsuits, just because it's patented or generic for a desktop doesn't make it so for a mobile device!

that would suck if you could only close one open app at a time and have to hold down an app everytime you want to bring up the x.

+1. Also, get rid of double tap. Button press-and-hold should either be icon grid or fast app switching. FAS looks like wp mango, webos, and qnx, but I like it. Do you get pages of cards when you have more than 9, or do you scroll down?

You are right, that would suck. Which is why Apple's current implementation doesn't work like that. Which is also proof that this is just faked and is a jailbroken phone. Not 5.0.

It's so annoying when people post without researching. Comex and I0nic have both verified that there is nothing like this (including multiflow) that acts like this. Learn how to research, not just spout.

So where's the volume and mute/lock controls?
To get leaked hardware is understandable, as it's assembled out of Cupertino, but the software is surely an in-house thing only.
I'm calling BS on this.

Im sure its a Chinese knock off. Similar to the Nintendo DS 3d with auto hand job attachment. Boy i ordered that 5 years ago and never received it =(

Multi flow for sure.. At about 25 seconds, you can see the background enable button pop up that you get from backgrounder in cydia

If you look in the second video, when he shows the capacity, you can briefly see the top of the verson line, which looks to say 4.0.

Its called adobe premire and after effects. Not saying this is fake, but thats how to fake a vid

Gonna have to agree with the people that say it is multiflow. I tried this on both my iPad and iPhone 4 for a couple weeks, but honestly I reverted back to the original iOS system and have been happier since. It's harder to quickly sort though a bunch of screen grabs to pick what you want than a bunch of app icons that you instantly recognize. If it was 5.0 multitasking I would be hesitant to update.

Gonna have to agree with you. If this system were introduced over the iconic system they have now, I would probably have some second thought before updating the iP4. Productivity killer.

Something to think about, that calculator icon was introduced in 3.0, then updated to the current one under 4.0. The iPhone 4 shipped with 4.0 minimum, so why's there an outdated icon there that shouldn't have ever existed on that phone, there?

could it actually rcealpe me having a laptop? Then the answer would be NO!!!!I pad is not the answer to a laptop a laptop is a laptop where you could anything that a computer is suppose to do. An Ipad is pretty cool but only if you like to watch movies, check your emails or share your photos etc.. while on the move or when in bed/sofa/balcony/train that sort of thing

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This has got to be just a jailbroken iPhone. I think you guys are probably right that it's multiflow. Here are a few other things I noticed:

  • The long press to enable closing apps is nowhere near long enough for what Apple would implement. The guy actually does it accidentally a couple times when his finger barely touches the icons.
  • The icon for Voice Memos is the old red one from older versions of iOS, not newer.
  • There's a "Link Keys" bluetooth app that he opens at one point that I think is probably a jailbreak app.

You'd think the guys at TiPb would be a little more astute than this. They should have posted this as a story about a fake video instead of a possible leaked version of official iOS. It makes me think they did it this way simply for link bait when they knew better all along.

Lest we forget that somehow a Vietnamese man somehow obtained an ultra-secret build of "iOS 5". I know Apple isn't the best with securing things (Hi Grey), but they certainly wouldn't let a software version walk out the door without first asset tracking each and every individual that accesses it.
I mean like, this is common sense 101.

It's likely a pre-release or preview to an update multifl0w will receive. Looks nice, nonetheless.

I think that's just a jailbreak deal... That fast app switching looks slower than what I have now on my iPhone 4 that isn't jailbroken. But if it's real and that's what iOS 5 will be like then I'm okay with it. I really do hope that they release a 64GB version soon though... I'm running low on space ha ha.

Yeah this is total BS. iOS 4.4/5 with the old Calculator app icon and old Voice Memos icon, very unlikely. What a joke. Nice try though.

I hope we seem more of a change in ios 5 then this. I mean, if they are only focusing on iOS instead ofhardware. I want to see a whole new experience. A jump that way like the jump fron Android 1.6 to 2.1 That change alone was why I bought a DROID. Now that I have an Iphone, I want that experience changing thrill again :D

Why are people dissing TIPB ? they didn't make this video or claim it's legit and multiple websites (BGR,engandget,9to5mac) are running this story . If you don't beieleve the video is real than fine but no reason to trash Renee or TIPB

Ps this better not be the iPhone 5 because no 4" screen would mean I seriously have to consider and android device, was playing around with the MOTO Atrix and was REALLY impressed !

Looks real but the voice memos and calculator apps are the old style so idk but I do know I want 64 gb

Sorry, was still blown away by the fact it was a v.cool white colour... did I miss anything else while I was dribbling???

If you go to their website, they have a picture up showing that it's Version 4.0. Seems like an old developer phone that has been jailbroken. Just like everyone else is saying. It's not fake, just not iOS 5.

People, it doesn't have to be fake and it doesn't have to be iOS5. If it is real (not a jb device running a version of MultFl0w), then it seems like a prototype of iOS 4.x with additional features. Apple could have completed this version of the codebase and will port it over to the 5.0 version when it's ready. Many times, that's how large software projects are handled.
And btw, we all know that the JB community is one big beta area for Apple anyways (see cut/paste). :)

Exactly. I think it is real hard- and software, and maybe we'll see some of the ideas from this version in a future iOS iteration. What I'm most excited about is that they are at least internally making 64GB models, which lets me hope for the next iPhone generation.

The only way to develop new features is to integrate them on a previous OS, and the polishing always comes last. that's why the version says 4.0 in settings
Another reason why ios4.0 could have been used was used because the pulled features were still present in that beta version, they would be able to reconsider pushing these features into ios5 by improving them

Allow me to expand. Fake iOS 5. It's real enough in that what's happening is happening, but that's an old iPhone 4. Probably a DEV model.

I see some old things , something's that look like it came from jailbreak like the bluebare over the app store nut there is also some different desine elements and some new features, this wary well could be proto type soafware that never got released or maybe things that we will see in the next iOS like internal Facebook and new multitasking view.

Maybe is this weren't jailbroken, then this was one of te many implementations of multitasking that Apple was playing around with during testing (therefore unreleased 4.0 beta) and decided to go with the cutter icon system.
Or it's jailbroken. Either way.

I really cant say. I want to doubt it but then again we all doubted the iPhone 4 leak/lost phone just 1 year ago. Who really knows. Time will tell

This is from pre iOS 4. If you remember, when apple announced iOS4, it had FB integration shown in the event demo videos. That feature never surfaced unfortunately (among others).

Ok really look at the calculator app it is from an old OS so it is oveusly a jailbreak or fake

This is a lot more recent than people think. Look at the movies in his iPod library, its got Tron Legacy and Tangled in it. Both are fairly recent movies. This is probably just an early build of iOS 5 for internal use only, some how this leaked out.

That would only mean the video is more recent - not necessarily the phone or the OS. For that matter the movies could be old pirate copies as well.

Definitely real. I'm not sure if anybody noticed, but did you see the icons? In iOS 5, Apple is bringing back the old Calculator and Voice Memo icons. Forget notifications, Apple knows the old icons are the feature we've all been waiting for.

My theory is that: The new features were built over iOS4 beta, because the pulled features were still present in that version, so they would be able to improve those pulled features and reconsider pushing them into the next version of iOS. The polishing process or the process of bringing the features over to the newer version will always come last, WHICH WOULD explains why you see the old Calc and Voice memo icons. ;)

This is not a real iPhone prototype look at the home button, it matches on the REAL white iPhone is does not match,this is fake and if it was it would be IOS 6 or later because my dad works in the iOS devision if apple

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