Will you be switching to Google Music All Access? [Poll]

Google's SVP of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai, left the D11 conference having dropped a huge piece of news for iOS; that their new All Access music service would be coming to iOS in a matter of weeks. While we're not short on music streaming services on iOS, Google going cross-platform is a big deal. They also offer a different experience to some of their competing services, in that each account also has a cloud locker large enough for 20,000 songs. But, is all this enough to encourage you to switch?

The leading contenders in the space, Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, all have broad and loyal user bases. I myself have been a heavy Spotify user for the past couple of years, but Google Music has me interested. The fact that it combines not only streaming, but a cloud locker and a music store is enticing; one place for all my music. It isn't perfect by any means, though. The web interface isn't as pretty as something like Spotify, and without a desktop client you're forced to either download your entire library to your Mac or listen to it online.

It's also not entirely clear at this stage what exactly will be coming to iOS. Since unofficial apps like gMusic can access your cloud library, we'd hope that Google would provide the same in their own application. It's a given that the music store won't be part of it, but that's just something we'll have to accept.

Another point in Google's favor is their current introductory pricing structure. If you sign up before June 30 -- and a free 30 day trial is included for all new subscriptions -- the price is reduced from $9.99 per month to $7.99. What we're interested to know is how many of you guys will be switching to the Google service? Is it a compelling enough product to get you to ditch your existing streaming service of choice? Or perhaps you're holding off to see if Apple does something in this space? As ever, cast your vote in the poll up top and drop us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Will you be switching to Google Music All Access? [Poll]


Spotify premium for now, plus iTunes Match. The new Apple service likely in place of Spotify if it is equal.

Same (also same plans when apple drops theirs....if equal or better after a month of my use, then it's bye Spotify)

I prefer Spotify. I like the desktop app and prefer both Spotify's iOS and Android app more then Google Music All Access. Plus I like the social settings on Spotify, I can see what my friends are listening to, it's displayed on Facebook (no one I know uses Google+). And on the Desktop app I like how you can install "apps" to use with Spotify, like Tunigo, musiXmatch, etc.

Oh I should have added, I would go with Apple's music service if it's comparable to Spotify, and connected to iTunes (so I can just easily purchase music I 'discover'). I love iTune's new miniplayer, wish Spotify would have a miniplayer for when I'm working.

I have Spotify and since I let my daughter and my wife use it, I will have to stay with it. But I did give try to Google all access and will probably keep it for some time only for me. No wife's and certainly no daughter's playlist on this one.

Between Rdio, IHeartRadio, Pandora, iTunes (and iTunes Match), Amazon Cloud Player and Songza, I've got the streaming music thing more than covered. No room - or quite frankly, need - for another service.

Will I be using All Access? Don't be silly.
Even if it was available in the UK, I probably still wouldn't.
Streaming has its place, but I still prefer having my music stored locally.
I use iTunes Match, only for matching my non-iTunes mp3s. ;-)

I dont see the need for a poll. It's free for a month, I see no reason to NOT try it out. Worst case scenario you dont like it, best case scenario you love it and want to use it monthly. You wont lose you soul if you try it out.

I have so many exclusive and rare mixes, that to be able to stream Non purchased content and make playlist with my stuff is quite awesome.