Are you already considering an upgrade to the iPhone 6?

Sure, if Apple sticks to the current schedule, the iPhone 6 won't even be announced until later this fall. However, the topic of upgrading from the iPhone 5s to iPhone 6 is already a hot one on the iMore Forums. Upgrades are a tricky thing. Not everyone upgrades to the latest and greatest device as soon as it becomes available. A lot of factors come into play when making the decision, contract length, pricing, and how much value any new features really bring to the table. And, of course, people can and often do change their minds right up until the moment they're ready to pull the upgrade trigger... or walk away. So what's everyone saying?

If it has a larger screen, and not just longer. Also hoping that apple finally wises up and puts a large battery in it.Premium1, iMore Forums Member

Not surprisingly, screen-size is one of this year's biggest factors. We've already the debate over whether or not a bigger display is needed for the iPhone and from that we know some folks will look towards other options if Apple doesn't deliver. There's also folks out there who skip generations because of how Apple handles updating their devices as they often don't change the design completely but rather just update the internal specs and give it an 's' name. The final group of customers are the ones Apple loves. They're the ones who upgrade to the latest offering every refresh cycle without a second thought.

Yes I buy every new flagship iPhone that comes out.Garz, iMore Forums Member

A lot of the iMore Forums members fall into that final group but judging from some of the responses, it seems a lot of folks are also growing tired of flipping phones year after year. It's interesting to see and think about how all that would play out for Apple in the long run.

Where do fit in? Do you always have to have the latest? Do you carefully plan only S model purchases or even skip years? And most importantly, will you be getting an iPhone 6?

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Are you already considering an upgrade to the iPhone 6?


I totally would if I wasn't buying a house and getting married at the same time the iPhone 6 will be coming out.

Actually looking forward to the new version of Windows Phone 8.1 versus the new iPhone unless something major changes with iPhone 6.

I upgrade every year and this year is a no-brainer since I'll be eligible for an upgrade. I always sell my previous iPhone which more than pays for the new one.

Exactly...are there others that haven't realized this already?? Every year I'm up to date because I sell my old iPhone for about $150 less than what I purchased retail, at the time. It'll be a little harder (or easier?), now that my, and other, carriers have stopped offering upgrade pricing (in lieu of financing). But I'm still, likely, upgrading.

I have Sprint. I had an iPhone 5 16GB I bought on launch day and kept in like new condition and sold it for $500, Sprint told me my early upgrade fee was $220 on top of the contract price of the iPhone 5S which was $300 since I was going to get the 32GB, which at the end of the day is a good deal by itself because i'd only be pulling out $20 plus taxes out of my pocket. However, curiously I asked what my early termination fee was and it was $110. I told them it made no sense for me to do an early upgrade when I could theoretically cancel my contract and start a new contract or even consider switching to another carrier and save myself a bunch of money. I also said I'd rather not do that because I have been a loyal customer for 14 years, I like my service, and I don't want to change my phone number. The rep spoke with a manager and told me they'd lower the early upgrade fee to match the price of my early termination fee, so it ended up being $300 (iPhone 5S 32GB) + $110 (Early upgrade fee) + $75 (estimated taxes) + $36 (activation fee) comes out to about $521 as opposed to maybe $631 if I didn't negotiate. $631 isnt bad because that means I only actually spend like $131, but isn't $21 out of my pocket a whole lot better! :)

Off contract the 32GB is $750 + $75 (tax) + $36 (activation fee) = $861... So no it's not better. I save a lot of money staying on contract.

oh i see your case. for me its $750. Tax exempt plus no activation fee because its unlocked and i can just put in my sim card (tmobile). but i see your point.

My contract with AT&T is up on September 21st, so my wife and I will be moving to Verizon as soon as the iPhone 6 is released. I have an iPhone 5 32 GB that I bought on release day in September of 2012 and she has a 16 GB 4S that was bought around May of 2012. Hoping they'll both last with minimal issues until this fall.

With the exception of when we got them (both September 2012) we are the same as you. Though currently on verizon and considering switching to AT&T. Curious as to why you are going AT&T to Verizon.

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I'm on the next plan with AT&T so I will definitly be getting the 6, And sticking with AT&T. I've had great service, both with my phone and customer service, with AT&T dropping their plan rates significantly I have no reason to leave. I havnt checked lately but verizon has always cost way more than other companies, yeah you may get more coverage ( not that AT&T is bad, they are catching up quick) but I never travel and AT&T has faster LTE.

I've my money ready and waiting. Please apple make it 4.8 inches and decent battery upgrade I'll be buying an unlocked one

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This is my year to upgrade, so as long as Apple has ticked enough boxes (mainly a larger screen), then i'll be buying one.

I always get the latest and greatest, but this year it depends. I don't want it just because its bigger. I like a smaller phone that fits the pocket. We will see what comes out.

I just got my gold 5s 2 months ago! BYFAR best smartphone in the world (kudos apple!) I will not be upgrading because of my 2 year contract with AT&T. I'm cool with that though! I will probably get the 6s when it comes out then I might do the AT&T next thing where I can get a new phone every year. But I believe we want see a "6" after "iphone" this year, I believe it will be called "iphone air". Then the following year-iphone pro. #teamgoldiphone5s

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I have the money waiting. Hopefully it has a larger screen size, the only real change I want, otherwise I might have to look hard at the latest crop of androids.

Question: What is your investment in the Apple Eco system? If you switch, how much money have you spent on apps, music and movies with Apple and will you still have access? Of course Apps you'd have to repurchase are there a lot of apps for you?

I am asking because I switched out of necessity a few years ago and flew back to an iPhone as soon as it was offered on my carrier. I only bought Flagship Androids when that was all the carrier had. Just curious about switchers.

Minimal at best. No more than $20 on apps and that's probably pushing it around $10 is probably more accurate. No movie purchases. iTunes does handle all of my music, however I don't use my phone for listening to music. I have an iPod nano that stays in my vehicle, that only comes out every once in a while when I want to swap playlist around.

I say I'd switch if they don't change screen size, but I've already done that once and didn't last a month with a android phone as my daily driver before coming back to iOS.

I've bought allot in the iOS ecosystem and still switched. Still use my itouch 5 and iPhone 4 and with the nexus 5 as my primarily go to device, got the best of both worlds. Unless Apple increases size, never switching. Fan of rooting and jailbreaking so don't find any limitations in iOS and android except screen

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For me it's a toss-up between the iPhone 6 and the Nexus 6. I currently have a GNex, and i want an upgrade, but i am willing to wait for the next gen of devices so i can save up before i buy, not after. I will have enough around mid-summer to buy a nexus, but by then I won't want a nexus 5 because the 6 will be around the the time fall comes around, i'll have enough money for an iPhone, and it'll be the perfect time, so it's going to be a difficult choice. I'll have to see what each side offers. I currently have a major lust issue with the a7 processor, and i don't have any iOS devices currently.

The nexus 5 is a decent phone, only phone that made me go back to Android, only for about a week though. Sold the nexus 5 and went right back to Apple with the 5s, android is getting better but nothing beats iOS and the iPhone, yet......

Trust me, the only thing that has me leaning toward the nexus is the price. 350 vs. 650 is a pretty clear difference. I can live with the admittedly inferior android experience if it saves me that much. especially if it gives me the freedom to flash ROMs and stuff. At the same time, I'm almost hoping Apple will prove me wrong with an irresistibly beautiful, unbreakable phone with an unbeatable camera and killer battery life! I already get app store envy much more often than i expected i would when i sold my iPad. I don't care what people say, the iOS app store has significantly superior apps to android, and number has nothing to do with it. I'm currently missing out on "three's" before that was clumsy ninja and there's always the iWork suite. Grrr!! i think i just convinced myself to get an iPhone again.... it's gonna be a long year...

There is a big difference with the price but with the re-sale value of iPhones you can sell it on the next upgrade to cover most of the cost. With companies letting you pay off the phone with a cheaper monthly service cost, with no contract and 0 down it might be worth it for ya to get a better experience for the year or two you use the phone. It's all about personal prefference, I had high hopes for the nexus 5, it is a great phone but android just ruined the experience for me. It will be at least a few more years before I give android another go, or whatever else comes out. I'm hoping for a 4.7" iPhone, I loved the bigger screen on the nexus but 5" was just a tad too much.

You ever jailbreak an iPhone. That is freedom to do some pretty cool things. Yeah iOS beat the Play store hands down. Not to mention the apps are "curated" on iOS so it's rare that garbage data seeking/malware get's in the App Store. And the Apps just look better on iOS. Even Google's apps look and feel better on iOS. Go figure.

I just think the user interface is choppy, there's so many different devices and sizes none of the apps are optimized for one phone. Playing phone apps on my kids nexus 7 is horrible. I don't like how the app icons are different sizes either. Also, after each release of Android it's a guessing game whether it not I'd be able to get the Update or have to wait 6 months. Now this is just my opinion, I think android has come a long way, that's why I gave it another shot. The whole experience on an android device is not near as good as iOS, but that's just my personal opinion, Android is not for me.

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Nexus 5 FTW. Big cheap phone with latest android and internals, I'll go with nexus 5 or 6 if I were you.

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First of it is a good position to be in as you can't go wrong with either phone. I currently have both the iPhone 5s and the nexus 5 available to me and Switch btw the two sometimes I want android sometimes I want ios. Right now its 60/40 in favor of the nexus.

Could be made of wood. I'm getting it because I get one every two years 4-5-6 no need for the silly S updates.

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As fanboyish as this sounds, I will get the iPhone 6 almost no matter what it's like. I'd love a bigger screen, as well as some other improvements to iOS and battery life. But the iPhone 6 will almost undeniably be a better phone than the iPhone 5s. I will want it. I will get it.

I find that the 5s is a little too long. Loved the size and weight of the 4S. Though I appreciate the bigger screen. I wish Apple would do something to make the phone thicker so that it feels better in the hand and extend the battery life. If I have to sacrifice thinness for battery life so be it. Plus I like a curved back like the iPhone 3G (my first iPhone). My hand was able to cup it perfectly.

My BFF who has a Samsung Note saw the new fake iPhone 6 and said it looked so sweet she would switch when it came out. So some people (hers is a vision thing) need big phones. Some hate them. So if they kept the 4 inch screen around along with that larger screen it would be great!

Actually, I think that's what they'll do. I can't see Apple switching to the 4" 16:9 iPhone screen size, and then deleting it so quickly. Apple always thinks ahead. I think they're preparing us for the larger screen sizes with the same, or similar aspect ratios. I hope Apple offers at least two screen sizes, like they do with almost every other product-line they sell. MacBook Air, 11"-13". MacBook Pro, 13"-15". iMac 21.5"-27". iPad Air, iPad Mini....So-on-so-forth.

As long as they don't get convoluted like the 90's I'm good. There were too many products in their line up and that confused and overwhelmed customers. Steve Jobs came back and paired it down. I think Mr. Cook has the right idea in that Apple could do a lot of things but they'd rather do a few things very well and say no to things that just don't fit. I think they want to give their customers options. Give new people a reason to jump ship and keep their brand as the premium brand. They always have been why would they change it when it's working for them?

My contract with AT&T is up in September. If the new iPhone 6 has a larger screen, I will probably get an iPhone 5s, and that will probably be my last iPhone because I don't want a bigger screen. I'm hoping they make a current size iPhone 6 and an iPhone Maxi for those who want a bigger screen.

I'm enjoying the moment and my iPhone 5s. It's too early to be thinking about an iPhone 6.

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This is my contract year and considering to upgrade to the iPhone 6; currently on an iPhone 5 64gb. I like the size of the 5, but with the current phones coming out. screen size is the norm now. I don't mind the screen size, as long as they do it right.

The issue that I have with upgrading your iPhone is that it is a never ending cycle. I went from the 3Gs, to the 4s to the 5s and the funny thing is that whenever a new iPhone comes out it does nothing but set up talks about what the next iPhone will look like and when it will come out, what will it be called and so forth and so on. With other phones you may upgrade because the camera or something is missing but some have gotten the S4 and are happy some didn't and stuck with the S3 however only the iPhone continually markets itself in a way that no other phone does. Like I said earlier once the iPhone 6 is released maybe a few mins to an hour later the talk will now shift to when is the iPhone 7 coming out and what will be on it, what will it look like..... I am not against anyone who upgrades on a yearly basis thats great if you have the ability to do that but for me its a little tire some especially when you buy accessories for your iPhone just to have them not fit the next model but thats for another conversation.

That happens with any tech. As soon as it's out there's always that "right around the corner" or "next big thing" not just with apple.

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Samsung refreshes the galaxy line up every year, others even sooner. There's a new release of new android phones every month, at least with apple it's every year. Most of the time you can wait two years with apple if you skip the small "s" upgrade, with the exception of the 5s.

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I currently have a 5 64GB, I think I an upgrade is a reasonable consideration. I am sure I can get a decent price for my current device to help with the cost.

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I am looking at getting my first iPhone, after trying Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phone just because they have always been cheaper.

With the rumours of the 6 ramping up, I just can't justify buying a 5S.

So yes, I am considering an upgrade to the iPhone 6

I have a 32GB 5 and will wait and see what, if any BIG changes there are before making a decision about an upgrade. I don't have to have the latest and greatest. If mine is still working, I'll keep going.....

I am a upgrade every year kind of person. With that said, I have got too many cool accessories for my 5s form factor that would just be killed off with a larger or change in form factor for the 6. I have Tatik Cases and Element Cases. I will be just getting my Loop Wallet Pay Case too. I can't see scrapping these accessories or selling them just for a screen change. I mean yeah a larger display is cool but I want innovation. If it is a larger screen, more ram, greater camera, better iWatch capability tie in, Liquid Metal, Saphire Glass, then your talking. Larger screen doesn't make me switch to a "Android Samsung Big TV in your pocket phone..." then it won't be a big selling point for me with apple. Rather save money, get an iWatch and a new Apple TV when it comes out. These are more interesting than a iPad-o-Phone Mini Phalet to me.

The first iPhone I ever bought was a 4s. That was coming from a BB 9650. I was hooked! Every year since then I've bought the newest iPhone. I can't imagine this year will be any different, although I do love my 5s. I guess the bigger screen possibility is by far my most desired feature. If that doesn't change I may stay with my current device for the first time in three generations, but then again Apple has this knack for pulling me in regardless lol

I have an iphone 4. My upgrade date is June 17. If the six were announced by then I might consider waiting. But the two things that will keep me from waiting likely will be that my 4 is getting laggy with iOS 7 and my ipad mini has reduced my real need for a bigger phone screen. As much as I like at least what we have seen in concept photos for the 6, the true need for a faster processor will have me upgrading to the 5s the minute I can.

yes i am. time to upgrade the 4S especially because the 5S didn't have enough improvements for me to upgrade. i'd like a little bigger screen and not just longer. and if it's not what i want then i'll maybe get the 5S or try out android. if i had the disposable income that everyone seems to have on this site then it would be a no-brainer

Only because my current iPhone is broken and I like to have an iPhone to replace it

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Depends on how much new stuff is coming and if the screen is larger.
Just got the 5 a few months ago so it may not be worth upgrading.

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Ready to upgrade to iphone 6 regardless of specs... Had android phones and I wasn't impressed.

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I'll be all over a larger screen iPhone. Hopefully with improved battery life too.
Sans a larger screen I'll likely keep my 5S.

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I'll be all over a larger screen iPhone. Hopefully with improved battery life too.
Sans a larger screen I'll likely keep my 5S.

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I'll be all over a larger screen iPhone. Hopefully with improved battery life too.
Sans a larger screen I'll likely keep my 5S.

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I will take advantage if my T-Mobile Jump! Upgrade to get the 6. Hope it has a bigger screen! That Nexus 5 screen is gorgeous!

I have an iPhone 5 and I'm on the even-year upgrade track on AT&T.
So yes, I'll be getting a "6" this year, whether it has a 4.0" or 4.7" screen.

I have a 5 now, want a bigger (not longer) screen I'll be first in line.

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It would have to be amazing. I bought an iPhone 5 a couple months before the 5S came out and I was planning on skipping 2014 completely. I do find that while texting I am spending half the time backspacing and correcting what I entered. I need a larger virtual keyboard on the thing. I'd just as soon they made it wider and kept the height, like the aspect ratio of the iPad. I really don't like the shape only being ideal for watching HD video which I almost never watch on my iPhone. Make it best for texting, reading, viewing web pages, and most everything else. 4x3 screen size please.

Make me happy and if my iPhone 5 sells for a good price I'll consider it. I always buy my phones up front and off contract. I don't need to pay more than $15 per month for enough minutes and text, data is wasted on those who can't find free Wifi all over the place.

My buying cycle seems to be every two years for iPad and iPhone, and about 4 years for an iMac.

Although that is a good idea on a bigger tablet screen I don't think it will be nice on an phone that with a 4-5 inch screen. Have you seen the lg vu 2?.

I am definitely upgrading! Have a 5 currently, and it was hard to not upgrade to the 5S. Decided to wait until my upgrade though.

So for me it will have a larger screen! Why? The hardware needs it and also a bigger battery! We gonna see in future not so many updates for old devices like the iPhone 4S won't get iOS 8 anymore!

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One more thing just put 20$ every paycheque in the iPod fond and you can buy one every year! Sure still need to sell your old one

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I have other priorities with my money. But I am pretty by the time an Unlocked version and Jailbreak come out, I'll actually look into getting it. Honestly, I feel the only reason I still have a phone in general is because in certain occasions having my iPad Ir around is inappropriate and for the need of having a cell phone. I gotta factor how much I actually use my phone for the next 9 months before making a decision as well. But nowatdays my Air is taking up the spotlight.

I've got the 5s and I hope I stay with it for at least two years. I wouldn't want to buy a first generation device, I prefer the S versions as they're the ones that show true refinement.

One of the reasons I got the 5s is that I expect four years of software updates just like it's with 3GS and 4. If I wanted a phone to get slow this fall, I would have gotten the super sexy 5c.

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I have i5 at the moment and will upgrade to 6 when it's released. I really hope Apple offer two screen sizes because I'm not convinced I want a larger phone. After all, it's a phone, not a tablet

I typically stay with the "s" model cycle. I can't afford new tech each year and the hardware issues are normally worked out by then, if there are any. Just my 0.02.

Usually I buy a new iPhone sim free every year. it's my one big purchase of the year. I currently have a 5s. However, if as has been rumoured, we get a bigger screen phone = no sale for me.

I tried running a Galaxy s3 alongside my iPhone for a while but ended up never taking it out, mainly because it was too big for many of my pockets or belt pouch. it just used to stick out the top or threaten to break in trouser pockets it could actually fit in.

I find even the iP 5s form factor a little big but I can just about live with it as it's a great phone. I usually carry my iPad mini in my bag just in case I need a bigger screen for anything (e.g. IDesign or iDraw)l

The perfect size phone for me is a Nokia 8310 (I still have it). So if anyone can develop a screen technology that can magnify a say 2.5" screen you could fit in that size, perfect. Or better still a non nerdy looking Glasses device (I wear glasses anyway).

It will need to be bigger and have a better battery id really like to see the iwatch as well!

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I used to upgrade every year, then AT&T took away the subsidy if upgrading yearly. Then apple started the "S" cycle. Won't upgrade if the physical size of the phone is bigger this year for sure. Wait and see next year. I already have 64gb 5S, so I should be good for a year or two.

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Yes, but only if the screen is larger. By the way, I've already made arrangements to sell my iPhone 5S to a colleague as soon as the new iPhone is out. It's a good thing iPhones retain resale value!

Since I did not upgrade to a 5s or 5c since I am currently using an iPhone 5 and it's still good and works for me.. I am thinking of upgrading to the iPhone 6 or whatever it's called.. Looking forward to see the design and the features of the phone later on during the year

Yes I'll be getting a six, no matter what the screen size, but I hope bigger. I may move to T-Mobile from AT&T as well.

Been holding to my iPhone 4s since I wanted smth significantly bigger than the iphonne 5/5s. Im not on any sort of contract (i buy my phones factory unlocked) but I really want to upgrade this year. My mind is set: if Apple goes 5 inches, it'll get my money on release day. If they stick to 4' (or even up to 4.5'), i'll switch to Android (whatever high end device from Samsung or LG pleases me then).

I fully respect Apple's right to think they ought to stay with smaller phones, I just go with what suits me. Lets hope they shake their habits, cause I'd really like to remain an iPhone owner.

I've never been an apple fan,because the screen size. IF this Iphone is bigger than 4 inches, I'm buying! it will be my first Iphone. c'mon apple let's do it.

I think I am in Minority here but I loce 4 inch form factor of iPhone. Plus based on the romours iPhone 6 seems to have lost symmetry which makes it look very ugly.

I would love tosee an enhanced ip6 with same 4 inch factor but a killer battery life and an improved iOS with App2 App sharing

If Apple makes the screen bigger, 4.5 to 5 inches, I will consider coming back to iOS on a Smartphone. Currently using a Lumia 925 and I love the bigger screen. Make it happen Apple!

Being new to IOS, I have had the 5 & 5S with 64 gb of int storage, love the phone. I could not hold myself back, I would have to upgrade. All the so called experts are claiming all kinds of crazy upgrades, we shall see. I will be updating, I have kept my 5S in new condition, I would like to keep it as a back-up device & buy the latest & greatest.

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I'll upgrade from my 5 if it's an entirely new design - not just a tweaked iPhone 4 design like the iPhone 5/5S - with a bigger screen and better battery life.

6S for me as long as it has a larger battery and better specs. I always skip the first generation because of all the things they have to iron out. i4-antenna problems, i5-paint problems. I prefer buying it free of contract. I can negotiate more with my service provider if I don't take a subsidized phone. I reduced my monthly phone bill by 50% while keeping all of the benefits.

I'll let you guys beta test it for me for a year until the 6s comes out ;D
But in all seriousness, aren't the solid number redesigns typically the most buggy etc? I learned that the hard way with the 5.

I have an iPhone 5 and I didn't buy the 5s (nor did I upgrade from my 4 to the 4S) as there wasn't enough on the table for me to do so.

I run three phones at the moment and I also have an HTC One and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 because of the larger screens.

I'm looking to cut down to two phones and if Apple don't bring out a larger iPhone this year, I will ditch my iPhone 5 and just use the two larger screened Android devices I have.

At the end of the day, I have no brand loyalty and will use whichever devices suit my needs.

I'm going to upgrade to the iPhone 6, but not immediately after it's release. I plan on waiting for a few months. I also happen to fall into the category of Apple users who skips the "S" series iPhones. Started my iPhone journey with the 3GS though since the 3G wasn't available, then I upgraded to the 4, and now I have a 5.

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Just came back to the iPhone side from a long stint with android. My last iPhone was a 3GS. Just made the jump to tmobile after 3 years and loving my 5s. Although I have the jump program, I probably will only get "S" updates and use jump when I have phone trouble.

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I suppose I'm in the minority because I hope they don't make the screen bigger. However, I completely understand why they'd make it bigger. If it's the same size, I'll get the 6. If they make it bigger, I'll just upgrade from the 5 to 5S and save a bit of money.

The wife and I are on a good cycle where one of us can upgrade every year in the fall. I generally get the new model and she gets my old one. She doesn't care as long as the phone works good and was happy with my old 4s until I put my 5 in her hands. This year will depend on a couple of priorities for me: 1) screen size and 2)battery life. Not saying I'm running off to Android or Windows Phone but we may just not upgrade. My big hands and crap eyesight aren't getting any better! As for internals, I don't game or use high memory apps on my phone so I would much rather drop coin on an newer iPad for that. Of course, a larger screen and improved battery life might change that.

I thought that the 5s was future-proofed for quite a while. I'll keep mines until Apple stops supporting the phone.

I'll wait till the iPhone 6S release, or until Apple make something that thrills me. For now I'm keeping my iPhone 5.

I have iPhone 4 and I was hoping to buy iPhone 5 but when it came out with just a longer (not bigger) display I wasn't interested. I am looking forward for iPhone 6 and I would buy it only if it will have 4.8 inch display (or something like that). If not, then I will buy some Windows phone (for example Nokia 1020).

We (wifey+me) upgrade every other year, and we're due this year. Wifey is already eying the Samsungs, so iPhone 6 better be good.

Everybody says that iPhones are so expensive, but this will be my 4th iPhone, and every time I sold my iPhone on Craigslist for slightly less than the subsidized price I paid, so my running iPhone hardware expense is about $25 per year.
My earlier cellphones were so beaten up after 2 years, they were typically unsellable. Kudos to Apple workmanship and materials that a phone looks close to new after 2 years in my pocket.

I am considering if the screen is big enough and if I tunes ever gets a cloud based app. That way I can have the portal on my Chromebook. My reason is BT connectivity with the N4 is a joke sometimes. Haven't spent long enough times with iPhone to know but have seen some issues there too.

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Definitely wait for the S model unless the 6 does something aesthetically wondrous. It's tough hanging out for a year while others have the latest and greatest but I always appreciate the spec bump.

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Upgrade in pocket. Went from iPhone3GS to Moto Atrix to Sammy G3. I will get the iPhone if it's a homerun(bigger screen) otherwise Sammy5 ornew Moto X.

OMG I cannot wait for it. Wider screen this time PLEASE!! I am sick of my slow 4 with ios 7. Do not upgrade from ios 6 if you have iphone 4! You'll regret like meeeeeeeeee. LoL. Too bad I never saved the shsh blobs---well I did but course they were corrupt. So yes. I'm so ready....but probably moreso in Fall....right now, I can deal. Sigh.

Will buy no matter what but will seriously be disappointed if the screen isn't significantly larger. Seriously eying the potential Nexus or GS5. Although I'm addicted to iMessage along with the entire ecosystem so it would be painful to switch at this point.

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i gave up my iphone 5 so my mom could use it and i bought a off contract nexus 5. i am just waiting until the new iphone drops to decide, but so far i am good just wish the battery didn't suck so bad on this nexus 5

I will likely pick one up as I'm out of contract this year and would really like the iTouch sensor. If the larger screen rumors end up being true that may be nice as well.

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I would pick one up only if it has a bigger screen and a bigger battery . I gave my 5s to my wife and i got a note 3 . I had a galaxy s4 before the 5s. it's hard to go from 5" to 4"

I'm an every-other-model upgrader. I got the 4, skipped the 4s. I got the 5, skipped the 5s. I'm getting the 6.

Apple should release the iPhone 6 in June instead of late September! It would help counter the Samsung and HTC models that are going be release in March!

I skipped the 5S and kept my 5... The 6 better be good! ;)

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i bought white ip5 last year, and lost it,. *^#$%@.. and earlier this year bought another ip5, this time is black,, not the 5s, cos 5 is still good enough for me, and I'm waiting for the 6, with new design, for the screen,so far i love the size 5/5s, but we'll see what apple brought in this year.
so yes, definetly go for the 6.

If bigger screen then yes.
If not, going back to WP8.

And here in Norway most of us buy it without contract, cost from about 1000USD for the cheapest edition (5s) off contract.

This year, it all comes down to the S5 and the iP6 for me. Im an iphone user but im getting bored with it. If the iP6 doesnt top the S5, I might just switch.

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Been iPhone since day one. If was ever going to go Android, I would've done so by now. I came close upon initially seeing iOS 7, but I've come to love it now.
Bigger screen in the same overall device size(if possible) and more battery are my main iPhone 6 wishes.