Windows 7 and the iPhone -- Help and How-To!

Today's the day -- Microsoft is officially launching Windows 7! If you've been using the beta and release candidate for a almost a year already, then maybe today will be just another day. If, however, you've just received your party pack, or upgrade box, or just bought a shiny new machine and your next step is to figure out how to move all your iPhone content over -- well, we have a fresh new iPhone Help Forum thread for you!

Whether you're a newcomer to Windows 7 and/or the iPhone looking to fix a problem, or a seasoned Microsoft Guru with iPhone already sorted and willing to help, head on over and let us know your issues and your advice.

Have fun and happy launch day!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Windows 7 and the iPhone -- Help and How-To!


Probably going to wait until SP1.
I hate the exorbitant price that MS is making me pay for what SHOULD have been Vista SP3.
Heck, I hate that I essentially paid to be a beta tester for 7 when I bought Vista.

What the hell is this...
No wonder they turned off comments for the vid in youtube...probably the worst ad or whatever this is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF a party and no weed?? I wish all those balloons popped and they hit the deck while they pissed their pants. That would have been a awsome end to that party!!! Or if they one by one started segway into the Side effects of this product like, nausia, upset stomach, headache, loss of vision, chest pain and to consult their doctor before throwing this party. Apple comercials and promo's are SO much fricking better!!! Why the heck is that?? Damn

Dude, that was bad. No, wait.. it was worse. They just don't get it. A list for the install? And for Snow Leopard? The disc.

I love windows 7 and have always used windows.
But MS just doesn't know consumers like Apple does. Getting windows 7 and installing is just more complicated for the average user than need be. Upgrade vs full version. Upgrade install vs Clean install. Add in Ultimate, professional, and home plus 32 and 64 bit and it's a mess. (not so much for me..but all the usual friends & relative giving me calls wondering what to do). Then the vulture packs and academic for those in the know, and the various retail ripoffs for the suckers.
Heck, i downloaded the online version today. It's an .exe file basically. I'd assume upon double clicking it, MS would give you a straight forward option of burning a DVD or bootable USB thumbdrive. unzips contents into another folder and proceeds to the "install windows" screen.
No problem. I quickly burned a dvd and made a bootable USB thumbrive with it. But that isn't intuitive unless you simply know how to do it. Made sure i put the key in a txt and included it as well.
I don't have time for a clean install yet. No rush for me as Windows 7 RC works great. I guess i'll be busy enough installing this for others this month though.

You can clearly see the difference between Apple and Windows here. Apple's how-to's are more hands on with the actually product where Windows how-to's are simply another way to try and make you buy it, offering "ways" to use your new operating system...sad and pathetic Microsoft, very sad

Win 7 is a no-op for iPhone -- everything just-works out of the box -- i have been running with it for months.

I did not need to reinstall iTunes after my Win7 upgrade today. I deauthorized my computer in iTunes before the upgrade (thanks for the tip Microsoft) and reauthorized afterwards. Plugged in my iPhone and it synched fine, music plays fine, no problems.

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