UPDATED: White iPhone 4 in the wild, when will they be in the stores?

There have always been a few white iPhone 4 in the wild, Apple employees in Cupertino the likely suspects, or high profile celebrity friends like Stephen Fry, or even low-profile friends far from the spotlight. Some have been caught on camera, some have been sent in as quiet tips. The only thing that hasn't been seen is the white iPhone 4 generally available for sale online or in stores.

The latest rumor says Apple is still having manufacturing problems involving color consistency, more specifically now matching the white of the Home button with the white of the faceplate. (Yes, Steve Jobs can tell the difference down to a micro-shade at 100 paces).

Apple has only said they're coming end of 2010, though TiPb has heard early next year is also an option. (No exclusive white Verizon iPhone 4 rumors please).

We know some of you are still waiting on a white iPhone 4, but you're willing to wait until Apple gets it perfect, right?

UPDATE: An anonymous tipster just sent us the above white iPhone 4 picture, also in the wild, and confirmed:

I was laughin so hard cuz the Home button really doesn't match the housing!!!

Whether that means Apple really is having a color-matching problem, or whether it means these are just DIY conversions and they don't match we don't know. But we'd like to have the real ones available soon either way.

[Pocket-lint, anonymous]

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Ryan Moser says:

I'm still waiting, but since I've waited this liong should I just wait for iPhone 5?
My only fear is that the iPhone will be a plastic iPhone 4 knock off... Like how the iPhone 3G replaced the original aluminum iPhone.

GraysonIP says:

Every mention of the white iPhone 4 is upsetting. Horrible FAIL by Apple. They never should have announced it since it wasn't available. I bought a phone I didn't want because of their erroneous information about when the white version would release. Get it right next time!

Pawl. says:

Why not get a black one and get it modified?

Elijah says:

I bought a black one, but I'd love to have a white one. At this point, Apple should just give up.
If anyone knows how to modify it to make it white would they please email me at elijahpr@me.com? I haven't found a reliable set of instructions yet. Thanks!

tfa225 says:

A few weeks ago on Law and Order SVU, I saw Olivia had a white one, but I don't think it was a 4.

Macboy74 says:

Not sure if any of you know or not. But these and many other white iPhones. Are black one's that are sent to iresq and white cases are being put on them. For a hefty fee of course.

Macboy74 says:

@elijah Go to iresq.com they will do it and do it well. You can see one on youtube on jon4lakers channel. He had it done and it looks awesome.

Michael says:

Waiting until early next year just for the white version of the iPhone 4 is idiotic. At that point you are less than 6 months away from the release of the next iPhone (5 or 4G or whatever they are going to call it).

Chung says:

I wish Apple would put as much effort into fixing the antenna as they would in matching the white paint color.

R says:

Eric Northman has white iPhone 4. Hmmm...makes sense though...Eric is the most powerful vampire in Area Five of northern Louisiana. #Trueblood

Analog Spirit says:

I liked the 3G and 3GS better in white, but I like the 4 better in black; I guess it's because the 4's white faceplate just looks weird to me due to the front camera, proximity sensor, and top speaker being clustered at the top and making it look a little cluttered, whereas the black one hides all that a lot better and makes for a cleaner design IMHO. A white 4 with a black faceplate would be an easy mod to do... The next time around (iPhone 5?), Apple should make them in several different colors besides the usual black or white, like the iPod Nanos and Shuffles. Chrome, silver and gunmetal grey would be nice, too.

Joel Ramurez says:

Why dont they make a white iPod touch?

Wyatt says:

If color is a deal breaker for you then you obviously don't need it. What's in the phone is what's important. Black goes with everything.

Revelation says:

Am I the only one that hates white gadgets because of how well they show dirt?

Avenged110 says:

@Revelation it's glass, just wipe it off...

gquaglia says:

Apple should be more worried about fixing the QC issues with the black ones and not worry about the white ones. The ifail 4 should have been recalled and redesigned last summer.

kittycatspawz#IM says:

I still think with all the merchandising that goes into the Xmas shopping season that's a good time to drop the new white phone. Can't u see the shopping frenzy for all those Xmas gifts?? Hehe

Jcal08 says:

@Gquaglia, no sir, you fail. Look how many phones they have sold AFTER the anntenagate issue...

robnaj says:

I want my white iPhone 4 and my contract ends on Feb that white phone needs to be out before then and not on VZW because if I don't get White then I getting WP7 and a unlocked HTC Android phone
I do not want a black slab

anto says:

after u got the white one, then most people will still use casing, so what's the point?

EPA Lead Paint RRP says:

I'd wait for iPhone 5 and skip the white this time.

LzarEus says:

@Jcal08---U tell that a**munch how it is! Where does he get off flapping his lips like that

JNM says:

It it is so difficult to make a white one why don't they just make a brushed metal one?

west3man says:

Actually, if Verizon really is getting a GSM/CDMA hybrid iPhone, then it HAS been redesigned and I believe ghat would be the ONLY model they sell...probably with a better antenna.

PhillyBoy says:

Lol it's a waste now you just might as well wait to the summer for iPhone 5