Will you be buying an iPad Air?

Will you be buying an iPad Air?

The iPad Air launches this Friday and we want to know if you're going to order one at the stroke of midnight, line up to get your hands on it immediately, or get one at any point, at your leisure? Just like our full iPad Air preview says, it's pretty much an iPad mini gone maxi. All the 9.7-inch Retina display you want, none of the weight you don't. So, are you getting one?

If not immediately, are you going to wait and try it out first when it goes on display? This year, more than any other year, it could be hard to choose between Apple's iPad lineup. If you're not getting the iPad Air, at least not yet, is it because you've got the new Retina iPad mini on your shopping list? It's got a Retina display as well now, and in an even smaller, more mobile, 7.9-inch package.

If you're not getting a new iPad at all, is it because you're still happy with your current iPad, and aren't ready to upgrade yet? Or are you simply not interested in the iPad at all?

Vote in the poll up top, and give me the details in the comments below!

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Will you be buying an iPad Air?


Just reserved an iPad Air WiFi + Cellular 64GB on launch day at Apple Store ifc mall, Hong Kong, ready to be picked up at 7pm on 1 Nov!

I'm looking to finally upgrade my iPad 1. Leaning towards the iPad Air. The Mini is a nice size but a bit small for working with clients and contract signing. I was hoping I could get my iPad 1 to get me through 4 years but it's getting pretty slow and crashes a lot.

We think it's going to be an iPad Christmas. Not for me, it's going to be a MacBook Pro with Retina Display Christmas.

Need an option "Would love to!... but I'm a poor Grad Student and can't right now."

My 3rd gen iPad is really straining at times trying to keep up. My Mini is fine, and I'll probably wait there, but man... that iPad Air is sooooo sexy. I'm just too blasted broke right now.


I'd like to get it but am very happy with my mini and can't justify the purchase

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I'm waiting on the rMini for myself but I'm getting the Air for my mom. She likes the large screen on my 3 but she thinks its too heavy.

Sooooo getting the Air. It will be replacing an iPad 1. I expect that when I start working with the Air, I will feel like Marty McFly being blown back by the jacked up speakers in Back to the Future.

I can't do larger iPads any more, mini is where it's at and with it now having gone Retina, that's what I'm waiting for.

I'm good with my 32GB 3rd gen for now. I just got it last year around this time as a refurb once the 4th gen came out so for me its only one year old. I'll probably keep it jailbroken on ios6 though in case I ever get motivated to sell it and upgrade. More than likely I can't see myself upgrading till this time next year at the earliest though.

Not for me. For my mom. I'll keep my old iPad mini, get my mom an iPad Air, and she'll give me her old iPad (4th gen.) That way I can test apps on a 64-bit iPad (hers, when I bring my MBP to her house), 32-bit Retina full-sized iPad (the old 4th gen), and 32-bit non-Retina iPad (my iPad mini.)

I won't buy any new iPad for myself until the iPad line has Touch ID. And that could come at any time next year, really. The A7 is already there.

Trying to decide: Air, retina mini, or wait for a refurb of one or the other... Probably going to end up getting up very early Friday and joining the line at the Apple store.

My iPad 3 is on its last leg, not holding a charge ... (I do work it hard, my Mac is collecting dust). My BD is on the 7th and it will be a HAPPY HAPPY iPad Air BD!!!

Should be a more than decent upgrade from my iPad 3.

Wish it had Touch ID, but this isn't a deal-breaker since I'm not constantly turning my iPad on throughout the day like my iPhone.

Will try it first. One of the things I'd like to check is the weight. If it's a little heavy for me, then I'll go Mini.

Hopefully it'll be a 12:01AM order on 1st November here in UK. That's my plan. Have used a mini for the past 12 months but missed the larger form factor of the full size. Very excited about the Air. 128Gb wifi cellular here I come

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Even with a retina display, the Mini is just too small for my needs and wants from a tablet. I have owned every gen iPad (except the 4) and am so looking forward to the lighter, faster Air.

Just as I am still on Snow leopard, I also have the first iPad in the house. I'm thinking it's finally time to upgrade the iPad, but I will "probably" hold on to Snow Leopard :-)

I will be buying the iPad Air... Already ordered the case for it. Now to figure out if it will be the 64GB or the 128GB version?

I'm 99% committed on getting a Verizon Air. Only thing up in the air right now is 64gb or 128gb... I don't really NEED 128GB, but what am i not thinking about right now that it would be handy for? Certainly would future-proof me for a generation or two... hmmmm

While the iPad Air is tempting, I think I'll still get the retina Mini once I have the funds. I've gotten to use my Mom's old iPad 1 a bit this week (my main tablet is an original Nexus 7) and even disregarding the weight, it's just too much screen for falling asleep in bed with. The biggest sacrifice would be newspaper apps, they really shine on the full-sized iPad.

I am very, very much excited to get my iPad Air but I have to say this is one area where I am disappointed in Apple. When I got my first iPhone and iPad, I enjoyed standing in line to get it because it was part of the experience...but I am now over that. I want to be able to pre-order my item and then show up sometime on Friday to pick it up but since I cannot take off work I know there will be no way for me to get my iPad Friday and who knows when the stock will be available again. This is very frustrating and surprising that for such a high-end item they are expecting people to line up like a ride a Disneyland. This is going to be a very frustrating period from Friday until whenever I actually get hold of my iPad!!! :-(

Buying my very first iPad at midnight tomorrow night! :-) It'll be an iPad Air in Slate Gray & Black. Been seriously debating whether to get the 32GB with Cellular or 64GB WiFi only. Since I'll be getting a new MacMini once they release the Haswell version, and I'm not a big gamer, I'm going for the 32GB Cellular model. Down the line I can always upgrade to latest iPad with larger memory two or three years down the line, if needed. I bought my wife the iPad Mini for her b-day six months ago (16GB wifi). I can't get her off it. LOL. I:ve been waiting a loooong time for the thinner iPad Air. It's finally here… almost. :-)

I'm going to hang on to my iPad 3, and possibly get a MacBook with Retina Display in the spring.