White iPhone gallery

White iPhone 4 hero

And here's the white iPhone 4 gallery, also 10 months in the making. We've got it side-by-side with the black iPhone 4, focusing on whatever little details and differences we could find. There looks to be an almost translucent edging around every seem. The proximity sensor is white-free, and while my black iPhone 4 (bought back in July) shows no sign of it, my white iPhone 4 has bright, visible light coming out of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Check it all out in full on gallery glory after the break!

Update: Added white iPhone 4 vs. white iPhone 3GS pics

[gallery link="file" columns="2"]

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White iPhone gallery


Congrats to everybody who waited so long for it. I still think the black looks so much better, too bad it has to live inside a case.

all those millions in R&D to get the design "just right" so you can slap a junky plastic screen or case on it. yeah. kinda defeats the purpose of the aesthetics of the phone.

I've had an invisible Shield on my last phone for over a year. (it was also a slippery phone: Palm Pre) Dropped it many times, and held up pretty well with the shield.
Just bought an iphone 4 and another invisible shield. Why ruin the sleekness with a bulky case?

I've been going caseless on my iPhone 4 since October now. Not one scratch. It's really a shame to hide such a beautiful phone behind a case. It's worth the $30 (for the back) or $129 (for the front) I might have to shell out on the slight chance it shatters. I mean, people already spend $50+ on cases. That's just me, though.

Totally agree with you. All I did to mine is 3m di-noc to give it a little character but the shape is still visible. ^_^

so what you're saying is that the color is now white? and this requires 5000 articles? journalism rules.

hey man, i follow the iphone blog so i can read news, not 50 updates in my reader about a different color. this is not news. maybe you're right, maybe tuaw is better. they don't sensationalize this crap.

Will be interesting to see what problems the white iphone has; prox sensor, light leaks, fade in sunlight, paint issues, antennae attenuation. Please test and let us know.

I think the White looks better, but I think if the larger screen for next iPhone is true then it will be better I prefer bigger screens tbh.

Ha ha. Was having a big discussion at my job (restaurant) today with my boss about this. I told him too bad I can't trade in my black one for a white. He said I'd have to be crazy to wear a white phone on my belt 'cause that's girlie! I couldn't believe it. Most of our customers we asked were split on it. I never thought white was girlie, or does it depend on the item? lol.

These notions of masculine and feminine colors change as time passes. Did you know that a few decades ago baby boys wore pink clothes and baby girls wore the blue ones?

I hate how the front looks with the black screen. Now the back is very nice, I wouldn't mind having JUST the white back on my iP4 (kinda like the white 3gs).

Absolutely agree. I've been wanting the white one for a while, but I won't be getting it because of the black screen.

How pathetic. Come on Trolls. Go out there and buy a white one. Hopefully you guys will get a free bumper too. losers. Apple sucks more than a hooker at a truck stop.

I would love the white, except when it is off, the front "off" screen looks out of place (since it is black). If they could find a way to make the off screen white, I would be all over it.

I do love me some White iPhone. Thanks for the pics. Since I can't get one, this helps satisfy my ridiculous need to look at the white one all day.

I was originally holding out for White but it's taken so long. So will upgrade to 5. Would like a 5 with a 3GS white back (best of both worlds)
Sorry but I don't understand those with bumpers/cases, they look awful. Just hold in tight or get a nokia...

It looks great and the razor-sharp Retina display seems to shine even more. At the end of the day, I prefer my black iPhone 4 and now that the jailbreak for iPad 2 appears imminent, I shall get another iPad 2 - in black - but this time I'll make sure that the screen doesn't bleed and that the colors and black levels are at optimum levels. Grrrrrr.......

Is it just me or does the white iPhone look, "ribbed for her pleasure?"
I'm talking about the raised area around the home button and the border of the phone in general.

I prefer the terms African American and White: non latino. Just like in job applications. Come on Apple, get with the PC times here.

I still find the iPhone 4 too rigid. Don't get me wrong - I love the new functionality and everything... it's just the package.

The big question is; Did Apple fix the problem?
I don't think so. Just wait for people to complain, in about two months from now, that first 2 a 3mm around the screen is getting darker.
White iPhone? No thanks!

To those whom recently purchased the white iPhone, i'm curious as to know: does a privacy screen protector go well against the white (front) surface?

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