Windows 8.1 now available on the Windows Store

Windows 8.1 now available on the Windows Store

If Microsoft's Windows is your iTunes-running, iCloud-synching operating system of choice, good news! Windows 8.1 is now available for download from the Windows Store. Rich Edmond from our sibling site, Windows Phone Central:

While the upgrade will not affect files and installed apps, we do recommend you back up your stuff (which you should already be doing on a regular basis). Some of the included features in Windows 8.1 are displayed on the store before you begin the upgrade. While the update is downloading, you're able to carry on using your PC until the notification pops-up that the next step is unlocked.

Windows Phone Central also has a Windows 8.1 FAQ up for anyone who has questions.

If you're using your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with a Windows PC, let me know how the upgrade goes for you, and how well they work together - any better, any worse? And if you need additional help, jump into our forums and ask the experts!

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Windows 8.1 now available on the Windows Store